Reminders One Who Accepts And One Who Refuses

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The transcript describes a situation where a woman named Kara had a massage and the Prophet's message of acceptance of her is rewarded on the day she missed a day of judgment. The woman had a long acquisition with the Prophet's the woman had a long standing relationship with him and he the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was the acquisition was

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And the handle in there, you never want to stay in or want to stop. What else are we making sure all the unforeseen. cftr Melina

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miyetti learn for them will be later on. And for her Deanna What should I do in the law? Kara

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shadow Mohammed Abu rasulillah whenever you have a harira Amanda one also had a massage I had a feeling he had

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many brothers

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I thought I wanted to share with you is based on the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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while he was amongst his companions, or the online on, he told them where he gave them news, in a sense that he gave them good news when he said le Salatu was Salam in the well known Hadees that every member of my nation as he said, will enter Paradise. So the first sentence

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that gives him that sounds good news, which means the prophet SAW Selim says that everyone who belongs to the nation of the Prophet sites and then where as member of his nation or is one of the followers of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and accepted his message will be rewarded on a day of judgment, with nothing less than paradise, and will be rewarded but then Allah is Salatu was Salam made a limitation or restriction where he will explain Allianz? Salatu was salam, that this reward is indeed for every member of my nation, but there is an enormous condition because then he says it is so that was saddam, it lurman

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cologne enormous yet origin, every member, manager and alias, except those who refuse and listen in on itself, it is a very interesting thought and idea how could somebody refuse to be rewarded on the day that all of us are waiting to be rewarded on and hoping to be rewarded on and hoping to go and live that day as a believer and Have a safe journey and a safe arrival? And a safe destiny as well? The promise I send them gifts that to us, but then he says in them another

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another habit the companions would ask him for a long one. Yeah.

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How can somebody refuse? Nobody today? Nobody? Why is nobody thinking awake? Living would answer the question with I will refuse. Correct.

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But then the profit from the library or send them knows that as well. He knows that nobody would refuse in words. And therefore he would say

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as answer on the question of have a woman nearby us for a long time and who would have used you would say men are Robinson nothing. Takata

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Narayan, Murthy. Takata, which means that you can say I refuse.

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Or you can say I don't refuse to follow the Sunnah. Or you can say Yasuda Latika, salatu salam, I do follow your soul. Now, I do want to follow your son up. But actually you don't. Even you would say that you are a believer, you are a follower of this beautiful message and of this beautiful messenger. And so that was set up. But in reality you don't. Therefore he says literally mandarake Ban suniti who decides to live a life of or to go above different different than my sooner than different than my path. That's the one refuses. That's the one who fits on the category or category of people who are or who decided, not willing or not wanting to be rewarded. And here again, my

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brother's the matter of consciousness, very important. We don't want to be amongst those who refuse. We want to be amongst those who accept because what sense of it make if you make all your prayers every day, and if you fast and if you give the cat and if you behave where you want to behave like the Muslims on the end of the road. Actually, you're not following the Sunnah of the prophet SAW Salah in the sense. And this doesn't mean that we are talking here about rules or regulations. We're not talking about rules regulations, we're not talking here about opinions. We're not talking about how to pray or how to fast we are talking about the behavior of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in

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that sense, and how we could follow that behavior in all our doing in all our doing and I would like to add to that my dear brothers. So Hannah law

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the the way across Canada has made has made everything easy for

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up in that sense when we were reading yesterday and sort of Malaysia in the last few years have sort of been

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open and hadn't been that opportunity. Yama Don't let this be him. Don't let us carry more than we can bear. We allow in other heavy for the proper size allowances are free and all metal hover over New Zealand will masuku rally. The last Frick has forgiven you everything you've done by mistake or everything you did not know or everything you did by force. So what makes you know in order to follow that to know the proper fastener, a lot of kind of kind of makes it easy for you. You already gives you all the possibility you ready creates for you the climate when the prophets of Allah honey or send a message in a beautiful howdy in them and Mr. rubinius we're in America Lima in Manoa. So

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he's not expecting from us, that we are perfect. He's not expecting from us. We are complete is not expecting from us. Whatever we do, that we do it in a certain way that we don't live our lives. No, the only thing that the last panatela is expecting from us to have the right intention, the sincere intention, with no other goal to achieve or no other destiny than the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And after that to follow the path of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that's it. If that if we can guarantee that to ourselves, if we can guarantee that way of life for ourselves, a loss of Hannah who will guarantee us as reward and above panatela will guarantee us the best of

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destiny. And who amongst us My dear brothers, who amongst us does not want his destiny, who amongst us does not want that beautiful location that beautiful, rewarded beautiful place? May Allah Subhana Allah grant every one of us that beautiful paradise and a beautiful reward may have lost planet Allah forgive us our sins and our shortcomings. And they are lost Panasonic strengthened our email in order to be able to follow the path of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam portofolio had a little larvae Malik Lee when it comes to stuff a little boy you know an awful lot under now.