Hasan Ali – The Power of Zikr

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The importance of forgiveness and not letting people get away from sins is discussed in various ways, including reciting Latin script and using robot technology to motivate people to forget scripture. The importance of the Prophet salallahu Alai Chevrolet's teachings on being calm and aware of one's emotions is emphasized, along with the use of the sign language and body language to signal a person or something. The importance of maximizing reward with a few seconds a day, waiting for an emergency call, and embracing social media post is emphasized, along with advice on handling situations where one person is in danger and needs immediate attention. The speakers emphasize the need to take tips from old schoolers and use their own experiences to gain rewards and avoid regret.
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Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi nine. So my brothers and sisters were saying that Allah azza wa jal is already close to me close to you, but we don't feel the closest of Allah because of my sins because of your sins. And one great way of getting rid of those sins is to engage straightaway in asking Allah directly to forgive those sins sins. So we say Stoneville Allah Hanlon, ILA.

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You how you look, are you more apt to go in IE, when I when I was

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the gym, you can say a shorter version if you don't know the full version, the full version, which I've just said is a staff that Allah I seek forgiveness from Allah, Allah de la ilaha illa who there is no other God besides Him? Allah Hi, the EverLiving Allah, you're the one that sustains and keeps everything running well or too late and I'm returning back to him while I hold on I've got no way of staying away from sins. Wala Quwata no way of doing good deeds illa biLlah except through Allah, Allah Allah the Most High the most the most great if you know it, you can join me one small save with you again. Stone field Allah and Nadine

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in in Oh, hi Europa you want to bow in a while I hold water

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in all the or you can say the shorter version which is a Stanford Allah in Naga Rahim I still futile Allah in Allah voodoo Rahim you're saying oh Allah please forgive me. Oh Allah you are the oft forgiving you you love to forgive and you have so much mercy and I'm asking for that. Or you say even show to our stuff. Allah Hawa to boo la said stuff hula how to La stone from LA how to La stone from LA Hawa to boo la what we're doing there is we're saying Oh Allah, I ask your forgiveness what to LA and I'm returning back to you Toba means that we say to Allah I'm gonna do my best not to sin what or to delay I'm coming back to you. Oh Allah, please accept me coming back to you. So this is

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the far this this thing of seeking forgiveness from Allah. It seriously removes the barriers that we've got between us and Allah. Now Allah azza wa jal. He's seriously appreciate us doing any form of record. Why? Because Allah azza wa jal, he has given. He has given His name is a shackle. He is the most appreciative so don't think that Allah does not appreciate us coming to him and and saying, Oh Allah, please Please Allah, and I'm here to remember you. You know, give me something back. Allah is always going to be there to give us something back. When we remember Allah azza wa jal, there is no way that Allah doesn't appreciate what we do. Because Allah has created he's already created

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those that praise him anyway. So let's get a hold of this. All right, Allah azza wa jal has has created the angels that are have been praising him. They've been praising him from the beginning of the time that he created them till today, they've never stopped praising Him. Allah has taken an oath by such angels in the Quran surah number 37. Right at the beginning, Allah says, was so off, to suffer. I take an oath by those angels that are standing in lines in rows, what are they doing? Allah says that Tilly Cara, I take an oath by those angels that had been continuously reciting my pickup My Remembrance saying Subhan Allah saying Alhamdulillah all the different types of say, you

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know, to to make to remember Allah azza wa jal, they've been doing that from the time Allah created them to today Subhan Allah, Allah has got those angels, praising him, you know, always remembering him. In fact, Allah said in the Holy Quran, he said, to set Behala who semi were to several our lumen fee in the seven heavens and the seven Earths and all that are inside it. They all praise Allah and they glorify Allah continuously except for the humans and except for the jinn. You know what this means? Mean? You we've got human, we've got human free will. We can choose to obey we can choose to disobey, but the seven heavens and the seven Earth they're busy doing dhikr of Allah,

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because Allah azza wa jal has given them no free will. But imagine this, the mountains are singing, they are praising Allah and they're glorifying Allah. The birds are doing that as well. This is the Quran, when thou Salam would would recite the zip code with that would Allah Salam Salam, Allah says, You Sabir Hannah Bella she will issue up the mountains and the birds would glorify

