Did Islam Spread To The East Of Arabia With Merchants

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During the time of our beloved Prophet (PBUH), how was Islam spread Who spread Islam Was it merchants Were there other people involved

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Is it true that Islam spread to the east of Arabia with merchants?

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When we go into the history of Islam, we find that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He living in the sixth, seventh century period, we recognize that he was under attack by the great powers surrounding him. It was the Roman Empire on one side, and that is like the north to the west. And it was the sassanid Persian dynasty on the east. And so after these powers, attacked the Arabian Peninsula, the new Muslim state, Muslims responded to this, and they defeated them. And so the first movement out was actually people defending the word of Allah and protecting the peninsula from this massive invasion. But Following this, Muslims who were known from Arabia, as moving along the trade

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routes, Muslims traveled down the Red Sea, the East African coastline, they traveled along the sea routes going into into India, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, all the way around to China, Muslims run the trade route, the Silk Road, Muslims were travelling across North Africa. And so it was the orlimar, the scholars and the merchants who brought in this new way of life, they impacted the society with honesty, with cleanliness, with dignity, and people want it to be like them. People wanted to interact to learn Arabic, not just as a religious language, but also scholarship and, and with the ability to speak to people throughout the planet. And so yes, if you look at Indonesia, the

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largest Muslim country, you'll find that no conquering army ever went to Indonesia. This is an amazing reality of Islam.