Rahul Asks, How can God be Jealous?

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You said yesterday you quoted the line that one of the commandments was said, You shall not make any resemblance of anything that is in the heaven above or in on earth or in the water beneath. Because I your Lord, your God is a jealous God. Now,

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do you do you really think that? Don't? I mean, don't you feel that it's a bit petty for God to think jealously, or be jealous of these things? I thought in my mind that these feelings are limited only to human beings. And God, egoism and jealousy, I don't think are things which, which can be a good question, and I agree with you totally. Why should God be jealous? That is what is mentioned the Bible. So I'm not saying I don't have the Bible. Neither do I agree that everything in the Bible is the Word of God. Okay, but we, but we do believe that we should not associate anything to God. That's that part. But why that word get annoyed. If you ask a question, please. After finishing the

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question, let me give a reply. So if there is a debate, we can have a debate, no problem.

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The question of the time, you ask a question, wait for the reply. If I reply, and we keep on interjecting, not that I don't mind, but that becomes an individual dialogue, which again to some other time now, I'm sorry, fine. You ask a question, you ask a second question I gave you time. But then if we keep on talking, it will be like, yeah, I get a bit of it, you can do a deal. So even in debate, we have time 1515 minutes. All the very good question that I quoted a verse that saying that thou shall not have any graven image of anything in heaven above in the earth beneath and water beneath the earth Darshan on boarded onto them to serve them for I the Lord, thy God is a jealous

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God. It was a quotation from the book of Exodus from the Old Testament, chapter number 20, was Timothy two, five, and the book of Deuteronomy, chapter number five was number seven to nine. So this is a condition of the Bible. I don't consider the Bible completely with the Word of God. So the first part of that verse, I agree is correct, because God cannot have immediate but the second part that God is jealous, I don't agree with that.

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That particular portion, so that's the reason that you should ask to the Christian, not to me, I'm not here to support everything of the Bible. What matches with the Quran? I will support what doesn't match I will not support therefore I do agree with you that it is unlike God to be jealous on that thing of the answer the question, but we do we do say that we should not associate anything to God. Yeah, and this is a biggest sin which will never be forgiven.

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Verified yesterday.

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That was clarified yesterday. Then associated partners biggest thing