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Allah's praise. They will say how Allah is glorified say subhanallah. For example with him, they would say that just when he's reciting this abode, this is in the Quran. This is in Surah Surah of the Quran. And we know from the Quran that everything in fact, Allah has said in the Quran,

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I will Amuro Allah said, Have you basically we don't see the birds that are in the air. You said? Allah says they are praising Allah azza wa jal, we don't we don't. We don't see that we don't hear that. The fish in the sea they are praising Allah, the ants on the on the on the ground, they are praising their glory, thank Allah azza wa jal, every single thing besides the humans and genes they do that now. What's the case when the angels are doing that the seven heavens and as they're doing that, what is the case with the human praises Allah the human comes to Allah and does Allah Zika Do you know? Do you know that Allah azza wa jal is more happy when me and you do the Dhikr of Allah?

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Why? Because let me give you an example. If you created the robot, and you downloaded the software in that robot, and you said the robot to stay with you, and the robots gonna serve you, and the robot stays with you. And the robot serves you okay, you created a second robot, this robot you downloaded the system inside it, you said to it, that it got a free will to leave your house, or stay with you is a free will to serve you or not to serve you. But this second robot, it stays in your house, and it does serve you which one would you actually like more the first the second which one? Second? Why? Because you gave a free will to that robot to move away but it didn't stay with

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you out of his choice. It stayed with you and it served you now imagine Allah azza wa jal gave us free choice when we engage in ibadah. When my mind connects with Allah and Reba, the insula in the Quran in zikr, in Doha, in whatever we were saying these phrases when my mind connects with Allah and our tongues are moving with the praise of Allah, Allah loves zip more. Why because we had a free will we have free will. In fact, there are several Hadees to say Allah boasts to the angels have looked down Allah says guru Isla de unruly Abdi. Look at my seven standard. Look what they're doing. Look how they are remembering me because the because the angels were also the servants of Allah.

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They don't have any choice but we've got a choice. So when we remember Allah, we are now surpassing the angels we are higher than than in one way because we choose to remember Allah azza wa jal when we had a free choice, while the angels they have to remember Allah, they don't have a choice anyway. My friends, what they could does to us is dhikr has it has the decree removes the darkness inside us removes the stress inside as vicar will remove the insiders when we're feeling uneasy, they will remove that in fact, in the hadith of Timothy, it says, The shaytan will not be able to whisper in anyone who is in the remembrance of Allah who's doing the Dhikr of Allah. So the shaytan stays away.

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Another Hadith in Bukhari says if you continuously saying vicar, the angels will be with you in the roadsides, the angels will will be with you on the bedsides The angels will be with you all the time. Subhanallah This is the power of vicar. The power of the can is Allah azza wa jal he will he will give us Baraka he's gonna give his blessings Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam told us that you know you know I mean look at these words this a hadith and Buhari he says Matthew levy yes God Allah, the example of the person who remembers Allah so we're in the remembrance of Allah don't forget the four different levels are quickly the tongue is moving, the mind is present, we saved from the heart,

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right? And we saved we saved the class and we added sweetener. Whichever moment we're in the Dhikr of Allah, our mind is connecting with Allah, just our minds connected with Allah, or our minds connecting and our tongues moving or our minds connecting tongue moving and missing with the class. You know, you know what actually happens? He's a superhero line or the Rasulullah sallallahu Hussmann says such a person is alive. He says his example is a commercial hate such a personal person is alive. And the one who's not doing the Dhikr of Allah is a person like a person that is dead. That's the example Rasulullah sallallahu litem using that hadith. In a separate hadith of

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sahih. Muslim, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam he says methylone bait the example of a house in which zikr of Allah or the remembrance of Allah is performed. The example of that house is like a house that is alive. And the example of a house that the bed is no dhikr of Allah azza wa jal is like the house that is dead imagine from the heavens that looking down onto the houses and our houses those of our houses that are actually have got the vicar of Allah or we bought the room remembrance of Allah going there like how these are glowing, that the angels from the heavens and see these houses are glowing. The power of the crust is such that we will feel tranquillity. Allah

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said in the Holy Quran, Allah the Quran Allah hit up my Innaloo Allah says there's only one way of getting ourselves to feel full

