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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Who Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala hatami Lambie, our CEO del mursaleen. I'm about to realize a mere a name and a shade on the regime. Bismillah Han Rahim Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah mean respected brothers and sisters in Islam. Here we are back with you again with the Delta Force team. Allahu Akbar takbeer

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this team is muted. Mashallah, Mashallah Burton sisters. Today we are back with another video for Sapiens Institute, which is doing a great job in educating the Muslims on the intellectual defense of Islam. How can we intellectually defend Islam and the intellectual boundaries of Islam, Islam is the most attacked faith, or ideology in the world today, there are no two opinions about that switch on the channel. Watch all the mainstream media outlets, read newspapers, watch or listen to radio stations, in the West, in particular, and in other parts of the world, you will see that Islam for some reason, is the most discussed faith or ideology in the world today, partly because of

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Islamophobia, unfortunately, and what do we do with Islamophobia? It is a reality. It is one of the greatest threats Muslims are facing today in the world, our well being our future, our education, our civilization, for that matter altogether, is being questioned. What do we do? Do we sit on these questions? Or do we do something about them? The response is, we create educational institutions to educate our people about our civilization, our achievements, our intellectual arguments, our faith, to put it in simple terms, so that people can have a better idea about Islam and the Muslim civilization. So my brothers sisters in Islam Sapiens Institute is doing exactly that. You might

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have noticed that every single appeal, we're doing this Ramadan, we are discussing a theme. Okay, last,

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last episode or last appeal was about science and religion, how do we reconcile what is the conflict if there is one, right? How do we reconcile that particular conflict perceived conflict? In my opinion, right, we discussed it at length of four hours. Tonight, we are back with another exciting appeal with a theme. The theme is Christianity, and the doctrine of the Trinity, the most contested point between the largest faiths in the world, Christianity and Islam are the two largest baits in the world today. Right. And the point of contention, among others, or the most point of contention, I must say, is the doctrine of the Trinity. Of course, there are other contentious points between

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two faiths, we will be discussing those throughout the length of disappear for the next four hours at least. So I have a very very, very impressive panel. What beautiful faces Masha Allah, okay. And with one exception and

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creations beautiful.

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I look we know Murata mcminn

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absolutely, they believe.

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You see, you see, you know, you know who I was talking about? You.

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Okay, but my brothers and sisters, Allah bless you all for attending this appeal, or being the being the audience. We are broadcasting on a number of different channels hamdulillah This is a coordinated effort. And the purpose is to raise awareness primarily and also to raise support. And we're fundraising for this particular project called Sapiens Institute. It is an educational institution that educates the Muslim masses around the world in particular, the youth on some pressing questions they may be facing in their daily lives at colleges at work at university, and you name it right. And they must have some way to go to answer these questions or to find answers to

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we have a number of ways to help our youngsters in particular and the Muslim Omar in general, and we will be discussing both ways. Today we have a panel we have a start Hamza and resources, who is Mashallah an expert on philosophy of religion

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He has been martial law studying this field for a very long time. He has been working in this field for a very, very, you know, how long I can easily a decade more than a decade, actually. He's been debating he's been lecturing, he's been writing. He has martial law author, a very, very important book, divine reality, Islam and the mirage of atheism. There we go, there we go. That's

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free. You can download it for free on the sequence Institute website and updated version, go to Sapiens issue.org, forward slash, books, and you go to download it for free and download Dr. Matthews book on being human, and download. Muhammad hijab is a book on the scientific deception of the new atheists. And then other works in the future that we're going to produce outline is doing work for us. So Buddha is doing a book called filled hypothesis. They felt a hypothesis is a slightly filled hypothesis that the deadlines extending

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and advanced specifically, just before the end of May, he is delivering an in depth seminar for Sapiens Institute on the doctrine of the Trinity. And he's writing an academic essay on this issue as well, which we could discuss the server and dropping by carrier.

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Thanks, thank you so much. And the next person on our panel is our doctor to be in sha Allah suborn Ahmed, who is Mashallah working on his PhD in the philosophy of science, Mashallah has been around for a while and in the field of Dawa and he has debated many atheist intellectuals, and you can watch his debates and discussions and dialogues. He has written works as well and he's worked on articles. Also, we have Dr. Osman Latif are acted. I call him an advocate for this Omar Mashallah Robert

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Greene is a social scientist, his first PhD, actually, his first doctorate was on history on the history of crusades to be precise. And also he has done post doctoral, postdoctoral work on social sciences on human suffering, to be precise, and Mashallah, what a panel to be with Alhamdulillah it's an honor, it's my honor. Thank you so much brothers and Sapiens Institute can really take a lot of how can I put it, I don't want to say pride but Sapiens Institute is a very blessitt organization for that reason, because the kind of minds we have, and you don't often get so many people together working on a similar project or on the same project, the project is to help Muslims defend their

