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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Before we begin, I asked for two things that you sit in a posture of dignity. Today's quick bar does not appeal to your mind. Today's Hooda appeals to the intellect of the heart. ie when you were six weeks old, 16 weeks old as a fetus. Did your heartbeat yes it did. Did you have a Vegas nerve from your brain into your heart for your brain to say heartbeat heartbeat? No

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You didn't, the heart itself had an intellect. After this intellect, the next intellect that developed was the brain matter, not in your brain, but you will find the same nerve endings in your brain, in your stomach. So we and now I asked a third question, when are you closest to Allah subhanho wa Taala when this is high or when this is low, so when this goes down here, my heart I quietly listen because this intellect knew me before this one even knew how to speak. And this intellect the one that I'm going to cleanse for Ramadan, it is more intelligent than this logical brain, because it can survive on its own, except it cannot. So for today, I asked for a posture of

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acceptance, allow your stomach to be open because your stomach has ears and the cellular membrane within your stomach lining, it can hear me and it will tell you things and your brain will say, I don't want to do this. This is too hard. So today I asked with the intellect of your heart that developed before your brain and the intellect of the 100 trillion bacteria that Allah put in my belly. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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In Alhamdulillah, indeed, all praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala every cell in my body praises Allah whether I did or not every cell has followed Allah commandment. Now, my boo hoo, so we praise Allah in our cellular level on a gut level on the level of our DNA, which will propagate for years, we all understand that within us our DNA, and on these DNA are little switches called epigenetic switches, guys, so if you turn them on right now your kid could grow up to be very peaceful. And you might say, How can I get this? Now my boo hoo from praising Allah subhanho wa Taala, not here, but on a genetic level. So today, we are going to open on how we can bring cellular

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Salam into our hand on us, in Oahu, and it's the honor is very limited when I use my brain or a lot give me this give me this alohomora Lamborghini, that's all we do. We ask and ask and then Allah will give you that thing. Except Have we ever asked a lot of the help that we need to return to complete health? The first question that we start in is Tiana. Have you met Allah, your body never met alone. Your brain never met a law. But when he last subhana wa Taala looked at you and said, LS to build on become calu Bella shahina. Every single person in this room met a law, not my body, not my mind, but that little space inside me. Call it a soul if you wanted to. It met a lot and when

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Allah said Mr. Lord, we said yes, but how was your health on that day? It was perfect. Your soul had perfect health no back pain, no muscle pain, no balding, no unhappiness, no mood swings. You were perfect. So within you right now exist, what is the honor? the perfection of health is in you. Now you can say Oh Allah, I don't remember seeing you. But a shadow en la ilaha illa Allah, I remember feeling you. I remember the intelligence of my heart the intelligence of my soul saying a shadow on line.

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One A Star in ohana stone ofuro who I knew camino be he anata wa Kanwar LA. So what is this belief you have in Allah that you believe in him? You met him? So you once within you had perfect health? That space within you still exists? So today? How do you forgive yourself? Want to stop fiddle a lot today at the 14th minute of the Hooda stuff Allah. You don't even need to save here. Let your heart scream stuff. Because this makes you feel better. But when you say a stealth futile law from the intelligence of the heart, do you feel it? Yeah, you then say Subhanallah now I won't do it again. So for all of us who are saying was taught to last too long. That's so easy to say. Yes, that's easy

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here. But when you allow him to say stuff to law, then you automatically one are still futile who were not meant to be he was not our colleague. You believe that Allah heard you in the 14th minute a lot for gave you so now you forgive someone around you. You forgive someone from your childhood who said you were a bad boy, and you forgive yourself. And then you say yeah, Allah, I deserve Ramadan. Yeah, Allah I deserved the best of Ramadan. And that's what

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We're gonna get into in a moment, the Ramadan prep, why not so few who want me to be here? Why not what Curlew la? Do you trust a law to return you back to perfect health so that you can enter paradise? question that will cultivate right now for all of us who are thinking, but what about my sins? What about my body? So I'll ask you a simple question to begin today's hookah. After you die and go in the grave and get read Greek and re constructed and your DNA matter grows back from this single part of your spine, and you go to the Akira, which body you're gonna go to gentlemen, some others that magical body, the body you're sitting in right now, yes, it will be taller, yes, it will

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be longer. Yes, you will have more nerve endings, but which body you're going to generate with this one. Now it's no longer a spiritual Allah, Allah, Allah, it is the manifestation of this body is going to walk me into general. One Note me will be he will not walk. And if you all don't believe that right now, go ahead and believe it. believe that this body is going to walk you into paradise. believe that that body is going to say thank you for sitting in joumana thank you for standing in the prayer for 50 years. I look fantastic. That body will walk into Jenna. And for those of you looking for the proof, allow mana steam Wah, wah him on to

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add him. So in this body say we Sam did this, he did that. He sat in Salah he made ruku Yes. So why do we think Allah is negative? Only unassessed body is only going to say that negative things stuff?