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When we come inside, you know, we want to make ourselves really really calm inside we want to make ourselves serene inside fully tranquil inside. And a lot of us do a lot of things to try and get that done right. So we will sometimes go through you know, sometimes people go on a holiday to get that sometimes people even tend to sin right. So sometimes people will turn to you know, alcohol to gambling what will that do alcohol will take you out of you know your state of worry for a little while, but then once the alcohol effects have worn off, you're back to where you are, your problems are still staring at you and you're not you're feeling even more drained. Drugs, people turn to

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drugs, you go to a really high and then after that a real low after the drugs effects are finished. You feel disgusted inside, what a person will look at haram with the eyes and try and find satisfaction in that they will feel have a very self non February low esteem. Even self esteem inside every one of the sinful pathways will lead to something where a person will feel you know, they're not they're not you know, they're not really calming themselves down. Even when a person listens to music. What does music do? Music just resonate your emotions. That's what it does. A person is in love you listen to a you know a love song. You just resonating one part for one part of

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your emotions with that song. You're in sadness. You listen to sad music, it just hits a chord inside you. You just relate to it but it doesn't actually make you calm or doesn't make you serene inside. It doesn't. It doesn't no matter what type of music you're gonna listen to. It won't make you Cirino calm inside. You can go and talk to people you can talk to people about your stress about your problems. Yes, sometimes we need to take advice please take the advice and get the advice Yes, but is never going to fully keep make you calm. What's the thing that makes you fully calm? The creative the human beings has said in the Holy Quran he says in Surah Arad Surah, number surah.

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Number 13 is number 20.

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So rod, I think Zion number 28. Allah azza wa jal says, Allah biddick rely he took my clue. Allah says only through the remembrance of Allah will hearts and you're inside the can come only through the remembrance of Allah. So look, when we do the liquor of Allah, we are calming ourselves down, you will seriously feel come I'm gonna ask you to do this. If you're driving alright, I'll tell you the if you're driving and you do the kind of Allah you will notice that you will actually drive slower, you will drive slower, I'm going to kinda ask the the sister with that child, please just just come down there and bring them bring them back inside. You will feel the calmness of Allah

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through you know, just just you will feel the comes you'll drive you will drive slowly. If you're if you connect your mind in Salah. Automatically you will be going slow in solid guaranteed guarantee because your mind is now in the vicar of Allah dhikr of Allah makes you calm, it makes you serene. In fact, if you carry on doing the Dhikr of Allah who feel calm, calm throughout the day, anyone who's in any stress and so on one of the beautiful vicars to do to try and get anxiety stress out the way is to send Salawat on the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and with this particular vicar, you get something from Allah, and you get something from the Messenger of Allah Allah at some

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simultaneously back right is the only thing that will get something from Allah and from His Messenger, you will draw close to Allah and you draw close to the messengers salAllahu alayhi salam, and you will get his love to which is what you send Salawat on the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam you say so no more

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one more one

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more home

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my early whilst hobby was join me so Allah

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said you didn't

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more men man

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early was hobby was oh you can say the one that you know you're here everyone can join me in this Allahumma Sonya Allah Muhammad

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Ali Mohamed, come on sunlight later on. Ibrahim

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Ibrahim in NACA Hamid Majeed Allahumma barik ala Mohamed Anwar Ana Mohamed gamma dog Dona Ibrahim

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Ibrahim in NACA Hamid. Majeed. You know what just happened there? There are a group of angels which Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam referred to as Ceja Hina. Fill out these are the Romans of the earth. They roam the entire every continent, every country, every town, every city, they wait for someone to send salawat and the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, we just sent it right now we asked Allah to bless His Prophet, we asked Allah to send peace

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To His prophet, and just because we said that the angels took that from our mouths, they headed straight to Madina, Munawwara in a separate Hadith Buddhahood, the prophets of Allah Allah Subhan says, Raja Allah, Allah will reunite my soul with my body so that Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam can reply to our salaam Subhana Allah he's now replied to our Salam will receive that at the same time in a separate Hadith the Prophet Allah Allah says in numerous Hadith he says, Some Allahu alayhi wa Ashra Allah will shower you the person who sent salawat and the Prophet Allah Allah is Allah Allah will shower you with 10 mercies right now Allah gave every single person here 10 mercies that come

