Tafseer of Surah Maryam 17 – They neglected prayer and pursued their unlawful desires

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what's going on feeding Kitabi?

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Sheldon dia

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on your rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim for Hala from embody him holophone a bar who salat wa terbaru Shah variety for some Feng Kona Layyah in lemon Manoa, Amina Saudi. For all the ICA you had to Hulu doesn't matter whether you believe Munna she saw that Allah will love him. So we concluded verse 58, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala wrapped up the discussion of Ambia alayhi wa Salatu was Salam. And of course their salient qualities and attributes were highlighted so that we could learn from it. We could take a cue guidance, inspiration. And of course we know the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the final of all Allah's prophets mesothelioma thermal MBR, immune cobbly Gamma

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tally Raju Lin burner, beta and Jamila who Sana Illa mo the Lebanon Fiza via the use of Allahu alayhi wa sallam said my example and the example of those who preceded me is like a person who built a house and he completed the house and people started walking around, and they were impressed by the structure, the architecture, the design, however, there was one brick short in a corner Illa MO The I Lebanon visa, and people said why hasn't the house been concluded? And he sort Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, and I am that final break to complete and conclude and complement the house of Naboo. What? So what was the common quality of all them Bre who was Salatu was Salam. They would fall in

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prostration before Allah subhanho wa Taala and they would weep he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sprayer was long and was amazing. When our mother I shall have the Allahu anha was asked regarding his nocturnal prayer and he had good Salah then I shall have the Allahu anha said it was eight units of prayer, lettuce and personally hidden our totally hidden. Don't ask me regarding the beauty of the prayer and the length of that prayer. There is an ovation when he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went into such that it was when there was an eclipse when the there was a solar eclipse and the messenger SallAllahu wasallam engaged in such a prolong the prostration that the Sahaba said we

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feared that perhaps he had passed on. We fear that perhaps he had passed on completely just consumed in that prayer and in that prostration with Allah subhanahu wa taala in Noho Yara Kahina taco what Doppelbock kaphas saggi then in our who was semi on Raneem surely Allah is observing your Theon and Allah is observing your prostration and Allah is observing you amongst those that worship. Okay, now verse 59, Allah subhanaw taala now switches the discussion from the noble and the pious to the wicked from Saudi to Talia.

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From from virtuous to evil. So Allah says for her law firm embody him holophone abou Salah What about Russia why they are so far gone over a year. The prophets were then succeeded by evil people evil people. This again is the beauty of the Arabic language and it's quite commonly known. So you have the word, Love Love and for however, to come at the back to come there after to be a successor. If it comes with sukoon of love. Then more than often more than often it is used for RP bushel and evil successor though and look I say it could also be used for our people hire for a noble successor, but commonly primarily it comes for an evil successor. And then if it comes Be faithful

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lamb beef lamb with the Fatah Khalifa as in you know what a fat on the lamb, then it comes for our people to play a noble successor. How often you will see the father was a noble person, or the teacher was a great person, but the person who took the reins after the father, the son or the student or the disciple, unfortunately, he did not live up to it. He did not live up to it for Hala fam embody him Hello phone. So the galaxy of prophets were then succeeded by evil individuals. Now let's reflect you when Allah subhanho wa Taala identified and profile these people as wicked as evil successes. What was the first trait that Allah subhanaw taala described in the evil nature of baru

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Salah da they neglected prayer, they neglected prayer

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The scholars have taken the word or Dharamsala in different forms. There were those amongst them who denied prayer. Of course, then they became disbelievers. There were those among them that did not deny the prayer as in they accepted the obligation, the mandatory nature of prayer, however, they will laxed in its performance, they were sluggish in its execution, they will lazy in the performance of ablution, etc. For where you learn little mousseline will be to those who praise Allah and levena Whom and Salah T himself Hoon, and levena homerun Salah team so Warren, those who are negligent with regards to their prayer, and the scholars say, if Allah subhanho wa Taala were to

