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Friday Sermon 16/08/2019
Harare, Zimbabwe

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was happy here.

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We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, his companions, we ask Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah to bless them, to bless every one of us to grant us goodness in this dunya, as well as the next I mean, my brothers and sisters, the solutions to all our problems are within revelation. Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah created us, he knows us better than we know ourselves. Many times we go through issues and problems and we are looking for solutions, where we will never find them. People are looking for happiness, and they look at the prohibitions of Allah. And they want to find happiness in that which Allah has

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prohibited, it's not going to come, it's very short lived, a fake sense of perhaps ecstasy that a person might feel. and thereafter there is regret for a long, long time, no matter what it is, be it, someone who wants quick money in the wrong way. They pinch or they are corrupt, or they have bribed or they have stolen, they will live with that fear for a long, long time, they will be no blessings in that money. They will never ever be a moment where the person is actually very happy without any worry or concern.

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But when you hand your affairs to Allah, even if you're struggling, even if you're going through challenges, your health, your wealth, your family, you will be such a happy person, you will be smiling within you, let alone just on your face. May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us that happiness. If we look at the Quran, it has in it a lot of messages that are very, very powerful. They are reminders when Allah blesses you. He knows what you deserve, and he knows what perhaps is better for you right now. Sometimes, you and I don't deserve luxury in this world, because it may result in US turning away from Allah. So Allah says, I'm not going to give it to you. And you are so

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upset and angry and praying and asking and saying, Oh Allah, I want this, I want this, I want this. Allah says, I know I'm not going to give it to you because I love you. If I'm going to give it to you, it's not going to be good for you, you and I will not have a good relationship, you will forget me you will go away from me you are going to drop into sin and that which is Devi and such that in the hereafter the eternal life will be lost the best thing let me let you not have what you want for a few years and then when you come to me I will give you everything you want. So hon Allah but men, especially those who don't believe can ban to him bone and gelato.

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Allah, Allah says, Nay, you love that which is right in front of you, and you forget that which is to come which is eternal. You love this world, be life such that in it you want what you want, but you are forgetting that the eternal life sorry you love this temporary life and you are forgetting that the eternal life that is to come is the reality. It is what you need to work for. What is your wealth going to do for you? Do you know that wealth when it is given to you is a very big test from Allah? children when they are given to you they are a very big test from Allah. Listen to what Allah Subhana Allah says in Surah

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verse number 27 Yeah, I you

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know, lotta hula Rasulullah Mata Hoon, Oh, come

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on. Oh, you who believe? Are you believe? Do not attempt to deceive Allah or to deceive His Messenger. You won't be able to you are deceiving yourself. What do you think you're doing? Oh, you who believe. below you'll be faithful unto Allah and His messenger. You say la ilaha illa Allah, you know, it means there is none worthy of worship besides Allah, but you are worshiping everything besides Allah and you are not worshipping Allah, that is the essence of tawheed to worship Allah, Allah, I bear witness, there is none worthy of worship besides Allah, then I am worshiping everyone besides Allah and everything besides Allah. That is unrealistic, unacceptable. Then I say, the

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Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is the Messenger of Allah. And his message means nothing to me. Subhana Allah imagine when you believe someone is the messenger

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Allah, you would know that that message is coming with for you is an honor. It is a privilege, really we are privileged that the man reached us. Imagine someone sends you a letter from somewhere and the postman looks for you finds you and delivers it in your hand a very important message, you're going to open it and be grateful, grateful to the one who sent the message and grateful for the fact that he chose the best of the messengers that though he actually found you and gave it to you honor. So the same applies the Quran, the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, it is an honor that he came to us through this blessed messenger, we are saying Mohammedan Rasulullah

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sallallahu Sallam Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, but do we really consider him a messenger? Allah says, Don't deceive, don't attempt to deceive Allah or His Messenger, you are not going to get any way if you try that. And Allah says, Do not

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betray. You know the term Fianna refers to betrayal, do not betray Allah or his messenger do not betray what you have been entrusted with a mana or mana meaning a trust, whatever you've been entrusted with, primarily the Shahada, that you hold the dean, the faith that you have, don't betray, don't be fake, be as genuine as possible, where you have gone wrong, quickly make amends, and understand that this life is definitely a test. I've said it again and again, that you know what, the fact that you didn't choose who you were born to where you were born, where you came, what color you were, already proved that there is an examiner testing us here, we are not in control, the

