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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The shayTEens movement is focused on shayteens, and the group has created the "the Shayteens" to encourage women to be the shayteens. The importance of avoiding war, developing relationships with people, and avoiding wasting money is emphasized. The importance of showing respect and being patient is emphasized, as well as setting values properly. The segment also touches on the use of women as wealth and power, and the importance of not rushing to achieve goals.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah where Allah Allah He was happy here Jemaine

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we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala on a beautiful day like this The second eve of the second night of Tara we, the second eve of the fast May Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted from us in this beautiful Masjid masjidul for those in Paulo quani in the northern part of South Africa a day before the elections, may Allah subhanho wa Taala. Grant us ease. My brothers and sisters, the verses that were read this evening have several themes and topics of discussion, where Allah subhanho wa Taala is guiding you and I, it is only through the guidance of Allah that you will achieve happiness, contentment and success in this world and the next, if you think you know better than Allah, there

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is no chance that you are going to succeed. Allah made us when he made us we knew nothing. When he made us we were unable to even move much without the help of our parents or whoever else was taking care of us. As we grew older, they came an age where we became able to do things, when we became Able to Think well, when we became able to move properly on our own, we became known as responsible, that age of responsibility, the age of maturity, Allah expects from you and I to now find him and worship Him alone. You have to ask yourselves as humankind a question always, where did I come from and the way am I going to go? If you have the proper answers of those questions, you will know what

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you need to do here. You will know what you need to do here. Your friends have passed away. There are others who are born after you who grew more powerful than you who amassed more wealth and became physically stronger than you. Allah knows. He has spoken about all of this. Allah made you either a male or a female and Allah chose that for you. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us all a deep understanding. I promise you this is the month of the Quran. I think Allah and we should all think Allah that He has set aside one month dedicated to the Quran. Do you dedicate it to the Quran?

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Allah has set aside one month of the Islamic calendar for the Quran. It is known as shadow Koran. It is a month of reflection. It is a month of introspection. It is a month of correction. It is a month of all sorts of goodness, it is a month where we will be filled with compassion with generosity. That is the month Why? Because we will be studying the Quran. That's what happened to Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. The Hadith says he was very generous. His character always was shining, but more so in the month of Oman. When jabril Allah is Salam used to come to him and they used to go through the Quran. It had a beautiful effect, the huffard we have Mashallah they are doing a good job.

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Appreciate it. And take your time. When it comes to the masjid. There is something strange

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that happens in Ramadan. Shaytan

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has left How many of you are on WhatsApp groups where now there is a new little WhatsApp silencing shaytan left you might have seen that the last day or two. It's happening. It's trending globally, right? One One is what's shaytan even in the group? The answer was yes. He was quietly there causing all the fitna, right. But the difficulty is now that he's left there's a shaytan inside of us that operates all the window wars that happen in nearly every machine in the world. All the light was and the sound was and these other wars that have nothing to do with ibadah but it's got to do with your own conflict. All those wars are you you as a shaytan not a separate shaytan from outside. Those are

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tied up but it's a shaytan inside. That's why Allah subhanho wa Taala says waka Nika Gianna, nikolina bien

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si well Jeannie u E. Bam, boom Ella about the point I'm raising Allah says here that is how all the prophets of Allah have had enemies from the Shia team of two kinds shaytan of mankind who is poisonous, and shaytan of Jin kind who is also bad

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So two types of shayateen. The point I raised is, the month comes in, don't lose focus, it is a month where you are going to be tested.

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You know, I was in a cold country where they had the windows open, and I was feeling a little bit cold in taraweeh.

