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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My brothers and sisters, we are in a small jet flying from Manila to Sultan Kudarat. But we have to go to a place called General Santos. And from there it's a two hour journey. It's a two hour journey to salt on Sudan. So it's quite a long journey two hours by plane two hours by road, the weather is a little bit humid, it has a lot of heat. Mashallah. But how do you manage the tour to actually come in from Egypt, have lectures immediately, rest a little bit, get up early morning, get to the airport, fly again. Soon as we land we're having a little bit of a rest. He was napping after the selection after that, Mashallah.

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Look, normally, if you're traveling for business or for leisure, you will be experiencing jetlag, you will be exhausted, lacking sleep, extremely tired, but Subhanallah three of us Wallahi enjoying it so much. Even though we thought we're gonna sleep in the plane. But you guys are not letting me even take a little nap. I say something. Usually when you have a small private jet, you can hardly rest in it because the seats does not recline completely. It's better to actually be in a commercial flight. There is more space, you can stand up. You can walk a little bit come this way that way. And yes, this is

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very high. So even when we stand you're going to bend you know, you're in roku. So as much as people say, Oh, small jet, private jet charter jet. It's convenient, but it's not always comfortable reiterating what Uppsala was mentioning. Yesterday, I landed at 4pm David already started I was at the airport. I was on medication, very drowsy tired in pain, but I couldn't wait to see you again and reunite together. hamdulillah so it's been a pleasure.

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By Allah, whenever you're going out for the sake of Allah if he severely Allah, we're in a whole new layer see Iran Allah Manaea Salah hula Allah it is easy for whomsoever Allah makes it easy for otherwise it is extremely tiring. He experienced a great deal of fatigue lacking sleep. And if you like, you know, is it daytime or nighttime? Sometimes Wallahi I wake up I don't realize I don't know what am i What's going to mean? I said to myself, I get up and I look in my in my phone and I want to check out the hotel room where am I? I do not even recognize which country I'm in Subhanallah to them when when we took off I told him off to me Are you tired? Or is this something bothering you

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and within 15 minutes masala is back on and we started I told you I was very tired I still am very tired but a little dab at least we are tired for the right reasons hamdulillah some people are tired for the wrong reasons so we thank Allah Subhana Allah Allah but something interesting you see when you have people who love each other for the sake of Allah Hunter they look forward to meeting each other with no other aim besides you know to be happy that I'm meeting someone I clearly and dearly enough visa vie Allah Allah has a loving each other for the zoo allies highly rewarding maybe whenever we used to go for a field trip or a picnic, my mother would pack biscuits candies and stuff

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like that.

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like our mother

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brands you carry

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biscuits. So here is the back look if you want to look at it. So your

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mum Yes, this is from South Africa.

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Like the ginger nuts biscuits, this is some chocolates. This is already there is a lot and here it is. This one is the chocolates

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mashallah, so these three are my these three, my favorite version?

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The ginger nuts. And then I also bought some some of the jellies you know those pots, they're finished guns that's gone. The people the love normally have and I have a few bottles of water. So I have so many little children. That Subhanallah when I'm traveling we need no luggage.

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Yeah, it looks like my mom's back.

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Mashallah, so he's looking after every one of us and those biscuits amazing, Mashallah. So basically,

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we're not tired. We're not missing anything, as a matter of fact, will lie. We're having a lot of fun. We are definitely enjoying ourselves and our times and the company. To the extent that you know when you lost somebody for the sake of Allah when you wake up at night and you pray

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For them, this is us Alhamdulillah Shukla. And furthermore, when you know that Subhan Allah in these urine is somebody take shahada, somebody becomes rightly guided. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Indeed, if Allah were to guide through you have one single person, one single human being from Africa, from Asia, from Russia, from the States, from Europe, there is going to be before Allah better for you than the whole world and what it contains, there is nothing that can match that does that does that also

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relates to guiding a Muslim, for example, who is was does this is applicable? This is a fact a fact that we, we all acknowledge that the vast majority of Muslims don't pray.

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There is a huge number of Muslims that don't even know what Allah wants them to do. I still remember Al Hamdulillah, after a few families started practicing. One brother used to tell me that chair for four years, we use not to pray, we never enter the machine. He says well Allah He wouldn't know when does Ramadan begin? When is a it Muslims? And guess what? Born and raised the Muslim families and in Muslim lands, but now they will live in in the States. So when I asked and what did you use to celebrate this a Christmas Christmas Eve Muslims? They don't know when is eighth? SubhanAllah. I've also come across an I asked in some of my lectures then who has read the Quran in a language they

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understand the majority of them maybe 90 95%? They said no, they have not. So imagine they might know how to read the Arabic but they don't know the meaning of it. They haven't ever read the translation cover to cover born Muslims. In fact, those who put their hands up to say they did read it. Many of those were reverts read the entire Quran and they come to Islam or they studied it. And many born Muslims don't so to encourage people to do a lot of good to read the Quran to understand the message of the Quran to understand the importance of getting close to Allah Who is Allah? Why do you need a relationship with Him? This is what we go around the world. The people we met a brother

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in Europe whose father is Moroccan Muslim. His mom is an Italian Christian, as how long have we heard that he's a Muslim from almost background, he asked him can you take us to the masjid? Do you need to pray? He couldn't even recognize the word masjid. And upon a little bit of conversation, we came to know that he grew up actually, now must not know anything about Islam. So I even offered him when he drove us to the masjid we explained what is the message to him when he drove us there? I told him I can teach you come with me said no, you know, amazing right now in the world there is there is literally a campaign against the identity of a Muslim. They want you to lose your identity.

