Ramadan 2022 – Boost #16 – Oppression Against Muslims

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh my brothers, my sisters, Ramadan is going well on one hand and on the other hand there are brothers and sisters of ours struggling across the globe for different reasons. Take a look at Palestine and what's happening there right now. totally unacceptable, absurd, it bleeds it causes the bleeding of the heart and you know what it hurts our souls we want to see goodness and justice we want to see a stop to the oppression and aggression we would like to see protection of Masjid Al Aqsa, etc, etc. My brothers my sisters, that is the duty not just of the Muslims but of every human being to want peace, goodness, justice, stability, a stop

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to aggression, oppression and protection of the Holy Lands May Allah Almighty grant that to us, my brothers my sisters, usually in Ramadan, I travel to a different part of the world or different parts of the world. tarawih salata Tara, we we participate in and a lot of lectures we do this time, it was a little bit different way I decided, You know what, after many many years, I need to in Ramadan, visit the Holy Lands perhaps to help ourselves enrich, get closer to Allah spiritual enrichment and become better people and concentrate on personal Ibadah an act of worship, but in the same in the same breath, I thought to myself, wherever we get an opportunity of Dawa, we will seize

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it. And so Subhanallah I was invited to Dubai and I started off Ramadan in Medina, I dashed over to Makkah made ombre came back and then I went to Dubai for three days. The first day we had a massive event at the Al menar Islamic center. It was a beautiful event attended by 1000s of people we had the shahada, and we have regular shahada through this month of Ramadan. I don't even know how many shadows we've had Alhamdulillah be there online or offline, or in public or in private. But my brothers and sisters the next day we had another program also in Dubai, which was absolutely amazing at the Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid masjid and it was beautiful 1000s of you attended and the talks are

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posted online mashallah Tabata Cola, the following day. Also, we had the third event public event, it was amazing in the same Masjid Masjid a Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid. And this event was also beamed, I had recorded it on my phone, you know, whenever you see these videos on my YouTube channel, a lot of them are recorded just with my own phone. Right now I'm speaking from the same phone SubhanAllah. So my brothers and sisters, something happened that was very different from how it was portrayed later on. And I want to talk about this a little bit, because I know from amongst you, there are people who are genuine, that's the majority. And then they are Mischief Makers trying to push

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agendas, we need to be careful of them, then they are generalists. Each one of them has a different level of fear of Allah if they're Muslim, and each one of them could be belonging to a little group, or two, or sometimes a heavily politicized to a certain country, or to a certain cause. And so they look at everyone else's enemies, they seize the opportunity of something to just say, a word that would do put down everyone who doesn't support their own cause. So let me explain to you what happened.

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The third day, just as and I left later on after the event on that day, and the masjid event I left and I actually left the UAE because I had to continue in my journeys. Right now if you want to know where I am, I'm speaking to you I am in Doha, in the capital of Tata. And this evening we have a massive event in Katara the amphitheater and insha Allah I pray it will be a huge success by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala to speak all about Ramadan, literally, that's the topic I was given all about Ramadan, and inshallah we want to showcase it to the people and talk about it and what we're going to benefit from it and so on and so forth and what it does to us Inshallah, but the

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evening before I left Dubai, I was invited by the host the Islamic affairs to say, today we will be having Iftar Inshallah, I was I had Iftar anyway to get the previous few days. And that particular day, we had Iftar at a certain place where they had invited people from all walks of life. Most of them were Muslim, probably 1000 plus people from my, from what my I saw, and thereafter, I met a lot of Muslims, a lot of Christians, a lot of Hindus, a lot of Sikhs and many others. And we set for Iftar I had my Iftar I made some meaning I broke my fast and made my Salat Al Maghrib greeted a few people and went away. Those who know me know I don't like to sit for too long somewhere. I like to

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just you know, sit do whatever I have to and leave because we were there for an Iftar I had that if that just before if

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I do

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Fishman walked, sat next to me. I asked him who he was and where he was from. He was from New York lived in Dubai for quite a few years. He said about eight years, I think, and mashallah, there was, you know, very light discussion.

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The I had no presentation there, I had no major participation there, I was just a guest who, who came in and had Iftar, made salata MacGibbon went, that the idea of that Iftar, was, in order to showcase the Ramadan to the non Muslims who are resident of the UAE. That's not a bad idea. And it happens in London, it happens in Canada, it happens in us, it happens in Muslim countries, it happens in so many communities, it happens so much across the globe, where, you know, the Iftar, and the Ramadan, and Islam and so on, and the teachings and the way it happens, and what it's supposed to do for us and the ambience of it is all showcased to people who don't know much about Islam. So

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later on, when I left, I saw a few news articles that were quite accurate initially, that, you know, there was this Iftar arranged by so and so for people of all faiths to get together who are living in the UAE. And the idea is the harmony and the understanding, and so on and so forth, which is true. Later on, I noticed and I'm going to say a name, I'm in Doha right now, and I'm in Qatar, and imagine that would prove to you that I, I've got nothing to do with the politics of everything, we're above it SubhanAllah. But truth be said, Al Jazeera Arabic wrote a very mischievous title, they gave it a very deceiving