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And so I told one brother, is there a reason why these windows are open? I don't like to play games with Windows. You can have it open you can have it closed. It's only a matter of one hour. Imagine you in your grave. Who's going to open the window when you made a noise in the masjid the house of Allah you made such a disrespectful noise caused the war that resulted in people not coming to the masjid. The Imam said moments ago that when the children are making a noise, yes, we want to help them but do it in a way that doesn't chase them out of the masjid forever. So I asked this man I said you know what is happening? He said look, have you ever thought that when it is hot, you can do

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nothing about it. But when it is cold, you can bring your jacket and your jersey Subhanallah I never thought of that. So if you are feeling cold, it's better to be cold in the masjid where you have some warm clothes that you have brought along than for it to be hot because of you and those who are not used to that heat are all sweating simply because you are feeling cold. May Allah grant us ease. I hope you are listening to the logic here. It is a very, very logical matter from that day. I always try and tell people open the windows. We have this feeling called bring your jacket bring your jersey bring your big big hats, Masha Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us ease but I

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don't mean to interfere in your Masjid. But I'm almost certain you will have before the end of Ramadan. A few misunderstandings regarding the sound. Regarding the lights regarding the windows regarding the parking, that's all normal. It's your test for Amazon. It happens every Ramadan in nearly every Masjid in the world. How's that? May Allah forgive us? So now Allah has created us, He made us he knows what he wants from us. And like I said, you need to know where you are and what Allah wants from you.

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And so Allah sent us a book and that book, Allah has set aside a whole month for you to study it. Do you really study it? How many of us have softened in the month of generosity? How many of us are generous this evening, one of the main themes was about spending, spending on poor people spending in the cause of Allah a good cause spending in the house of Allah, this Masjid and all the other masajid on earth and the Islamic institutions require money in order to pay bills for the lights that you used in order to pay for the salaries of the people who swept the carpet where you read Salah in order to pay for the water bills that you used in order to pay for the parking and the gods

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that you were protected by by the help of Allah, but we never pay any money why? There is a few people here who give a lot of money so why should the rest give? I promise you if I were to tell you that every Salah of yours is worth 500 grands, I would be lying because it's far more than that. But if you were to pay five rounds for every time you use the facility of the machine, at least you know someone else didn't pay for me. You understand what I'm saying? Many of us use the machine someone else has paid for you to use the machine. Can't you pay five rounds per Salah work out how many Salah you in the masjid and please don't stop coming to the masjid to say I'll have to pay five

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But at the same time learn to give learn to be generous you use the facility we use the lights we use everything we are we benefit from it, where's your money going?

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Let it go a little bit to the masjid Subhana Allah wa feeco visa been in Havana to be a de la De Luca spend in the cause of Allah, the cause of Allah subhanaw taala it is any cause that will please Allah is called sebelah any cause where the pleasure of Allah lies is called Sabine Leela. It's the path of Allah. You happen to spend on an orphan on a widow on your neighbor, someone in need a person in the masjid on the masjid, this that to build the masjid on the madrasa to here today to sadaqa whatever it may be a good cause with a good heart is always a be law. It is the path of Allah. That was a verse we heard tonight, spend in the path of Allah and then Allah says, and do not

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use your hands, to destroy yourself to harm yourself. Don't ever cause harm on your own selves in any way. Be it through a bad habit. Be it through any other way where you're causing harm for your own self. Allah says don't do that. Your body is an amount of from Allah. Now I want to pause for a moment and tell you this Quran is beautiful every time Allah speaks about number one, develop your relationship with Allah. Number two, develop your relationship with the rest of the creatures that Allah made Subhana Allah and prepare for that.

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Hera learn to treat people with respect the two main things are called Coca Cola, Coca Cola, the body, the rights of Allah. When Allah says, while our tea masala to Zakah we heard that verse tonight also we heard it last night also and we will hear it many other nights. What is the connection between the two one is specially only for Allah, the other one as much as it is for the sake of Allah, it is going to benefit the creatures that Allah created. The see. One is you worship Allah to ease now that your heart is soft, go out and look for poor people look for a good cause spend from what Allah gave you moments ago, I told you, I'm up to the point where you don't have

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ability, you are not responsible, you become responsible at the age of maturity. At the age of puberty, you are responsible at that age, you have the ability now the physical capacity so you must worship Allah, the day you get the financial capacity, you must worship Allah through helping other people and other good causes. Your money is needed, but if you don't give it another person's money will be used in a good cause. And you know what will happen Subhanallah your money will be used on something that is wasteful, May Allah not let that happen. So spend so much of time tonight was spent on versus regarding giving