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questions are asked by the examiner, not by the one being tested. So you choose very little, you actually choose how to respond to the situations you are put into by the examiner? Why are you black? why someone else white? Why is another person red? Why yellow? Because Allah wants to test you. That's all if it was for you. Each one would have chosen his own color or nationality. But Allah says no. Will you respect each other? Will you reach out to each other? Will you understand that there is no value for a color besides just that it is a test from Allah for you, for I for every one of us. And the same applies to everything else, your financial level, when the deal comes

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to your business. When law hits a test, Allah wants to watch is it going to make you arrogant, I promise you, when money comes quick, it is a very, very big test those who have not worked hard for their money, I would like to think the majority of them, it messes around with their attitude. It makes them think that they are ruling the world and they don't understand. Allah is the one in charge. They think they can do what they want. Because as the oldest used to say the elderly used to say they don't know how many 20 make 100 for them, it was just 120 and it was 100 for them. Subhana Allah, those who worked hard, they know how many ones make 100 May Allah make it easy, because they

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earned it one by one by one. But if you got 10,001 shot, you don't even know it's a test from Allah. I'm not saying they are bad in attitude, but I'm saying it messes with their attitude. It's a challenge. When you are a multi billionaire and you can come and polish the shoes of someone else while law he You are a man who is worth looking at. You are a man who has achieved because your money humbled you It brought you down when you are a powerful figure and you can still greet and talk to the people in a proper way. You are someone who in the eyes of Allah is trying to pass that test. If you don't have what you want, and it turned you away from Allah, you are as big a loser as

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a person who has what he wants. And he turned him away from Allah. The common factor is both of them turned away from Allah due to the condition they will put in. What's the difference? This man got so much he forgot Allah, that man doesn't have what he wants. He forgot Allah he's angry with Allah. So what's the difference? May Allah subhanho wa Taala keep us happy when Allah gives you say and hamdulillah That is why on the Day of Judgment, a caller will call Where are those who used to praise Allah upon all conditions? Bring them forth? They deserve VIP treatment here and Medina Cano. Medina, la Hafiz sobre la, those who used to praise Allah in good condition in bad condition. It

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didn't change their relationship with Allah, it made them better. You asked me who is struggling, I tell you the richest of the lot are struggling more than the poorest. Those who have seen more money in their lives find it more difficult to adjust than those who never saw that money. Their life was always the way it is. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for us. So be humble become when you have Allah wants to see. Do you look at those around you who don't have and quietly reach out to them, empower them, look at them, give them treat them well, that is building your hereafter.

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That is fulfilling the trust of Allah. Allah created people around you not for nothing. He chose them as a test, you will have problems with some of them, you will have friendship with some of them, you will have dealings with some of them, you will have so much with some of them. Allah just wants to see, are you still going to make us the focus of your life? Or will you dwindle and drown in this worldly life in Surah? Allah again, Allah reminds us of something similar, saying that you know what man loves that which is now the worldly life, and he's prepared to pay as a price, the eternal life. You want comfort in this world? And what's the payment, you're paying the comfort of

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eternity? That's not worth it. A person who believes knows that that's not not worth it at all. So let's look at the verse, the next verse, verse number 28 of the same Surah Surah Al Anfal surah number eight of the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, in one mo

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yo naumi, we want you to know that your wealth and your children your offspring, adjusted test. They are a test, they are a trial for you. We have given them to you short term, your children are not actually your children, they belong to Allah, biologically they are yours because Allah allowed you to enjoy the statement. They are mine yet. Where were they prior to their birth? with Allah? Where will they be after they die with Allah? So whose are they? They are allowed, not mine, temporary for a few years, I can say my son, my daughter, Allah says, hang on, hang on.