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down to us that's the thing that will calm you down the anxiety and so on will be you'll be relieved from your anxiety why? Because you've got so much mercy so much much coming on you each time you send one Salawat you're getting 10 messages one Salawat 10 messages once a lot 10 messages and and the piling of mercy from Allah azza wa jal will calm you down. And that's that's amazing to know that every time we engage in Salawat that the angels are coming near us the angels are taking our Salah to Brussels and Brussels is saying salaam back to us. And Allah is showering showering us with 10 Mercy Subhanallah are they anyway, there are many of Carmen different forms they can we can do.

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I'm going to tell you three different times to do Zikr. Okay, three different three different kinds of occasions to do. The second one is the car on the go. The car on the go is when I'm commuting. When I'm you know, when I'm waiting for the bus. I'm waiting for the train and something or I'm in my house doing something could be anything. It could be me going up the stairs and come down the stairs. Do you know that the Sahaba when they whenever they went uphill, they themselves they bought on the zikr Allahu Akbar they say Allahu Allahu Allahu Allah whenever whenever they used to go uphill, and whenever they used to come down hill they say Subhan Allah Subhanallah Subhanallah

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Subhanallah This is the kicker on the go, there are certain Sahaba who would count the words they would utter from one Juma to another Juma then you how many words they said, Imagine the rest of the time they are trying to keep themselves busy in the vicar of Allah, whether it's these phrases, whether it's Quran, whether it's just thinking of Allah just mentioning Allah's name, they used to do that and that is that is an ultimate position you want to be in. So there's a lot of dead time that we've got, for example, your ironing your clothes, you can do the kind of Allah, you can iron your clothes and you can say,

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lot, in, in,

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In, in LA you can be in the Dhikr of Allah just a guy like like in fact line I loved him has been mentioned, as the most Supremes become the best vicar by Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam the best they could why? Because it's it is it is saying that Allah you are everything you are the one and only you are everything because there's no other god you the only God and only God can do everything that you're that you're that God uses the one and only. The best thing about the decal is you can do this decal with your mouth sealed is lip sealed, and just your tongue moving so that nobody around me knows that you're doing the decal. Let's try that. See your lips right now. Move your tongue

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inside without making a noise say lighten hella gone.

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Don't make a stop but don't make a sound. Make some just silly lips. Move your tongue you can see you don't have it doesn't connect with the lips. La ilaha illa Allah and just move inside there another one you can do you want to connect to Allah, just on the go they can undergo just in your master yeah Allah Allah Ya Allah Ya Allah, my Allah. O Allah, O Allah O Allah, Allah to say yeah, Allah Guan. See lips. No one will know that you do in the thicket. You're getting sincerity. You sing with the tongue, you get you're getting your your your mind is present. You're calling Allah Allah is now calling you. You're drawing close to Allah Allah is drawn closer to you. You're saying

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Lila and Allah Allah is giving you reward. Allah is also drawing closer to you. So that is a beautiful dhikr of Lila and Allah, the Quran the goal could be anything. You're in the urine, you're in the car, you under the car on the go, since Subhana Allah He won't be a Hamdi Suba Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah

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Subhana Allah you won't be handy Subhan Allah He loving. This is a phrase which messenger SallAllahu asthmas told us in a hadith of Bokhari, it is very beloved to the Most Merciful One A Rahman it is very light on the tongue and is very heavy on the scales of our deeds on the day of judgment on me going to need our deeds on that day. It's going to be very heavy, say it again. So behind Allah, he won't be a Hamdi Subhana Allah you know Ali which means our Allah you are so glorify Allah, you're so wonderful, so perfect. We'll be having the and I'm praising you Subhan Allah and Allah then Allah Allah I am saying how glorified You are

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The most great when you Say Subhan Allah who would be handy he Subhan Allah Allah Allah, we're getting a lot of reward on the imagine the scales will be heavy on the Day of Judgment because of that they can that will do in fact, in a hadith of Sahih Muslim, it says while Hamdulillah he Tamla al Meezan just saying Alhamdulillah can feel the scales up on the Day of Judgment, the scales of our good deeds, one Alhamdulillah from the heart you say from the heart, it could be enough to fill the scales up that's why we need to be sincere when we thank Allah and we say Alhamdulillah these phrases are wonderful. So they are on the go you can be doing anything you can be walking you can be

