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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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Smilla he will Hamdulillah he was Salatu was Salam o Allah Abdullah he Rasulullah Muhammad wa ala Ali he was a big

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Ramadan is around the corner we know that in sha Allah we have this Friday and next Friday by the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala to prepare for this beautiful month of Ramadan

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and as you know Ramadan is a month of many different aspects within Islam.

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If I were to ask you, what is the month of Ramadan a month of it's correct for you to say the month of fasting the month of the Quran.

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The month within which there is Leila Takada, the month of forgiveness, the month of reward, the month of freedom from the fire,

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but it is also a month of victory. Some of the most important battles took place in the month of Ramadan. And Allah Almighty gives victory to His servants in various ways. Sometimes your victory

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may appear to be negative, but in the eyes of Allah, it is a victory. It is something great. So when something happens to you in life, firstly, related to Allah

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and ask yourself how connected Am I to Allah subhanho wa Taala if your salah is in order, your connection with the Quran daily recitation is in order.

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Your pillars of Islam are in order. Your relationship with other human beings is in order. Then in sha Allah, whatever has happened to you is a blessing from Allah.

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He protects His servants in a unique way. And there is one thing that many people tend to forget when they have hurdles, obstacles and challenges.

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And that is that Allah chooses his axe. Allah chooses his worshippers, who are going to go through these challenges very carefully based on his love for them.

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And where do we get this from? Rasulullah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam was tested the most. He went through the most challenges nobody can ever say that they have been through more challenges than Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you name it, he went through it. Was he ever upset with Allah never now also Billa impossible. He was always happy with Allah subhanho wa taala. So much so that at the height of one of the major problems that he had in PA, if you may know some of the details, he says, Oh Allah for as long as you are pleased with me, I'm happy.

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Whatever is happening to me is okay, what if you are pleased with me? What more do I want?

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Let's take a page from this

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book because the Hadith says in Allah either I have barbudan EBITA Allah who, when Allah loves his slave, he tests him or her.

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You have a challenge. What does it do for you Wallahi it softens you. It brings you closer to Allah, it gives meaning to your DUA it gives meaning to your Salah, you pray more sincerely, because you've got major issues. And like the one who's got no issue whatsoever, he might be a pious person fulfilling his salah, but the taste you have is a little bit different. Because you know something that that person doesn't know you're going through a challenge that only Allah can resolve. And that's why when Allah loves you, He bends you, and he actually straightens you again, and he gives you victory. The meaning of the term victory is that it is preceded by something that requires

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victory. Simple, if I say we will be gone to victory from what it means something I'm going through right now that I need the victory for. So if you and I realize that this is a month of victory, it's the month of winning against Chopin and against the enemy. You will have hope in Allah.

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Our brothers and sisters are suffering in Gaza and in Philistine in a way that is such the prolonging of it is making us people who don't mention it much anymore.

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Part of Chopin's plan. The same happens to a lot of people you suffer for a while people talk about you and after a little while, no one talks about you. I remember visiting a zone of earthquake and the people were saying we are still suffering

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from an earthquake that happened a long time back, why? Because 10s of 1000s of people were displaced mashallah people rushed to their aid, gave them the tents and the water and whatever else had they needed from a tent, you're not going to graduate back into a home house, who's going to help you for that? People forgot them after a little while, because then they were flooded somewhere else that the world rushed to. And then there was Gaza that happened at the World route rushed to and still we owe everyone our attention, only Allah can help them. In actual fact.

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I'm not trying to resign from the issue, but I'm saying there are problems that you and I cannot resolve, we can contribute towards a solution in sha Allah. But another matter that you and I need to realize Ramadan is a month of taking stock, not just for purposes of pain, your zakat, but stock of your own self and your own deeds, what am I doing? Who am I? What is it that is required of me? Where am I? How am I going to improve myself? Take stock of yourself and realize you need to change Ramadan is a month of change, that is Ramadan. From now we need to understand the Ummah is fragmented. That's why we are losing. Remember, I'm repeating the sentence, the Ummah is fragmented.

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That's why we are losing do not come and tell me that because of a difference I have with you in terms of jurisprudence, or something to do with the details of a shirt or a matter that I hate you no way that is from che pan that is shaytans plot, even if I differ with you have I not uttered the Shahada? Do you not utter the shahada, we have differences, we will respectfully discuss them if need be, but we will never make them a point of our split to the degree that we don't care for the Ummah anymore, because that's exactly what the enemy wants. And guess what, they have gotten us almost there.

