Has Joe Rogan Changed His Mind on Islam?

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The job 10 discount code for 10% discount on a wide range of products including premium Ethiopian black seed products. Salaam Alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. I recently saw a clip, very short clip of Joe Rogan saying good words about Islam says his change of heart has changed your mind. Let's take a look away as to say, Come Back And Comment. Islam originally was the scientist, then. I mean, they would they, if you look at the the earliest Islamic world, they were the ones that were the most advanced at one point in history. They were the ones that were pushing mathematics and science and reason and logic. You know, it's just it comes in cycles, man, it comes in cycles of

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suppression and dominance. And, you know, the the real concern is unstoppable dictatorships like China and Russia, no win, win. There's no dissent and no discussion. I've got a lot of friends who are Arabs, I spent a lot of times Middle East. I love them. They're awesome. There are some factions that say we got to go blow ourselves up. And that's obviously factions of Christianity that I like to to write that 100% absolutely in America, right. And I guarantee absolutely, we're being invaded and attacked by Muslims all the time, they probably some radical fundamentalist Christians that would want to do the same thing, right that some some Muslim sects have done. So first thing I want

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to say is that this is much more of a positive and constructive tone than what we have been used to with the Joe Rogan experience in the last half decade or so. And obviously, this is something welcome that you speak in this manner, start looking in a positive way, about the religion of Islam.

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And it's high time that that is the case, and you say a few good words about the religion of Islam. But I want to remind you of something that Malcolm X,

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beautifully verbalized. And he said, You stick a knife in my back nine inches, and pull out and pull it out six inches, there's no progress.

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If you pull it out all the way.

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And that's not progress, progress is healing the wound that the blow made. And they haven't even pulled out the knife out, much less heal the wound. They won't even admit the knife is there.

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To be honest with you this, I have to just admit my disappointment with much of what you guys do and was a you guys kind of so called All right.

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commentates on internet.

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But you've got your knife in the back of the Muslim communities back. And you're maybe slowly pulling it out, but you don't even want to admit it. They're talking about us talk talking at us, and not to us scarcely seldomly to us.

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And I say this,

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that has to change if discourse is going to be positive in the next half decade. What I wanted to say in the remainder of this video was wanted to give you our perspective as Muslims on the purpose of life because one of the things you said

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was when we're talking about the carbon, the circumambulation of Muslims around the black box, which is called the Kaaba, which is of course one of the the Pillars of Islam Hajj pilgrimage, you said it does something for them.

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Let's hear what you said. And come back and comment on this. You know, when you watch the Muslims gather around Mecca, yeah. You don't think there's something kind of beautiful about that amazing about that. They all peacefully get there. They're all dressed the same. And they all like move around this thing and show respect. Obviously, it's doing something for them. It has this profound effect on Joe Rogan I want to be honest with you, because I know you're watching this video. I know for a fact you're watching this video, in fact, yeah, I want to be honest with you and tell you that this language that you're using, it's doing something for them is revelatory of your own bias. And I

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think your bias may be something which is referred to an ethics as egoism, or even a psychology as egoism, this idea that things should be done for us, like we are the center of attention, that we should be acting on our self interest. And really, that is the basis for morality. Not only that, but the purpose of life therefore, is for us to try and get as much of it as we can. Let it do something for us. Like a slave life is a slave to us. And we're just here, telling life what to do and this comes quite frequently in your

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podcasts if I may be honest with you and tell you, whether it's you telling people or asking them by lsds telling them about your experiences smoking big cigar and doing this and that as well. Or, you know, HGH that you take and the Palumbo ism that you have, or the chain facial change that you've seen because of the steroid abuse. And so, this is just, you are a caricature. And I don't mean to be rude, you are a caricature of materialism. You basically are emblematic and this is not the purpose of life, we want to say that the purpose of life is not so that we may consume things and it can do things for us before we hit the grave. The purpose of life is to worship our Creator. That's

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the purpose of life that we have a creator created the human beings, which we can reason rationally. The purpose of life is to worship that creator. That's the purpose of life to submit ourselves to that creator. Rousseau very famously said man is born free, but everywhere in chains. The Quran states Dada below whom I thought radula fee shamrock

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Mutasa, Kizuna Raja lon Salomon Nero, Julie.

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Halle astellia name is

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Al Hamdani Bell exaro

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Allah has put forward a parable of two men.

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One of them has many slave masters, and the other one has only one slave master, are they the same Praise be to God that most people don't understand meaning, meaning, you will always be a slave to something or someone, whether it's your own desires, or societal expectations, or materialism,

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or a combination of all those things.

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Or you can decide to be the slave that submission in submission to the one who created you. And the Quranic message is very straightforward, Joe Rogan, it's that you have to make the right decision. The purpose of life is to worship God not to worship yourself, not to worship societal expectations, and you will not receive happiness, tranquility, and purpose in life, you'll be stuck in the second year of meaningless lifestyle. If you think that you can fill the void of purpose with all of the activities that you are partaking.

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They have no ability, in fact, or facility to fill that void is impossible. The only way to fill that void is through God, the Creator, the Creator God, which is sustaining the universe and maintaining us. So it's not for us to be expecting from God, what can religion do for us? It's the wrong question. the right question is, what's the purpose of life?

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And what can we do to meet that purpose?

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We say the purpose of life is to worship God. So really a straightforward and simple as that submit our will to God. And the world is like a shadow Joe Rogan.

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The world is like a shadow, or the happiness they're in is like a shadow.

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The more you try and walk towards it, the more it moves away from you.

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And that's what you'll find. I'm sure you have already found that Joe Rogan. And what you will continue to fight, the pursuit of happiness, therefore, which is a phrase that's entrenched in the American documents, is nothing but a mirage is nothing but a delusion.

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And the true way out of nihilism, and a completely purposeless lifestyle is a strong purpose, which can only be granted through the Creator God, we're happy to have these conversations Joe Rogan. And we need to have these conversations you need to think deeply about wife set. Because we don't have much time, to be honest with you on this planet. How long? How old are you? I mean, would you respect you're pushing 16? Am I? You know, how old are you? How are Joe Rogan? And it's not even about age because people die in them when they're young. But you're pushing 16 out

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1020 more years, you know, it's over really can't even you know, if you take HDH from the horse himself. He's not going to be putting you back into the age of youth. So you need to start thinking about the pose of life. And think about the grave. As Heidegger said, as his farewell advice, that if you want authenticity in life, think about the grief or Salaam Alaikum warahmatullah

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