Mufti Menk – Seeking Forgiveness During the Pandemic

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of forgiveness for Allah, which will allow them to keep forgiveness and open the skies for them. They also mention the loss of their family members in Africa and the need for forgiveness to avoid future mistakes. The speaker emphasizes the importance of turning to Allah and not quitting as a means of revenge.
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So primarily I should start off by seeking the forgiveness of Allah to Stubblefield back home in Ghana of

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new Hani Sallam told his people seek the forgiveness of Allah He is indeed oft forgiving, most forgiving, he will continue to forgive you the term of afar refers to one who is going to keep forgiving you. That's Allah, Allah alone does that your seal is

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what you need.

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Bernie, why?

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He says if you were to seek forgiveness, not only will ALLAH forgive you, but he will open the skies for you. He will grant you beneficial rain, he will sustain you. He will give you children and offspring He will bless you in every single way. Because you are now on the right page. You made peace with the owner of protection, you are now protected. Subhana Allah, you made peace with the owner of sustenance, he will now sustain you, you made peace with the owner of forgiveness, he has forgiven you, may Allah be pleased with us. So our connection with Allah needs to be looked into. Make amends you have to improve your relationship with Allah. And obviously if I'm seeking the

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forgiveness of Allah, I need to quit and abandon sin and promise Allah, I'm not going to commit it again. May Allah forgive us for whatever sins we've committed, and may we never commit those sins again, may return to Allah before we return to Allah.

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May we turn to Allah before we return to Allah, that is a powerful statement. My brothers and sisters, we don't know when we are going to return to Allah. But right now we know we can turn to Allah so that when we do return to Him, we would have turned to him so behind Allah Subhana Allah. No one knows when he is going to go with this new variant, supposedly, people are actually being lost on a daily basis. Do you realize that here in Southern Africa, we've lost a lot of scholars, I saw a list drawn up the other day of scholars that we lost within the last year, and they were almost 50 of them. Subhan Allah, Allah Allah mean, in Allah to Allah, Allah COVID-19 mantissa and

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yenta zero humaneness when our kin Yakubu be Mattila Rama Hata either la mia Cara Lima it Tata NASA roussanne yo holla for suey. lufa after we read in min for Baloo, Baloo. One of the signs of the hour is Allah is going to * and take away the scholars. And Allah says we're not just going to * them like like snatching but we will take them away through death, they will die one by one and when all the scholars have passed on, people will consider the ignorant as their leaders they will be asked they will respond with ignorance, they themselves will be ignorant and they will be leading others towards ignorance. That's a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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