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But we have the pulpit of Joomla to remind you don't allow that to happen. Don't allow anyone to come to you and make you think for a moment that another person no matter where they are from, no matter their ethnicity, no matter their social standing.

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Because they have a difference with you in the deed, you hate them. Don't allow someone to tell you that. If they do Wallahi, we would be heading in the wrong direction, we would be fragmented into hundreds, if not 1000s, of small little compartments of people little small grouping of people such that we would not have any might any power at all, while our two year old

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fat shallow water Habari Hong Kong, follow Allah follow the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and do not dispute amongst yourselves because you will lose your mind. You will lose your power clear the Quran says you want to dispute while you're going to lose your power. So what's the solution? Allah says immediately after that was Bo in Allah Hama, sobbing be patient because Allah loves those who are patient, brother, you did something wrong. I don't like it. I don't agree with it. I'm going to keep your respect intact and discuss the matter in order to try and resolve it. There we are. Who knows I might be the one who's wrong you give me you given the opportunity to

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clarify you may have proven me wrong. It I was the one ready to hate and hurt.

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So Ramadan is a month of taking stock. Are you not one member of the Ummah Wallah, he we would never be able to fulfill a Dumas without a group. We would never be able to use the term Jamar without a group.

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But Juma and Gemma are part of the Muslim ummah because we are taught to gather together not for fun. Why does the Hadith say Salah told Jama RT of Holloman Salah team for the disappearing why Srinagar Raja, that Jama Salah in JAMA is better 27 times then Salah read on your own why? Why is such a big reward multiplied 27 fold according to one of them aerations 25 another one

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because there has to be something in it for the Ummah, not just that you get together. And because you are dressed differently, you look a little bit differently. I have already a preconceived hate towards you, oh man, it can't work that way. We are part of the ummah. The enemy is actually only aiming at those who are trying to bring the Ummah together, that's all nobody else. Go out on the globe and search who the enemy is aiming to hurt. They're only aiming to hurt those who are trying to bring the Ummah together. That's it. Go I've checked it out myself.

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Anyone who's already divided the enemies excited and happy, they might even feel the division to say you know what they are right there. It's okay. That's the way because they know if these people are in small little groups, they're not going to solve any problem regarding the Ummah, if you think Gaza is just one problem, no, it's the beginning of the problem.

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Because it's only the beginning. If the same enemy could, they would come for every one of us and guess what they are coming. Given the opportunity they will come. If you haven't learned a lesson, may Allah forgive you and I,

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the only way we are going to be able to protect ourselves is through our togetherness together, and we need to change our lives. Take stock, like I said, and ask yourself Who are you? Who is Allah in your equation? A true believer, Allah is his equation. Never mind asking Who is Allah in your equation? My whole equation is Allah.

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And as a result, Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam features on there, the highest order?

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What is his sunnah to you? What does it mean to you?

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Well, I want to tell you something else. Allah has given each one of us different strengths, some of you are physically more fit than I am. And you would be some of you have more wealth, some of you perhaps have a better understanding a greater brain, you have learned more in a certain field, I might be brilliant in one thing, you might be brilliant in 10 things. Allah has created us differently. You have opportunities to do things that I don't and I have the opportunities to do things that you don't, if you do not appreciate the uniqueness of the next man, you're not going to grow as an ummah, you want everyone to be like you to think like you to do like you, their shake

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must be your share. And their way of understanding must be yours, and their school of thought must be yours. And that's the only time they will be acceptable in my eyes, you're at a loss, while I will SHA bukanlah.

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Fill out the canoe whom, Jeremy

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your Lord, if he wanted, everybody on Earth would have been believers. Do you not think Allah was able to do that? Why are the disbelievers outside? Because Allah planned it, he wanted them to be there. That's why they are there as a test for them and for us. So if Allah wanted all of us

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to be united upon one thing he would have happened, but part of your test is how arrogant Are you? You think you're the only guy with a brain? Do you think you're the only guy who's understood the Quran and the Sunnah? Do you think it's the only understanding Do you think just because Allah has made it easy for you to adopt five Sunon another person who's adopting another five Sunon is not worth looking at because what he's doing, I can't understand.

