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This morning, I want to ask you the question.

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Are you really?

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Are you really ready for death?

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Death is something that people don't want to talk about.

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In laws, my witness, there is not one day that goes by

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that I don't think about death. Now the day, I think about death, every day.

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And in fact, I want you, as the Prophet Mohammed, some Mullah Salaam said for us to always constantly think about that reminder, that reminder of death.

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You may ask the question, why?

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Let's first deal with facts.

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every two seconds, think about it.

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Nine babies are born in this earth.

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And three people die.

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In one year, on average, 50 million people will die.

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I look around this audience is relatively young.

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How many of you are 20 years old? Raise your hand.

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your hand raised.

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I didn't know you know, when he was 20.

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You might be surprised to learn that from your birth

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20 years ago, 21 years ago, if 20.

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From the time that you were born, over 1 billion people have died.

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That means that every day you live, you're there closer to the grave.

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And the thing that's

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incumbent upon us to understand is that we have no guarantees. The question is, are you prepared for death?

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And I'm going to give you a test this morning to see if you really prepared.

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I went to South Africa.

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And that country is relatively a very poor country.

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The gross national product of South Africa is $171 billion.

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I want to make sure you listen to me. I said the gross national product of South Africa is

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one billion dollars is the gross national product

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of South Africa.

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This country America

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have many sports and the pastime of America's baseball.

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Two years ago, 70 million Americans visited baseball parks. I said how many 70 million Americans visited baseball parks, baseball Americans pastime.

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In the same year that 70 million Americans visited baseball parks. Are you ready? 93 million Americans visited casinos.

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I said the gross national product of South Africa's how much $171 billion.

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Can I tell you how much Americans spent on gambling in one year, over $400 billion $400 billion Americans have spent gambling that means that America is a country of Gamblers. I wasn't great. I said I start to say Great Britain again didn't.

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or Britain

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and they have in Britain now a lot of fever. The lottery

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you know lottery.

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We're looking at the newspaper.

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And on the front page. A Muslim won the Big Lottery

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in England.

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The reason that I mentioned that brothers and sisters is because Allah in the Quran mentions about gambling. Yes, aluna Karla camara Mesa, they asked you about intoxicants and gambling. Why do I mentioned gambling and what does gambling have?

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to do with death.

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My message this morning is this. I don't care if you are 789 years old

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or 20 years old

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19 years old

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or 100 years old.

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Don't gamble.

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I want you to consider this iron from the Quran. Yeah, you're Latina. hamano takala Hakata coffee valetta mutanda 11 and two Muslim. Oh you believe fair Allah as he should be fed and do not die, except as a Muslim.

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Let me tell you the problem that you have as young people. The problem that you have as young people is that you feel in, you feel

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what's that word? invincible. You feel that you're going to be here long time.

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But I can tell you brothers and sisters don't gamble. A lot of you think like this. I'm young. I'm 19 I'm 20 I'm 21 in July, I can have my fun now. A

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lot of time I have a lot of time I get older I can start making my prayer. I can wear my hijab I can I start going to the masjid I can start reading Quran I have plenty of time and let me have my fun now. Imam Suraj after all you were young, you had your fun. Why can't we have our fun?

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Because you can gamble.

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Last year you know by now, most of you that the most precious thing to me. My flower my daughter. Basma has died at the young age of just short of a 20th birthday. She had been married one year, and she had given birth a week before healthy all of a life. And then a lot the almighty decreed that she should go

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Did he hurt me? Yes. The greatest gift to me that daughter, a good Muslim, many of you. Young sisters know her. Some of you know her a good Muslim.

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But yet, I am reminded in the Quran

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to better Kala db muku Allah colletion Kadir, Allah, Allah Kamata will hire Talia Bala level you will come or you come Assam Allah,

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glory be to Him and whose hands is to the minions of the heavens and the earth. And he Allah created death and life to test you whose best and conduct. So the purpose of life is to be tested by law and death to be tested by law.

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You if you live long enough will lose a loved one.

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Your mother, your father, your grandmother, your grandfather, your uncle, your husband, your wife, your children, all of you will be tested by death. After all, 50 million people a year

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is inevitable. So the real question is not to get angry or the real point is not to get angry at the law because Allah took your loved one.

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Recognize when mckellan F's and enter moutai levy is Neela keytab Angela, no soul can die, except by the permission of Allah is already written in the book, I have nothing to do with that.

