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Should I Memorize the 99 Names of Allah

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Shaykh Ammar AlShukry answers

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Should I memorize 99 names a lot.

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And the last lesson are similar. So there's the famous Hadeeth of audience reporting behind a Muslim that Allah has 99 names 100, except for one, whoever encompasses them will enter into paradise. So then the word encompass needs to be defined. And the scholars have said about encompassing men, I saw this word slot, that it involves a number of different levels, because you have to remember again, this reward is so great that whoever encompasses these names will receive what at the end gender. And so it's something incredibly valuable, it's got to be something that's significant. Number one, they said so the first level of Islam is to ascertain the names what are the names of a

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lot is a mood one of the names of Allah isn't hiding one of the names of Allah figuring out what the names of a lot are. And I would encourage you to check out the very extensive series that I have on the names of Allah on the innovative Institute channel with Bill adhaan. That's number one, to ascertain the names of Allah number two, it's to know the meanings of these names. So what does the man mean? What does this mean? What are these names even mean? So that's number two. Number three is to memorize them to learn them. And number four is to live in accordance with these names and to ask a lot by those names. And so these levels all together, make up this concept of encompassing the

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names of Allah and if a person does so inshallah, they will enter into paradise