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Won't his body say and I recited Quran, and I gave a LAN. Won't your body testify for you? Or did God make some guaranteed way for you to go to Jana? Do you see how we're treating the body now, one at our current era, when our will be law, human surety and fusina. And all you're still doing is you're listening with your brain. So your brain says Oh brother, but I don't take care of my health. I don't eat healthy. All you want me to do is eat healthy. Now. I want you to believe that this is the body that's taking you to Jannah and whatever Twinkie and whatever caffeine and food that you really want. Allah will give it to you in general. And if you could bring yourself just for a month

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to say, I will control myself, then we have begun our discussion. When are also Billahi min. Shuri and fusina. Allah helped me from the voices in my head, my ego and my own frustration from speaking louder than the voice that I hear. Oh Allah, I asked protection from it. Woman segi Dr. Molina, and maybe something that you watched on TV save me something you listen to is affecting you from hearing the Hooda. So in one more heart scream, stuff you love stuff, a lot of stuff a lot. And in this exact moment, you have heard your heart. And now everyone think why so dramatic. Let me do the math for you. It is the job of the hottie to line up facts for you. Do you realize this is the longest

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fast in the year. So out of 30 years, this is the longest fast. And while this is the longest fast it is the hottest days and while it is the hottest days, it is also the toughest time to be Muslim. Do you like your president? Does he like you know said that's not the place to talk about that stuff? But if you could say and this is no way is he close to fit around? But is this the hardest situation? The first Ramadan, the first opportunity that you have to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala and outside people don't like you. People don't like this has Allah subhanho wa Taala raised the stakes of this Ramadan higher than ever one more time. If you want to go on a cosmic level. This is

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the longest days in the year if you want to go on a body level that fast is from sunrise to sunset 15 hours a day. If you want to go on the fact how many of you have Muslim friends who have said it to you? I have. I don't know if I'm going too fast this year. It's a little bit tough. You know what I'm going to tell my boss you know, it's not that best time to be Muslim. And I'm like, wait a minute, he's winning. The point of Muslims are angry and dangerous people they're winning if we leave our Dean, they will win. So I asked you today in Roma bond prep, the stakes are high into my mother's into my father's who are thinking about sees he's saying not to have a very lavish Ramadan

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Yeah, once in 30 years. Once in this Ramadan, you're going to make it completely different, less intake of food more ibadah more time with yourself. But if you can raise the stakes then this time Allah subhanho wa Taala has made a Ramadan unlike any other. So in 30 years on the Day of Judgment, when you see your book of good deeds and inocula Allah subhanho wa Taala you asked him Which one did you like Yala? Which CRM Did you like? And they point to 1438 1437. They point to now and the angels say you remember this part of your book.

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Love this part. We love taking the notes for this part because we knew this wasn't a game anymore. Either you chose it or you didn't. And then the angels read in our book, we love the fast of 2017 along loved it. You guys were the underdogs and you won and you succeeded. So today I would like us to prep with the idea the concept of Ramadan prep. Now let's move to another concept here. So Ramadan is beautiful last time I thought I said yeah, you

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know, gudivada eco Muslim. Gamma cootie bomb kuchibhotla levina Moo, COO,

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coo coo. If we break this down, Oh ye VIP club Kuta Bali Kumasi and you know this, I don't want to go through it. But when a doctor writes you a prescription, does it benefit the doctor? No. So when Allah subhanho wa Taala prescribes fasting, and I want you to remember one word from the third point of the hood but one word are you holding out in Ramadan? Do you like to do so who are drink all the unhealthy things eat unhealthy things? Do you watch as much TV as you can before? fudger? Can I get it in? I gotta get it in. If I don't do it, I can do it in the day. Do you do that? You don't do that. Right? You sit before you're going? I got Instagram, Instagram. You don't. So why do we get