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We try our best to live the best life that we can live, eat good food, stay away from the Haram but even if you eat the most healthier foods you exercise and and you run and you jog and you do all of that. Yet, there is no guarantee that your life would be extended. We here but by the grace of Allah. And I want to thank Allah for every day that you've given to me. If Allah gave you 20 years, thank him for that. Don't expect to get more than that.

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Don't expect to have another day. If you have the attitude that this is your last day than the person who has the attitude and the knowledge that the left is the last day is different from a person who believes that be it for a long time.

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Make plans as if you will be here forever. Make plans to go to college, make plans to study your career.

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My daughter was studying to become a doctor.

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She just was short of a graduation. In fact, her mother and myself was invited to the graduation and they gave her degree

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but all of those years are not wasted. Not as a Muslim because

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Everything you do for the pleasure of Allah, you get reward for law.

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And in the back of your mind, you want to be a doctor for the Muslims, to aid the Muslims or to be a lawyer to help the Muslims good planet. But if a lot takes your life will take the life of someone that you love. Be careful that you don't say anything at the displeasure of Allah Almighty. So brothers and sisters, my first message,

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don't gamble.

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There's no guarantee that any of us will get back home from this conference in this convention, don't gamble.

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Number two.

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If you make a mistake, what you will make a mistake.

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You will commit sin

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there's no one perfect.

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But if you make a mistake and if you commit a sin, then ask Allah's forgiveness immediately and follow up a bad deed with a good deed it will wipe it out.

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Number three, the real question is how prepared are you for death?

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If it came tomorrow,

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someone acts the Prophet Mohammed. Some of the law some Yasuda law or messenger of Allah Mehta sack, when is the hour of judgment?

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And the Prophet could have answered

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only Allah knows, allow Adam, and that would be the right answer.

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But the prophet chose in this instance, to enter another way. He said that Allah

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What did you prepare for it? Are you prepared for death?

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Why is that important?

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Because death is that defining moments when something happens

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in a metal insano in Qatar, a man who elimin Lf said the Messenger of Allah, because when a person dies, his works is cut off.

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The beautiful thing about you, I looked at this convention, this conference this convention. And do you know that while we at the Regency Hotel,

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the other people there, did you see them?

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Do you know why they're there? I asked them.

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I've been speaking to them. Yes, I talked to them. Because I'm a die. I'm a one. I'm a die, I believe in given dour to invite people to Islam. So while we're looking at the Muslims in this conference, I'm also looking at the non Muslims. It's a family reunion.

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This is one big richeson family.

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But look at the difference.

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I watch you in the morning. And I learned this from the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to start watching people.

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Next time you go to the airport today or tomorrow, how many you flying back home? I want you to do this inshallah. Right? I want you to go to the airport.

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And I want you to sit down I want you to go early, don't go late.

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And I want you to sit there and I want you to watch the people

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watch the eyes. And tell me if you can tell all the people who are late for their flight.

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You watch the people late for the flight look at the eyes

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and then walk in and you can see right because you know is the sense of urgency the late and j trying to get the flight and they go like this and all the signs are there.

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And you know Subhanallah I was watching the Muslims facha

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and you see him coming out of their rooms coming everywhere. No matter what we're doing. We don't forget Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Hinduism no matter what we're doing in everything we do is defined by Allah even on entertainment we have some young brothers here who are a tennis players with a two great tennis players. Well they

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are not they were here.

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You know what I like to see

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these brothers where they

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may become great tennis players one day they're very good right now by the way, you're going to hear about them inshallah. But know what I want to see. And I didn't tell him this. I want to see them ranked one and two in the world. And I want to see him go to Wilmington, Wilmington, right. And guess what? I want a new uniform.

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Yeah, I want a new uniform that says I'm a Muslim. I play tennis. I play basketball but I'm a Muslim.

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Wouldn't it be something?

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And because there will be so much dour rate number one in the world and having long pants on? So patola?

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Are you prepared for death? How many of you have moved

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from your house or home in the last five years? Raise your hand.

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Look, look around. Look at this. How many intend to move in the future?

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How many intend to buy a house?

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in something, you plan to buy a house? This is good.

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But guess what?

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What about that house

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that all of us will live in,

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in the neighborhood called the graveyard?

