Ramadan 2022 – Reconnecting with Revelation #27 – The poor

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Geeta Boone

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Jelena who Isla de Gama. Cooley.

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AsSalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. My brothers and sisters, guidance is not only for the wealthy. And it's not only for a specific category of people, guidance is from Allah for all those who take it, and those who want it, those who search for it those who try hard to look for it, those who pray to the Almighty to guide them, they will be rightly guided by the will of Allah Almighty, but those who have within their systems arrogance and pride, Allah doesn't like to guide those who are proud and arrogant, haughty, those who feel superior to others. Allah says we don't like to guide those who are arrogant. But at the same time, we have examples in the Quran in Revelation that

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prove that even at the time of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he was told by the Horti of Maccha. By the ruling class of Makkah, we would have followed you if these people who used to be our workers and slaves are chased away. If they are not part of your followers, then we would have followed you. But the fact that all these people who are low income or no income, are actually followers of yours, we will not be able to associate ourselves with you.

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While Allah Almighty revealed versus to say, literally to say, tough luck, take it or leave it, you know, it's your loss, we are not going to allow those who are poor or low income, no income, to be driven away simply because of their social standing, simply because of the fact that they might be considered nobodies by you. They are considered somebody's by us, Allahu Akbar. So Allah tells Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam do not chase them away? Don't chase them away. Yes, you are being asked to chase them away so that these big boys can actually come in? Allah says, No, we don't need them. This is what is right. These people deserve the closeness to you. And the closeness to

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us, they have been striving for long they have endured. They have been patients, they've lost a lot as a result of them doing the right thing in terms of worship. So do you really think Allah Almighty would have allowed for us to drive these people away? Not at all. And the same applies to most of the prophets. They were told look, we would have followed you but we don't like the the type of people who follow you. They're low, low, you know, you take a look at religion. Religion is from Allah Almighty, if you think because the people following the truth are perhaps low income, like I said, or perhaps they are poor, or they're downtrodden. They're not on my level of eliteness in

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society, then the loss is yours. If you think that I'm going to give up the truth, because of the type of people following the truth. And tell me, do you really think Allah needs you? Do you really think the truth needs you SubhanAllah? Or are you the one who needs the truth?

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shaytan comes in contaminates our minds and hearts. When we will be alone in our graves in the hereafter. Allah says, we don't see with you, those people who were with you in the world, where are they now? Where are they now? They are not here. You're alone. It's just you and us. Let's talk about what you used to do on earth. That day is coming. It's a verse of the Quran. we reconnect with Revelation in order to reconnect with Allah, in order to be conscious of the day we're going to be meeting with the same Allah, we should be excited about meeting with Allah looking forward to the meeting with Allah, but at the same time concerned that we've prepared something good to present in

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front of Allah in terms of our deeds. So we I want to give you the example in Surah, two Shuara verse number 111 of the people of Noah, some of these cronies, some of these top men, they came to Noah and they told him I know me know laka what tobacco or the loon?

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How can we believe in you when those who followed you are all the low class people? I heard SubhanAllah. If justice if justice stands with the people whom you consider low class that is still justice. If the truth is with them, it doesn't mean you now need to

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Be with falsehoods simply because they are considered low class by you.

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That is a punishment of Allah that is Allah chasing people away. I don't want to come to the masjid because the people in the masjid are all poor. They are the workers in Islam. You come and you stand the King, the ruler and the ruler will stand next to each other, the king and his subjects will stand in one row.

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No matter who it is the the employer and employee will stand in a row. There is no discrimination. You may be an employer employee in the world, but Allah is the Lord of the world. You may be a ruler in this world, but Allah is the ruler of entire creation. You may have something some wealth, your wealth and all your titles and everything you ever had expire the day you close your eyes, Khan.

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Now what are you, you're going back to Allah before you came on earth, you were a droplet of semen. That's what Allah says, our mural in Santa Ana halacha. Now who may not fall for either who are Hasim or Mubin? Does mankind not see that we created him from a droplet of semen, but now he's become arrogant, haughty, argumentative, how on earth. So these are beautiful reminders from Allah to say reconnect with your maker. Reconnect with Revelation, how can you not attend the masjid simply because the person next to you used to work for you or works for you? Subhana O has nothing or is homeless? They have a house, the house of Allah.

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So no Holly salams people told him, how can we believe in this message of yours? How can we believe in it when those who have believed that all low class people are stuck with the Rola stuff.

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For us, that is a very, very great lesson. It should never ever happen. May Allah Almighty grant us from his virtue and from his mercy. So on earth, Allah favors some above others in different ways. You might have a beautiful recite of the Quran. But maybe he doesn't have some other gifts that Allah has bestowed upon someone else. You might have a person with a lot of knowledge, but maybe he doesn't have much wealth, but he has a wealth of knowledge. You might have someone who is whom Allah has accepted to engage in lots of voluntary acts of worship, but perhaps he doesn't have a house, maybe he's homeless, you might have someone who has a lot of wealth, but maybe he doesn't even have

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faith. You might have a person who's really powerful in terms of authority, but he doesn't even believe in God Almighty, you might have someone who is favorite, Strong Body good looks, whatever else. Maybe they don't, they cannot recite the Quran in such a melodious way. But my brothers, my sisters, the gift of Allah is when he has combined for you a few of those together, primarily you can lose everything. It won't be bad. Besides losing your connection with Allah.

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You don't lose that. If you have to lose something material because of your connection with Allah. So be it. So be it. It's okay. That's fine. But I'm not going to lose my connection with my maker. Yes, I need to apply wisdom. I need to understand. I need to know how to tackle matters it doesn't mean I'm just going to give up everything at the first go. You know, someone tells you look, you're not allowed to pray pray anymore. You can't pray anymore.

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What do you mean I cannot pray anymore. You know and I know that if I'm not allowed to pray standing, I can pray sitting if I'm not praying, sitting I can pray lying down. If you're going to, I can pray with science. I can pray with the movement of my head and so on. You know that I know that it's a gift of Allah so you don't just give up and say okay, that's fine. No, you will still pray but they don't know.

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And who are they to stop you and prevent you? May Allah Subhana Allah Allah protect us. There are people across the globe being persecuted for a simple piece of cloth on their heads. The Hijab for example, may Allah make it easy for all of our sisters, those of our sisters who are being prevented from doing what they want to do, Subhan Allah, may Allah Almighty, grant you ease and may Allah Almighty be there for you. However, remember, don't just give up your faith because of a little bit of persecution. They will people persecuted in a bigger way before you and they will be people persecuted after you. And we are persecuted at times regarding certain things we are judged and we

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are maltreated at times, not necessarily major items, but sometimes even small things. However, that is the nature of life and living and that is the plan of Allah Almighty. That is the nature of this world. We endure until we get to the hereafter we try to solve

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problem in the best possible way. Allah will grant a solution. If for some reason solution doesn't come in our lifetimes, yes, it will come after that maybe in the meantime, we've earned the pleasure of Allah we proved ourselves that we are true to Allah and to the covenant and to the faith. May Allah Almighty grant all of us janitorial for those in paradise Akula Cali ha ha SallAllahu wasallam albaraka ala Nabina Muhammad kita Boon

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