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I Don’t Feel Like Memorizing And I Feel Guilty, What Can I Do

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Some of us lack the motivation to memorize Qur’an at times. We often feel guilty when we are unable to memorize the certain part we have intended to. How can one overcome this?

Imam Wisam Sharieff answers

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Sometimes I don't feel like memorizing and it really makes me feel guilty. How can I overcome this?

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It comes to memorization. We all have to take a first stance you don't have to memorize. Now let's assume that you're in that that pressure is off your shoulders, and you've started memorization, that means you haven't put in the right routines and rituals. In order to make that daily rote memorization time. Effective, I take a step back and engage in daily reading. What's the difference between daily recitation and daily memorization? First off, you don't have to memorize and when you are in a pursuit of memorizing the entire Koran, make sure you've put in the right routines and rituals, just like then when you don't pray, you don't feel like it, you still do it put in the

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right systems and routines and rituals.