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Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various pronouns for the Mahdi's prayer, including squat, knee, and bouncing toes, and a video about practicing the Mahdi's Office. They emphasize the importance of practicing the Mahdi's Office and the transfer of weight, while also emphasizing the importance of standing in a certain position. The speaker also discusses a Chinese kung fu karate practice and a photo shoot, while also discussing a weight reset and a showered video.
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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah and welcome to pronounciation of prayer. We're in our sixth video. And now we have fused the two words pronounciation of the words, and oh, yeah, you saw it. The squat, which I want to start out by saying today's video is going to be about that the shahada about adhere to the law, what we read in the second and fourth installment of the prayer, what if I can't knees over toes and most folks cannot because of the way we walk our shoes. And that's a discussion for Brian Patrick when we get there. And that's knees over toes guy. Absolutely. Shout out to them. In the meantime, are you willing to bend your knees? So we're going to be I'm here we have to get to

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the sitting position. Allahu Akbar. Hands go wherever they choose to go. Super Chanukah, la Houma will be handy go with abou raka smooth Kawata Isla Jaya Dukkha wala Isla Ladoke. And I do read that in every video, praying that you've now memorized it from here Fatiha a Surah or a single lengthy enough IRA. hinge in the hip. And I reach with my sternum. I enter settle.

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buoyant, free, healthy Subhan Allah be and now the Subhana wa vlR Lim

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Subhana will be around him. A lot of us have a lot knee from here. Unfolding unfolding knee I'm asking you to draw a forward I want you to sit into the hip but it's hard. A lot of us very tight here. So let's Melt. Melt where does he get tight? If he feels tight? Can you pull your your knees out? If you pull them out might be hard. This is just for the beginning. Drop that tush Look at that. Oh Subhanallah that is so much easier. Both you and I don't pray this slowly. You and I we don't pray this slowly. So here I am. I went from there unfolded settled drew my bodyweight drew my bodyweight arms are coming down. Doesn't have to be awkward. Here. Activate. Activate. Oh, yeah, a

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little bit. You got it too. I'm here. Transfer my bodyweight head goes over Subhanallah BL push away from the ground. State it three times there. I'm comfortable. I am grounding into the hips. How would you sit in your kung fu karate class when when I cannot recall. But I want you to sink into your hips. Feel it all the way through. And from here transfer the weight for that second such though reach over with your head Subhanallah Robbie and ALLAH SubhanA wa Bian ALLAH SubhanA wa beyond Allah scapula engagement pushing the earth away, rotating over this disease, this is her.

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Right? I'm just kind of this transfer bodyweight, small horseback ride reaching with this forehead. And now I'm lifting that almost like a mini pushup. And from here I am. I'm using this as a visual reference. I'm going to sit, sit. Oh, yes, tight, right hip is tight. Tight, tight. Sit.

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Engage all five toes. Look for the arch. I'm flat footed. Someone told you that. So develop the arch here. I can't but I'm asking you to start pushing the tip of the big toe. Can you grab mine's all buttoned up like tight here

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hand there is narration and now I'm sharing the Prophet peace be upon him would look at the finger of the child. So at least put yourself in a way that this this proclamation is going to be the main event set up

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at the here to hear yeah to limb that he was on our way to what point ye back to boy Yeva to at the here to Lila he was on a war to work for ye but as salam alayka au Hannah bu warahmatu ye wabarakatuh as salaamu Alena wa ala Are you bad in that his slaw knee in?

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I'm bringing attention from here activating the shoulder, awakening the elbow, and now I know this finger. Are you developing that finger first finger joint. I close my hand and I personally reach out towards my left to fully activate my joy

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Hey, Ash, hadoo ash, how do an la ilaha illallah wa shabu Anna, Mohammed and Abdullah who are pseudo. And from here, I have completed my thesis, the Charlotte and some folks, once they finish, they're here, some folks may bring it down to flat, some folks may lift it up and leave it up. Some folks may leave it down. Others may indicate it with a with a fist, and even more and slightly more rare, the shaking of up and down and others are almost writing La Ilaha illa Allah, I'm telling you this because you'll see a lot going on, bring more attention to the shahada, a shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah so for me, fingertips not hanging off, not way back here. Ash heddle Allah ilaha illallah

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wa shadow under Mohammed Abdullah sudo and I put my finger down. From here, we're going to stand up together Friends, so we can look and discuss this together. Come on down. Now you're tight. You're all your weights back here, transfer forward, transfer forward, feel the weight print all while so how am I can feel it coming off. Now I'm going to take a moment you might want to there's a sunnah you may press your elbows to see that transferring the weight. Almost, if you could see a special effect of the energy read going from here to here. Now once I'm up, I'm pushing the earth away. I'm pushing and I've never lifted my feet off the ground. Take a moment, friends if I'm feeling a sense

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of soreness, a little tenderness, because I activated the toes that let's discuss this together video six got real and all of a sudden this 10 video series is no longer about your lips. It's about how oh my god why can't I postures of prayer friends it's a discussion but we're gonna get there. Can we work on it together?

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At the he yeah to he yeah to that's a tight jaw. He yeah to Lila he was one hour to work play ye back to a salaamu alayka au tight jaw. Any you had been you know be you Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh as salaamu Elena Allah are they in? Wa Allah? Are you back? Are you bad the lie his Sawhney he or he by the lie his saw the hidden

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ash huddle and La Ilaha illa Allah was huddle and Nemo Hamedan Abdu who were a pseudo and for a short quick version. At the Hayata Nila he was Sana Watu what play ye by to a SONAMOO I Laker a you Hana BUAU Hana BS you while Rama to ye ye Rockman to ye wabarakatuh Wahba raw cattle as salaamu I lay now why I lie. Why lie? Are you bad in his slaughter slaley He a shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah wa has had to enter Mohammed and Abdul Walsall.

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Video number six friends has you and I unpacking that the showered but maybe unpacking a lot more emotional baggage in our hips, lower belly and back. I'll see you as we continue this series of pronounciation of prayer was set up on a guar with a lot

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