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Actually our children. We have given this child to you we're going to take the child away. One year old, five years old, 10 years old, we want to watch when you have the child will you help them dress modestly? Will you teach them about us? Will you help them grow in our obedience, Salah Moodle, Allah de combi Salah to whom have not seen in the Prophet peace be upon him says at the age of seven, you should start instructing your children regarding prayer. Prior to that, they should watch you and pray without you saying a word because we've kept it automatic within their nature that when they watch at an early age, they want to mimic that from Allah. That's the last plan. child will

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mimic who created that Allah. You keep fulfilling Salah you dress properly, you enjoy growing your beard, for example. You enjoy doing things Allah subhanho wa Taala has created the power of mimicking in a one year old child they want to dress like you talk like you, they'll go into servitude and you cannot yet talk to them in the language but they know what to do why Allah says we we have given them as a test. as they grow older, you will have less and less authority over them. When they become much older. They want you to have nothing to do with their lives. So much so that when they're getting married, the choice of marriage, you will be lucky if you've given them a good

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upbringing. They may involve you in it, you're fortunate nowadays, they probably wouldn't, in most cases, but that's a test from Allah. To prove to you the child is not yours in a holistic sense, but rather belongs to Allah. So Allah says the same applies to your wealth. Where it was your money before it was in your pocket, I promise you somebody else's pocket right? Where was it before it was in their pocket somewhere else before that? Where was it? It was either in the form of gold and silver. That was in the real world nowadays it was just ink in the printing press right? As they print $2.8 billion a week in the States, backed by what I believe almost nothing. May Allah bless us

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and grant us ease and then they paid to you for having worked for one week and you're so excited. You've seen the greenback brother, they just printed the paper you are excited because for you It holds value in the eyes of Allah. It is nothing. It is nothing.

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Believe me. When you receive honor from an individual it is more valuable than receiving money from them. That's why we are taught when you're giving a poor person money, you give it considering yourself fortunate to have been able to give because Allah says money they will come a time when no one will want it they will have enough of it. People are giving value to a Bitcoin so when Allah tomorrow they will give value to a guy who has a they will carry it in a bag and say listen this I'm paying for what for this carry air in the bag. So hon Allah May Allah grant us ease. I'm speaking reality. So Allah says these things of value

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They're just a test they hold no value in reality, where was the gold before? dug in the ground? When you're digging the ground, you're either digging your grave or you're digging for gold. What else? May Allah grant us ease Subhanallah you're digging a pit, either you're going to be buried or either you might find gold or silver, who gave it value, Allah gave it value, that sand that you were created from. If you apply heat and pressure, you create glass SubhanAllah. You thought of that? If you apply heat and pressure to sand, you get glass, and what am I created from the same sand and dust? What are you created from exactly the same? Allah saying, Man, your body? Even your

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body is not yours. It's an Amana. You're going to leave it it's going to decompose into the soil. On the on the Day of Judgment, we will give you a new body Another one. Another one, not this one. Subhana Allah Did you notice? Amazing you get into Jenna, you really think you're going to have the same body, you will have a blemish list body. That's why every one of us there will be a small thing wrong here or there some major some minor, you look into the mirror. If you look too long in the mirror, you're not supposed to you just say Alhamdulillah you walk out when you look too long. You start noticing a this one here, here, right here. There's another one here, you start seeing a bit

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that is a bit bigger than this one. And Allah says Look, man, you want perfection. It is for the hereafter. It is not here. It is for the hereafter. But if you want to achieve the hereafter understand this life is just a deception. Allah tells you don't be deceived. Fila

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Nakamoto hyah to dunya.

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Be learn

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Don't be deceived by this worldly life. It is short, it is temporary. It's going to end for you today. Today it's going to end or if you're lucky. Tomorrow, tomorrow means in the near future. I think some people were worried that me looking saying today like I might go but we may I may go.

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You need to be ready. Are you ready? The answer is you're supposed to be if you If your answer is no. Then you don't know what the world is all about. You don't know what this life is all about. If you have sinned, my brothers and sisters, remember one thing turn to Allah, May Allah forgive us.

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That is one thing that will free you from hellfire. Keep seeking the forgiveness of Allah, there is hope your Lord is the Most Merciful, the most compassionate, the Most Beneficent, the Most kind, the most loving, he will forgive you but what is needed from you is to seek that forgiveness. That's all. May Allah forgive us, Oh Allah, you are merciful. You are kind, you are compassionate. We have done wrong. We have sinned, we admitted, forgive us, help us to turn Oh Allah bless us for clean us, grant us paradise. We are only at your mercy and no other mercy. We are at the mercy of Allah. Now let's talk about the issues we have the problems we are facing. Do you know that Allah says when he

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has blessed you, he won't take that blessing away? Unless you deserve for it to go away? Did you know that?