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it to Berto Sardar Tiffany,

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he, if you are going to make your charities known. It's okay, no problem. If there is a good intention, you want to encourage others, there's no harm in announcing how much you spent. Remember, there's a fine line between pride arrogance showing off on one hand, and on the other hand, trying to encourage people Hey, look, you know what I gave 10 grants, why don't you give 10 also, the man says you gave 10 I'm gonna give 20 that's what happened at the time of the Sahaba of the Allahu anhu they were competing with each other for giving. So I'm not going to announce guys I gave 10 so I have a special parking in the front there and I got a book seat in the first stuff. This is not

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football my brothers and sisters. We are all VIPs here. The only people you're allowed to book seats for right behind the Imam or the other Imams and those have knowledge they have a seat right to behind because why the Hadith says those behind me in a mama when the Imam is in the front those behind should be those who have knowledge those who have sound understanding the whole father and the llama they should be behind so it's not wrong to book out about five six seats here. And right behind the Imam to say this is for other Imams and other her father and other llama not bad. Many mosquitoes don't even do that. But if they do they have the right to It's okay. Because if something

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goes wrong, they can correct they can take over if the if the nosebleed happens. For example, Imam passes when by mistake. These are rulings that are there in jurisprudence No need to do you know to laugh about it, because there is a way of taking over from where he left off you who wants to be a wisecrack who knows nothing standing behind when that happens you probably going to start laughing so kinda law, but there's another knowledgeable person, he will get up and carry on from where that Imam left off in a way that he knows hence the place but going back, even reserve parkings reserved parkings in the masjid. Unless it is for someone who is disabled. Or someone who's the Imam of the

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masjid or someone who is a guest. It shouldn't be that anyone because of his money because of his whatever else that they have reserved parking specially for him or a reserved seat in the masjid specially for him. No, you will lose if you do that. May Allah grant us ease. So Allah says if you give your charities and people know about it, no harm, but if you hide it, why?

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to fool to *.

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If you hide it and quietly give it away to the poor, it is better for you and Allah will forgive your sins. Subhana Allah quietly, no one knows what you did in your life. When you go to the afra you know, Allah knows, I always say people when they commit sin, they like to commit sin in private. They don't want anyone to watch them. Before they commit a sin they make sure no one's watching, if only they knew Allah is watching Subhana Allah but when we do good deeds, we want everyone to watch. Look at the opposite poles, however, try and have some good deeds that no one knows it's hidden between you and Allah have some of those. So on the day of piano, it will help you so my brothers

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and sisters.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to spend in his course when he has given us we spend with humbleness we spend with generosity. Remember, when we say what came first the egg or the chicken and people start talking right for your information, it was the chicken but if you argue about what came first the egg or the chicken, people will go around in circles. I want to ask you another question who

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is more important, the rich man or the poor man?

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Tell me

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if it was not for the poor, the sadaqat of the rich, we're not going to be accepted. You won't be able to fulfill a pillar of Islam because there's no poor people. So be happy that Allah has given you poor people coming to you to ask you please give me I'm not condoning begging but I'm only showing you that at times Allah brings in front of your nose, someone to help you to fulfill a pillar of Islam, but the way you treat them like disrespectful. That's why Allah says

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Allah for Allah.

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As for the bigger the one who's asking, don't rebuke him, don't insult him. You don't want to give him no problem. If there is a reason why you don't want to give no problem but don't insult what's your mouth, that just could be a person Allah sent to you to watch what do you do? Not about him. It's about you. You don't give him the next man will give him more maybe who knows. You know those biggest begging it's not like they go back without food. They go without food, they go with the food, but who gave them is what is of essence. Think about what I'm saying. When the masjid project is happening, it will be built you didn't give money you didn't give but others gave the machine was

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built. It didn't stop because of your lack of donation. Remember what I'm saying? Perhaps sometimes I always believe when money is dirty, and it's earned in the wrong way that person will never ever want to spend on a good cause. They will go to the gigs in the pubs and wherever else and they'll go to spend their money on entertainment. But when it comes to the mosquito to the llama, they will be the lowest paid and the mosquito will be hardly ever given if we do we scrounge it so badly and we make a big issue out of the few cents that we gave. Keep your money, it's a lost house, he will take care of it.