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Learn to appreciate each other. I know people who adopt a sunnah that you wouldn't even recognize and realize people who visit the sick and ill and pay the hospital bills of those who can't afford it. Here's the OMA, you look at the man you might not even think that he's he's a practicing Muslim, but he's doing something you cannot do. Maybe Allah didn't give you that wealth. I know people who are serving in a burial committee where they are called at two in the morning with a smiling face they would go the only problem is people are wondering why are they smiling? Someone's just passed away. But what I mean is they happily going

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right? Are you ready to help? Are you ready to assist so one member of the community not one day, every day someone phones you two in the morning three? Are you ready to forsake your bedding set? Let's go there are people in the OMA doing it when you look at them, they might not be dressed as per what you would consider sunnah dressing, maybe not. They might not be perfect, but Wallahi without them. There would be a little gap that you and I would need to fill or get someone else to do appreciate them. They are serving Islam differently. But the minute you start pointing fingers and belittling you know what we're fragmenting ourselves don't allow that to happen.

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But Ramadan is a month of unity because everyone is fasting. Everyone's connected to the Quran. Everyone is seeking forgiveness. Everyone is searching for Laila to Qatar. Everyone wants the Mercy of Allah. Everyone wants to ask others forgiveness isn't in the month of unity. Our purpose is the same. Each one of us is waiting for that moment where we're going to put a date in our mouths.

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Each one of us would like water and we'd like to give others Zamzam water mashallah and we want others to open there faster on our sofa Mashallah. It's a month of unity. We see it but unfortunately, we don't realize more important than all of that is the condition of your heart. Allah intervene Jessa de la Magua either sir

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lahad Salah Hello Jessa do Kulu wa either facade that facade then Jessa Dooku Allah he'll call bow indeed in the body there is a piece of flesh, if it is pure and clean and good, the whole body is pure and clean and good and free from disease. And if it is diseased, sick and ill, the whole body is exactly the same. What is it behold, it is the heart. That's the Hadith, powerful Hadith, the heart, the heart is the seat of government,

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for your deeds, because your deeds are based on the intentions and the intentions are closely between the heart and the brain.

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Do you want to do a deed you could appear to be doing such a lovely deed but because of your heart, it's all spoiled.

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You seek the forgiveness of Allah, Allah will forgive. Here is the month it's coming. It's right ahead, prepare for it. Because from amongst us, maybe myself, maybe any one of us, we may not witness this month of Ramadan.

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Think of those who are struggling, you may not be able to help them the way they need to be helped. Because your capacity is limited. Allah's capacity is unlimited.

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And they might be someone else helping them in a way that you don't think is important. But Allah knows it's extremely important. So let's not fight each other you are doing and not doing he is doing this one is not doing that one is doing because in that squabble what's happening, we are losing our mind. Allah says you lose your mind you lose your mind. Try and appreciate one another. You know what, they are doing this? I can't do it, mashallah, you see, we have journalists in our midst who Allah He a big responsibility on their shoulders, to be upright, to be honest and to serve the causes of justice and fairness on Earth.

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But what a journalist could do, sometimes you and I cannot do it.

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So instead of just cursing people, we can say a word of encouragement and try and say a word of guidance. What did I say moments ago? We need them to serve what to see serve the causes of justice and goodness, may Allah protect them and continue to use them to do the right thing. Because the same man can be used to do the wrong thing. There are so many who are just wasting their time. For example, may Allah not let that happen to us.

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So my brothers and sisters, Musa alayhis salam, a great Messenger of Allah, one of the five kulula Azmi Mina Rasul the top ranking five of the messengers of Allah, one of them Musa alayhis, salam, he suffered at the hands of the Pharaoh for many, many years.

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What was the Pharaoh doing? All the sins that you can think of all the crimes, he was burying the children, he was killing the boys.

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He was so scared that someone was going to come and

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take away his throne.

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And with all of that, he started killing little boys, small boys.

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He's tyranny was so extensive that they felt that perhaps it's never going to come to an end. But no, it's raw eel, the children of Jacoba Alayhis Salam,

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the people who are with Musa alayhis salam they felt you know what this man is going to be a tyrant forever and ever. They couldn't foresee or they couldn't tell in the foreseeable future, that there was going to be any solution to the problem. What did Allah do? Allah says, What Jah was nappy, Benny saw in Bahara, for at home feed now know what you know.

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We took Musa alayhis salam and his people been to Israel, we took them across the sea.

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And around, followed them around, followed them

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buggy and we're doing he had this enmity and this hate against them. He wanted to eradicate them, he followed them.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted the same sea to open up for two parties for two different reasons. in a miraculous way, the first party who crossed moments before the second party crossed, in order to be saved.