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That ecobee Allah Allah,

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Allah says, Allah is informing us, telling us that Allah does not change the goodness that he bestowed upon our community, upon the nation, until they have changed inside, they have become people who deserve for it to be snatched from them. This is why when calamity strikes, yes, at that juncture, the scholars, the noble people, they will come to you and say, Don't worry, it's a test from Allah. Don't worry, because at that juncture, that's what we are taught to tell people, it's a test. But it might not be a test. It could be a punishment from Allah, how do I know? If I face my challenge with contentment? It is a trial from Allah, a test from Allah, and it is actually not a

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punishment. I'm a happy man.

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I met a brother who told me, I grow my food. And I've been eating vegetables and so on for a long, long time. And I'll humbly thank Allah at least it grows. And I'm saying Subhana Allah, some people if they don't get meat in the week, it's like piano has come into the home. I promise you spoiled for what? Look at the difference. Who is in here, the one who has not the one who doesn't? Because he doesn't know that there are others who have nothing, nothing much, but they are so excited. They are happy because they've adjusted their lives.

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They've adjusted their lives according to what Allah gave them. Tomorrow a change. I must cut. If I need to sell my kite sold. I catch public transport. I'm excited to interact with the people in the company. What's wrong Subhan Allah. But no, how can I go in there? How can I go in? Who are you? If Allah once you go into your walk also? He might he might not even afford that. May Allah bless us. We still got the legs. Thanks

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Allah, if you want to make a disaster out of something, you will make a disaster out of the fact that the salt is less in your food. When others, they don't even have the food you have.

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Allah grant us ease. So when something goes wrong, look at yourself, tell yourself, Am I doing something wrong? Can I go back to Allah as a whole community as a nation, we need to go back and check. Why is it that Allah took away the goodness that we have? Perhaps we are involved in sin, perhaps we are corrupt, perhaps we have turned away from Allah. Perhaps our dress code is worse than anything we can imagine. Perhaps we have no morals left, no values left. We are cheating and stealing perhaps something is happening wrong. We need to correct it wholesale. Otherwise, it's not coming back. Because there is another verse that shows you that the opposite is correct. What's the

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opposite? Now when you have a problem, Allah is not going to remove you from the problem until you change your life. In Allahu Allah.

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Allah will not change the bad condition of a nation or other people until and unless each one of them changes themselves. So we see problems we know the problems, they are becoming worse. We are passing the buck. It's because of that guy. It's because of this person. No, it's because of me man.

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is because of me. I am not fulfilling my Salah. I'm not interested in how to dress how to talk how to address. Why Subhan Allah? If I'm far from Allah, I told you at the beginning of this talk, the solution to the problems we have lies in Revelation Didn't I say that? It lies in what Allah has allotted to us. Allah gave us Come on my brothers and sisters we must change we must cut out the sin May Allah help us We must seek forgiveness of Allah.

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Because Allah says when you seeking forgiveness, you never punish you.

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Or American Allahumma Viva whom

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Allah will not punish them while they are seeking the forgiveness of Allah. A quick way of earning the mercy of Allah is to seek the forgiveness of Allah. Quickly seek the forgiveness of Allah. Allah forgive me, forgive me. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to repeat it 70 to 100 times a day. He didn't need to do that. But he did it to teach us so hon Allah and where are we?

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So my brothers and sisters, these are the challenges we face. Like I said, Your children are a test from Allah. If Allah hasn't given you he knows he wants to give you Jenna, just bear patience. Just bear patience. And if Allah has blessed you with children and taken them away, your reward is with Allah, you need to be patience, just say Alhamdulillah it's not easy to say Alhamdulillah when calamity strikes, say it and see what happens. Move on. Allah will unite you in the hereafter forever and ever. What's the point of losing a child here and in the Hereafter, you don't get to see them because you lost your Eman. After you lost the child by questioning Allah and becoming angry

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with Allah. Look at what's happening to others across the globe. They've lost their homes, they've lost their loved ones, they've lost their properties. They've lost their wealth, they don't have food, they don't have anything. And they are still saying Alhamdulillah

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we don't have the time, I would have given you so many examples. But my brothers and sisters, I pray that these few words I've said today on this blessed Friday can actually motivate myself and yourselves to do something to become a better person. Let's reach out to others with kindness with goodness, let's try our best to be the most upright and you see what will happen in your life. Even if you don't have so much money. Money is not everything. Money is not everything. Even if you don't have so much contentment is what we're looking for and that belongs to Allah. He only distributes it to those who try to develop a relationship with him. Aku Kali hada sallallahu wasallam Allah Nabina

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