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How many thought about that house. Since you will die, I don't mean

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since you will die.

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And it is inevitable that you're dying. And no one has escaped death. And since the last 20 years, 1 billion people have died. And since 50 million people die here. It says three people die every two seconds,

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then why not prepare for the next home?

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Before the hereafter. And that is the grave.

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The blessing that you have right now and in my conclusion

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is that every one of you, I don't care, whatever the level of your practice, the great gift that you have right now is a gift of life, and a chance and a hope.

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Because brothers and sisters, when that moment comes, the moment of death, we cannot delay it.

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And we would wish every one of us to get more time to do what? To do more work. And we will be so happy. And we will remember every morning we got up to make fudger prayer every day we fasted for Allah, we will remember that everything that we did for Allah, every time we stayed away from the Haram, when you were tested young brothers in school. And you were in school, when you were tested by drugs, and tested by women, as prophet Yusuf was tested by a woman. And every time you stayed away from it, you refrain from it, you will be happy because you get a reward and a blessing from Allah. Don't gamble and think about the hereafter. I close with this. And so the Prophet x the

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question satella son, what did you prepare for death? Soon, soon, someone will be carrying you.

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Look at you this morning, you got up.

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You wash yourself. It took for granted. You took a bath you had a shower. You took that for granted.

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Soon. You won't be able to wash your own self.

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Somebody, some Muslim has to wash your body and carry your body.

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I asked you

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how many people do you think will attend your janessa?

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It's important question

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to people, five people

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100 people because the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said that anyone or 100 people attend their janazah praying for the intercession, asking for last forgiveness. Allah will accept their intercession how many people would attend your janazah your funeral? Are you prepared for death? How to Be prepared for death only one way. Don't gamble. live the best life you can live. Because think about it. Your mother, your father, your brothers, sisters, your cousins, your friends. They if they're good Muslims will go to the grave with you.

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And then they will leave you there.

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And I don't care how much your mother and father loved you. Or your children loved you. Or your friends loved you or your Imam loved you. They will leave you down there in that grave and they will walk away and you will hear their footsteps as they walk away.

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And you'll be in there by yourself.

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Are you prepared for that? Well, the best way to be prepared for that for death is to live life. The best way you can you young brothers and sisters. Let me say this as I sit down and bring forth our great

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Brother, Ahmed accardi

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you may not know realize this but the people of America right now are waiting for you. They are.

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If justice is to come to this country and in the world, it will have to come from you.

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You the future of Islam.

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Hey, if Allah spares your life, and you're around for another 20 years, there's 20 more years of good that you can be doing 20 more years of service to Allah, the Almighty, brothers and sisters, be happy to know from the law, that you are servants of Allah, and try to live every day from prayer prayer. And remember the word of Aisha de la Anna, about her husband, the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam cannot assume Oh la, la la la Southern. Yes, como la la kuliah, honey, and the Messenger of Allah remember Allah in every circumstances, may Allah bless you. I make dua

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and I pray Allah accept my dua, that everyone here in sha Allah will make it to gender.

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It wouldn't be good.

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After the resurrection,

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we're sitting around and talking about the Islam convention of 1996 will not be something all of us remember, we were in the hotel, and we were talking and we had a great time.

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And even if some of us are all of us, have to spend even a little time in the hellfire. I don't want to spend more time there. But even if we did, I'm so happy. I'm so full of hope. That I remember the words of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, he said the Prophet Musa ask Allah, Who will be the least person in the paradise. I mean the least.

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And Allah informed Prophet Musa alayhis salam, that the least person in paradise will be a person who was in Hellfire who was burnt in Hellfire so much that he became totally blank

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by the fire,

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and Allah would put him in the river of life.

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And then Allah will say to that man, go and enter Paradise in the men will say, oh, Allah is filled up, everybody took their place, there's no place for me. And a lot was said, Go into paradise. Here's a man who was in hell, and he will be the least and the last person to go to Paradise. Allah will say go into into it. And the man said, Oh, law, please don't mock me, you The Lord of the worlds, please don't mock me. There's no room for me.

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And then allow us to go into the man we're into and allow ask him would you like to have a kingdom? Like the great kingdoms of the people or the kings of the world? He said, Yes. And Allah will say, You shall have that. And it's like, and it's like, and it's like, and it's like 10 times more.

