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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh my brothers and sisters, in this session of unplugged myself and Dr. Mohamed Salah who would like to talk about Islam, many people are turning to Islam, which is a great thing. But did you know that Islam teaches you every single detail of your life?

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Yes, indeed, Salam Alikum rahmatullah wa barakato. I have been following closely the stories of those who have accepted Islam in the recent days after they inquired about the Quran to know what is making the Palestinians saw patients, and enduring these calamities, patiently. So some of them would even comment on one verse of Surah Al Anon and say this verse was a turning point in my life,

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the conclusion to these stories that they have found that the Quran is not just a divine book that teaches how to maintain the relationship between you as a servant in the Creator, no, rather, it's a very comprehensive curriculum and way of life. It regulates the relationship between the servant and the Lord. And between the service and the rest of the creation, whether human beings, family members, loved ones, enemies, non Muslims, and even animals and other living creatures. Subhanallah you know, if you look at a Baghdad and muamalat, and you look at Coca Cola, Coca Cola, but when it comes to acts of worship, that makes a huge segment of Islam and you have your dealings with one

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another that makes a huge segment of Islam. There are so many fine details that you will find in the Quran and in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and in Islamic teachings that will govern your day to day life, the way you look, the way where you should look how your gaze should be, your clothing, how it should be the thickness of the material, the way it should cover you, and so on. Your relationships with those who are close to you, those who are distant your family, those who love you, those who do not those who are perhaps, from a different faith from among your relatives that distance, those whom you deal with those whom you don't deal with, and so many other things.

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For many of those who do not know, the fact that the Quran and all the previous revelations have been revealed, by the same Lord, the Almighty Allah, I'm talking about the genuine revelations which have not been altered, and before changing them by people. So for innocence, we as Muslims, we believe that the Torah is from the Almighty Allah, the original text, the gospel is from the Almighty Allah. And the Quran is also from the Almighty Allah. And all the messengers of God had been preaching the same thing, which is Buddha, Allah wa ala to shriek will be Isha worship Allah alone and do not associate with him any in worship. We also believe that the only revelation which

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had been preserved, and it is not even subject to altering or changing is the Glorious Quran. And it's live in fact, 1500 years ago, the Quran was revealed. Two point billion Muslims live in today follow the same version. There are not any other versions. There is not even another version. It's only one version, which we have in our hands here.

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You might have a translation in English, the meaning of the Quran,

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or in French, or in order or in Persian, or in Dutch, or whatever the Arab represent in the Muslim ummah, which exceeds 2 billion Muslims, they only represent less than 18% Can you imagine? So 82 plus percent of Muslims or non Muslims, but they read the Quran in the same language it was revealed, and they understand it according to their mother tongue, from the translation of the Quran. They follow the comprehensiveness of this message. You know, one of the things we as Muslims believe was changed in the previous scriptures, and we actually do believe the previous scriptures were changed one of the evidences of it is the mere

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amount or or should I say, the sheer amount of versions versions, and, you know, among themselves, I remember debate between someone who was saying that, you know, this is an altered and the Muslim was saying, no, it's actually the Quran that's unaltered. So he says, Well, can I? Why don't you read this, this, this Bible? So the Muslim said to him, Well, if you can all agree as Christians on one Bible, then we can do

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read it. But if you are arguing amongst yourselves as to which one is the right version and so on, then that reduces the the authenticity of the book. And I'm saying this respectfully. So one of the things that we that I've come across, that we as Muslims believe is definitely changed in the previous scriptures is the way the Scripture itself insults the messengers sent by Allah, they blame, Prophet lat May peace be on him, for for doing a majority acts of incest, they say dirty things about David and Solomon, Solomon May peace be upon them. They have spoken bad about Moses. And there are verses that actually say how the evil acts that were committed by some of these

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people, we as Muslims believe all of that is not true at all. These were amazing men, chosen by Allah to come with his message. Allah would never choose and has not chosen those who are unrighteous, because who would listen to them anyway, these were beautiful men look at Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he was known as a Sadiq, Al Amin, because it was preparation for the coming of the revelation. If he was not known as an amazing person, who was truthful and honest, how would were people expected to believe what he brought, if you look at his best friends, all became Muslims in the first band of those who turned to Islam because they knew him. So these are some of the

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things that were definitely changed in the previous scriptures. And that's why the value of it is reduced. And we always tell people look, come to the Quran, one of the things you will see it is amazing and unique. Now, there are people who speak about the Quran and say that there are verses of violence in the Quran. Dr. Muhammad, what do you say? Well, I've been actually invited to many debates in churches, synagogues, universities, in North America. In one of those debates,

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as we were talking about the authenticity of the revelation and why Muslims perceive the Quran as the only living divine book, I asked the priest and he was a very respectable person. He had a PhD in theology. I still remember his name. And I said, Dr. Ben, in his church, how many versions of the Bible that you as Christians have said, well, Muhammad, hundreds, maybe 1000s, you never know. I said, this is exactly what we're talking about. And they were shocked to know that all Muslims with their diverse backgrounds, their different mother tongues, no matter where they're coming from, whether they live in in the USA, or Saudi Arabia, or Egypt, they follow the same book was very

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impressive. And that has made a lot of people change their mind.