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And the party that crossed a moment later, the same water, crossed it in order to be destroyed by Allah. Imagine how Allah works. So when you look at something as a favor of Allah upon you, Wallahi there is a hairline between it being a favor of Allah and the punishment of Allah. That's why we always say, Allah gave you millions and billions. It could be a punishment, it could be a gift. How do you know if you drifted away from Allah, it's a punishment. And if you it brought you closer to Allah, it's a gift. The same applies to the issues I spoke about at the beginning of this talk. When you have problem upon problem if those problems bring you closer to Allah, they will

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No problem.

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They were no problem not at all. A problem is actually a problem when you don't have a problem, but you are away from Allah. That's the problem. There were so few around, he was drowned.

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And he was drowned in a way that even the water spectrum out for him to remain to this day for us to see not only how ugly he is, but at the same time how helpless a person who called himself God. Now the biller was and is to this day, so helpless, that if you were to touch his skin, which they don't allow you to do, they say it would flake off, completely flake off because it's been mummified.

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May Allah protect us? I mentioned this because

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while it may seem that there is no end to oppression and aggression, when you call out to Allah, Allah Almighty definitely is able and capable. It's a matter of time. So I want to end by telling you something even more powerful.

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Musa alayhis salam is the prophet of Allah. He didn't just pray against the Pharaoh from day one, no, Allah put it as a duty upon Musa and Harun May peace be upon them, to go to the Pharaoh and remind him to come towards Allah in the best possible way. And this is a reminder for all of us to say,

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when Allah sent Musa alayhis salam to the pharaoh, he told him use soft words, which means the approach when you're approaching the people, when you're approaching the Pharaoh use a good approach a soft approach, even though he's arrogant, he's haughty. He calls himself God, he's been killing people and so on. Allah says, For Kula Allahu Allah letting

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go, oh, Yaksha Go and tell him words that are soft, perhaps he might take heat. Perhaps he might soften up turn to Allah, he might remember.

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Allah always knew that he's not coming. In the knowledge of Allah, Allah knew this man is not even coming. We believe that Allah knows everything that's going to come in the future. So Allah is telling a messenger, who he knew that the one the messenger is going to call is not even going to turn. Not at all. But Allah wanted all of us to learn lessons. So it's actually mentioned in the Quran. Today, we talk to each other with harsh words. We swear each other, we actually belittle each other. We're doing it to one another people on a practicing scale and on a non practicing level to

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without realizing, actually Allah taught Musa alayhis salam and mentioned that particular teaching in the Quran because you must remember the story of Musa alayhis salam extends years and decades. What we have in the Quran yes, there's quite a bit Mashallah. But it's only what Allah chose to put in the Quran that is there. There has to be a reason why it's there. You and I have to learn lesson. So Musa alayhis salam then goes to the pharaoh, he could he reminds him, the pharaoh became even more arrogant. He's wanting to harm Musa alayhis, Salam and Harun and they had to run. Musa alayhis salam in particular.

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He was being sought after by the Pharaoh even after the period of him returning from Meridian and telling fifth round because he got prophethood at the time, that you know what you need to turn to Allah, you know, you're not a god, you know where you stand.

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And the pharaohs tyranny increased when that happened after many years, Musa alayhis salam raises his hands into

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he raises his hands into Ah, now if you look at know the Prophet Noah May peace be upon him or any of the prophets. They never raised their hands against the people. They were called. They were asked to call except at a certain point. When that point when that threshold was crossed, then the DUA became now oh Allah destroy these people.

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No, Hala his Salah made the same to our after years. He says Oh Allah, I've tried to display people in the day at night, I tried to tell them openly and silently I tried to remind them this way and that way, I did everything. They are far away, they becoming worse and the children they giving birth to or even worse than them Allahu Akbar. Imagine what type of people they were. He's saying, Oh Allah, there's no hope because the children I thought maybe the children will come children are even worse each time they giving birth. The people they giving birth to a worse than them. May Allah protect us and our offspring.

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So what do I did Musa alayhis salam make he says Rob burner?

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Oh my god, oh our Oh our Lord

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in NACA data feed around our Mala who's in

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feel higher in dunya the first part of it is just a statement. It's just a statement of information which Allah already knows obviously. He says, Oh Allah you have given this Pharaoh you've given him Xena, you've given him beauty, a lot of good things on earth. And you've given him a lot of wealth on Earth.

