The ONE thing you need to keep in mind during Ramadhan

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What we need to understand that Salah is followed, fasting is also further, it's two compulsory acts that are coming together and both are intertwined. You can't be fasting on the one side and missing Salah on the other side. Many of us only manage to perform Maghrib salah or many of us are only coming once or twice to the masjid during the day. We need to make a greater effort to see that we get our Salah in order. Salah is the first thing that Allah will question as on the day of gamma in terms of Amahl and if our salah is in order, everything else inshallah will be in order. And if our Salah is not in order, then I'm afraid it's going to impact on the rest of the stages that are to

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follow. So Salah is for our benefit. It's an intimate conversation between us and our Creator. It should be done out of love. Whenever we hear the more of the insane hyaena Salah and Haryana fella, come for Salah Come to success. It's a call by one lover to another lover. Allah the beloved, is calling his lover and Allah is saying come to the house of Allah. kneel in front of me, prostrate and bow down in front of me and show me your love, show and profess your love for me. So Salah is a very personal Iboga