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Whether they actually accepted Islam because they realize that that should be the truth, or the considering accepting Islam. In another debate in one of the biggest churches, when people were throwing questions at me, look what the Quran says it incites violence and so on. So first of all, we agreed that we should not take things out of context. Show me the verse, which is troublesome for you. So when they presented the verse, I said, Why don't you read the verse before, and the verse after, and we're able to resolve the problem? Immediately right on the spot. And when we finished, I said, it was pertaining to verse one, and then I shutdown number two swallowtail Bukhara. And now it

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was my turn, I said, Would you please open this and I open the Bible, Deuteronomy and Joshua, particular verses, particular chapters. And I asked the priest himself to read it. And as a matter of fact, he was very offended, because he had to read things which are very offensive, not inciting violence. They could never be saved by God, or even by a sane human being. So one of the priests as we were arguing, and this is your book, which is inciting great violence and genocide. What did he say? He said, Well, we don't believe in this party anymore. We no longer believe in it. Yes, exactly. That as well. So if it's if it was the Word of God, how do you no longer believe in it? And

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secondly, whenever I've read scriptures, other scriptures, I always ask myself, can this really be the word of God? It gives us a really, and I invite others, you know, like people of other faiths to say, when you read your text, you must ask yourself, can this really be the word of God, especially when it is vulgar and immoral? And really, you know, speech that even we would not speak that way. So it's something really interesting. So I'm sure you

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yourself and all Muslims do what I'm going to say I gather my family members, we prefetch and we sit and we recite Quran. Sometimes I shed some light on the meaning of the verses. For about an hour or so we enjoy the session. There is no segment in the Quran, which I'm ashamed to recite or to explain to my children and family members, boys and girls. I have three years old, five years old, nine years old, and 19 years old. And I have my wife. So open the Quran from cover to cover, and we recite it boosts our image, it makes us better human beings. It makes us better servants to the Almighty. There is no word in the Quran where you feel oh, no, oops, I cannot read this before my

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daughters, or before my girls, because this is vulgar. But that is actually present in all the different versions of the other books. Yes, that's true. So may Allah make it easy. And also what I've realized is when it comes to Islamic teachings, like we said at the beginning, every thing regarding your life, the detail of it is present in Islam, very comprehensive, you know, when we say Sharia, a lot of people they say Sharia, Sharia, and you know, they think that it's cutting hands and, and executing people and so on. Whereas it is a comprehensive system and way of life that guides you towards even your monetary dealings in a way that you maximize your profit. And everyone

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is happy, there is no deception, no cheating, No stealing. Similarly, what you eat, what you drink, what is bad for you, what is good for you how to sleep, when to sleep, what is better, what is not better, how to pray, all of that is part of this, Sherry. So it's something unique for innocence with regards to the monetary system in Islam, humanity have tried for so long communism as a financial system. And the outcome was devastating, where a lot of people were beneficiary or fewer beneficiaries, interest loved, vary or lead a very poor life. Capitalism. On the other hand, it is proven to be very oppressive, you know, vast majority of people graduates the old to serve the

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corporates, the big corporates.

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And only those who have the big capital, some are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. When you read throughout the Quran, whether in Surah Al Baqarah, or in other chapters of the Quran in surah Saba in Surah, two Hadith. You will be amazed how the Quran regulates this monetary relationship building blocks in any community, even if they are not Muslims. And they follow the Islamic Guidance in this perspective. They prosper 2008 There was a mortgage crisis in the states in North America which affected the entire world. It was towards the end of

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the session of George W. Bush the second

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he had to sign a bill where he stated that the interest rate should be 0% as yet Allahu Akbar. This is exactly what the Quran says yum have Allahu Riba. While you're a sadhaka, the family relations has taken a huge part in the Quran. There is no other book which contains a whole chapter which is named women.

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The whole chapter which was one of the longest one of the most comprehensive school, a new set shut down number four of the Quran. It stated the rules and regulations of inheritance before that women use not to inherit rather they were inherited as objects. When the husband dies. It regulates the process of marriage and divorce and it stated all the rights of women when they didn't have any other in the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire, or even among the Arab independent seller. There is a whole chapter which regulates the process of divorce in order to secure for rights for the divorce see the woman when she's divorced. When any woman would read what God has stated for the divorced

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woman in the Quran, she will be amazed.

