Tim Humble – The Muslim Family #26 – You Will Be Asked About Your Children

Tim Humble
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What are kulu filco Ronnie magia II

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to carry Moosa Lu wa colocar La La, la de la Lu, while Mustafa al de

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leeuw Alhamdulillah europian alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Abdullah he was suli Nabina Muhammad whiner early he will be a Jemaine Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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We begin as always by praising Allah azza wa jal by asking Allah to exalt the mentioned grant piece to our messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to his family and his companions we've been talking about our children as a gift from Allah azzawajal and an era and we now Ganesha Allahu Allah talk about our children as a miss lee as a responsibility and an Amana from Eliza gel and the test from a loss pinata we have some evidences to talk about with the children as a gift and an error so we're going to begin with those and then we'll move on to the topic of the episode inshallah Allah after that a lie so we just said well, levena m and whatever Tom Doria to whom be emailing and how

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can I be him Surya to whom Allah Allah to know who mean I really mean Shea who luminary in Bhima cassava Rahim Allah which has any sort of tour I in number 21. Those who believe and their offspring follow them in a man, we cause their offspring to be joined with them or to be raised up to them.

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And we do not cause anything from their actions to be lost. Every person is with regard to what they have earned. They have been the rain, it's mortgaged and it's like a security against the actions or what they have earned.

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So here why I brought this ayah is I'm going to call to you from Le mama Sadie Rahim Allah to Allah and what he said about this i because when you first read the ayah, it would appear first of all that you see it from the point of view of the children who follow their parents being a being the children following their parents, it being a blessing upon the children, that Allah subhanaw taala raises the child up to the parents

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because the child followed their parents in a man. But there's also another way of considering this ayah and for that we're going to quote Alamo Maserati or Hamilton Island. I remember Saturday or Hamilton he said you'd Heckle him willowby Mazda he him Phil Jenna, Allah azza wa jal brings that child up to their parents level, in general, we're in nemea, boo hoo ha, even though the child might not have done in of themselves enough to reach it jezza and leave him as a reward for their parents was the either 10 feet or be him and an increase on in their in in their reward or an increase in the child's reward? Well, my daddy, and despite this ally soldier doesn't decrease the parents

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reward in anything. So here what I wanted to quote, use where he said Jessa and the herbarium, this is actually a blessing upon the father and upon the mother upon the parents that are alive. So a gel brings their beloved, near to them in Paradise, even though those children in of themselves might not have done enough to reach that level. But Allah subhanaw taala brings them up. And it's interesting, we said that because the same thing is said about the husband and the wife in general, the same thing is said about the husband and the wife in general, that Elias or gel would raise the husband up to the level of his wife if he hasn't reached that level, out of a column or a an act of

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generosity towards her and honoring her. And likewise allies, which would raise a wife up to the level of her husband in in honoring

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in honoring him. So the same thing you said about the children, that it's an honor for the parent, for their child to be raised up to their level, even if they haven't done what their parents had necessarily done. And that doesn't decrease anything from the reward of the parents at all. doesn't decrease anything from their award and it is an increase in reward for the children and are like gives it to whoever he wills. But this is a blessing from Allah soprano to Allah, that Allah azza wa jal makes our children and raises up the level of our children to be near to the parents in general if the parents were more righteous than the children of the parents ended up with a higher level in

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paradise than the child. So this is something which is praiseworthy and which is a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala. So we wanted to mention

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Among the blessings of children, so that we can establish the importance of giving our children the right tarbiyah the right education and the right and their rights, so that they can be from the people who are, we are together with them by the permission of Allah azza wa jal in paradise.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in the height of it showed all the love on hand the Hadith narrated by Buhari and Muslim, he said many truly mean Howdy, he'll Bennati be Shay in the center la hin con la who sit on min and now

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the Prophet Sam said whoever is tested

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with some daughters, some of these daughters

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and he's good to them, they will be a covering, or they will be a shield or a barrier between him and between the fire. This also tells us the blessing. And I brought it specifically because it tells us the blessing of daughters.