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idle, you can be doing some I don't know you could be cooking you could be you know in your in your room just just sitting down just just do they could just do things or you can pick up a gun and just do thicker on the way so this is the kicker on the go. The second one I'm going to ask you to do my brothers and sisters is to take specific time out so that we can really connect our minds with Allah and can really help with the class I'm gonna ask you to sit down in your places of your masala space okay, this is you and Allah on a one to one okay, I need this you need these guys don't tell me you don't have time for this. I'm going to ask you to do just five minutes map perhaps 10 minutes if you

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can do 15 minutes, but whatever you do, don't stop it because Allah loves those actions that are regular though they may be small in number Hadith in Sahih Muslim you do something continuously but even though it's small in number Allah likes it that you've done it every single day. So for me to sit down on the masala on the prayer mat in the mornings or in the evenings find your time. No one should disturb you, neither your children nor the telephone, anything no your you know your smartphone, nothing to disturb you. You're just there. You sit down or you concentrate and you say these phrases whichever phrases you can, okay, so behind Allah Subhan Allah Subhan Allah Subhana

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Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah Subhan Allah, any phrases in fact you can take the phrase of the Quran Allah there are certain phrases there in the Quran, you can repeat it as a vicar. One particular one is the phrase and the DUA that you select salaam used when he was in the belly of the well. A beautiful one to take you out of the troubles that you're in.

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this overhang in the gun to mean of wall you mean

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this overhang in the gun to me now volley me you're saying La ilaha Atlanta, there is no other God besides you Subhanak you are the most you are the you are the most wonderful, you are the most glorified, you are the most sublime

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in the container, volume Subhanak You're perfect in the container volume and I am the one who's done wrong. You admit that to Allah, you will repeat this phrase over and over, over and over again, just like US ally Serato Sam and what will happen is Allah says in the Holy Quran, Waka Valley Kanoon Jin Momineen This is surah number 21. Number 87. Allah says in the same way I will rescue the believers. And the hadith of Timothy says anyone who's in any distress and you use this or you're in a problem and you use this you carry on repeating it Allah will bring you out of your misery out of your stress. We've got these beautiful draws in the Quran. You can even use a phrase of the Quran as a

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thicker, okay? Just just repeating it just to establish your belief in Allah you can say, Hola Hola.

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Hola Hola.

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Hola Hola.

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the beginning of advocacy, and it's also in many other places of Quran, you say Allah, there is no other God but he can just repeating this, this this phrase or you can simply you know, repeat Surah class try and concentrate on what you're saying. But who Allah who had that Surah which is very short for verses you say three times, Allah will give you the reward of the entire Quran mentioned in many different Hadith. Okay, just repeating that. Now what you want to do is again, move your tongue, have your mind present, and you also have saved from the heart. And at the same time we try and add any sweetener you've got. And you say to Allah, I repeat these phrases these five minutes,

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these 10 minutes, these 15 minutes in the morning in the evening, what are the you can manage do regularly This is my one to one with Allah with full concentration that Allah is watching me Allah is watching me and I'm going to say these phrases to gain Allah's love. So that's the second one I've given you. A third one a final one I'm going to give you is going to comprise of two different Hadith of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, okay. This is going to be for us to maximize our reward with just a few seconds a day

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maximize our reward with a few seconds a day. So let me give you the first Hadith. The first hadith is from Buhari when the poor Sahaba they came, these are Sahaba that didn't have money. They came to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and they put a complaint to him. They said that about the Saudi bedarra Dirty the ruler. There's a messenger of Allah, the affluent and the wealthy Sahaba they have taken the best ranks of the afterlife they've taken the best positions in the next life how they said you saw Luna commando salah they pray like us to be equal there. You're so Munna cabana Sunday fast like we fast so we equal welcome fundamental Amman but they have extra monies by which they

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give sadaqa they give Zakah they they're able to go to Hajj and Umrah they go in the path of Allah we were not able to do that. So, Mr. Mala? How are we supposed to compete with such people? So the prophets of Allah has been then said hadith of Buhari, he said, Should I not tell you something? If you do it, you would have caught up with all the people that have done good deeds before you and you will be ahead also you will actually be ahead and you will beat the people who come after you and you will be the best in the sight of Allah. You guys ready to know what this is?