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mention a levy no whom fees for Allah to himself warn those who are negligent in their prayer, then it wouldn't have spared any one of us. But nonetheless, a lover you know whom man sala de Him, those who are negligent, Sahar, yes who saw one saw hints or he Anissa Hoonah those who are heedless, careless, negligent, irresponsible with regards to their prayer under the IRA interfered with money is returned. They don't perform it on time, they do not take the necessary protocol of wudu ablution. Just let's take our travel. Just a quick reflection and we come back to the topic of Salah when we traveling we always arrive in at the airport ahead of time. When we have a doctor's

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appointment. We always come in ahead of time. When we have an interview. We always go in ahead of time. Why is it for prayer unfortunately and I addressed the message to myself and not to anyone else. Why is it that unfortunately we always are late. We do how to intervene June What do How does our own while ecomo Sakeena ma a drug to him for solo woman for the comfort of Timo. We've been exhorted originally to Mina shape on that hastiness is from the devil. However, in certain instances, hastiness is from Allah and one is adult with Salah to offer the prayer at its right time.

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So, I think it is important, we take pride, sometimes you stand up as a must book, must book

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is the term that is used for a person who came late for prayer. You know, again, yeah, I marveled at the choice of words of the Judas. So if a person has unfortunately missed out some prayer, and he has kabaah prayer, and he needs to offset that, tada Subhanallah look at the choice of words of the Judas. They don't say Babu kabbah, Ill MetroCard they say Babu kabbah ill for it La Ilaha illa Allah, the chapter on how you should offset prayers that you missed out on. So the scholars and the Judas avoid the term by saying the chapter of performing the prayer you have neglected because they say it is not becoming of a believer to neglect a prayer. It is not becoming of a believer to

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abandon a prayer. Yes, it is possible a believer overslept yes it is possible a believer was in theater and hence he was unable to pray a believer was on a flight and logistically it was a short flight it was Mercury beach simply couldn't find the time or make the window etc. Whatever the dynamics may be, but Oh kabaah el Furla it does mention a newly by in the Harsha under this chapter, and they do not say Babu Casa el MetroCard that chapter on performing prayer that has been neglected because a believer does not or suppose to not neglect his prayer

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for Salah from embody him holophone Abba Salah said no matter the Allahu Anhu said prayer is the most important thing, man Akarma ha for a comment Dean, the one who will establish prayer will surely established Dean woman by Yamaha for Hua lemme see where they are. And the one who was negligent with prayer, the chances are, he will be all the more negligent with regards to the other aspects of Salah. So Allah subhanaw taala said that after the Ambia came evil successes, Adar was solid.

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They neglected prayer, they destroyed salah, and like I said, it includes all if it is the one who denies it, then that would be a disbeliever for whom there's eternal doom and destruction. If it is a person who accepts its obligation but does not perform it, then he would also be guilty. If it is for a person who accepts it and performs it but not with with with diligence, not with pride and passion, not with the passion to execute it at its optimum level. Then he also will be falling short. So we need to up our act in terms of our prayer.

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Barbarossa like I was saying sometimes a person is Miss boop, and you stand up after the Imam has completed his two salah. And then you reciting your Athena and the wood. And the person next to you or around you is in ruku. And you wonder how was it possible for someone to complete his Fatiha and a surah so swiftly, I was doing some relief work in Lombok island in Indonesia. And I remember we took a flight from Jakarta, just three, four years back, we took a flight from Jakarta to to Lombok, and it's an island where they a lot of massage it and we drove from our accommodation to the place the epicenter of the quake. And it was a long drive, it was extreme in heat. And finally we summit a

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hill. And when we submitted the hill, and I rotated my gaze, there was nothing but debris. There was nothing but rubble, and everything had just fallen and people were sitting outside. And as I rotated my gaze, you know, I had a flash of the quotation of Satan ah, and here are the Allahu Anhu. Ghana you can label Kapha who, where you have to go enough so that he would often turn his spam and address himself. And I looked around and I reflected over the Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in which he said, Man, Fatah to Salah dawn, the one who missed one prayer *a anima Butera, Angelou, a man who is as though he lost all his family and his belongings. And now I

