Your newsfeed reflects what you consume

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how Facebook's tools can affect newsfeed, including the ability to see the quality of one's news feed and see the pictures of people eating. They also mention that Facebook's News feed can show the quality of one's news feed, but it is not just a general overview of one's eating habits. The speaker warns that the quality of one's news feed is directly linked to the quality of their eating habits.
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These are tools Facebook has a tool. One thing I'll tell you that I've learned is that look at your newsfeed once in a while.

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Look at your newsfeed, that the content of your newsfeed actually says a lot. And it affects you. I'll tell you why. Because the reality is we we use social media, we're on our social media. And when we're on our social media, you have a news feed for you have a feed for Facebook, in your feed for Instagram, and for Twitter, etc. If you just look at the content, it'll give you an idea of what you're ingesting. Makes sense. For example, you want to know what you're eating, maybe open up your fridge, right? It's gonna show you the, the quality of what you're eating. You want to know what you know, look at look at look at your plate before you eat. That's what's going in. Yeah. Now if that

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food is covered in mold, no, you open the fridge and all the food is rotten, or the food on your plate is rotten. And then you eat it. What's going to happen to you inside?

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It doesn't take a doctor y'all are gonna get sick, right? Because why? Because the quality of your food is bad. You actually ingesting toxins, you're ingesting poison. Mold is poisonous, it will act it will harm you internally. It's the same thing with your feed with your newsfeed. With your Facebook newsfeed with the articles you're eating with the posts. You're looking at your Instagram who you follow on Instagram. It's like looking at your plate before you eat it. How's the quality because that stuff is being ingested.