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maybe a few seconds of your day. My Allah when did we ever look at tick tock and say I've only got 40 seconds to scroll in my tic tock. I've got only 50 seconds a one hour, one minute 44 seconds to go through my Instagram. I'm going to stop exactly at that because I haven't got more time than that. Now how will our reporting live now this is going to take you 30 to 40 seconds after every salah of your day. Just that 30 to 40 seconds. Are you guys ready?

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A few more guys are ready. So simple. Such a simple thing. hadiza Picard is well you can't go wrong. Imagine you getting you get in the room you're getting you're catching up with all the people who've done good deeds before you you catch up with them tell the good deeds and the people that come after you beat them as well. Subhanallah What do you say? Prophets Allah some said after every fact Salah say subhanallah 33 times Sal Hamdulillah 33 times and say Allahu Akbar 33 times that's all you have to do. What you have to do is make sure after your Salah you don't do three salaams was three Salam threesomes is look

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Allah cinematic. And then you'd grab your phone he goes to Ramallah

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some brothers have to take this their phone straight out, straight out as soon as it's finished. Oh, my God, that is so important. I'm your Are you on some kind of emergency call or something that you have taken phone out. Don't talk to anyone after Salah Don't, don't get disturbed just go straight into the can 33 SubhanAllah 33 Alhamdulillah 33 Allah Allah was in baggie in it's in your bank, you will see on the day of judgment and I'm going to give a quick tip here to my sisters who are doing the Salah and you babies cry life as fathers as well sometimes you know what we both children and babies cry sometimes when you're in Salah. But you know they're very clever, very clever. They'll

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learn how to wait if you teach them how to wait if you're going to speed up your salad because your kid's gonna

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they're gonna cry even more

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but if you get to your if you're in your Salah, and you just take your time you know what happens? Your kids they watch you

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now there's two types of crying Okay, there's one that is a serious cry out of pain and when they're in danger I'm not talking about that one. I'm talking about the one that they want attention from you so you better differentiate between the two cries Okay, there's one for just for attention they just want your attention

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right just for attention just to just to get you to come near them right or to pick them up now just carry on with your Salah you know what my kids learned and I'm sure your kids will do the same you carry on with the normal struggle sit down and watch you and the watching for one thing before they let that cry that silent at this moment that watching the watching to see you sitting down as

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soon as you do that they go

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because they know that that Salamis your NW salah but don't stop there. Do you think you the sphere, right? Let them come to you let them sit on your lap. So whatever but you're not getting to the sphere. They'll get used to it until mum and dad haven't actually started and finished it this beer then I'm going to give me attention they'll get used to that. So don't spoil your a bad because of some whinging, some whining that's going on in the background. And honestly, I think just out of Quick, quick thing on this ride, we seriously need to, you know, take some tips from old schoolers.

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Right? You just You just be who you are with the kids. You don't have to give them attention all the time all the time. Pick them up all the time. I'm going to tell you all the time all around someone's lab, this lab that lab we didn't therefore, you just spoil your sporting, they just smashed it. You don't need to just let them sit down, let them play let them be themselves. As long as there are in danger. They'll be fine with you. As long as they're fed. They just need three things. Kids they need three things they need

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that is something to eat. Yeah, they need someone to clean the purple. And then they just need to sleep. That's it three things they need food, clean, apropos, let me sleep. And I said the rest they'll play if you spoil them by picking them up all the time and so on. You really, you really spoiled it for yourself because then they want more, more and more of your attention. Anyway, that's a quick tip on the site. The next and final Hadith I'm going to give you is, if you do the next thing is a Hadith of Muslim, where the Prophet sallallahu has told us that if you do the next thing, and this will only take you 90 seconds in the morning, 90 seconds in the evening, okay, just to just

00:30:39 --> 00:31:20

take your time 92nd Morning, 90 seconds of the evening. If you do it, you will come on the Day of Judgment with the most reward saddest Muslim authentic hadith no one will have more reward than you except a person who's done the same of what you just did have these this action will tell you other than the same under the something extra only that person will have more than you ready for this? are three brothers said yes. Mashallah. Smash the absolutely smashed it. Right. Sahadi you come as a billionaire of the Accra. Imagine if I said to you right now, are you ready? I'm going to tell you such an investment is going to make you go ahead of Warren Buffett is going to make you richer than

00:31:20 --> 00:31:23

Elon Musk right now. You ready for that? How many brothers would say yes?