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title that was serving an agenda of hate nothing else. And when I saw it, I said, this is a lie, they had a picture, the picture they chose, and I don't even know if they were talking about that particular event, because there may have been other events elsewhere, I don't know. But most probably, the picture they chose was one where I was seated with a Jewish man on this side, and one of the organizers on the other and so on. And you know, what, they were people of other faiths on the on the same table. And what had happened. So they wrote, oh, this was an Iftar, celebrating normalization of whatever, whatever. And they wrote whatever the serve their agenda, which I felt

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was very, very wrong. You know, I thought I didn't think so badly of Al Jazeera others, until I saw this article, and I said to myself, the person here doesn't know the damage that they're doing. Intentionally they have misconstrued or misinterpreted written, a headline that's going to get across the globe that is so false. It is absolute rubbish. That's what they wrote total nonsense. And they added in the article, things of whatever politics might have happened in the past or is happening, which had nothing to do with the particular event. Absolutely nothing. So, you know, what do you do now? I guess it happens to people, to politicians, to religious people who are popular to

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people who are known across the globe and so on, they seize this opportunity to say things that my name wasn't written at all because they didn't, I was not one of the organizers. I didn't know anything there was my name wasn't written at all in that article. But obviously, people will recognize me because I'm a known person, later on our Muslim brothers from from Islamic, you know, journalistic channels that document whatever or they speak about the pillars of Islam or they, they they speak about what's going on in the Muslim ummah, which is, which is a good thing, in essence, but they decided to carry the false tale. And they decided to portray it as though Mufti mink is,

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you know, compromising his faith and this Wallahi that didn't happen. I just want to clarify, we stand with our brothers and sisters in Palestine and with Masjid Al Aqsa forever, forever. We stand with them, we believe in the cause, and we believe in it forever. Subhanallah And for your information. The last time I tried to go there, they denied me entry. They actually told me sorry, you can't come. And there we go. So Subhanallah we still stand for the cause. And here are people saying Oh, we did this and we did that and Subhanallah No, no, no. For me, it was a simple Iftar we went in I met a lot of people. later on that night we even had a shahada and Subhan Allah I'm we're

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busy thinking any shahada you can get is again SubhanAllah. Here we are showcasing the deen. You know, the people of other faiths are not your enemies. They are the ones through whom you will get the Shahada. They are the ones through whom you will get Jana if you happen to work or you happen to showcase them the deen and understand another thing is when you have an enemy who is no longer an enemy, for example, because of you know, someone who hated Islam I remember there was an old lady who said I hated Islam, but because of the good teachings that I I've now seen come from yourselves as Muslims. I no longer hate it, but I'm still not a Muslim.

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What that's again, isn't it? So Subhanallah you need to understand this, my brothers, my sisters, the field of Dawa is vast, I would never have spoken about this, but I believe there are genuine people out there who will understand what we've said. So my brothers and sisters, you know something,

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if we have had an opportunity to showcase Islam and the Iftar to a group of non Muslims Alhamdulillah it's not bad. For as long as you didn't compromise, your Salat will moderate you didn't compromise your, you know, your faith and so on Alhamdulillah and mashallah, you know, we, according to me, I had that opportunity. And like I said, there was even a shahada later on. But some days later, I saw these terrible articles, absolute rubbish, if you asked me, I don't even like to use that word, but it was totally unacceptable.

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Totally taken out of context, they just got a picture of the moment when, when I was there, and Subhanallah they just gave it a story that didn't even fit what happened on the ground. I hope that this clarification or this sort of, you know,

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narration of what actually happened is understood by the people who fear God Almighty. As for the journalists I've given up a long time ago and most of them because even the last time we had Muslims, people I know

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who looked for the worst possible thing to say about a photograph and they said it in order to gain popularity in order to serve their cause in order to bash a popular person in order to find fault in what someone else is doing. That's all when you see a photo and you think the worst as a journalist. I can name some of these guys and they know who they are actually. Dirty, dirty minds dirty hearts and souls. Why come on clean it? Clean it please. You have an Allah you have not an Allah you have Allah to go back to Subhanallah you have a load that's what I mean. You have a load to go back to to answer Don't you fear the day you're going to die going to your grave? Subhanallah if what's

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happening politically is happening politically. It's got nothing to do with me Subhanallah it can keep on happening. Whatever it is. We are we are totally separated from that we are you know, people who promote the deen any opportunity of Dawa. We are there Subhan Allah. So may Allah Almighty grant us goodness and protect us in every single way. And may Allah Almighty grant us the harmony, the peace, the stability we need in our own minds and in our souls to begin with. But please fear Allah regarding what you say, if you see and photograph and think of the worst possible thing. You need help, you need help. And if you've written it and spread it, you've actually created a bigger

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problem in the Ummah than what exists right now. So if we have a big disaster in a few places in the in the world and we do by you creating this type of hate, you're creating hate in the Muslim ummah, so much hate in the house for one another. And you were the one who caused it. May Allah forgive you guys honestly. And may Allah forgive all of us. May Allah make Forgive me as well, for any of my shortcomings knowingly or unknowingly. And may Allah grant us true love as an alma, May Allah help us to stand up for the good causes the causes of justice and goodness, and may Allah subhanho wa Taala elevate the status of all of us a Palooka we have a Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh