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The speaker is trying to modify a message about "where we're going to go inrosran" by asking a question and offering a modify. They also ask a question about "way's the way" and receive a response from someone named Jimmy. The conversation is difficult to follow and the speaker mentions that they may not be able to reach their intended audience.

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Speak louder. Wily como salaam Rahmatullah? How old are you? 1010 Inshallah, next year you will be 11 by the will of Allah insha Allah did I count right? I shall. Okay, let's go. I want to hang around. Mashallah.

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Have a quick question and the answer with it's okay, so you have a question and an answer. Okay, that's good. I just need you to modify it. Yes.

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Ramadan is a generous one. Yes.

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This month

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has a lot of

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May Allah bless you and strengthen you.

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A lot of people die in this month. A lot of people die in Ramadan. And sometimes you cannot see your other normal shouldn't be scared of that because we all know where we're going to go in sha Allah Janina the fear those

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May Allah grant us all to genital Amin, May Allah bring us to all the good deeds we have.

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And I'm wishing to be scholar like you in sha Allah Jalla better than me and shall and shall only and may only give us all tickets May Allah bring us to the best we can insha Allah to our best modify, and a lot of people stand up for you move the men and a lot of people are trying to be willing to stand up for you. I'm trying to be the best as we can. My shall so May Allah bring us all to the right path and I mean, I mean, I mean how was your camera? How was your camera? I guess the stone you kiss the stone you're so fortunate. I mean I was in Ramona last week and trust me the whole week and I did not manage to kiss the stone look at the favor of Allah upon you mashallah I

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just the Yemeni corner Mashallah. Allah bless you. I'm happy now. May Allah bless you and grant you happiness in this world and the next and give you more than you can imagine and your folks just pray for my great grandma. She may Allah grant her agenda to fill those May Allah make it easy for the entire family and give you support. Jimmy. Lovely, lovely. Thank you for your participation. Amazing