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And the fact that the Prophet said and he said it Trulia that they've been tested, then that we're going to come to the fact that our albula by generally speaking the word albula. It can be a little highly or sharp, it can be for something which is good. And it can be for something which is bad. So that doesn't mean that daughters are something bad. But your children are a test. And definitely your daughters are a test, there are tests are you going to be good to them or not good to them. And there are tests particularly for the people who had that wrong jalahalli pre Islamic idea that daughters or something bad. So it became a test for them are they going to be good to their

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daughters or not? Whether is good to their daughters, then they will be a covering that will be a veil or a covering between them and between the Hellfire that will protect them from the fire. So this is something really which tells us the virtue of our children, the blessing of our children, and particularly the blessing of having daughters, if you are good to them. And likewise, just generally we talk about children, if you're good to your children, and you fulfill their rights, this is the kind of rewards you can expect your mark Leanna this mentions daughters, and no doubt there are rewards of different types and different similarly at different rewards for all of our

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children. So ultimately, if we fulfill our children's rights, and we take them seriously and we think about them, and we give them their what is what is what is needed, and we do our best to fulfill them properly. Then Allah subhanaw taala will give us a great reward for that Yokoyama. And from the rewards that I mentioned is this reward which is mentioned in a video Muslim from the hadith of Ayesha, that the daughter will be the daughters that you are good to, they will be a protection for you from the fire.

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That interestingly and nicely brings us on to the next part of our discussion, because the profit side of them said money to do whoever is tested. And that tells us that our children are a test, a trial and our responsibility. And this is the other side of the

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the other side of the coin, you know, to look at the other side of our children not as only as a blessing and a Hiba that you can do whatever you want. But like every blessing you are given by Allah azza wa jal, that blessing is a test. And that's why Eliza gel he said in total MBA in a number 35. Couldn't have seen the equal tool note. Whenever Lu combi Sheree will highly fitna. What Elena total jerilyn every soul will taste death. And we test you see and where the profits I mean, who's many Trulia, many Trulia whoever is tested with daughters. Allah said whenever law couldn't the same word we test you be Sheree will high with bad things and good things. And that's why the

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word l Bella is used for bad and good. And so it doesn't mean tested meaning there is something bad you've been given, but tested with good. You've been tested with good, particularly in the case of doors, as we mentioned, is that there may be some people who held on to that pre Islamic belief that it's something bad. So for them it's an even greater test. Because in there, they're trying to shake off this wrong concept and this bad idea that it's something bad and it still exists among many Muslims today. And I don't think that's an exaggeration that is still exists among many cultures today that that kind of feeling. But he even if you see your daughters as being the best thing, it's

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still a balla it's still a test. If you see your sons as being the best thing. It's still a

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Test your children are a balla they are a test. And the test can be good or bad. Because ultimately a lot can test you with children that are difficult, that are disrespectful and disobedient la casa de la with Alec male lies which are not decree that for us

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and allies will contest you with good with the best children and allies which will contest you with anything in between that, because their tests of allies are not restricted to the things which are necessarily bad for us. Rather when a lie gives you health it's a test. When Allah gives you wealth. It's a test. When Allah gives you happiness. It's a test when Allah gives you luxury, it's a test when Allah gives you a beautiful house to test. When Allah azza wa jal gives you a great job. It's a test. All of these things are Abella. They're a test. There are tests from Allah subhanaw taala. Whenever law can be shared, we will hire if it now we test you with bad things, and we test you with

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good things as a fitna and examination a trial. And that's why it's correct to use the word fit enough for our children, we're going to hear in an IRA that explicitly Eliza, we don't use the word fit for our children. They are a test they're a trial, what you lean toward a Jeroen and to us you will be returned. And there you will get the results. And this seems to be one of the reasons why allies which I mentioned what Lina total jerilyn because when you're returned to Allah, you will receive your results of your exam, you are examined with regard to health, you are given a test with regard to your children, you are given a test with regard to your wealth, you are given a test with