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In this person, would be the least in heaven, heaven. And lo ask him and tell him, you should have everything that you desire. And whatever you export, you should have, and this shall be the least in paradise. Allows great. You can earn Jenna, you can't earn paradise to live forever. You complain that Allah only gave you 20 years. only give your child five years only give your mother a 60 years you complain Shut up.

00:24:06--> 00:24:31

What is 60 years, what is 100 years what is 150 years compared with infants and parents paradise of the greatness of Paradise and all the joys and the pleasure of paradise. Imagine being a paradise with your grandmother that died years ago, your grandfather or your mother or your daughter or your son or your husband or your wife? Imagine being in paradise together forever, no more death.

00:24:33--> 00:24:34

I want to get there.

00:24:35--> 00:24:50

But the only way to get there you got to be prepared. And if you're going to be prepared, you can't gamble, don't gamble. And when you go back to home and Oklahoma and go back to Detroit and go back to Atlanta, Georgia, and go back to St. Louis and go back to New York when you go back to Canada.

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Say I'm going to leave the conference and I will be better than I ever been before. Yes. All the

00:25:00--> 00:25:27

bad that I used to do, and we'll make Toba and we'll ask a lot of Forgive me, because with Allah, timing is everything who can tell? At that moment when you ask allows forgiveness allows mercy, his doors of Paradise will be open and he closed the Hellfire for you. And that is my prayer insha Allah. May Allah bless you, as salaam alaikum Renae says just because of time restraints, I'm going to just try to answer just a couple of number one.

00:25:29--> 00:25:46

Can you please elaborate on the fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala? And how can you balance the fear and hope? And there are two different things and I always tend to veer more to the one side than the other. That is the fear. That is excellent question.

00:25:49--> 00:26:12

Both of them is given in the Quran, both fear and hope and in Hadith. I want to try to give you one Hadith that I think sums up the attitude that we should have. The Prophet Mohammed Salah Salam said that the animal can fit in if the disbelievers knew the extent of Allah's punishment. I'm sorry, I've lost mercy ramita rahmati of Allah mercy, none of them would

00:26:14--> 00:26:55

have the idea that they will go to hell. If the disbelievers knew the Alamo, carefully mountain the Lima rahmati. If the disbelievers understood the extent of Allah's mercy, all of them would think they go to gender. That means they don't know the extent of his mercy. This is shown in many Hadith one Hadith. I mentioned one yesterday about the man who murdered 100 people. And yet Allah subhanho wa Taala forgave that man murdered 100 people. The other other famous Hadith is a woman, a prostitute that gave water to thirsty dog. And because of that Allah gave a paradise. There is a man in Paradise, the prophet said, Who's there only because he cut down a tree that was in the way the

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inconvenience to people. So when you study Hadith, the more we learn, and the more we study, little things, apparently Allah gives some big blessings for a woman who gave a half a day to our children, one half a date to one girl and another half to another girl. And because of that Allah gave her her sins. So you see many, many instances where allows mercy, not as Justice, His mercy. And then as a result of that, people go to Jen by His mercy. On the other hand, had the Prophet said not the other part of the honey, let me know in the lemon aku Betty, if the Muslims and believers knew the extent of Allah's punishment, none of them would think that they will go to Paradise. They all think they

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go to hell, then you can think I think about that we mentioned the other day of a woman who's in Hellfire only because she had a cat.

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She wouldn't feed it. She locked it up, she tied it up wouldn't let it go out on its own, and the cat died. And because of that a lot punish the woman hellfire. How she treated the cat. One woman a prostitute right, gave water natural profit, not to a Muslim, not even to human being but gave water to a dog and went to Jenna paradise. And a woman locked up a cat and didn't see it and went to hell. There's a man and Hellfire who would be there because the Prophet said, code that he stole from someone.

00:28:25--> 00:28:29

Another person in Hellfire because of committing Zina fornication and adultery.

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Another person in Hellfire because then pays the cat. So when you start studying ways that Allah subhana wa, may punish us in the Hellfire in ways where Allah may give us the mercy, we have the balance and we think of both both of them. Some people are motivated only by good things. If you parent tell the child, listen, if you do this, I give you an allowance, I give you money, I let you do some good things, and they're motivated by that others. They're motivated by fear. Some of that some of my children, you know, had nine children. Some of them I say, Listen, you know,

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I'm telling you don't do that. I'm gonna take care of you.

