Wasim Kempson – The Criterion Between Truth and Falsehood

Wasim Kempson
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the misunderstandings of Islam and the importance of following the truth. The Magicians who saw the truth, had control over their hearts, and were prepared to face consequences of their actions will be punished. The Magicians emphasized the need for individuals to see the power of their actions and not be associated with actions that are wrong. The "by Allah" movement is a Christian movement that claims to be a Christian movement, but it is not a Christian one. The movement is focused on addressing falsehood and evil behavior, protecting individuals, and achieving justice.
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Yuxi local Madonna welcome warming up I love her Rasulullah who forgot the first photos and nauseam and bad

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for in NA Stoeckel Hadith he Kitab Allah will hadal hottie had the mo hahnemannian sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was Ja Rule or moody Mahadeva to have a cooler more just let him be there or cooler be there it

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will cooler Bala can funnel

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indeed or praise and thanks. It is due and belongs to Allah subhanaw taala

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I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship, except Allah subhanaw taala Luna

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and I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early he was Salam is his final messenger.

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My dear brothers, my dear sisters, on this blessed day of Aluma which Allah Tabata, Kota Allah has granted us all to worship him for another day.

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And on this day, we want to remember a number of realities a number of realities which maybe some of us have become heedless of.

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But the reminder serves to benefit the believer.

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And one of those many realities that Allah Subhana Allah subhanaw taala but he is Al

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Wehrli can be Anila who will who

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will Annamma their own I mean Dooney he who was

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one Allahu Allah Ali you will carry on.

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That is because he Allah subhanaw taala is the truth. And what they invoke besides Him is bow when is falsehood and rarely he Subhana wa Tada is the most high the Most Great.

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And you just listen to very powerful and profound words before we started the hotbar about what is happening in Philistine.

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And we had more than 45 days and more on counting, for us to reflect for humankind to reflect about what is real.

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And what is about will what is the truth and what is falsehood?

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Allah subhanaw taala also tells us furtherly como la hora, bukem wallhack from other adult hockey Illa ballin, for a nurse to Surah foon such as Allah your Lord, the truth, and what can be beyond truth, except era or misguidance.

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So how then, are you turned away?

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When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam

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received the revelation from Allah to about a quarter Allah starting from the ayat in Sudan, Allah in the cave of Hara, and over a period of 23 years upon the completion of the Quran,

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that from that time, until the end of time, those who adhere to the truth

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to the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala will always have an answer,

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that the truth will always be apparent, never hidden amongst us. So there will be no excuse.

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And that is one of the blessings, that amazing things about hedaya About guidance, the light of Islam,

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that by Allah subhanaw taala has permission,

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that he stops an individual from becoming just a follower of Schauerte, or a follower of the latest mover, the latest phase and craze amongst the people.

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to coin a phrase that stops you being a sheep,

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but allows you to hold on to the ultimate truth.

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And that through all the fog and the mist, and the mirrors and the clouds and all of these things.

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Amongst all this confusion, one who old holds on to the truth

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is able to navigate themselves. Through all this confusion

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that you no longer

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are in a situation where you have put your own mind in neutral, that you are no longer thinking for yourself that you are allowing others to think for you. You are allowing others to form ideas to form narratives for you.

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The Muslim is never like this. The one who holds them to guidance is never in this position. You never become dependent for you to understand what is right or wrong

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What is truth? What is falsehood? What is how can what is bottle you're not relying on people to find out or to know what that is.

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As Allah subhanaw taala says we'll call Jaya al Haku was called belting, in l bow three Lokeren as a hookah, and say that the truth has come and bow till falsehood has vanished, surely about is ever bound to vanish.

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But then the question remains and is there in front of us? If somebody sees the truth, what is the likelihood of a person adhering and following the truth as opposed to following falsehood?

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Because surely, the next to selima, that sound and grounded person would always want to stand up for what is right to stand up for the truth.