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They want you to lose yourself. They want you not to be disciplined. They want you not to have morals and values, just lose yourself, do whatever you want. That's the whole subject. They want to disconnect, especially the youth from Islam and Alhamdulillah. What makes us happy most is the I assume, and Allah knows best, the Al Hamdulillah we have been very appealing to the youth. And why am I saying that? It is not to praise ourselves. But by me in looking at the audience. Yes, by me looking at those who actually pay in order to get tickets to attend the lecture very young, very young, most vast majority of them are youth. I'm just mentioning payment, I can quickly say the

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payments are not for me or doctor or my brother while the payment is by the organizers in order to cover part of the costs of hiring the place. The sound, the whatever our technical annual Yes, so many other things. And usually, our lectures are always available, totally free of charge online at some point comes don't say, oh, I need to pay to hear you know, if you want to attend in person, you have to participate in making that available. In fact, he told me something very, very beautiful when he said that the amount you pay for the ticket is actually a contribution for the hour. You're responsible towards down everyone who paid $5 $1 $20 $10 That is your contribution towards you get

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the full reward for the whole activity. Because you made it possible to let's not look at it that way but going back to the youth that's the reason why sometimes you find guys like us. You know we won't

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we will speak in a suit

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To way we will do certain things, you might find it when recently I did something for the youth. And some people think, oh, that's cringy you know, it's okay if it's cringy because you know what? It's appealing somebody else appealing to the youth and the young people and the little ones, sometimes the kids. And when I when I move around small kids want to say, Oh, she had salon, it was never like this a few years ago, Wallahi you kids used to run away from the shells. I used to run away when I was little, even I needed to take T to go and give it to some of the people sitting with my father. I didn't want to go because I was, you know, we've scared or inconvenient whatever. So I'll handle

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that this is changing and we do some things and we did certain things have an example.

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Amon for example, and how he's way reaching out to the youngsters and people who perhaps are not into the deen. It's so true. It appears that's why he's ready and I see him as well. The look my brother as much as you're not ashamed for anything. You You can motivate people towards doing good, there's nothing wrong. Speak about your experience. You see, people say don't talk about the harm you did. He's not proud about those things. Speaking about it to tell the youngsters I know what is out in the market, and you should not be on drugs because I was there and I know how it destroyed me or I was in the gangster circles and so on. So on hamdulillah it's a good thing. So parents need

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really to support this cause because if I find somebody who is appealing to my kids, my kids love to listen to them. And they become rightly guided because of the instructions and the teachings Wallah. I owe them a lot especially nowadays. May Allah protect us and our family members, all our children and guide all the Muslim youth do what is best. May Allah keep us steadfast on a straight path especially nowadays. In sha Allah we will continue to unplug until it is totally unplugged. And we Baraka African while we are here, so many 1000 feet above sea level, Allah here we are making dua whenever we can for our brothers and sisters in philosophy. And we are actually we weep for them we

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we will continue to do whatever we can I think we never started any lecture for the past many weeks since the latest happening without including without, without including them in our da Allahu Akbar, may Allah quantum goodness, Allah granted victory member Almighty protect them from the enemies and may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant them the best of this world and the next long there is the case going on at the moment in the in the international court, international court. We ask Allah Almighty to actually expose all of the crimes that the Israelis are committing to South Africans against this entire people. And it is indeed a genocide. One of the worst that we've known of and in our lives it

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is the worst what makes me so upset is that they are happy to do it. They are enjoying

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genocide, defending enjoying it. I've seen so many videos of these young celebrating their army, enjoying what they're doing and and threatening more and doing the worst crimes has spool a love with him and murky water, more robots are coming forward to say we're only fulfilling the instructions of the Torah. The Torah commands us to kill them. Men, women, children, as a matter of fact, if you check out in Deuteronomy, and in Joshua, he says kill all of women, children and even animals do not spare anyone. So this is really sad that some people with this mentality, they live among us and they think that killing innocent human beings is perceived as an act of worship to

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please the god what kind of God do they worship husband Allah so we wanted we wanted our brothers and sisters never to forget the cause of the Palestinians never to stop talking about it and educating our children. Find reputable organizations whenever you can to support them send them aid, not just behind the eyes one by default Do you we must make dua that's a better right that's a dua Oh like that is the essence of worship. So that's why people should be part of our daily lives. But on top of that, you must help them in any way we can and Charlo time Chairman Baraka Luffy calm jolla we will continue with other unplugged sessions productive and Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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