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was literally vividly openly seen with my naked eye people who had lost their family and their belongings. And I said, subhanAllah This is the similarity the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had given when a person misses prayer, my dad always says to me and my siblings, that if you are unable to lament the mercy of a prayer, then at least do not lament and cry and be remorseful over any material loss, that when you lose the material things sometimes you look around and a bill or a note is missing, and you become so anxious and restless and uneasy, and yet unfortunately years has passed in our lives. The more rows are added to a yami biller and Adam in Walla Walla Buka. In Willa

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has any the power would say is the weeks in my man's demands in my years, the years in my life, I just move in a way and I haven't found that bond and that rapport with my Creator, and it doesn't bother me in the lease. Okay, a bar was salada they neglected prayer. May Allah subhanho wa taala. Grant me and all of us the ability to improve our prayer. I mean, the second thing about these evil successes, what about Russia? How was it and they pursued their passions? They pursued their passions, and biannual Quran at is mentioned Karina Tony MACOM, in the context of the SIAC and the Subak. The idea is suggestive of the fact that it refers to pursue in unlawful passions. So the idea

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is not condemning lawful indulgence permissible indulgence, because within reason the Sharia has allowed us the Sharia has allowed us of course, the *ty it discourages us that even impermissible we shouldn't go beyond the limit. But you're Allah subhanaw taala is saying these evil successes, the thing that destroyed them was what about Russia, how wealthy, they will follow in their unlawful passions and their desires, they will follow in their unlawful passions and desires. And once a person starts following his his howa and his evil desires, then such a person will become a fall out not only spiritually, but even in material things even in work. If a person is just you know what,

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all the time just indulging just merrymaking just celebrating, just enjoying that unfortunately, there is little hope for him.

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In fact, I came across a very profound quotation in this regarding the mural Adhan under the right up here, where a person says that I had some visitors at home and after they ate the meal and they were about to leave, I asked him for some advice and mashallah the buyers this is what they used to do. Probably we also ask people for advice. I know people ask me, and sometimes I find this very hilarious like I will give a talk for two hours literally this happened now just recently again, and after two hours I'll get off the pulpit and then a brother will come to you Mashallah. The talk was amazing. Can you give me some advice? I'm like, What was I doing for two hours? What was I doing for

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two hours like really this happening to me a week ago and I by Allah I spoke for two hours and mashallah the the audience was attentive and the brothers Wow, that was

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amazin Subhanallah but can you give me some advice? I just looked at him and I said, You know what, what do I tell this brother? I said just just practice what was said that just practice what was said. So sometimes it's just becomes a habit. You know, give me some advice, but we don't process it. We don't digest it. We don't imbibe it. We don't internalize it. When

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Abril housing Rahim Allah was asked Zina Amin more emphatic Why don't you give us more advice? He said in condominial is the Java for particularly Dolakha Murphy Hill Keifa. If you are a person who who needs that advice, then sufficient has been conveyed. Adequate has been conveyed. And if you're a person who don't heed that advice, why must I keep on releasing my error when it's not hitting target? I keep on shooting and shooting but I'm not hitting anywhere. Anyway, so this person asked the guest for some advice so he gave the following advice he said, Man Keturah no more who fella yet to favorite particularly behave. If you are a person who sleeps a lot, then unfortunately, you will

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be deprived of a soft heart, you will be deprived of tearing you will be deprived of crying. In other words, one of the ill effects of sleeping a lot is apart from laziness, sluggishness, lethargy, etc. You will not have a soft heart. And again, you can see the in biannual Quran under the iron Surah to room where Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Well, I mean, I admire him and I'm welcome Bill Layli when it will be the law will come in fugly amongst the signs of Allah Tala E is that it gives you sleep by day and by night, well known been Nihar mimma our the Tula Arab and is mentioned in Asha of Geralyn that sleeping by day was a common practice amongst the Arabs and even

