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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker is discussing the importance of the tongue as the most important organ in the body and that people should use words like "bringing people together" and avoiding words that are abusive or immoral. They also mention that people may fall in the victim's way and may need forgiveness to change their life. The speaker invites people to join them in offering a reward for their actions.
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I want to Jana confer dose and you want Jana confer dose for Allah to give us Jana for Allah to give us Jana a preparation is required that preparation will bring about the Mercy of Allah. Allah's mercy will come if we prepare properly, fulfill your Salah, do good deeds. Look at those who are around you solve problems Allah has given such a great reward to people who like to solve problems. You want to solve a problem. Allah says I will give you a reward.

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Are you going to bring people together? I will give you a reward. Are you going to try to bring the ones who are not talking to each other? They are not on talking terms. Are you going to try to bring them on to talking terms I will give you a reward, a great reward. So if you want Jana, you need to get the Mercy of Allah. If you want the Mercy of Allah, you need to do lots of good things.

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And then work on your bad ways. Bad habits.

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Cut them out, change them.

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Don't speak words that are displeasing to Allah bad words, abusive words. If you want to say bad words lies, deception, swear words. People use swear words so much today.

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Do they use them in Kumasi as well? Swear words? They use them? How will the biller Is it true?

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You mean you use swear words here in this city?

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How do bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim? Some people said no no is a swear word in another language.

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May Allah grant us is

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be careful what you say.

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Anyway, the point I want to raise is the tongue is one of the most important organs of the

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Many of Malema bay in the last year he was in the faculty day of Mala Hoon Jana, whoever guarantees me correct use of the tongue and correct use of the private parts. I will guarantee him paradise that is a statement of Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Now, if you have sworn or you have fallen into adultery or something immoral, what do you do now? While I tell you what you do now you seek forgiveness of Allah and you change your life. Allah says we will forgive you. We will forgive you.

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seek forgiveness and change your life you shall be forgiven and Allah will grant you a new opening by his will and mercy. Are we prepared to seek the forgiveness of Allah?

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Are we prepared to seek the forgiveness of Allah?

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May Allah forgive us all?

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