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But a Bernoulli you will know

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sebelum Oh Allah, they are using it for nothing but to lead astray from your path in order for them to lead a stray from the path is that what they getting it for? In fact, he's saying Oh Allah, you've given them all this what they are doing with it is terrible. So now I'm asking you Oh, Allah Akbar Nakamise salah, I'm wanting him Oh ALLAH turn off their wealth, switch it off, extinguish it, eradicate it.

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eradicate their wealth, wash do their Allah to be him. And oh, Allah harden their hearts. Imagine what type of a dua This is. Why harden the hearts because now he wanted to see the punishment, it's over. You know what, that's it, you crossed the threshold. Now the punishment has to come. So Allah in the process of you,

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punishing them, harden their hearts so that the punishment is seen right through to the end. And as a result of that, the pharaoh didn't turn to Allah even though he knew who he was. It didn't turn to Allah. It is reported that when he saw the angels of death as he was drowning,

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it was already too late. Up to that point, he didn't turn to Allah had it been that Musa alayhis salam perhaps might have said Oh ALLAH soften his heart, oh Allah bring him you know what that dua did happen so many times, but before he crossed the threshold

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so when he saw the angels of death, it was too late. So that is why Allah Almighty says

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well, God outside Corbin, we're cool terminal move, seeding, is it now that you want to turn and you were transgressing all along, and you are from among the corrupt on Earth. When we sent you the message messages and the messengers. You didn't take him now that you seeing the Angel of Death, you quickly saying oh, I believe in the Lord of Musa and Harun too late, too late. Nonetheless, he was destroyed and victory was granted to those who were looked at as people who would never be victorious. And I mentioned this because in the month of Ramadan, you will notice a lot of pressure on our brothers and sisters, especially in Gaza. It's the norm every Ramadan

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for the last so many Ramadan's.

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May Allah make it easy for them? May Allah help them through that month? May Allah grant them ultimate and final victory? And may Allah Almighty truly use us as a means of helping them in one way or another?

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My brothers and sisters Ramadan is also a month of caring for others, caring for others. Here I am telling you people are there. I met a brother yesterday who was telling me I don't see. I don't see any goodness coming in the near future. I said that's because you're blind. And my path I see Allah.

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And for Allah, nothing is impossible. But the difficulty is we need to talk to each other, to say start improving your own life turn to Allah. Learn to care for one another. Learn to care for one another because do you know what? Like I said, when the enemy comes, he hits one eradicates him while everyone else is busy fighting each other. It comes to the next one eradicates the second one, while the third or up to the 10th or 20th, or 100th are all fighting each other. He then tackles the third one, the first two are gone until he gets to the 100th one.

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What happened? Each one is fighting each other. Shouldn't we stop that? Stop fighting each other? Learn to love each other, learn to respect each other. What's your mouth? Regarding the Muslim ummah? What's your mouth regarding each other? So what if you have differences? You are not the first one and you will never be the last one. The Sahaba of the Allahu Anhu met differences. If we don't learn a lesson from some of the negatives that have happened at the time, then what was the whole point? There were more positives than anything else but they were a few negatives at the end of the day. They will also human beings, but they were better than you and I by far when we say each

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one's named no matter what has happened in their lives. We have to say about the Allahu Allah. That's part of our lesson now Jamar we have to

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But we do know there was some squabbles that happened. What did we learn? My brothers and sisters look at how beautifully were seated in seated in this Masjid today.

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Let's increase the love that we have for one another. It's good to sit together but there is a purpose why Allah made it come paltry to sit together without sitting together there's no Jomar

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what's the purpose the purpose is come on. You are one OMA, you are one family. You need to care for each other. You need to be there for each other. May Allah Almighty bless every one of us, and grant us all a blessed Ramadan. Glen grant us all lessons from the stories of others may Allah Almighty truly open our doors. And may Allah Almighty help us resolve our matters, and help us to respect one another in our own unique ways. Each one is a gem. Each one of you is a gem in your own way. If you haven't recognized it, you need someone to help polish you so that you would recognize it. But that doesn't mean that the others are not a gym, learn to look at people and learn to see what's good

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about them. Appreciate it, thank Allah and perhaps you might want to say a positive word to others, rather than only negative words that will never solve the problems of the Muslim ummah. Akula coli or sallahu wa salam ala Nabina