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You giving give with honor. Otherwise don't give your money can stay where it is use it wherever you want. If your heart is clean, you give for the sake of Allah. It's the house of Allah. I always want to cry when I think of the story of Abu Talib and those at the time when abraha was coming to destroy the Kaaba. And he had this man had 1000s of chemicals that were taken away by abraha. And what happened is amazing. It's very, very amazing that they were coming with this elephant to destroy the Kaaba. And Abu Talib goes and says, You know, I want my camels back. So they said, You are so foolish. You want your camels back but we are not coming here for the camels actually the

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camels are by the way. We're going to destroy the Kaaba. Why don't you talk about the Kaaba. He said, Listen, listen, listen. The Kaaba has a lord who will protect it, bring back my camels for now.

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Subhan Allah, what happened? That Kaaba definitely had the Lord who protected it. That's why I'm saying this. This must be the has a Lord, who will take money from those who have good goodness in their hearts. May Allah soften our hearts. The politics that happens in every single Masjid across the globe, is only to distinguish between people regarding the house of Allah, Who is going to still have a big heart and say, Oh Allah, your cause I got a few issues, but Bismillah I'm going to give because it's your house. That's what Allah wants to watch. But we fail the tests. And I'm saying, I don't know about this community when I was here. It was one of the best communities I had visited. I

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hope it is still the same.

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Judging from the sound, it is even better.

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May Allah grant us ease. My brothers and sisters, I promise you soften your heart. Watch out the tests that come in your direction. Sometimes you think you're fixing someone not realizing Allah is just fixing you. So one of the themes I spoke about now was the theme of giving please give, give, donate, give generously. The best of money you can give is that which you give in the path of Allah quietly and you are fearing I don't even have so much money but I'm still going to give because you give Allah will give you I said it last night. I'm saying it again today. You want well give then Allah will give you a low akubra unfit Yamuna Adama Yun Fatah Lake spend or son of Adam and it shall

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be spent on you Subhana Allah amazing. Let's move on to the second topic.

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I have a self imposed time restriction of 20 minutes but maybe I might just overshoot because brother told me I could go on until further he said people will have they say Harry

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if you're going to throw eggs you better throw them at him. Not at me.

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Don't worry, we'll we'll we'll round up just now inshallah. But tomorrow, I think is a holiday right? Is it the holiday Subhanallah so then we'll round up in a little bit of bonus time.

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The second topic is the issue of when you don't get along with your wife. How's that? Allahu Akbar? Do you know Allah addresses it? Yes, Rasul. bacara the surah of the cow Allahu Akbar y. La comunidad de una de la

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Bhima rufinus

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Nabina Oh

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Nita Tato Whammy file Danica padova, la mannessah

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tacky. Oh,

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you would cry if you knew the meaning Let me tell you what it says. It says when you divorce your wives don't hold meaning don't leave them hanging. If you divorce a woman and she is in her it that you can either take her back if that Palak is revocable, you can take her back or you can leave her you do one of the two. So when when you don't get along with a woman and the relationship is toxic, Allah is warning you don't ever punish her to say I'm gonna fix you. I'm gonna show you I'm not going to give you the talaq because of x, y and Zed. Watch out. Allah says we will fix you. You think you're going to fix a woman? We will fix you. It's just a matter of time. Listen to the rest

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of the verse. Allah says don't hold them back in order to harm them Lattanzi. kohana. The Iran Lita tattoo, don't ever hold a woman back in your marriage, when it's toxic, and she wants to go and you're not getting along in the marriage is over. But you just don't want to give it because you think the luck is in your hand. Allah says Watch out woman of aldehydic Africa development of saboo whoever has done that. Don't blame Allah, they have wronged themselves. You just wait and watch what Allah does. Did you hear what we said? But we don't talk about the surah baqarah comes in we just think of the cow let's see Subhana Allah, some people even call the wives cows stuff.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us this type of derogatory statements that come out of our mouths, Allah has an account of it will lie. When you use bad words to refer to someone there is a record of it with Allah, Allah will give you that it was your day, the day will come remember this, there is no chance that the one who is most just can allow injustice to carry on. He will give you a small chance after that. He's going to catch you. So make amends. That's why we have Ramadan, soften up, ask people for forgiveness. Put your tail between your legs, put your pride where it's supposed to be, and go and say look, I'm sorry, I've wronged you. Allah will give you Jenna. Allah give you