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There is another chapter in the Quran, which is named after Mary PSP upon her, the Virgin Mary, Jesus mother. Where does this exist in any other book? That's why acts many non Muslims do revert to Islam, especially nowadays. Subhanallah you know, it's regarding Surah Nisa, and I'm just thinking to myself that nowadays,

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a lot of the people who get married, they tell their wives that let's go in 5050 Yeah, you know, so you give half of everything and I'll give half and we go in 5050. But Islam in the Sharia actually teaches you that you as a man should take care of the financial one. Oh,

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sent 100% of it. And you know, when it comes to inheritance, like you were saying people say, or well, they don't look at the fact that Islam was the first to actually give and declare the inheritance for women, they just say, Oh, but why does she get less? Actually what she gets is a token because she will always be taken care of by the closest male relative. Not only that, she only gets less in two cases, while in 30. Other cases, she does an equal share, or more, even more, or she will inherit, and blood the counterpart of the males. So the reason why I'm raising this is people pick on little things without knowing the broader picture without the study of it. And then

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you have people arguing, I've seen some people crazy on social media, arguing about Islam, it's worthless debating with them, because they want to pick one point and they don't want to look before or after, if they really researched, they themselves would turn to Islam. You know, one of the experiences I've had the doctor Muhammad, the person who swears the most he swears the religion the most is more likely to turn to Islam than the one who who's just, you know, not interested in the island silent, because they come with a you know, what happens is he needs to study in order to find the fault. And when he studies he doesn't find the fault. So he softens. You know, we had brother

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anode vandoorne If you remember Advan Yes, he and his son accepting yes, they accepted Islam. And these are guys who were crazy against the process. And and they you know, interestingly, they share the stage with us to preach Islam and give exactly so they were making movies and so on against the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and then they they found that you know, what we're doing is not even truly depicting this man when they started looking into the Sierra and Islam and so on. Anyone who looks into it to find fault.

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Allah Almighty, if you are sincerely looking, you will find actually that there is no fault. If you're looking with hate, then you won't even see the glaring sun in front of you. When accordingly in Muslim scholars and scientists were able to deduce

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what is known in Islam as Sharia, or the Islamic law which regulates

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the family ties. And that's why there is a whole section in Islamic law which deals with difficult family, beginning from the process of engagement, choosing the life mate, the suitor marriage, the dowry, having children, the rights of the children, upon the parents, the rights of the parents, upon the children, the rights of the spouses upon each other, which is presented in the most illiquid word ever, when God says in the second chapter of the Quran, while I one I miss Lunardi, Allah in a bill Morrow, very comprehensive, very short and brief, most eloquent. So the wives have rights similar to those which are due upon them. It's give and take, it doesn't only go one way,

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neutral rights and obligations, then they were able to reduce what is known as the flip of a bandit, regulating the acts of worship, how to observe the acts of worship as God Almighty wanted, not as you like. And that's why it's lampstands as the most unique and disregard. In all other religions, people worship differently. It is very difficult, maybe impossible to trace the original and the most genuine act of worship accordingly. But in Islam, if you find a Muslim Russia praying or in China or in North America, then you trace them you will find them praying similar to Prophet Muhammad 1500 years ago, following the footsteps in eating and drinking and having an intimate

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relationship in given arms in performing Hajj. And also they were able to set a section for the fetco finance, you know, something amazing, you mentioned intimacy. Many people are actually surprised that Islam teaches you how to be intimate, and the do's and the don'ts and how it's something pure yet it will be enjoyable. It is something that is

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governed by the teachings in detail. You know, I remember once there was a brother, who was one of the days

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and he a pastor gave him a lift and told him, you're a Muslim. He says yes, he says, Tell me one thing unique about your Quran.

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So he looked at me said about your religion. So he looked at me says, well, it teaches me how to wash after I've used the toilet, Allahu Akbar, that's through a light. And this guy was shocked. He said, I never imagined that you would say that

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He says that is something you don't have, you know, and a lot of people think you know about the toilet paper and how it actually makes matters worse. Yeah, you're wiping all the filth back on the rest of your behind, you know, and so on. But Islam teaches you to use water, you know, in this modern world where they are talking about the personal hygiene that is lacking completely, the hygiene personal or, or public, if you look at hygiene, actually Islam taught hygiene. And at a time when the rest of the world was nowhere near so many things were Islam was way ahead. It's just now that everyone's claimed it and pretend like oh, that was us. You know, it was actually if you look

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at it, and look at the history of it, it started off with the Muslims, a lot of the things.

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It's just amazing how things have developed. Brothers and sisters, this is a very serious matter, and a very vast as well, one or two or even 20 sessions are not enough. So we'll continue talking about it for the next few sessions in sha Allah azza wa jal until you say we've benefited a lot, and hopefully a lot of non Muslims and those who are curious and those who are interested will benefit out of that. So we spoke in general about the comprehensiveness of Islam versus other religions. From the next sessions in sha Allah. We'll be talking about specific cases mentioned in references and elaborating on it. For the time being we'll have to wrap it up, give you a break, and also give

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Mufti mink a break and we'll have in a session, but if you follow the hashtag unplugged, and you ensure that you don't miss any of these sessions, we would like to go into a few interesting things by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala I said Alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato salam ala Guatemala