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this idea of stuffing food to our face? And that's going to make because we're holding out. Now I'm asking you I asked my elders. If my elders wanted me to do something for them. They asked me to clean the outside. You want me to do it begrudgingly? Just just kicking and pulling weeds out? What do you want to see me with happiness? Do you want to hold out for Allah? Or do you want to cleanse yourself? We begin to hit book points. Number one, we have approximately 21 days till Ramadan. How many people want this Ramadan to heal them? Want this Ramadan to make them feel lovely about a lot to feel wonderful about themselves? But more importantly, it's 2017. If you don't think you're going

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to Jenna, I don't know what you're waiting for. I mean, we've got a crazy guy over there. Islam is not easy to follow. we're dropping bombs all over the Muslims, friends, is a good time to say hello, Jenna. And once you accept Jenna in this world Diamond Bar, you will not pray to Allah the same way. You won't do any bother the same way. You think, Oh, I'm going to talk to Allah the way I will talk to him in general. That's why I pray. I'm going to show ally love him because he's real. I'm going too fast not because I have to. So to you, I asked for this shift. Now as I sit let's go through the detox. Let's start with a simple example. For those of us who are going to go up to the day of

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Ramadan, drinking coffee having nicotine or sugars or salts and fat and then the day of Ramadan, you stop. Will your body like Ramadan? No, of course not your body's having is this. This is ridiculous. You're You're torturing me in the name of God. Totally wrong. And why would the doctor come to you and be like, go to chemo. Before chemo friends you cut back on food you do a lot of things. Let's take another example. You know people who get gastric sleeve gastric bypass, they close the stomach in order to make a brand new stomach. I scrubbed into this procedure, they close the stomach one third gets sold shut and then you have to go through a process to make a brand new stomach. That's

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what they do. So what I want to that's step two, call the cleanse number one, can you identify? Is it caffeine? Is it sugar? Is it a fatty snacks? Is it that salty thing that you just have next to your bed? Why do you put chocolate next to your bed you eat it in the middle of asleep? But most of us in this room are Californians. We're not worried about our health. We're addicted to anger. We're addicted to nicotine. We're addicted to quick responses when our boss yells at us a quick response to our kids. That's an addiction. Facebook, Instagram, these are addictions I asked us all to identify one thing if you drink tea. Do you want to headache the first five days of Ramadan? Oh, I'm

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sorry, I could have done ibadah but I'm stuck on this car jai jai addict, this small thing. So 21 days, begin now have cup tea, less tea make it weak. I'm giving you an example. If you smoke if you involve yourself in hookah or other types of smoking things that people do wait for the halal haram leader is Ramadan. So now I'm going to start from now Yo, man, maybe I'll look into that patch. Maybe I'll chew gum, but you all are looking for the sins of old nicotine and sugar, those shame shame things, except what about yelling and getting angry? And then my last example is to my husband and my wives to my couples. You're gonna fast a lot. I love you. I love you. You're gonna cry in

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your body and be like, Hey, where's the

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where's the food?

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You don't need your ibadah

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Lots of fun without it doesn't need it. So could we start now wives? Could you come with three things and say, I'd like I'm going to do this better? I'm not going to ask you questions that you don't know the answer to. And husbands, can we speak to them with the thought of, I'm fasting. Now, once you have identified one thing, I must sit now for the hook. But once you've identified one thing, and for those of you I'm going one level, lower who are addicted to a substance, can you prepare now and say, I'm fasting? I can't do it, and slowly start to wean yourself off. Let's go. I assume you've got this point. Number two. How can we go hardcore and all of you in this room believe

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that if you fast, you'll go to Jannah. That's why you don't eat all day. So in the next 21 days, remember the people who want a new stomach? Do you know what they do? They go NPO. They don't eat anything, and nothing at all. Then they go to ice chips, then from ice chips to clear liquids, clear liquids to low sodium, to crackers, to applesauce to just fruits. Is anyone willing to flip this upside down and say Yala for five days? I'm going to cleanse my caffeine and all of that. But then I'm going to start to fast and I know most of you are saying Monday, Thursday, Monday, Thursday, but that doesn't prep you for Ramadan. Can you fast the whole day. But you can only eat fruits and

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vegetables you can eat during the day. But what's the difference between I can't eat anything all day long. I will only have fruits and vegetables today. I will only have clear liquids. I will only have bread and water. What stops you from pushing that line? Now you see the doctor writing the prescription? Did Allah want you to hold out? Just hold out? Or did Allah Want You to cleanse two words, find one thing you're going to detox from number two, begin the cleanse about 20 days, three days at a time how many people would like to lower their sugar Don't raise your hand. How many people and we'd go less salt, maybe tell your wife just a little bit less salt, just a little bit

