What hit to you was never meant to miss you! Fact!

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Now I want to move on to Surah Toba where Allah Almighty tells us that nothing will happen to you except that which Allah has written against you. You know there is a Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him where he tells us he says, you know,

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ma Assad McCallum Yaqui

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what got to you was never meant to miss you. Well my Columbia Coolio see back and what missed you was never meant to get to this hadith look at it from all contexts and from every angle, and it is true, whether it's wealth, whether it's a bullet, whether it's a relationship, whether it's what ever whether it's a huge accident, anything. Allah says if it got to you, it was always meant to get to you even if it's a message that got to your ears, always meant to get you what missed you was never for you. Now I believe that firmly because what we also know is Islam.

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You know, the Hadith says a favela fatca if you look after our last commands, Allah will look after you follow the law, the dude who to jack, if you look after the commands of Allah, and the what Allah has ordained, he will always be right there in front of you.

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What Allah and Allah which dama at Allah, onion for oka Vichy in lemon for oka in the market, ketubot Allah who like, you need to know that if the whole nation gets to you, in order to benefit you with something, they won't be able to do it unless unless written it for you. And the opposite is true. If the whole Omar gets together in order to harm you, they won't be able to harm you a fraction unless Allah has written it against your name, because the pins have been lifted and the pages are all dry, which means the type of data and the destiny is written. So here Allah says in verse number 51, and 52 are sort of tober laoshi

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illa cutterbar la moulana una y la la he

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can email me No, it's an amazing verse. Allah says, say, nothing will ever get to us in terms of harm except that which Allah has written for us harm Oh good, anything. Who am I Lana, he is our protector. molar means a protector. He is our protector, and we're an ally and upon him do the believers lay their trust, you're a believer, you lay your trust upon Allah. So remember this, my brothers and sisters, nothing will harm you except by the will of Allah lay your trust in Allah. And you need to know he is your protector. And if you're a true believer, it is that trust that will grant you or give you the healing and the hope May Allah Almighty really bless every one of us and

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protect us.