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regard to all of the near term of a lot at the blessings of Allah and and the gifts that are lies are generally give you the hibbott of Eliza, which are the gifts that he gave you, you were given them as a test and your results, what Elena told geralyn when you go back to Allah, you will receive the result of your exam, whether you pass your exam, whether you didn't pass your exam, Eliza, genomic, all of us from the people of alpha dosa, Allah, those people who pass the exam with flying colors in the best possible way. Suppan a lot to think that you will go back to Allah. And there you will see the results of the tests and the trials that you had in this world. And among those things,

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are the trials in good, just like the trials in bad. So it's not right for a person to see. Or you know, for example, that it's only if your child is disobedient, that you're being tested, or I've really been tested with my son because he's disobedient. I've really been tested with my daughter because she's disobedient. That's not correct. Rather, you're being tested with the obedient children and the disobedient children. All of it is a test from Allah whenever Lucretia river hiree, fitna, what Elena to geralyn so how is this test if it's good, if you're being tested with good children and your child is a blessing and Nima and a father, a grace from Allah and a Hebrew, a gift

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from Allah azza wa jal, and we're herb, then how are you? How do you pass a test? If you're being tested with good we kind of understand Usually, people have an intrinsic kind of understanding of how to pass a test. When the test is bad. Allah has given you a disobedient child and you know your child has nothing but trouble for you. And you kind of have an almost natural understanding of how to pass that test. I have to have sober I have to keep trying I have to make dua to Allah I have to not you know, turn away from a lie I have to keep my people have that kind of intrinsic understanding. But a lot of people ask the question if I have had an amazing child who is just such

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a blessing for me, how do I pass my test when I've been given something good and that is found in in salt Ibrahim in IRA number seven when a light switch I said what if then Rob Bakula in Chicago, Toma as either knuckle weather in California to in either be lash added, and when your Lord declared, if you are grateful, I will certainly give you more and if you are ungrateful, then indeed my punishment is severe. So here we are told explicitly that what is required for us when we are given good when we are tested and Bella with higher with good and with blessings, that what is required from us is a sugar

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what is required from us is sugar and that's why I would highly recommend on that topic that if you have time for some extra reading this Ramadan aside from of course your you know your attention you're going to be giving to the Quran and your reading of the Quran. But if you have some time for some extra reading when you're watching this video, get a copy of patience and gratitude by Allah Mohammed bin opium Rahim Allah to edit

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this book

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Which in English is titled patience and gratitude.

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In Arabic, it's called a disability. So it's the title is a little bit different from Arabic to English. But in English, it was titled patience and gratitude by remembering okay him or him a lotta beautiful book. And it just talks about the fact that between you're always every Muslim is between these two things, blessings, which are tests in good and calamities and troubles which are tests in bad. And what is required from you in the tests which are good is sugar, gratitude and what is required from you in the tests which are difficult and hardships and so on, is a subject. And there's so much information in that extra information that you can gain from that. And in reality,

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when you look at your children, you're going to see that your children could fit into either and maybe during their life will fit into both about or whatever. Now it will come later on at Au, au karabo lacuna for your father's and your offspring, you don't know which of them is going to benefit you are going to be closer to benefiting you more. Ultimately, you don't know you might think that the child that right now is a test for you is just a hardship. But you don't know that that child might be the one that benefits you the most yellow PM, you don't know what a lie is, which has written for the alphabet, the outcome of you have them of where they're going to be after you die of

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what they're going to do have tober of changes for good or for bad. You don't know which of your children are going to benefit you more in this world or in the next or not. So ultimately, it may be that a child you go through both phases, there could be a difficulty for you at times, there could be a test of good at times. And that's why are our children really it is correct to say that our children are a test no matter what situation they are in

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another Ayah which tells us how we deal with the tests which are good is that Eliza gel he said our mental Erna downloader shortcut our colonial ministry by Dr. Shaku, he said act or family of doubt, in gratitude, as the end of the Act, or family of download in gratitude, and few of my servants are truly grateful. So what is required from you to show gratitude to Allah xojo for this blessing is to act in accordance with it. And this, I believe, is extremely important when it comes to the blessing of children. And I think if we're talking about the needs of children, and then we're talking about the test, which comes from the needs of children, the blessing of children, then this is a test of