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less sodium. For those of us who eat heavy, heavy food, we're going to cut back and for those of us who are then prepared, we're now going to say Yala fruits and vegetables all day today Why? It's a prep to the fast only salad but Brother, what will we eat? We are in 30 days you're going to be eating nothing. So then why can't you only do fruits and vegetables? Now this is where the man says brother will I go to hell? You're looking for some someone to hold the gun to your head. I don't know if you'll go to hell. But I know this thing will go to Agenda your body it will go to Jenna. So can you just stay in your body? Allah will take it to Jenna between the sittings of the hood but no

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one is rejected. I think I proved to you that the stakes are very high one in 30 years to get a chance like this. And then Allah says every Ramadan 700 times greater friends if you are stock investors or lotto players or I don't know what I can convince you with you would play now. Not wait for Ramadan. 21 days in advance. I hope that you cleanse, detox and cleanse between the sittings of the hood but there is no door that is rejected. I asked you in a simple words. For those who are trying to get a point. God stops food, drink and lower desire for what purpose so that we can empty the tea cup and fill ourselves with Koran. In the sitting of the neck between the sitting ask Allah

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to pour more Koran on you. And you are very porous, you will absorb you have 50 trillion cells in your body, they will absorb the Oran so for those of you who are still trying to get that first point, fix yourself sit in a posture of dignity and prepare yourself for cellular system between the sittings of the Hooda doula is not rejected. I make a small request. Could you all move forward please. There's a lot of gaps and if we can move forward to be great. I know you're like I can't move. I have cellular Salaam right now. Now you'll have cellular Salaam if you move a little bit the blood flow is very good. Bark Luffy can between the sittings of the Hooda asked for Jenna here,

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here. So then you will say of course this is the car that's going to drive me to Jenna along my local Genova Makarova, mean county woman What are also becoming a naughty woman Robert la Harmon county woman. And as we sit between the hood bus ask your Lord to rejuvenate you and give you a sense of I'm going to Jenna then what you put in your mouth won't be difficult for you well as the court of law here.

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Before we begin our second clip, I did leave out the main focus none of

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struggles with food too much in this room. There's a new food it's called EMF electromagnetic field. I request in Ramadan, you make these things for a period of time and I brought my bluetooth specifically, these are not props, these are mine. I consume this all day long ones in my pocket. One is around my neck. I asked you during times of everybody, everything I'm about to say right now all the five tips I'll give you without your phone off of your physical body. Try to keep four to five feet distance. I know that sounds crazy. But you're not going to wait for a 10 years from now that says oh electromagnetic field is bad for your health. Don't wait for that friends, be Muslim.

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and be proactive because these things I'm giving my doula, what frequency what Wi Fi does this go on? Some Wi Fi, don't let it be affected by this frequency over here. One of the things we can detox from and I met, I met at a seminar, a millionaire who said he sleeps with his phone in the other room. And these are very, very powerful things. I know those of us who are like, No, no, no, I'll stop eating all Ramadan. I just I've only that night either. Just give me my phone. Don't don't don't take my phone from me. So call us here. I asked us to take a posture of dignity. Open the heart and remember this, this can't. What did shavon said my dynasty people What did shavon said

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when he turned into smoke and he went through the clay creature of Adam. What Satan went poof. And then he went through other Muslim the clay creature when he went through him What do you say? Oh, there's a hollow capsule inside. He said this is where I'm going to get him. There's a hollow space inside this human being and you know human beings. You could just keep filling this thing and they'll never get satisfied. shavon himself said it about our blueprint. Let's take control of it. Between the sittings we asked a lot for his Baraka for his mercy sit in a posture of dignity.