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faith intellectually, help them face challenges, they may come across at work at school and college, at university or wherever, for that matter online. For example, they're reading stuff online, the brothers sisters, tonight we will we will be discussing Christianity and the doctrine of the Trinity and there are some house rules, I would like to reiterate again, inshallah, that we will keep our answers. When we are asked questions to bare minimum, for example, maybe two to three minutes, and avoid long speeches, I will ask the audience to ask questions in a very short way, summarize your question and be very quick about them so that we can give answers quickly we'll have possibly

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hundreds of people streaming in, and we'll be talking to them in sha Allah. At the same time, we'll be discussing some points of contention about Christianity and the doctrine of the Trinity. And at the same time, we'll be asking you to support so the link should be running on the screen by now. I don't know why it's not running. Okay. The link is Sapiens institute.org. forward slash Donate Life. That's the link. There we go. Okay, it's there on the screen Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live, do not hesitate to donate, because this organization is one of a kind, okay, and it is helping a lot of Muslim youngsters overcome the doubt or overcome the misunderstandings or

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misconceptions about Islam, this beautiful faith of ours, which we are proud to cherish and celebrate Alhamdulillah what would you start? Yeah.

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Check out man beautiful. Another thing that we focus on, which is a key focus of Sapiens Institute,

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is to empower develop and support others to be able to share Islam academically and intellectually to be able to share with someone campus to be shipped to them to share Islam online and offline. At that level, because we realize, you know, when the dour is progressing, especially throughout the past 10 to 20 years, the arguments become more sophisticated. There's rebuttals, there's misunderstandings, there's new philosophies and ideologies come into play. And that's why we have a robust team. For example, a non Rashid especially as in Christianity, support I have met a specialist in the philosophy of biology. We also have Dr. Rothman Latif, who's a specialist in D

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humanization of organization history and now is a specialist in Christian and Islamic theology. He's just about to release a mind blowing paper, this paper by the senses and this, this is why we're introducing ourselves this way. And this is why you must support because this is one of its kind from this perspective.

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Dr. William Craig is a well known Christian philosopher and Christian academic, and he's been espousing really crazy misconceptions about these amik tradition concerning God's maximal perfection. He believes that the idea of God in Islamic tradition is morally inadequate is not in line with maximal perfect theology. He's been espousing this for the past 15 years, no one has given him an adequate response. For the first time in contemporary history, we have a robust piece that is not going to it's going to be it's going to be intellectually terrifying. it to the point that they they won't have an answer. It's gonna send ripple effects in the academic Christian community in the

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Muslim community to show that we have a robust response, that the concept of God in the Islamic tradition is maximally perfect, maximum loving, maximum forgiving, and in actual fact, the Christian conception, the biblical Christian conception, the human conception because we believe the Bible has been tampered with the human conception from that perspective has is not in line with maximal love and maximal forgiveness. Obviously, the early Christians were in line with that, but over time, that didn't happen. So this paper, which I'm going to allow doctors, manatees to introduce is phenomenal. It's going to be it's like it's like, forget having a shield. It's like having a shield and a sword,

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and a helicopter gun and nuclear weaponry from an intellectual perspective. And it's mainly the Christian argument. Now, you may be thinking Hamza, what is his hyperbole? I'm sorry, I love this piece so much that it does he deserves more than hyperbole. It is his poetry we should write poetry about the piece. That's That's how amazing that's how much my heart is in involved in doctors, manatees research because it is phenomenal all the way from the Adana Adamic situation which which talks about the cause the atomic conundrum, all the way through Islamic theology going deep into the Quran and the Sunnah to show that in actual fact, Allah is Allah will do it he is the loving he is

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the Forgiving, he is maximally perfect. And the conception of God in Assam is not morally inadequate. So Dr. Manoj to talk to us about your story with this paper, and what kind of impact do you think is gonna have in Sharla?