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what are you going to do? As a parent? What are your actions going to be? Allah give you a gift, Allah give you a blessing. Allah gave it to you. And now the question is all parent, what are you going to do with it? Are you going to act in a way that brings about the pleasure of Allah? Are you going to fulfill that child's rights? Are you going to support that child and give that child the tarbiyah? They need by the permission of Allah azza wa jal for them to achieve the the hopes that you have for them in terms of their religion, and where they reach in the art era? Are you going to facilitate that? And it's in the hands of Allah, you're going to facilitate that for that child? Or

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you're going to be a cause and a means for that child to achieve that after the topia of allies origin? Or are you going to be an obstacle for the child to achieve that? So the question is, or parent, what are you going to do with this blessing aeromedical

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act or family of doubt, do actions. That's what's required from you. It's not required from you just to thank Allah with your tongue. And Sal hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah that Allah gave me a child Alhamdulillah he led he won't have any idle Kibera He is married always Huck, like Ibrahim said all praises to Allah, Who gave me the gift despite the fact that I was old of his Marian and Itzhak bass thanking Allah with the tongue. But now the question is, what are you going to do? What are your actions going to be? And that's really what the rest of this segment on children is going to cover? As a parent, what are you going to do to thank Allah for that nearmap airmail Allah dealt with a

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shocker our query in a minute a bad year Shaco very few people actually show the gratitude that is proper and deserving for the blessing that they have been given. And that's true for children as much as it as it is true for everything else.

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And example of not doing things you know, an example of of things not being right. An example of things not being right. An example

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of ingratitude. Can we put forward an example of in gratitude as it relates to your children? Yes, we can. And this example is an example given by Allah as the origin in the Quran. Eliza gel said, who led Hala hakomi nefs in wahida, which I mean Hamza, yes, schooner Ilia. Phelan, Mata Kasha Hamad at Hamlin huffy fan, for Mandala to be alive as we just said, He is the one who created you from a single soul and made from it, its wife. So, his wife saw that they may find trilok tranquility in one another, this we have spoken about, then allies which will gives an example some of the scholars of TFC. They related this example to Adam. But the correct opinion and allies of generals best is

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this is not any, this is not something which happened to Adam alayhis salam. And it's not an example of something that happened to Adam, but it's an example generally of how some parents might respond to the blessing of a child in the wrong way. Eliza just said. So when he covered her eye, he came to his wife in a state of intimacy, she became pregnant hamelech Hamlin high fever, she became pregnant with a single drop, it was only something light, it was not a heavy burden. It was something light from right to be, and then time went on, and she and she became the bird the baby became bigger and bigger fella, Scarlet when the baby became big, and it became clear that she was expecting a baby,

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they both they both Tao a la rabona they both called upon Allah, their Lord, if you give us a solid, and here the scholars of Tafseer differed, they some of them said the word sila means that the child is healthy if you give us a healthy child, and some of them said the word slaughter his righteous here, if you give us a righteous child under two, it doesn't really affect it of co2 much any you give us a healthy child or righteous child, we will certainly be grateful. If you give us a righteous child, we will certainly be grateful for them. Tell Hormel smiley hat Jalla lemahieu, Shoraka FEMA, Homer Fatah, Allahu I'm a Ghost Recon sort of era from 189 to 190. When Allah gave

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them that healthy child or righteous child, then those two parents made partners with Allah, they made sure to crystallize in that which Allah has given them. So Exalted is Allah over what they associate with him in partners. Subhana Allah, what an example of the ultimate in gratitude, for example, the ultimate lack of gratitude, that a parent begs Allah, Allah give me a healthy child, give me a righteous child. And I will promise you that all I will be grateful. And then Allah gives them that child and the child is healthy, and the child is righteous.