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And hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah

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amin wa Salatu was Salam. ala rasulillah Kenobi lucchini la la de he was lucky enough to be in all hidi in the DA we will read collectively inside Jana together Allahumma

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huaming Casa de Baraka Jana ecomm hanaa da da da da wa salam yahaya medical studies as neatly as Nick Lana shirt Nicola, while attacking me, Ilana, authoritarian, take this to heart. May God not leave your side for the next 21 days, even for a blink of an eye. May Allah not leave you to the whispers and the anxieties and depressions of your mind. Even for the blink of an eye, may Allah subhanaw taala be with you, in His mercy, love caring and unconditional compassion towards you, even in the time between the heartbeat because you know, the heart goes like this. And then there's that moment in between where Allah sustains everything. I want to broaden the scope now everyone feels

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wonderful. Alhamdulillah Mashallah. But brother, I still have to go to work. And I feel like 20% of the room might not be fasting this year, I've met more and more people due to health issues due to

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pregnancies or feminine issues. There are a lot of people, I know this is going to hurt some people's feelings. People who have Crohn's disease are not fasting this Ramadan? No, I'm not. So I had to change my entire scope. Oh, I saw that. You ever want to suck the air out of a room? Say that on a member? So at this point, you're like, wait, but what are you going to do? How are you going to be Muslim? So in this moment, whether you're fasting or not fasting, I'd like you to be able to broaden the scope to do four things. If I can get five, it will be possible. So if I didn't eat, and I started to cleanse and I didn't have caffeine, and I stopped smoking, and I stopped using my

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phone, constantly. First thing when I wake up first thing when I sleep when I stopped those things, what do I want to fill myself with? On? Except I don't know how to read and I don't know that we can I don't know the meaning I understand. So what I'd like to do is the number one concept, and we're going to start here is will onic consumption. Could Zuhair pick up his score on in the morning and say today is the what is today, the fifth, sixth to whatever today's date is he's going to open them up to the sixth is going to look at the first page law you have a law whose job is to maybe he'll read five lines, maybe he'll read a page. Now the rest of the day, what's his responsibility,

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consume that judge, touch it, write it, listen to it, have someone read it to you. And at the end of the day, if you have, you have completely finished and you have no more time, no more energy, you know what you're gonna do in bed, you're going to open an app and go and you're going to swipe through 20 pages of Quran that is

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Consumption right now how many people can say I could turn 20? I could turn a juice. And I'm asking you like this because your brain saying, I don't understand it, I'm not reading it, but it's on. And your heart knows that if it touches it, if it writes it, that's enough. Can you make the commitment to consume one juice a day from now? Till the end of Ramadan, so it's 30 days plus every day, seventh of November, 7 of June 7 of May, boom, I'm going to open seventh jewels, read as much as I can, then just start touching it at one o'clock. I have five minutes, turn a page, touch the page, listen to the page number two, so I got maybe 30%. But some of you said with your heart, man, I

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can't do that. Who's gonna turn it just doesn't make any sense. Okay, how about within the Quran? Did Allah subhanho wa Taala highlight? 40 different do ours? robina Yes, he did. So could you go to your Lord this Ramadan fasting, no fasting, anger, no anger and start making Rabbana just right now Can everyone pick one Rabbana go look through the Quran and find one. It's going to be your go to dua, it's going to be your go to connection. So first level consume Quran. If you can't do that, start to consume raw bananas go up to a brother, brother. Do you know a new Rabbana atina for dunya Hasina. Do you know a new Ravana alumna and for Santa? Do you know a new one? Yes, I do. Let me sit

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it down and sit down and write it for you. I asked us to make that transition. Now. The last but not least, I don't know if I'm really able to go here. I'll go was my last point I prove to your body is going to Jana. There's just one more problem in general, who you're going to have to spend all your time with in general.

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yourself. This Ramadan, could you take five minutes in the morning, five in the evening? You want to call it meditation call it meditation. You might call it Vicar call it Vicar. You want to call it mindfulness? Call it mindfulness. I don't care what you call it. Could you sit?

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And just be happy with you? spent 50,000 years in general just going

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I'm me. This is wonderful. Can you make that adjustment now? Because if I called it, Vicar, 5% of you all wrong, if I called it mindfulness, if I called it meditate, oh, that's wrong. Could you spend 1015 y'all can make a little bit more room. I click buttons in three minutes. I can't spend the time adjusting the room. Look around you if there's a space, move forward, my front row, just listen. Second roll young people move forward a little bit, please. It's inappropriate. We're talking about gender. I'm talking about gender and people standing. I feel horrible. This is very arrogant man or done. No Jana, and I have my brother standing. I'm sorry, I can't do that. So called

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on consumption Rabbana consumption.