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And I know what I mean by take care of you.

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And some of them they don't believe me have to have to give him a spanking. Somebody once said, if you don't get the message in the in the mind, you must get it in the behind you said.

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So the balance the other question. Very good question. Since the acts I guess is a fit question. Um, she says, um, can a woman go to the graveyard?

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If a loved one dies to bury them? Why or why not? And here in America people that is women go to the burial ceremony. Is it right or wrong? Please guide us.

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It is not haram for a woman to go to the cemetery, according to this several Hadith and check them out burial just with him as long as someone is around somewhere and that's the person you need to ask these kind of

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questions too. But I heard someone he excellent asked this question. And he reminded me of a number of things. What are these, by the way, one is a habit, I don't remember the name. She said that the Prophet Mohammed, Salah, some kind of, you know, recommended that the women don't go nuts strongly prohibited it. And this is because of the general emotion in the tenderness of the heart of the woman. And they cry so much some times and of their beloved one. So I recommend that for them if they want to be like that, that they shouldn't go. Not that is haram. In the other case, very interesting case where the Prophet Mohammed Ali Salaam Salaam is a woman in a graveyard. And she was

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crying over a loved one that died and the Prophet said, Be patient. And he didn't say a stock for law says that you should leave this place because it's haram for you to be here. But it is totally to be patient. So it's not a strong prohibition, but the sisters should know themselves. And if they feel they can't control themselves, then perhaps they shouldn't go. I don't have time for any other question. Maybe I'll just do one more. And then I want to do a request that someone gave me. Someone else asks a question about significance of salad. And I just want to say this, a brother and sisters, don't just be satisfied with just making your salad and you know, try when you make your

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prayer, to feel something for a loss upon water. Try not to be thinking about other things. And I just want to mention this one Hadith.

00:31:24--> 00:31:58

The Prophet Mohammed Al Islam, Islam is very observant. And he was watching a person who was sitting in the masjid with some Sahaba. And Muslim came in and made a lot and came to the Prophet said, The Prophet said walaikum, salam, Fatah, for suddenly for in the column to suddenly go back and pray because you have not seen the Prophet very observant. So he's watching the man so the man went back and prayed again. And when he finished he came to the Prophet said, Assalamu alaykum wa salam, the prophet said, walaikum, salam, for for certainly for in the column to slowly go back and pray for you and I prayed. This happened three times. And the man said, O Messenger of Allah, teach me to

00:31:58--> 00:32:24

pray. I know no prayer better than this. And so the Prophet told him to pray. And the thing that the man was doing wrong is that he was rushing through his prayer, not taking the time to really think and focus upon Allah subhanho wa Taala. So please try to focus on your salad. One of the ways to help you focus on your Salah, believe it or not, is the more service that you learn and understand what you're saying why you saying them that will help you to focus? Yeah, anything I mean no taco.

00:32:25--> 00:33:03

That taco salad went to Saqqara Hata tala methaqualone. Oh, you believe a do not approach prayer while you are intoxicated. Until you understand what you're saying. So many of us are not untaxed, intoxicated, but yet we don't understand what we're saying. So when we memorize for and for some of us is like, what someone would call if you don't understand the words, you're using nonsensical words. It's not nonsensical at all knows the words of Allah, even if he didn't understand them, there's blessings. But better if you understood what you were reciting in the Quran, and focus on the words that you're saying, in the salon. So

00:33:05--> 00:33:11

in my opinion, I found that learning the eyes of the court and what they mean, help us to focus inshallah, and this is the last thing.

00:33:12--> 00:34:03

My uncle died this summer, at the age of 26. He drowned saving his younger brother, in such a big gathering, can you please make dua for him that he gets paradise, and that our family gets several patients, please make a dua for him. His name is Mohammed Abdul Wahid. And I say this for that system that I asked a lot upon a while for that and we asked together, the loss upon wafaa will forgive this brother, Mohammed Abdul Wahid forgive him and sends an incident agenda and what a great thing to risk your life for another one. And this is really a good example for us that you had to come to you Mr. Lee. Maybelline FC is a direct Hadith on that. You're not a true believer until your

00:34:03--> 00:34:20

love for your brother is literally his brother, what you love for yourself and he loved his brother more than his own life that he risked his life was on brother Don't forget Brother Mohammed Abdul Wahid in your collectively and individually which is fine