Story Time – My First Ruqya Session

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I'll tell you my first joke ever, there was a brand new convert that had come to study in Medina, literally fresh convert like a month or two completely Jai Hill about fake Hadith. He doesn't know anything. He's still learning how to pray. One day his roommate was reading Quran. And we're Groundlings come from his room, and they come in and they find him rising. Clearly he's possessed and whatnot. And so his roommates start reading Quran over him. And one of them was a friend of mine, and he knows that I'm studying with the shift. So I get a phone call in my apartment is like, Chuck, you gotta come over, you got to come over quickly. There's somebody that you know, we need

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you for his little kiss and whatnot. And of course, I'm an you're just a graduate student. I'm excited. Okay, get into my you know, Ghostbusters. Mo. Yeah, well, you're gonna call that's it? Yeah. So he calls the white queue is like, come on, I need you here. We got somebody riding on the floor. Come dude. Okay. And I'm taking a class with the shift. I'm like, Yeah, I can handle this Laurie zero experience plenty of book knowledge at the time, put the film on, you know, just drive to the dormitory. They were in the dormitory. And so the brothers lying down, you know, and I spent like, you know, two hours the whole time there's so many incidents happen there of the things is

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that when I first started reading Quran, Subhan Allah again, with my own eyes, it's a very thin brother, just wearing a thobe. I could see the jinn moving up and down his body. His body is rippling, as if there's like an alien entity going up and down. And I will put my hand on his chest, and I'd see it like butter, like fluttering away. And I put my hand there, and it goes back up and goes here. And I put my hand here and it goes, so I'm literally watching his body. You can't make your body ripple. You know, you can't have just ripples coming up and down the body this way. And I'm seeing with my eyes, that rippling taking place. And I'm beginning to panic quite a lot in this

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regard. Okay? Because this is really bizarre. We spent the whole afternoon there. So one of the brothers mashallah he gifted us some lunch, you know, because we're there, he went to get some lunch. So we all sitting down to eat lunch. And the brothers, you know, sitting in the corner, he's just sitting by himself. And we're all eating, we say, a joint like the brother, not the gin, brother join, and he's like, Okay, I'm not hungry. So we're eating. And one of our brothers drops accidentally, you know, it's like everybody eats from a common plate. So one of our brothers just drops a morsel. It just drops from his hand, and he leaves it there and he goes in for round two.

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Instantaneously, I saw from my corner of my high, the brother just darted like a snake, you could imagine a snake with his left hand, grabbed that morsel and gobbled it down in a very unnatural manner. How so? Why, so what's happening with it, our Prophet says I'm safe. hadith is assigned Behati. When a morsel drops from one of you pick it up, wipe away any dust and eat it and do not leave it for shape on

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the Hadith. So this brother could not have known of this hadith. The reason why the brother could not eat our food is we all said Bismillah. So he's saying I'm not hungry. But he was starving, the jinn was starving. So the one look mother falls down. And he doesn't pick it up. He just said I'm not going to touch that fell on the carpet. I'm going to go into around to that morsel was jumped on immediately and swallowed with the left hand. Again, this is a new convert, not knowing anything I saw with my own eyes just darting out and gobbling it down like that. And this is reinforcing our Eman that the process of speaking the truth that we are at home. Did people have the correct faith?

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Again, many things can be said here. Bit of a funny story is also a bit freaky as well. This kid is 18 year old kid has no clue of any chef and he hired him again. He's a brand new convert. So I began testing him. I said look, if you don't leave this guy, I'm gonna call my teacher mentioned him by name said no, no, don't call them Don't call him. Okay. I said I'm going to call shift chunky tea. That will Jin went wild. No, don't don't. I said I'm not gonna mention that. I said I'm going to call share spring let's just say I'm going to call that Schiff. He started laughing goes no big deal if you call him no big deal.

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Then I said

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I'm gonna call chef habanero thymine. I had studied with the chef is one of my teachers. And he had just passed away a few months ago, Chef him with me, right? And when I said that, he started tackling with laughter.

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And he looked at me, he clicked his head like this. And he's spoken that horsey voice to hear in these horror movies. And by the way, a lot of the horror movies, they're based on the cumulative experiences of men. So there is an element of truth in these horror movies. Not that I'm telling you to go watch them. But I'm saying this is the experience of men that is translated into the scripts and whatnot. He spoken this raspy, joking voice, the eyes cocked up you can see the arrogance. And he speaks as you kind of bring him back from the dead, like literally.

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And I just froze, because this kid had no clue who had been with him he was and I forgot to bring up one of these. And he just laughed at me and I realized this is an entity that is not human. This is an entity from another world. So that was my first experience which was relatively tame compared to other stuff. So bottom line, it's not a joke. It's a real world out there.

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