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The speaker discusses past events and struggles with past events, including the struggles of the people of previous nations and Microsoft Microsoft Teams and Azure's use of their information. They emphasize the importance of learning from past experiences and finding one's own way to succeed. The speaker also touches on the challenges faced by the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, the use of technology and technology in protecting individuals, and the need for everyone to use technology for personal reasons, including social media and business.

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Salam Alaikum, Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, my brothers, my sisters, all the messengers of Allah was sent in order to remind mankind to worship their maker, Allah Almighty alone without association of partners, which means no act of worship to be rendered to anyone or anything besides he who made you. Now, if you look at the messengers, and the detail in the Quran of the messengers and their people, some of these messengers, Allah has mentioned in great detail about prior to their birth and the birth and how it was and the people at the time of the birth, and when they were little, and how they grew up. And then thereafter, what happened as they grew older, and when they got their

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prophethood, when they spoke to their people, how the people reacted, and what happened and what didn't happen and the details and how the ending was, Allah made mention of the their call, for example, and then how long it took for them to respond, how they responded, some of them did this, some of them did, that the punishment, how it came when it came and what happened. Some of them Allah mentions no detail whatsoever, very little, very little. Some of them are not even mentioned in the Quran, but I'm talking about those who are mentioned in the Quran, then there are some whom the detail is a little bit not so much just about how they call their people. And what it is that

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was the problem at the time. And what exactly they said how the people responded, it is very, very important to know that all of them, were calling people towards the Almighty not towards themselves, they were calling their people to worshiping their maker alone. And they were telling them to be upright. In terms of goodness, they're supposed to be upholding the values that are of the highest possible level, the Quran is full of these beautiful messages. Now, if you look at the people, for example, over a time, and from before, each messenger was sent, mainly to remind his people of one major matter over and above the issue that we spoke about of worship. So together with the matter of

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worship, there was one major thing wrong in the people. But Shavon Shavon has become an expert over time, take a look at Adam alayhis, salaam time shaitan there was one enemy, he was shaitan. Over time shapen began to gain experience. And he started learning that okay, I have distracted man in this way. I've distracted him in this way. I succeeded here, I failed there. This is the reason why I failed. This is the reason why I succeeded. Now, if you take a look at that, that itself is such that it shows us as men become sophisticated. Shaytan also becomes sophisticated. And that's why as we see the nations coming one after the other, there are more and more issues that the nations are

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facing such that now we are the OMA of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And I promise you, this ummah, is facing the most challenges more than all of those before us. And we don't just have one issue, we're dealing with all those issues put together, whether it was the problem of the time of the people of Luther Alayhis Salam, or the time of the people of New Alayhis Salam or the time of the people of OD and samode, and so on. All of them put together, we're facing it now. But something amazing Allah Almighty has kept in us the greatest of messages and that is the Quran, the most powerful revelation was kept to the end. And the reason why all the stories of the previous nations

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that are mentioned in the Quran, are mentioned there. Because Allah wanted us to learn lesson. This is how shaitaan attacked them. This is how they replied, This is how the successful succeeded and this is how those who failed have failed. Are you going to take heed when you read a story of the people of the previous nations in the Quran, don't just enjoy how they were good people and bad people and this is how the bad were destroyed. No, rather than just enjoy the story which mashallah these stories are quite enjoyable to read. Ask yourself where do I fit in at this time of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? Am I from this side or that side? Do I listen to I obey? Do I

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cheat people in business? Do I not? Am I arrogant Am I not and you will see whether or not Allah Almighty is pleased with you and whether or not you have succeeded to protect yourself from shape ban from entering or from getting to you from those particular angles. Extremely important. Another quick point I want to mention in tonight's boost is my brothers, my sisters, right at the beginning. The prophets didn't even have loud hailers

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Forget about the internet and telephones and everything else. They didn't even have loud hailers. But if you look at only the life of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. They right at the beginning, even the salah that they used to fulfill they will no loudspeakers, no microphones, imagine the the blessings of Allah as the Ummah expanded as the people grew as the numbers increased, Allah continued to give us technology and gave us the knowledge to expand this technology as mankind in order for us to use it in a good way. And to be able to reach the correct number of people, east and west, wherever they are, they will reach the message of goodness and Islam the

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message of worshiping the maker alone, the message of high morals and values will reach throughout the globe. And it's up to the people once they get the message to react to it in the proper way. So as the numbers increased, Allah gave us technology of the microphone. As as numbers increased, Allah gave us the telephone, Allah gave us faxes, Allah gave us telexes and phones and then Allah gave us the internet. And Allah gave us social media. And Allah gave us so much more. There was a stage when we had, for example, satellite dishes after the television, and it was together with the television, it made a big difference. And now people are on their phones all the time, I'm reaching you, because

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Allah has allowed us to do that because Allah knew this OMA is going to be a billion or more than 1,000,000,002 billion of us. And not only that, the message needs to get to eight 9 billion people on Earth. So Allah says and meaning through his favor, Allah Almighty will protect the Quran and the deen. There is no way that this deen is not going to grow because Allah wants it to grow until a point where he decides otherwise. So Allah Almighty has given us technology, my brothers, my sisters, this is the age of technology, make sure that you use every technological advancement in your favor, that which is in your possession, and that we do have access to use it to serve the Dean

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no matter what it is, when you flood all apps and all social media applications and all forms of technical technology. Wherever it's taken you make sure you use it, be it Metaverse, or whatever it is, make sure you use it to serve the DNA. Do you know what's a good thing, every person who does a good deed because you encourage them or as a result of your effort in one way or another you get a full reward of what ever goodness they did as a result of that effort. So don't ever give up and make sure you know you're doing it for Allah, Allah will grant you the reward. Imagine if 1,000,002 million people change their lives because Allah used you to say something good. That could probably

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just be your agenda. Maybe through the multiplication of those rewards, Allah Almighty will grant you such acceptance that you can sail through into paradise May Allah grant that to us. So this evening, I chose to speak to you about these two things. One is about the messengers and the fact that now that we are from the final messenger, all the issues that shapen used against all these people, he's used all of them, all of them together against us. May Allah protect all of us. May Allah grant us goodness as an OMA, we've been warned about every plan of shape. And if shaitan only had one plan with us, and he didn't learn from his previous plans, we wouldn't have needed the

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stories of the previous prophets, but we need them because we need to know how shaytan operated and shaped pan. Well, he succeeded to a certain degree that Allah allowed him in the previous nations to misguide certain people who were then destroyed by Allah Almighty. If we're not going to take heed, where do you think we're going to head and then to spread the message? Allah has given us technology as the numbers grew. And as the people began to accept the deen of Allah far and wide, we have no excuse. Use technology no matter what it is, when you're using social media, ask yourself how much of this have I used in the good? And how much of this have I used to spread goodness? Or am I just

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using it for business? Am I just using it in order to spread for example, facade, okay, also corruption. And my brothers, my sisters, remember that Allah Almighty chooses from his worshippers? Ask yourselves how much of this social media have I used to earn the pleasure of Allah? May Allah Almighty grant us the ability to use whatever he has given us in the right direction? Akula Kali hada are SallAllahu wasallam albaraka ala Nabina Muhammad