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But this is not a given. This absolutely is not a given that if straight if the truth is standing in front in of that individual, that they will see what is the hug that they will see what is the truth,

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but rather, that they will stand up for something opposed to the truth. And for the one who stands up for the truth? You know what that feels like?

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You know what it feels like for you to know what is the truth, for it is as clear as day. And then for somebody to appear to say the complete opposite of what is the HAC? It burns within you to say how can you make such a statement? How can you stand up for an oppressor? How can you stand up for occupation? How can you stand up or turn a blind eye to a massacre? How can you turn your eyes away from what is clear as day in front of you?

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Which Moreover, emphasizes the point that because you know the truth is there not necessarily everybody will stand up for that.

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Allah subhanaw taala gives us

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an amazing example. That when a truth comes to people, and that this can be then if you'd like the moral or the benefit, one benefit of course there are many can be applied to the day that we are living now. When the truth comes to people when they say it or not. So Allah subhanaw taala says Musa are SLM and Harun Alehissalaam to stand there both of them are Amsterdam, in front to film, shoot around

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the superpower at the time.

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He has his armies, his advisors, the wealth, the media, if you like at his fingertips, he calls his magicians.

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Musa alayhis salam standing there alone. I want you to try to imagine that in a courtyard or have hundreds or 1000s of people all standing there on the side of Iran.

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And Musa alayhis salam and his brother How long are they said I'm standing there to believers to prophets of Allah Tabata, Kota Allah in the face of oppression.

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So to demonstrate the false power,

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the magicians they throw their stuffs and they turn into snakes.

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Allah subhanaw taala commands Musa alayhis salam to do likewise to destroy their self by the power of Allah Tabata, Kota Isla for Wacol Huck, WA Halima can, we are maluna

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The truth was established and destroyed, the falsehood that was there in front of them.

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And then what happened then, when the truth was made apparent, the truth was made clear to individuals by the power of Allah subhanaw taala. All they had was destroyed.

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The Magicians who saw the truth who knew the truth,

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who had, let's say, comfortable lives, they will advise this to fit around, maybe had nice places to live weren't short of having a comfortable life. A choice was to be made

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to deny what had happened to deny the truth

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or to follow the hook.

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Now to follow the truth here against fear around what would be the consequences.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us the outcome on this particular occasion. We will look at as the hotter we're looking at Sahara to surgery Dean that the magician's they saw the truth. They prostrated and they said call men Bureau biller Nene.

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We have believed and we believe in law, the Lord of the worlds

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or be Musa rune, the Lord of Musa, the Lord of Harun

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all of the round for hours response was what meant to be a couple of on Earth and you have believed in them before I give you permission.

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This was the arrogance that he had.

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He believed that he had control over their hearts what they could believe in, and what they could reject. You have believed I have not given you permission. This is all a plan amongst yourselves, so that you can remove the people for so far to Allah moon, you will see the power that I have, this is around

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you will see the power that I have, I will cut your hands and your feet, you will be crucified, you will be destroyed.

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Everything that you have will be taken away, your lives will be taken away.

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But the people who saw the truth,

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they were steadfast. They had declared their faith in Allah terracotta, Allah openly.

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They saw the falsehood the frown was upon.

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And they were not prepared to sell their souls sell themselves for this worldly matter. That meant nothing. Their response was simply what

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in it our abena, McCauley Boone, then therefore our destination will be to Allah subhana wa Tada. When the truth came to them, they were not prepared to sell themselves.

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Not like now, where as I mentioned the truth, the bloodshed.

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The definitions, which are clearly stated, whether it is the United Nations, or human advocacy groups around the world, who actually within their own system, have a place determine certain actions to be genocide, to be crimes against humanity. But yet there will be individuals who will say the complete opposite.

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The truth stares them in the face.

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Just as they go home to their children,

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and their children may look in the eyes of their parents.

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Did you honestly say that you cannot condemn that?

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Did you honestly say that you cannot see the massacre

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that is going on in front of your eyes and you say the complete opposite.

