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This video by Shaykh Yasir enamors us with a deep understanding on the life and times of greatest Sahaba, Abdullah Ibn Masud RA.

Abdullah Ibn Masud was one of the earliest converts to Islam, the most knowledgeable when it came to Quranic recitation and the founder of the earliest Madrasas - The Kufa Madrasa- which produced distinguished luminaries, chief amongst whom was Abu Hanifa (rahimahullah). He is attributed with short stature, thin body, very dark skin and having a sparse beard.

He as also the first to have recited the Holy Qur'an by reciting Surah Rahman publicly in front of the Kaaba which was a huge step in that time with the Quraysh revolting every move made in the way of Islam. He was penalised heavily by being beaten and bruised badly but that did not deter him the least and he vowed to recite the Qur'an in the same place the next day no matter what the result. Abdullah Ibn Abbas RA had the ultimate prestige of having ended the life of Abu Jahl in the battle of Badr.

The first meeting with the Prophet ﷺ was an interesting one and he quotes: I was a young shepherd boy responsible for the sheep of Uqbah lbn Abu Mu’ait. The Prophet ﷺ once came with Abu Bakr and said, ‘O boy, do you have milk for us to drink?’ and I said, ‘I can’t let you drink their milk.’ The Prophet ﷺ said, ‘Do you have a virgin sheep that has never mated with a male?’ I said, ‘Yes’ and brought it to them. The Prophet ﷺ caught it and stroked its udder and prayed to Allah till the udder filled. Abu Bakr brought him a concave rock into which he milked the sheep. Abu Bakr drank the milk, and then after that the Prophet said to the udder, ‘Shrink,’ and it did. I went to the Prophet after this incident and said to him, ‘Teach me this kind of talk.’ The Prophet ﷺ said, ‘You are already a learned boy.’

Eventually, thus, it came as no surprise when he was so mesmerized with the Prophet ﷺ that he earned himself the trust and companionship of the Messenger of Allah SAW in every walk of life, for instance, he would accompany him in all his journeys and expeditions,Waking the Prophet ﷺ, carrying the Prophet's staff, siwak, slippers, bedroll, and water for purification amongst many other chores. It is said that he bore marked resemblance to the Prophet ﷺ in his traits and character. Thus, he was awarded with the nicknames of Saheb-e-Siwak (bearer of the siwak), Saheb-e-Nalain (bearer of the slippers), Saheb-e-Mutahara (bearer of the water) and also Saheb-e-Wisadah (bearer of the bedroll).

There are many Hadith which were narrated with Abdullah Ibn Masud as reference. The Prophet ﷺ said, 'Learn the Qur'an from four people, Abdullah Ibn Masood RA, Salim Maula Abi Huzaifah RA, Ubayy Ibn Kaab  RA and Muaz Ibn Jabal RA.' The Prophet has also said, 'Read the Qur'an in the same manner as Abdullah Ibn Masood teaches.'

Umar RA once said: 'One night the Messenger of Allah was having a conversation with Abu Bakr RA about the situation of Muslims. I was with them. When the Prophet ﷺ left, we left with him also and as we passed through the mosque, there was a man standing in Prayer whom we did not recognize. The Prophet stood and listened to him, then turned to us and said,"Whoever wants to read the Qur'an as fresh as when it was revealed, then let him read according to the recitation of Ibn Umm Abd." After the Prayer, as Abdullah Ibn Masood رضى الله تعالى عنه sat making supplications, the Prophet said, "Ask and it will be given to you. Ask and it will be given to you."this showed us that Abdullah Ibn Masud was the epitome of perfection in the Qirat Al Qur'an.

For more such amazing anecdotes and stories, do listen to the video intently and be enlightened.

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