Mufti Menk – Someone Made All Of This – Shorts

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 discusses the mythical figure of the seven award winning stars and their impact on the world. They mention the creation of the seven award winning stars by Allah and their impact on the world, including the creation of the seven skies. They also mention the importance of Islam being their maker and the creation of everything.
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Someone made the stars and the moon and someone made the earth. Someone made the heavens Subhanallah many places in the Quran, Allah Almighty, makes mention of the fact that he created the seven heavens, the seven skies, how? I don't know. But he's made them. And I know every time we find out certain things that's just the earth and the atmosphere around it. And a few of these planets, we haven't yet gone beyond that. So imagine the greatness of Allah. So when you say who is Allah, he's my maker and the maker of absolutely everything. So

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