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Jenna. It's too hard to go and apologize. How can I apologize to that man he worked for me man. He was this he was at that how? Go and apologize. That is when you understand who Allah is Subhan Allah. Allah Allah catch you. You wonder why am I sick? Yeah, people don't tell you don't worry test from Allah. Just what I tell you from now. First thing when you have a problem, difficulty and hardship, ask yourself who have I had asked and traveled? Maybe I traveled one of the friends of Allah now I'm getting lashed as possible. The whole ama at the time won't tell you that when you're in a problem. They'll always give you good news don't worry it's a test make dua make Vicar make

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this make that. No. I'm telling you now when we don't have that problem when it still hasn't come watch out make amends with American Allah who was the boom boom, yes, Davi Oh, Allah says Allah will not punish people while they are making Toba. If you're making Toba and you seeking forgiveness from Allah, He says at that juncture, I won't punish you. So please make a lot of instead of far, this is the month of October the month of forgiveness. Allah tells you, if you hold back the women, and if you oppress women in marriage, and you harming them, and you know that they left their houses of their fathers and their siblings and so on, and they came to you and you don't offer them the

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respect that they are supposed to be offered. We will sort you out. That's what Allah says.

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And I want to quickly take you to the 28th Jews, the first verse, where it happened literally, tada Samia Allahu Allah, Allah t tujuh, Dino cafe's Pooja watashi, tacky me.

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Allah has heard the woman who came to you telling you about her husband and his ill treatment of her and she's complaining to Allah, we've heard what she just said, we will give her the solution. Allah says. So that's proof to show that verse in Surah Baqarah where Allah says, watch out, we will fix you here in Surah talmage Allah, Allah is telling you Well, we did find the solution for her and we did sought the man out Allahu Akbar. May Allah grant us ease. I know tonight some men will be sending me emails saying chef is vice versa. Actually, she's holding me. Well forgive us. I hope that's not the case. I hope that's not the case. My brothers and sisters. The world is turning

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pound Masha Allah, may Allah grant us returning to him in a way that he is pleased with us say Amin.

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So my brothers and sisters, that is Allah. There are more verses regarding Palak and the treatment of women in tonight's verses but I'm not going to go through them. I want to now move to a third theme. There are several jars that were mentioned by Allah here in Surah. Allah imraan which we started off tonight, the one of them that stands out.

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Before I say that, let me introduce the topic. This is the month of Ramadan is the month of forgiveness. We are all in Salah we all stood for Salah we made a bad day we reading Quran we doing good deeds, we've become better people the sins we left outside and so on and so forth. Allah says call out to Allah not to let you go back to the bad that you were in once Allah has guided you

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to geocode Oban

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Kawashima in

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our office, do not lead astray our hearts after You have guided them.

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And grant us mercy from you give us right now we are in desperate need of your mercy. Don't allow our hearts to go back to misguidance the sins Let our hearts look at them and consider them bad. make it difficult for us to sin make it easy for us to obey and Allah will open your doors. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says indeed he is the giver. He will give you that ask him for it. Make that too often. Oh Allah. Don't let our hearts go back to misguidance after we were guided after you guided us.

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And then the last verse that I want to talk about here

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is where Allah talks about the people amassing wealth,

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people amongst so many things, Allah says there are so many things beautiful women are beautified. Wealth is beautified. You know mountains of gold and silver, all beautified for men, and Allah says you know what, you better be careful because do everything the right way. Don't commit adultery to get to a woman make nikka and make Nika easy. Whoever makes halaal easy has made haram difficult. And whoever makes halaal difficult has made haram easy. So you will pay the price. The parents who are seated here, we all have dreams for our children. We all want our children to marry a certain type of a person, a day will come when that might happen. Alhamdulillah it may not happen. Ask

