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Under the law, so to film via on early he was having him on. But

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my dear brothers sisters, we have been speaking about this add to the Quran Allah Allah subhanaw taala said, A man had to dunya Allah Mata wrote

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the question that needs to be answered also in this connection

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is what is the meaning of dunya.

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Because dunya is not

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understood, of course, one of the regular meanings of the word dunya is the world and had to do near the life of this world. But what is the meaning of dunya in the Quranic context, and why is dunya seen as negative.

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Now, many times we, sometimes people are mistaken, and this thing that dunya means money and money is negative, something's wrong with money.

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People sometimes think that power or authority is dunya and therefore, that is negative. So, one must

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shun money and wealth and one must shun any form of authority and power and so on. But if we look at the see Rasulullah, Salah Salem and if you look at the seer of the Sahaba, there is one layer language main. These are the sources for us to understand the meaning of the Quran, the life of a Surah Surah Salam is a living example of the deceit of the Quran. Now, if we look at the life of the prophet saw Selim and the Sahaba, we do not see this understanding of the meaning of dunya. We do not see them as people who

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left the dunya or who Chanda dunya,

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who did not,

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who did not, you know, earn money or or were against

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wealth and power, you actually see the opposite of that, because if you take the

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time of the photo hat,

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and if you take the time of

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the conquest of Islam, you will find that

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people like Southern our Katara, Delano, who is among the Philippi, Rashida

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actually promoted the photo hat, he promoted the conquest and huge amounts of money and huge amounts of wealth and huge amounts of obviously, there was a lot of power and authority and what So, and even by even in the dominant,

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people like southerners, Barbara fan says, an observer now

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says, I will tell her I'm sorry, my several of the Sahaba, who were, and many others who were wealthy, and who did business and who prospered and as well as Russell have never said to them that this is wrong, you should not do it or anything like this. So, now, we find that

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we have a situation where,

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on the one hand, if we believe that wealth is what is wrong, then you have not one but many examples of the Sahaba, who actually in a manner of speaking, they pursued wealth and they accumulate wealth. So, what is dunya?

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The way to understand that is what the professor didn't have said is that dunya is the

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me is the name given to destruction harmless volatile. Dunya is the name given to her floods,

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ignoring Allah subhanho wa Taala della della, this is dunya it is not wealth, it is not power, it is not desire and so on and so on. It is what all that does with respect to the tower journalist Vannatta. So if we have wealth, which does not distract from Allah subhanaw taala, this is not dunya that wealth is not dunya. So wealth in itself is not dunya is not nothing is wrong with money. It's a question of, does that thing distract us from Allah? Does it produce reflux? There's nothing wrong with comfort, provided it does not produce coffee. There's nothing wrong sort of Annalisa if you see among the Gambia of Allah subhanaw taala What comfort did he not have and what will he not have, but

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he was not going to be a philosopher. So the issue is not of wealth is the issue is not a power issue is of what it does to you.

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So now if you have even if you have a little bit of money, but if that money is resulting in a flood zone, if you have a little bit of comfort, but that comfort, it's like move Timex says. He says you go to the gym and you lift 100 kilograms, but you can't lift the blanket off your face to get up in time for Salat al Fajr. So

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Are you strong, and you think you are strong, because you live to 100 kilos. But to certify that you can't lift the sheath or the blanket of yours off your face off your body together for another fall, so you can't even lift that whatever it is maybe 900 grams or whatever. So where is the strength? So, the question is that what is comfort doing to us it is producing of distraction wellness monitor, what is well doing, producing, so if we have wealth and comfort and so on, but that does not produce the

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distraction hornless rather, it has not been resolved. And this is not dunya. On the contrary, for example, if somebody goes to work, and this person goes with the idea that I want to work today, and I want to work in my business, or I want to grow this business, so that this business becomes an icon for a Muslim business, so that I can showcase Islam through this business, so that I can show to the world what a beautiful system of business and justice and customer service and customer satisfaction and quality and all of these that Islam promotes. I want to show this to the world. And with this intention, the person goes to work with this intention, the person builds the business. So

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obviously the business cannot cannot possibly have any haram in it because you can't be showcasing Islam and have haram. So the business is halal. Your work is halal. And obviously you cannot be leaving or Salah and so forth at the time when it comes. So you are doing that. And all the time you're working, you are engaged as leader of Allah subhanho wa taala. And with this intention that you want to showcase Islam, then Inshallah, this entire day that you spend in your workplace becomes evaluated, it's actually becomes worship of Allah subhanaw taala. So even though you may be making a million dollars a minute, it is not dunya it is something which is the enamored of Allah subhanaw

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taala which Allah has given, so dunya is not the presence or absence of wealth. Similarly, blessing of Allah is not the presence and absence of people may accumulate wealth in Haram ways. And then they say this is the Wrath of Allah, it cannot be the Wrath of Allah because you're your means of acquisition of wealth is Hara. So dunya is the main name for a flood from Allah subhanaw taala very important to understand this and not to fall into the trap of outflows from Allah, because Allah subhanaw taala, especially with the believers, Allah subhanaw taala has a way of reminding you if you forget.

