Ramadan 2022 – Reconnecting with Revelation #25 – True worshipers

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Geeta Boone

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Salam, Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. My brothers and sisters, Allah created us. And everything we have is from Allah, we say this and we know this because ultimately we're going to return to Allah Almighty. If you take a look at Surah, two Shuara, where Allah Almighty makes mention of several prophets, and speaks about some aspects of their lives, and some of their statements, you will learn something amazing. You know, we are taught to connect with Allah and sometimes because of what's going on around us, we are reminded to reconnect with Allah, and we reconnect with Revelation, we reconnect with a lot of what we're supposed to be doing, and we have not been doing

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in the way we should be doing it. So Allah Almighty reminds us of many of these things. Do you know the Prophet Ibrahim May peace be upon him was threatened by his father, and he was told we're going to throw you into the fire? We're going to expel you from our community, and a lot of these things were executed. But Ibrahim alayhi salam showed no fear. He knew. He says, Do you know what I fear the Lord of the Worlds who is he? Who is Rob bull Alameen. So he explains this beautifully in verse number 78, of Surah, two Shuara where he says, Allah, the Hala Kenny, for Hua Deen, the One who created me, so he is the one who will guide me, the one who created me and guides me, my brothers,

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my sisters, we seek the guidance of Allah, He made us keep on asking Him for guidance, because you don't know which way your life is going to turn. The brains we've been given are definitely from Allah. But He expects us to look into Revelation and ponder over the verses very deeply, and think about them. Don't just tell yourself this is contradictory and this thing is not valid and so on. Think very carefully. This is from your maker, ponder over it. Do you know what you would be wrong? In all cases, if you were to think that within Revelation, there is contradiction Subhanallah as a believer, that's what it is. Obviously, those who don't believe would not even see the light, they

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would find contradiction, even where there isn't contradiction. Subhanallah so as a believer, you know, that what comes first is what Allah has said, Look at Ibrahim, a young boy. And he says I Bula al Amin, who is the Lord of the world. He's the one who made me he's the one who is guiding me shall guide me and I will follow His guidance. We ask Allah Idina, Sara told Mr. Kim, guide us to the straight path so many times a day, and we should be doing so. Because that's how we will earn the guidance of Allah Almighty. Then he says, well, Levy, who are you to Emoni where your spin it is ye who feeds me, and it is ye who quenches my thirst.

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So your food and drink is from Allah, you are convinced so am I Subhanallah we are believers, who Allah grants us and provides for us the food and the drink, he makes it palatable, he makes us able to eat and for it to go down into our digestive systems and to be of benefit to our bodies. He makes it easy for us to drink the water some people can't drink, but Allah is the One who gave us food and drink and the ability to consume that.

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So that is Allah will love you, who are you to me anyway, a spin are either married to a who is Shireen. And when I become sick or if I become ill, it is he, it is he who cures me. Allah is the Owner of cure, He is the giver of your food and drink. He is the giver of guidance, none guides except he who is guided by Allah. No one will ever be guided unless Allah has guided them.

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And subhanAllah nobody can help themselves from Miss guidance if they are not rightly guided by Allah. Similarly, the quenching of your thirst, the food and the drink is from Allah your clothing is from Allah. All of that is mentioned even by the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, where he says that Allah Almighty says yeah, EBA de Allah says, Oh, my worshipers could look on ba lune Ilam and had a to who first Dooney decom all of you astray besides the ones whom I have guided. So seek guidance from me and I will guide you. Yeah, anybody could

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Lokomat in Illman castle to Fasttech, Sunni axiocam

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All of you are naked, you are unclothed, besides those whom I have granted clothing to, so seek from me and I will clothe you. That's what Allah says. Allah says Kulu, camicia, Iran Ilam and attom. To who? First Dr. Mooney are two income. All of you are hungry, you don't have food, except those whom I have provided food for. So ask me and I will give you may Allah give us food and drink. May Allah give us guidance and good health. May Allah give us goodness in every way. So that hadith could see which means a hadith where the prophet peace be upon him is mentioning what Allah had said, that is a powerful narration, which backs up what Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam is saying, this verse of the Quran,

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which means it confirms it.

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So, Ibrahim alayhi salam is saying that he is the one who feeds me, he is the one who quenches my thirst when I'm sick and ill he is the one who grants me cure. So does that mean I should just sit back relax when I'm sick and you know, continue the coffin continue whatever else and just tell myself well, Allah will cure me, Allah will kill me. No, you start off with your home remedies. You go to the doctors, you have your medics medicine, whatever else, you go to the professionals, you may go to the hospitals, all of that does not negate the fact that Allah was the one who cured you. Because he made all that available. He gave men the brain, he gave men the understanding the

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capacity, the ability, and he expects you to do that. But still, the ultimate cure is Allah how many have had simple diseases that have never been cured.

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And medicine has given up but then Allah cures them miraculously later on, that goes to prove that we seek medication but sometimes Allah may choose not to cure us through that medication, perhaps another one and perhaps something simple, maybe a home remedy, perhaps the flaxseed oil and so on. May Allah Almighty grant us goodness my brothers, my sisters, here is Allah telling us when you're ill make dua supplicate to me, ask me for cure. And I will make sure that the doctor's hands or the doctor's diagnosis or the medication that is prescribed or whatever else that happens, is happening in the right direction. But don't be lazy. Don't sit back and say Oh Allah, you do it for me. That

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is wrong. There is a narration of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, where he explains that those who want to earn sustenance, they cannot just sit back at home and claim that Allah will send it here. They need to make an effort, even if that effort is from home like what we see today online and so on. But you need to make that effort and then you understand this is from Allah Almighty. So here, the Prophet Ibrahim, he says,

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When I he is the one Allah is the One who will cause my death and He will resurrect me again. Well, levy you meet Tony Mohini the one who who is Rabbil Alameen who is the Lord of the Worlds he is the one who will cause my death and He will resurrect me thereafter he will bring me back to life. So you owe your life and death to Allah. In a Salah t when no Sookie Rama yah, yah, wah Ma Ma T Lillahi Rabbil Alameen say that my life, my death, my sacrifice my prayer, all of that is for Allah, Lord of the words, notice the same name of Allah is used or Abdul al Amin, and here, Ibrahim alayhi salam is explaining who is Rabbil Alameen. So he says he's the one who will cause my death and he is the one

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who will resurrect me thereafter bring me back to life after that death. And then he says, and he is the one whom I hope we'll forgive my sin on the Day of Judgment. Subhan Allah will levy UTMA and fearly hottie at Yeoman Deen.

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Amazing how Allah Almighty is the one who will forgive our sins, we have hope. Ibrahim alayhi salam says he is the one whom I hope will forgive. I'm convinced the hope here for a prophet is conviction. He says I am convinced that he will forgive my shortcomings on the Day of Judgment. The lesson is for us, we all have shortcomings. You must have hope in the Mercy of Allah. You're a believer. you've prayed you've done good deeds. You've read the Quran, you've remembered Allah, you've praised him, you sought His forgiveness. You tried your best to you really think that the Lord of the worlds the most kind, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate, is not going to have

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mercy on you. You need to have hope in the Mercy of Allah.

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So on that day, the day of judgment, we all have hope that Allah Almighty will grant us from His forgiveness. Look at the beautiful lesson we've learned from

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Allah has mentioned in surah, two Shuara about what Ibrahim alayhi salam told his folks, may Allah bless every single one of us, grant us from His mercy have have meaning grant us the best of this world and the next and may Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive our shortcomings on the day of judgment and grant us paradise Akula Kohli ha ha SallAllahu wasallam albaraka ala Nabina Muhammad kita Boon

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