00:27:47 --> 00:28:32

yourself, would the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam have allowed this? If the answer is yes. Who am I not to allow it? Would Allah have allowed this? If the answer is yes, who am I not to allow it as much as it's not my ideal. I'm going to let it happen so that I do not make haram easy and halaal difficult. So Allah subhanahu wa taala talks about this to us. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us how shavon has beautified these things just like money we earn through our sweat. The Hadith says the best money you can ever have earned is that which you earn by your own sweat. Because you know how many cents make $1 100 cents make $1 but if you didn't earn it with your own sweat for you, you can

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blow the money left, right and center. I remember a brother who had overweight excess baggage and in there were only peanuts and some few other nuts that someone had given him. And he was too lazy to open the bag and take it out and now he's at Heathrow Airport. What's he going to do? So he decided you know what, in fact, he was in India somewhere in India at the airport, and he decided nevermind let me pay the overweight they charged him an arm and a leg. So he paid so much of money for that overweight to go to England when he got to the UK his little grandchildren and children they had all these peanuts all straws thrown around the garden and everywhere else he called them all he said a

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pig all these nuts up You don't know how much each one has costed? Why high paid for it overweight, each one costs about two, three cents. Come on, you can't do this. So when you have paid for something, you know the value of it when you didn't pay what value you know, may Allah grant us value of goodness do it in a halal way. So Allah says, All the women and all the wealth and all the whatever happiness of the dunya we want to show you something better than all of that, Paul.

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Should we show you something better than all of what we've just described now?

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there have been

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those who develop to religion

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kinship with Allah, they will get Janna

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Allah says that relationship with Allah is better than everything you could have ever imagined in the dunya. Those who are wealthy from amongst us make sure that you set your children properly. There's no point in letting them wait until the day you die for them to fight over your wealth. Do it while you're alive. Give your daughter's give your sons when you're alive, you give them equal share Subhanallah remember sorted out while you're alive while you're alive, give them things so that they can pray for you. They can love your company, they will pray for your long life, they will look after you What's the point of keeping it keeping it keeping it there praying, waiting? When is

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it going to die? When is it going to die? When is it going to die? This 3 million stuck there. How my brothers and sisters May Allah grant us What did you amass well for? Number one, your family members, your relatives, your children, your community and the oma and humanity? That's how we should be looking at it. So use and spend. May Allah grant us is Allah says better than all of that is to develop your relationship with Allah, you will get Jenna and you know what Allah says? They are the people. What are the qualities of those who develop this relationship with Allah known as toccoa de quoi is to have so much of love of Allah that you fear his anger. That is taqwa. I love

00:31:16 --> 00:31:44

someone so much that I don't want them to be upset with me right? So you love Allah so much you don't want him to be upset with you. That's why you do good things. You know when we say I'm scared of Allah, you scared of the punishment of Allah, you scared of the anger of the one you love. It's a totally different type of fear. It's not fear as you know, I'm shaking. No, it's to say I love you so much. I don't want to I don't want to upset you or Allah in any way. Luck. That is a lie. So now, Allah says

00:31:46 --> 00:31:52

Allah Nina colonna Bana man found in Lana, Urbana joaquina

00:31:55 --> 00:31:59

first quality those who believe in Allah they say Rabbana

00:32:00 --> 00:32:18

mana we have believed in you Allah so forgive us our sins for virulent Nirvana and save us from the fire from the Hellfire the punishment of Hellfire joaquina Davina, then Allah says our Sabino Assad EP now al carnitine our

00:32:21 --> 00:32:24

VP in our Mustafa v Nabeel.

00:32:26 --> 00:33:15

Five qualities you should never ever let go. What are they? Allah says a Sabine, those who are patient, those who bear patience they are forbearance, they are patient regarding the decree of Allah and regarding the instructions of Allah and regarding staying away from the prohibitions of Allah. They have suburb a Sadiq even those who are truthful. A Sabina Masada kin will carnitine, those who are obedient unto Allah, they fulfill their Salah in the best possible way. They enjoy acts of worship, you don't fulfill shala as a burden, you fulfill it as an honor. Allahu Akbar, you fulfill it as an honor. Look how men has become if an important person who perhaps is of a political

00:33:16 --> 00:33:44

position, some way happens to know us or we know him or he comes here, we would feel an honor if they called us or we had an opportunity to meet them, etc, etc, and honor to meet a human who himself needs the help of Allah so desperately but to meet Allah, it's a burden. We can't wait to get out of the masjid. When you come in the house of Allah, if you love being in it, you're in the right track. But if you can't wait to get out, you still need a lot of help.