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today scientists will tell you in research was telling you the benefit of sleeping midday siesta Angela Lane says that siesta is El esta Raha what the VA here our inland Mucuna who no one that even if you're not sleeping just just the practice of relaxing would also satisfy the requirement of siesta. So under this it is written in biannual Quran that Allah Allah and unknown Lister AHA look at that polygon Maharaja BNL as BB la Nafi al Kamal for in nama Humann Milani Tala K for you Nafi al Kamal, we're in our unique URL in Himadri. Hema that sleeping is fine. Someone is sleeping. No, tell him no, don't sleep. No. Well Allah is saying it's my favorite upon you that you can sleep. And I

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know my mom always says this and she has difficulty and may Allah make it easy for her and those that have insomnia because it's quite a challenging condition. So Allah is saying sleep is an atma yes, we're in nama Yoon, ha al in Iman Kofi Hema, Allah speaks about earning sustenance as his bounty. Both is his blessing, but do not go beyond limit do not go beyond moderation. So that's the first thing. Woman Keturah Ikenobo fella yet Murphy to yummy lane and the one who eats excessively and indulges too much. He will be deprived of standing in the head dude. I just give a simple analogy Maghrib Salah in the month of Ramadan, it's a light prayer you enjoy that prayer. With the

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exception of Havas. Of course the Orisha prayer will be light as well because you are leading salah, but if a person over eats in his after maghrib Iftar you will find how difficult that Tarawih prayer becomes. Whenever people ask me for an advice regarding ombre. I say do your Amara on a hungry stomach. Your ombre will be amazing and your crying will be amazing and your spirit will be amazing. But when you over eat the prayer becomes difficult. The DUA becomes difficult the Tyrian becomes difficult. Furthermore, woman if Tara Sabetta volumen fella yet McAfee is department Dini, the one who associates himself with a tyrant. Inevitably This will bring a negative spin on the safety of

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his faith. It will compromise your faith. Walter Can you imagine living in a volume of atoms Seconal do not inclined associate and assimilate with the tyrant leaves you are gripped by the torment that will grab them. Woman candle kill that woman Colonel Keith Kurata who Falah yet McAfee Raj Minar duniya mahal Eman La Ilaha illa Allah this is scary at the one who's made lies his habit, then there is fear he will leave this world without EMA just a habit you liar just lying. One of the evil traits of Gilead when Marilla Allah makes mentioned in surah two known for Allah to love him or him just swearing an oath every custom wala gets some custom Walla Walla some people just have the habit

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of swearing an oath her love has been mentioned in the context of evil of Gilead when Maria constantly speaking, taking an oath. So the one who has a habit is to lie all the time. There is fear he will be deprived of iman woman Catherine Tila to be nurse Fela yet the mafia Halawa, Tina

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louder and the one who interacts with people more than necessity is just sitting it just socializing is just chilling. He's just with this one and that one. He doesn't have some time to himself and reflection and introspection, then he will be deprived of the sweetness of iman. And last but not least, woman caliber nurse fella yet my favorite Allah He to Allah. If you're out to please people, then forget about winning the accolade of pleasing Allah because your aim ought to be to please Allah subhanho wa Taala and why you pleasing Allah if humans are pleased in the process, good luck, but I motivated by the pleasure of Allah. Okay, we didn't do much of the IRA. We will continue with

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this verse. Yep. In essence, Allah subhanho wa Taala said that the evil successes, the first thing that made them wicked was abandoned salah they neglected prayer. Number two, what about Russia Halawa? Did they follow their passions, and we made a distinction, it was following the unlawful passions. However, we also qualified the statement by saying that even in the permissible things, let it be with reason, measure and moderation. Now in the latter portion of the same verse, that is verse 59. Allah speaks about the consequences of these people who neglected prayer and follow their base desires. Wait and see what the warning that Allah sounds may Allah make us amongst those who

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establish player in a manner that is pleasing to Him. I mean, you're Bill Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala Ali, he was happy here to Milan will hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa