The Repenters #3 Al-Qa’nabi Threatened a Scholar With a Knife

Ammar Alshukry


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the repentance of umami Carnaby Emanuel Carnaby when he was young, was very uncouth. He was not very righteous at all. He used to drink with his boys. And then on one occasion he's outside. And there is a scholar who's on a donkey, who has a crowd of people who are coming behind him. And so he says to them, who's this and they say that's Sherpa, and he says, Sherpa, who's Sherpa? West Yoruba, never heard a Sherpa not and they say to him, he's a scholar of Hadith. What do you mean he's a hadith? And he's not just a head district was one of the great scholars of Hadith in our history and Imam Al Carnaby and I'm calling him Imam even though he was far from it at that time, he grabs the

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donkey of shorba and he says to him, had definitely narrowed Hadith to me. Oh, that's what you're pushing right? Hadith and give me a hadith. And shrimp possess them. What are you talking about? Are you serious? You don't deserve Hadith or some random dude. And then he says to him, he pulls out his blade, and he says, either narrated Hadith to me or am I stab you? He's telling the the scholar Heidi's telling you I'm gonna stab if you don't tell me a hadith right now. And so Sharma says to him, I heard from mon Sol, who narrated from Level II, who narrated from Eben misspelt that the Prophet saw the light is and then said, if you have no shame, then do what you wish. And so he's

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he's not only giving him a hadith, but he's giving him a shot to like you're obviously shameless right now. And if you have no shame, pulling a blade out on me, then do what you wish. And so a Carnaby was so transformed, however, by this hadith, he goes to his home, he breaks all of the vessels of the drinks that they used to have. He tells his mother he says, If my boys come over again, or actually invite them, but bring them food, but tell him what I did with the drinks. And then he goes to Medina and he studies with Imam Malik, and he turns out to Mr. Carnegie, by the time he gets back to El basura. However, he finds that short passed away and see the only Heidi that he

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was able to narrate from shorba was the first Hadith. If you have no shame, then do what you wish