00:33:45 --> 00:34:02

To see. May Allah make us from those whose hearts are in the masjid when you open the Quran and you can't wait to stop you need help. But when you open the Quran and you can't wait to carry on and on then you are heading in the right direction. Don't you see? We all need a lot of help including myself. May Allah help us

00:34:04 --> 00:34:44

a Siberian Masada keen well carnitine will moon ficky those who spend look it's come back the topic came back Why did Allah say you want to develop a relationship with me spend you know why? Let me explain in a nutshell. When you came on earth you had nothing no clothes, no zero, no nothing, nothing at all. What ever you have is above zero. So you are never at a loss. People say hey, I'm underground. You're not you have more than what you had the day you were born when you were born you had zero. Now you've got clothes now you got water now you've got one it's more than what you had. So Allah is telling you look when you came you had nothing when you go you will have nothing. While

00:34:44 --> 00:35:00

you are here start giving start giving we want to see we we will give you to give let's see. Imagine you take your little son and you say son Look how much do you want son says I need 100 grands. You say son This is 200 put 100 in the charity box day and the other 100 keep he takes the 200

00:35:00 --> 00:35:07

He looks at you looks at you, when you're not looking he runs away. What will happen it's typical of little children especially nowadays Subhan Allah

00:35:08 --> 00:35:21

but that Allah tells us I'm going to give you for every 197.5 is yours two and a half put it in the box and we say it's hard to calculate that you know my mind My money is actually tied up in a building, sell the building.

00:35:22 --> 00:35:43

You will earn the pleasure of Allah. I promise you no way don't compromise your agenda. I know people say I got little jewelry now What should I do? Well, if you can't make a plan and your husband doesn't have to pay it, but if he wants to and he's helping you good man Mashallah. At least allow him to have a little bit more Baraka inshallah. But at the same time

00:35:45 --> 00:36:17

it's not being paid because it's tied in jewelry sadly or happily, you have to break the jewelry somehow sell it and start paying that sucker. So analyze. I mean, it's a test on Malala so we gave you we just want to look, half of that is yours, not not half 97.5 you keep Don't worry 2.5 this side, you see he icon to be Allah forgive us. May Allah forgive us. When you want to develop a relationship with Allah show him, show him you're going to give, show him you're going to give

00:36:18 --> 00:36:30

and the last quality while most of the very nebulous har, those who seek forgiveness in the early hours of the morning, seek forgiveness, everybody sleeping, get up and cry to Allah.

00:36:31 --> 00:37:20

Get up and cry to Allah, Allah Allah forgive me. Allah forgive my sins I've done wrong. I've led a sinful life helped me to change. Allah grant me goodness, forgive my sins, my shortcomings. Allah says those who can get up at night, early hours of the morning, asking us to forgive them. They have developed a relationship with us. Allah says what we have given them in terms of Jenna is way better than everything those people who have the dunya have. So my brothers and sisters, these are the few verses that I chose to go through this beautiful city of Polo corny with absolutely lovely people. May Allah keep it this way. And may Allah help you to be even more loving, for indeed, having spent

00:37:20 --> 00:37:32

a month of Ramadan here in 2012. With the theme, the life of the noble Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, it brings back the best of memories to be seated here in front of you this evening.

00:37:33 --> 00:38:01

In this blessed month of Ramadan beautiful house of Allah, and I can tell you, if anything, there is only more and more goodness May Allah subhanho wa Taala help us to cleanse our hearts and to work very hard so that our generations can be proud of the preparation that we made for them. Aku kolyada wa sallahu wa salam wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Subhana Allah He will be hungry he Subhana Allah haemodynamic to Allah, Allah Allah and anastasiou kawana to be like

2nd Ramadan Boost
Polokwane, South Africa

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