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And the last thing that I wish that we could do is to find five or six minutes, one minute a day to watch the rise and fall of our breath. Because it's Ramadan. I have no food in my stomach. And I always tell people, if you can get to your epigastric area, you can really Breathe deep. You'll have a very open very clear mind clairvoyance II people meditate for days and mountains and chant so they can get to the level that a Muslim gets to like this. But we are not excited about that. So this Ramadan, and I'll conclude because some of you got it and some of you are like, so I can't eat sugar and Ramadan. Like what? Sure, that's what I said. That's what I said for 30 minutes. But some of you

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are saying, What's the point? And I'll conclude if you detoxed and you cleansed and you got rid of caffeine and stopped smoking and this Ramadan, you read Quran and touched Koran and made Vicar and prayed sooner, what's the point? And I'll go back to the original sentence, I believe Ramadan is for healing. And what is the only ingredient? No religion will will debate this. This is not a Muslim thing. What is the only component that is always needed for healing? Ask a doctor. Ask a healer as a yogi

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only component that is needed for healing.

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It is love.

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Take a second. You will never heal until you feel his love. And you will never you will never feel a loss of love if you're like oh I didn't do enough. I didn't read enough Quran. I didn't go to enough tahajjud I didn't do it. I didn't do hope you have you don't even love yourself. How is God gonna love you? What is the only component necessary for healing? unconditional love? How will you get it? Do the things Allah likes and you'll enter the stomach. You'll empty the mind and the lower desire will kick during Ramadan. Except you'll say but alas, love is greater or less love is unconditional. I conclude on a phrase. In North America we believe Love is a noun. I love you. You didn't love me

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back. I cared about you. I loved you and we believe I own love.

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Those are elders, those have wisdom. Say that love is a verb, that when you look at someone, and they look back at you, and I don't know you, that reaction, they could be loving it. So it's not I love you and you love me what's happening between us, when we look at each other, it's love. And that you, you're afraid, you don't want to entertain that, because one day you might look at God, and He might look back at you. And he might tell you, I unconditionally love you. And if you want to play with my words, I did say he'll look back at you, and you will feel it and understand it. And when this brain starts saying Buddha's immune, you say, quiet down, young child, you're brand new.

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This is the real mind that knew from the beginning, Allah was real, that knew that there was an era that this body was going to walk into genda and say, Look, byculla Sadek. While higher aku fija de quoi Chevrolet Skylake, Allah, Allah, I don't even need to translate that you knew what that meant. There is no evil associated to God. So today, as we go to the Salah, for those of you who came late, you're missing unconditional love. Not I love you. Because I told you, I love you. Because when I look at you, you feel what I give you asked a lot in the La Jolla, San Juan de in Florida, and in Florida, wollmann curry wallbottle

00:36:22--> 00:36:56

doesn't matter what this means. Allah said it, who cares what it means. Allah said it and he said it to me, makes me feel awesome. Makes me feel like I should go put my head on the ground. And in that physical posture, Brain, Brain, Brain, my heart is a lot higher than my head. Come to your Lord with love. I will see you on the 26th of May be it's an ala detox from one thing. Start one day fast some fruits and vegetables, then get angry and throw your plate in the air and eat your rice. I don't have a problem with that. Just try and then when you're like

00:36:57--> 00:37:03

then eat whatever you have to eat. But you did it for Allah not with him telling you if you don't fast you'll go to hell.

00:37:04--> 00:37:39

Ally did this for you. bread and water if you need to. What are they gonna lie about? The greatest Vicar of Allah is that Allah is greater than all of my speech. If you felt something communicate to you, then all I asked you to do is say I love you to Allah, because he showed you unconditional love. Say and I love you too. It's not yours. It's not a noun. It's a verb. Love Your Lord in a lot motovlog legally So anyway, he thought it was gonna need fascia you wouldn't want Carvalho Nikolai Akbar will love Yamato down in LA yet motivate loudly when the sun eater is a horrible

00:37:40--> 00:37:41

evil moon Carvalho

00:37:42--> 00:38:12

in the la mala ekata who you saw lunarlon nebby Yeah, you have Latina amanu sallu Allah He was suddenly motus Nima, those of you who know what this is Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala Ali Mohammed Camacho later Allah Ibrahima Wanda alibre Hema in the Camino Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed Kamara tada Ibrahim Anwar Ibrahim nicomedia Majeed, if you heard that phrase, and you heard Muhammad and you're like, Huh, Jana is already yours. optimise Lola.

00:38:24--> 00:38:28

Long, long, long, long. Shadow.

00:38:31--> 00:38:33

A shadow Mohammed.

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Honor Ana.

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comet is Ana to ponder. komitas mana