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So I grew up the library Castle

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library. So today, few good news, Jana and Hello, we have witnessed one sister from Poland, she came, and she embraced Islam and hamdulillah she was crying before even talking about anything. And her fear was, I want to she said I wanted to become a Muslim. But I'm afraid because I have committed so much sins. And my heart is so heavy and I can't forgive myself.

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Now, for the people who are watching us right now should have known what message would you send a handler that says their handler everything was clarified? Mashallah. And she took her shahada, she embraced Islam. But for those who didn't attend that event, what would you advise those few who are holding back the decision because of fear of anything fear of family reaction hero, committing a lot of sins and so on? So you know, you mentioned two things. The first is those who wanted to take their shahada, they worried about their sins and sometimes it's the Muslims also, they want it to become practicing. They say we've done everything, there's no hope before us. And we know that

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there's so many verses in the Quran, but just the one I mentioned is Elijah I configure tabula the first that gives the most hope and the book of Allah shed I'm sure you mentioned that verse to the sister Paul Yeah, but the Latinos of La maybe if you could leave that to you chef Nepali, I will recited maybe, and then they they let Allah give a little bit of elaboration because this was the area for me. Coming back from this dark lifestyle was fully AI daddy and Adina Estrada and forcing him later panettone Rahmatullah in the LA Hale zoo, the Jamia inner who who will follow him while I was in the in the emphasize on forgiveness and mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And this is just

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beyond me. She's you know, we went in a Mahabharata, we went over the build up to this ayah. So if you look, the two pages before the I have is a build up to it. Now Allah is telling you that don't worry Allah is enough for you carry on doing good. Don't be those who forget Allah, the verse before that is, it's human beings who, when some sorts of harm comes, that's when they tend to Allah when Allah gives them, then they think it's from me. And even after all that, you know, ingratitude he still says after that, followed by the loveliness of Allah and fussing, oh my servants, those who have exceeded the limits, they've harmed themselves, they've sinned, whatever sin you may have

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committed. Imagine, he says not to

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lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. And then the first carries on he says in Allah Hale, Virginia, not only is he merciful, He forgives all sin minor or major Allah shellcode. Otherwise if you repented and go back to our sponsor, and then he says in the whole awful Rahim, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah is the One Who forgives all sin and he's the most Merciful. And the next verse in the following verse is still calling you and he's telling you come back turn to Allah. Before it's too late. So how merciful is along Malacca? Tell me what, what impact has this verse had in your life? Ah, because I also felt at one point that Allah is not going to forgive me. The amount of pain that I caused to my

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parents, the number of issues that I had, prior to that decision, perhaps the I was also depressed for a period of time because a musician passed away. And that made me feel a little bit off the boards, Paola, until Allah subhanaw taala opened doors, and I met many people support system mache in my life, hearing the Quran and this is Allah subhanaw taala was talking to my heart display. And I believe that so long as we're breathing, Allah is telling us the spin off your breathing, I'm giving you an opportunity to make things right, shift. So we were saying that some people, they hear the verse they repent, and then you know, sometimes those sin in private or maybe in public, but

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they fall into the sin again, and they say, You know what? They feel that guilt and they don't want to practice because they carry on repeating the sin. What advice would you give them Subhanallah repent, even 70 times a day. 70 times seven and some of the religious texts, but the point is, I believe Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is giving us an opportunity of an opportunity, putting things in our ways. We have met so many non Muslims. I didn't even share with you a brother Cain, who looks like nonpracticing anything like he was a non Muslim but even in his background is a Catholic. He wasn't also practicing Christianity and he was crying in front of a homeless man,

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Sheikh Abdullah Abu Bakr, Zhu chef Biller, myself and other brothers. He was crying he said I don't want to get lost anymore. So Subhanallah when the fitrah and when Allah Subhan Allah awaken our heart. The future speaks he said I don't want to get lost anymore and Allah spoke about Abilene those who are lost because the follow the desires the follow the wants, and Islam is not about what you want is about pleasing Allah

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span the level of submission. So never give up on Allah. That's what I've learned in this journey. Never give up on yourself, so long as you're breathing fight that battle. So that's even if you've committed the sin 10 times 100 times Marillion times people who are addicted, what do we do about them and that we curse them hellos, the keep relapsing and then repenting relapsing and repenting. I always tell them don't ever give up and say that Allah is not going to forgive me because this is not his qualities. These are not these are the whisper of Shavon it's better to die fighting your disease and since then giving up on this now law protecting so we will have to break for a short

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while inshallah maybe we'll come and continue a second video along this

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line being Allah Baraka Luffy comes is like mafia someone. It is a message you can take from that is no matter what you've done, carry on repenting even if you carry on repeating the sin as Allah Allah Allah mentioned, as we discussed with the chef Baraka Levana Zachman Lao Phelan salam ala