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And then they make partners with a lot FEMA Tahoma, in the very thing that Allah had given them, in the very thing that Eliza gel had given them, either by the way that they named the child naming the child with a name that is against the rules of Islam and constitute schicke. Like naming the child, Abdullah Rosa, the servant of Allah, or the shrimps, the servant of the sun, or any of these names that were from the sharqiya. Today, the names that contain polytheism, or in any other way, and in any other way that a parent might make Sheikh, but they made shift with regard to the very thing that Allah had given them the very child that Allah had given them, and then they made a partner

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with Eliza in that, and less than that, but equally, it's equally an example of being ungrateful is the disobedience of Allah with regard to that child, Eliza which will gives you a child and then you disobey Allah with regard to that very child, by doing haram because of them or for them or for their sake, or whatever people might justify it. And of course, schilke is the greatest and the most severe example of that. But for a parent to be to ask Allah Allah please give us a righteous child, please give us a healthy child and then Allah gives you that righteous child, gives you that healthy child and then you disobey Allah azza wa jal, by making upon that with him or by what is less than

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that, then this is the ultimate act of ingratitude towards a Lost Planet Allah. So as Muslims, what do we take from this? First of all, we do call upon Allah, we do call upon Allah azza wa jal to give us righteous children, as Zachary said when he calls

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Upon his Lord Rob be heavily mentally I don't care to Rhea tempo. Or my Lord, give me from you. We're good children, good children, children that are good for me that our children that bring near to Allah azza wa jal, children that are Eva, they have been, they are good people, good children. And ultimately that's what we ask Allah azza wa jal for, but we have to understand that when Allah gives that to you, you need to act in a way that is good in a way that is pleasing to Allah. Don't make your children a reason for you to disobey Allah. Don't make it your children a reason for you to turn away from Allah, don't make your children a reason for you to make shake with Allah subhanaw

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taala. And this example, in sort of our life is one of the most excellent examples and Allah subhanaw taala has given us that that wonderful example to understand how a person could be so ungrateful with regard to the children that they've been given. And as I emphasized, I don't think that there's any evidence to say that this refers to Adam and her work. Rather, this is from the Israeli army. I don't think that there is

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any evidence from Islamic texts to prove that particular point. So I think it's better that we keep away from that completely, even if it's written. If it is narrated from some of the cell of Rahim Allah to Allah, what are the alarm on home? That is narrated that some of them said that, but we see that the source of this analyzer journals best is that Israeli at is the report from Benny Israel. And so we say this is an example simply of ingratitude generally from some of Benny Adam, Eliza, which I said insulted to Goblin in NEMA and welcome what I will add to confit now, will la Miranda who I don't love him, indeed, your wealth, and your children are nothing but if it's not. Now the

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word innama. Here is a word feed and hustle. It gives us the benefit of restricting, which means that it tells us that we are limited, there is nothing but this this is the only thing there is your wealth, and your children are nothing but a fitna

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a test and a trial will love we're in there who agilon Arlene and Allah has a great reward. Allah azza wa jal has a great reward for those who pass that test in that trial, behaving in the right way, responding in the right way, and realizing that your wealth that you've been given, and your children that you have been given are a test for you. And here Eliza described them as a fitna.

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They are a potential cause of misguidance and going astray, there potentially could cause you to go astray and could cause you to be taken away from the path of allies origin, but they could also be a reason for agilan are the a great reward in the sight of Allah as origin. We're going to continue that theme in our next episode, inshallah, to Allah the theme that our children are a test and a responsibility. And we're going to talk about that so that we can really understand I believe, if we can understand how great have a blessing our children are, and we can understand how great of a test and responsibility our children are, then we really are approaching the rights of the children with

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full concern and attention. We're going to give our full attention to the rights of the children because we realize what a blessing they are. A gift they are a test they are and a responsibility they are that's what we had time for analyzer generals best was Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa, Salaam Alaikum. If you're enjoying these videos, and you'd like to keep up to date with all of the courses we're going to be running, make sure you head over to am [email protected]

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