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These individuals who are openly supporting oppression, openly lying distorting reality,

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the war mongers, those supporting and aiding and cheering oppression

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and I say By Allah's grace are being exposed,

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that they are being found out that the mask of shuttle the mask of evil has slipped off. No longer can they trick the people. No longer can they repackage the truth. However, they like in their typical colonial and capitalist capitalist fashion, which having no substance, no sustainability and of course being unhealthy for the soul and the mind and the body.

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It is no surprise for us that many even a non Muslim

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can see the truth and mentions the truth.

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And for the Muslim it's refreshing to see a non Muslim standing up and exposing bottle faucet for what it is.

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They are no longer propping up falsehood. They are no longer justifying this evil occupation. No longer this can this continue, even though you fake when they spend their millions in their billions, but to no avail. Why? Because the truth can never ever be hidden.

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The reality and Hawk can never be hidden and falsehood can as a hookah will always vanish.

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The House of Cards that they build will ultimately be blown down will be blown away with the smallest of things.

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And for us as Muslims the path is very clear.

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What do we stand up? Alhamdulillah what we stand up for is Truth is justice, no matter where it is, no matter who it is for that the Muslim will stand up

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and even those whom that they may be inherited the colors as it may appear of the other team.

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But then it said but you are not speaking

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Like the other team, that you are speaking, like the other team, the one who is being oppressed and wronged. And their statement is that I don't support any team.

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I support truth. I support justice, I support fairness, and that the Muslim hola behavior

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and the under the Muslim is at the forefront of saying such statements. We can no longer hide away the standing of for truth, justice and fairness. This is the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala from the very beginning to the very end.

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And it is in circumstances and situations like this. But Allah subhanaw taala allows us to show what the heck what the reality is, and that those who are following the truth. Moreover, those who are being oppressed, those lies being taken away in an oppressive manner, being massacred under genocide, that they don't move. They are like mountains in the ground not being shaken, their faith not being shaken.

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And bla bla bla mean, we believe in the Lord of the worlds and it is from this that we take lesson that ultimately falsehood will be expelled and will vanish. And time will tell

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if it is metaphorically can be said when the dust settles.

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The irony of the statement when the dust settles,

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that there will be people who stood for falsehood and that they will be exposed and there will be no place for them to hide, no excuses for them. And then there will be those who stood for justice and fairness.

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And this justice and fairness which is the deen of Allah subhanaw taala will overcome will overcome this falsehood. We ask Allah Allah Allah to make us from those people Allahumma Amin Akula Cody how there we'll start with Allah Hi Lea welcome included in facility rule in know who will come forward with.

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was heard the edge many HMR in India to praise belongs to Allah Tabata, Kota Isla, I made a peace and blessings of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah be upon His final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa he was sending

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sounds mostly Muslims as believers in a lot about ACOTA Allah we understand that there was there was always

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a battle between Al Haku about

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when a police refused to prostrate to Adam, by the command of Allah subhanaw taala even existed, but guidance was always there to show the believers how to defend themselves and how to vanquish and destroy this falsehood in whatever form it comes.

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But sunnah to Allah, the way of Allah subhanaw taala frequently He in His creation is that there will always be times where there are ups and then there are downs, there will always be days like the Battle of better and there will also be days like the Battle of or hurt

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and the Muslim realizes this. But on each occasion, when there are days like better, that they are grateful and thankful to Allah subhanaw taala about that clear and present victory and on days like oh my god, where they remain patient, that they take stock of what happened and then they come back again. And Allah subhanaw taala gives them victory.

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So it is the Sunnah of Allah subhanaw taala where there will be ups and there will be downs. And when there are ups we are grateful and when there are apparent downs, then we remained patient, we remain steadfast until Allah subhanaw taala raises us once again, but during this difficult time, and there are always difficult times. And of course this is all relative.