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And sometimes that is very painful, because Allah subhanaw taala knows that we remember Allah only when there is trouble. So if you don't remember Allah subhanaw taala in ease, then Allah subhanaw taala will give you a reason to remember him. And I don't advise anyone to invite that. Because then you will, you will be in serious trouble and then you will remember Allah subhanaw taala constantly 24 hours, because you've got this thing hanging over your head, you know, whatever it is. So don't put yourself in that position by forgetting Allah subhanaw taala because Allah has given you wealth because he has kept you safe because he has given you comfort, and you forget Allah subhanaw taala

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then Allah subhanaw taala will give you a reason to remember him. So let's not fall into that trap. And invite this reason to remember Allah subhanaw taala let us tank Allah subhanaw taala constantly, that Allah has kept us safe, he has he has given us wealth, he has given us power, he has given us comfort, so that we thank Allah and we remain in a state of that will go towards Allah subhanaw taala to dunya is the name for a flood from Allah subhanaw taala no matter what is the means by which is for different people to do different things. For someone who is lazy, this was what it is, you know, entertainment was I'm on it as well and so on. So it's not the same thing for everybody.

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So that's why we need to look into our lives and say, What is my dunya for each one is different. I want to end with this beautiful story from the Sierra of hotel islands where he was praying he was paying enough in Salah in his garden, he had a very beautiful date palm orchard and with with well of Sweetwater and so on in it. So he was praying in his garden, he was praying and, and a beautiful bird flew in, and it flew around and it couldn't get out because of the thickness of the dead fronts. And this distracted the attention of other islands that he was in Salah, and it distracted attention because his bird was flying around in front of him.

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And he forgot which it was in.

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Now he finished his salah.

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And he went and he said jasola I want to give this garden charity.

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I'm giving this guy this. You're talking about hundreds of 1000s worth of real estate. This is not we're not talking about some simple thing. We're talking about something which is very serious. He says I want to give his garden Why do you wanna do that? He said, Yeah, so this is what happened. I was praying and his bird came and it drove out and distracted my attention was rotten. So I don't want to see I want to give this charity. Now think about this. Last Hurrah. Saracen didn't tell him. cucina is okay once in a while happens, do suggest Oh or something

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You know, it's all right, nothing wrong. No, nobody's understand I've accepted the charity. He said, he took it and he gave it away. He distributed this in charity as per the desire of Alderaan. Sorry, he did not elaborate on that don't do it. And I'm sorry, but he felt he is this is the right thing to do and he did it why because the offloads from Allah subhanaw taala This is such a big masiva it is a huge, huge problem. Today we fall into this trap. Even with regard to the first hour, we are talking about, we're talking about no awful lot of Allah 24 hours not talking about the forest and the forest like goes without saying

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the formula goes without saying, right I mean, nobody has to tell you that when you go out of the house, wherever wherever you are, tells us that that somebody might tell you where this this kind of closes that nobody has dealt with put on your trousers because unless you are mad, you will not leave your house without your trousers on. So first realize like there is like your trousers if you don't pray your further I mean you're walking around without your trousers in it. That's absolutely the whole point of this work.

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So the whole issue is that if we allow the flow to happen, the reflux will take us to this point where even fossilized left

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and then we prayed somewhere we don't pray at all we forget what not so very important to understand. Let us not fall into this trap. Allah subhanaw taala gives us blessings. Let us deal with that with the towards Allah subhanaw taala no Coughlin and then whatever Allah subhanaw taala gives inshallah This is high.

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And then we take it in a halal way and we spend it in a halal way and we ask Allah subhanaw taala for what but if we allow our flock to happen, and if you allow our wealth and our was our health and our comfort and so on to distract us, as I said, Beware Allah subhanaw taala has his ways of them reminding you and I don't wish that on anybody. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to do that which is pleasing to Him and to save us from that which is not pleasing to Him. Or some of the Alana will Karim Allah Allah he will savage me, Veronica holla