00:31:25 --> 00:32:02

Yes. Tell us that. Now. You can't you becoming the billionaire of the akhira by spending 90 seconds of the morning, 92nd. Evening, I'm three brothers said yes. The rest of your life. 90 seconds shake. That's one and a half minutes. I've got that time. That's too much. Maximum is gonna take you two minutes in the morning, two minutes in the evening. Let me tell you why you brothers do all right, forget 90 seconds, you watch an entire football match for 90 minutes. 90 minutes is a break in the middle one hour, 45 minutes you sit for the entire match. The score is a draw at the end of it. They're gonna go into extra time you watch that without a complaint, bring the on. Right, two hours,

00:32:02 --> 00:32:33

15 minutes now with all the breaks and commercials, the middle two hours, 15 minutes you sat there you watch that is still a draw. They're gonna go to penalties. You sit down the edge of yourself is watching dependencies for another 15 minutes you finished right? Two and a half hours you spent there. Then the celebrations are happening. You watch all the celebrations, then the pundits are talking about the math. You listen to all of that as well. Three hours are gone, then you know what you guys do? You take your phones out, you sit on the sofa, you start cussing the guy that lost the match, right? You curse him for how sad a whole Sunday all the way to the Monday Morning the guy

00:32:33 --> 00:33:07

doesn't want to turn up at work because you're gonna curse him you know? So you spent four hours on a football match without any complaint and I give you something 90 seconds in the morning 90 seconds of the evening. And you're not ready to do that. Let me tell you how simple this is. The prophets Allah husband tells us you say in the morning Subhan Allah he will be Hamdi 100 times and you say in the evening Subhanallah he will be handy 100 times simple done right maximum two minutes of your time in the morning, two minutes time in the evening. If you can do straight after fajr straight after maghrib right saya there's a Muslim you will come to their judgment with the most reward.

00:33:07 --> 00:33:42

Guys, I'm going to summarize the talk I've told you that in every form of worship of our religion, we've got liquor, in Salah in Doha into spear in Quran when recited while you're fasting, any form of worship God when you didn't throw off, we've gotten thicker in every single thing. What's the thicker the thicker is moving the tongue if you got to move, if not, the minimum is making sure that the mind is present. And if you can move the tongue mind is present sake with your heart and you can add any sweetener to it. Now you electrifying now you're having a massive process inside, you're coming closer to Allah you're gaining a lot of reward and you're moving closer and closer to Allah

00:33:42 --> 00:34:15

by day and by night you will be sitting less you will be doing more more more rewards you will be in the you'll be in the obedience of Allah, you will be wanting to come closer to Allah you want to listen to the Quran, you'll want to listen to the Sunnah and obey. The clicker does that to you, it will make you come closer and closer. Okay. And the three different types of told you do it, one of the decrees they can undergo, you will try and maximize your dhikr as much as you can, because we're all gonna have that regret at the dose of Jana. Why didn't we do more zikr in the dunya next thing I told you is to spend the 510 minutes or 15 minutes in the morning or in the evening or both if you

00:34:15 --> 00:34:51

can, and consistently continues to just keep your mind and attention to Allah for those moments you will get a lot in return. And the final one I said these two are Hadith after your Salah, do SubhanAllah 33 times Alhamdulillah 33 times Allahu Akbar 32 times you will catch up with all the people who've done good deeds before and after you. And the final Hadith I gave you was to say subhanallah who would be handy which means Subhanallah Oh Allah, I tell you how wonderful you are, how glorified You are will be handy and I praise you 100 times in the morning 100 times in the evening and you come as the richest person on the Day of Judgment. Dr. Mohammed Rashid Al

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