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Because if there is an apparent defeat for the Muslim, as remodel the Allahu and then he responded to the Quraysh at the Battle of

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catalana Phil Jana Wakulla. Confront Nora,

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our deceased our martyrs will be in the Paradise and your deceased will be burning in the Hellfire for eternity.

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The Muslim is never defeated. The believer is never defeated, in that they are there to establish justice upon Earth, or they give their lives

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For Allah Tabata, Kota Allah and are granted al Jana in the Hereafter.

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And even those, even this burns the hearts of the kuffar. You believe in this gender does give you a lives and you believe you will have your houses in Jannah you believe you will have heard it and think and they mock this or they will come will there be no mocking

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or they will come where there is no mocking or opportunity for them to speak in such a manner that they will be taken to account and that they're mocking and their disbelief. They will be thrown into the Hellfire likewise, like their predecessors.

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This is a reality that a lot of Baraka, Allah tells us in his Kitab and this is a reality that our beloved Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us also

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but any affliction that comes to us as ultimately it will at times

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what do we do and how do we behave Alladhina either outside but to masiva call in early Allah who in Isla here Roger on any affliction that be fit or afflicts you or I, we remember a lot about ACOTA Allah indeed we belong to Allah and to Him we will return

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hula karate him Salah to be him, war Rama, that also cannot Allah tells us that upon these people will be a mercy and our blessings. What Allah eco hormone moto do and that they are the rightly guided

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that Jen paradise establishing justice upon Earth is not something that comes with no effort. It will come with a striving, persevering, remaining steadfast and ultimately and most importantly, turning back to Allah subhanaw taala never giving up, always holding on to the rope of Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give victory to those who are being oppressed around the world. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to stand for the Huq and not to stand up or fall by the wayside with Al falsehood.

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Allahumma Islam or when Muslim in Allah whom Islam are well Muslim in Allah whom Islam are well Muslim in Allahumma Alif Bina Kuruvilla Muslim in Al Huck, Allah Hamas Mediterranean mohideen suprasellar Muira Isla Nene once Ramallah I don't work with him here but we are Aziz Allahumma for Region Mel Muhammad Amin Aloha mushy Morona watermarble Muslim ina Yoruba Alameen Allahu Allahu marinelle haka. Haka was looking at Tabor What are in a bow three Lebell Tina what is the carnage Tina?

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Robbie, I know Allah to and Elena one sort of wala tongs for Elena one Coralina wala Tom could Alina wa dinner? Well, yesterday who the Alana Yara but Isla Nene

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Allahu Marinova Valley Amina yo mancha Yama add, what's her mood was horrible. Ekati Rocco Matoba Robina TNF dunya has no effect okay that he has no machina there are not welcome oh la serata Camila Hama como la.

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Hola Hola Hola. Hola. I don't know Hamadan rasool Allah. Hey, Alyssa Salah halen para sala de momento Salla Allahu Allahu Akbar. Love EULA Hale Allah.

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Still stuck.

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And Mr. Footer will have straight lines from the gaps

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Allahu Akbar.

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Alhamdulillah hill behind me in Ottawa ammonia washing money can we meet Dean in Kona

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canister ie in the dental seal all coiling was stepping seal all Paulina and Anton at him while he needed to move the ollie him one off on clean

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law he wants to know

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what are a 10 year the Hulu Nafi does he have wotja First up they have the ROB Baker was Stubblefield in who can tell?

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Allahu Akbar

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Allah when Iman Hamidah

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hola hola

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hola what's about

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hola hola cabello

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Alhamdulillah de la I mean almost Murni of watin mannequin yet we'll meet Dean yuck and I boudoir Yeah, can us I mean, you know Sarah Palin was stepping Sirocco Latina and Antani him lady love boo Biale him one on clean

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on who Allah who I had Allah who saw Ahmed LEM nearly there was a mu ladder while me Aquila who Khufu one had

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Allahu Akbar

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sent me I love what do you man Hamidah

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I love walkabout

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hola Hola como

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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