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Monica, before you go in, I just want to remind everyone, those of you who have just tuned in brothers and sisters, don't sit on the screen, share it at the same time, go on your social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, wherever you can think you think it can make a difference, please share the stream right now. This is the least you can do. Okay, and those of you can click the link, please go and click the link and start donating start making donations. Because this institute is doing an amazing job in removing a lot of misconceptions about Islam. It is doing a global treatment when it comes to doubts and other questions. And I will be talking about some of

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the achievements of Sapiens Institute in the last year. So over to you share with man. Go ahead, please welcome to everyone is really wonderful, being humbled in your great presence and hamdulillah. And really, I need to of course, just begin by saying that and I think 100 you're really the asset for all of us and humbling May Allah make all of us insane the things that we do, reminds for, in fact, of course, I was reminded of, of Musashi Salaam, when he is of course, gets to meridian. And remember, this is a service and so hamdulillah allied everything that we do, of course, is gifted from Allah, for us and for our benefit. And it comes across these two women who

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are watering, we're trying to hold back from watering the sheep. And then he approached them and asked them, you know, my hotbar coma, what is up with YouTube? And they say that, you know, the it's full of men over there, and our father is an old man and so we can't wash our sheep. When he does that for them. First of all, lahoma when he makes a beautiful pray, 10s Allah says, Allah, Allah will he tends towards a shade. And he says, it'll be in neelima and Zelt Elysium in hidden forgive my Lord, wherever you've whatever you've blessed with, I'm in desperate need of that. And so all of us therefore are in desperate need of Allah's mercy. Allah Barak, in our last guidance, we ask Allah

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for all of that. The other key word that I was hearing from you guys, when you were speaking is the word beauty. Right? So Hamza was saying, of course, that Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, is beautiful Allah, Allah loves what is beautiful, reminded me in fact that one of the beautiful words of Imam Shafi or him Allah And this, in fact, taps into our discourse, inshallah today on Christianity and doctrinal Trinity is that he said the rugby

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in one newbie cannot be jameelah and he says, My Lord, my impression of you is that you're beautiful, you know, and that's really a key point for us to think about and for all of our Christian friends.

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That all of the discourse of the trinity of Jesus Christ really stems from our initial impression of an understanding of who God actually is. And therefore the whole paradigm of maximal perfection, maximum goodness, maximally omnipotent, maximal omniscience, maximum omnibenevolent. These are the areas in fact, that are covered and handled in the essay. I fell. In fact, this began the genesis of it this last year, it was in the last year, where I began to come across so many articles and lectures, online debates, where Dr. William Lane Craig makes these assertions about Islam I felt with a lot of ignorance with a lot of misunderstanding and misapplication of Islamic and Quranic

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texts, then I felt that there was a need, of course, you know, to to formulate some kind of a good response that can be for us today, but also for tomorrow. Remember, that's the work of Sapiens Institute, it's about not just today, it's about an investment for tomorrow, it's about when all of us pass away, and then the next generation inshallah comes after us what's left behind for them. And it's therefore I think, filling it filling a very important gap, you know, in in the scene of our, for all of us to play an important role in insha Allah so

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zakka have developed a law of nature with man, thank you so much. Allah bless you, brothers and sisters, don't forget, we are here for a purpose of the Sapiens Institute has pioneered a lot of things a lot of achievements have been reached in the last year. And some of them I want to share very quickly, Sapiens Institute in the last year has trained close to 6000 people on how to defend Islam. This is one of the greatest achievements, of course, among others. And

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also, we have had pamphlets, booklets, books published and articles,

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developed and delivered 33 academic webinars 10 in depth on like online courses and seminars, delivered advanced training to the Blue Mosque outreach team. Don't forget Blue Mosque has access to 4 million people. So training a team at the Blue Mosque means you have potentially enabled Muslims who can give Dawa to hundreds of 1000s of people who are going through the corridors of the Blue Mosque last October that's a huge achievement published three books so far sapiens, research and public 13 essays and articles launch free online lighthouse mentoring service, lighthouse mentoring services, a service wherein you can actually join one of Sapiens Institute instructors to ask

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questions, and they will be addressing your difficult questions, your doubts or your misconceptions. If you have genuine questions about Islam or Islamic civilization, they will be able to help you through this lighthouse mentoring service and you can register online, go to the website and you can register for one of these free of charge mentoring services, right? That's a huge achievement brothers sisters, all of these things cost money, right to to run an organization of this scale of this magnitude of this importance more Most importantly, it requires a lot of support. Okay, so also there are media productions like 30 sapient, thought, thoughts videos. In these videos, a number of

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different questions are addressed. And these are short and snappy videos to help us understand some concepts about Islam or some difficult questions are answered through these videos. So these are some of the achievements within the last year. Brother sisters, today we are raising funds so that we can continue doing this work. We are potentially helping 1000s of people remove the doubt and we are training definitely trained 1000s of people how to answer questions about Islamic faith. That's why Muslim brothers are supporting this cause we are an early doors channel we are in st Dawa. We are my channel we are on the Start Hamza channel. Allahu Akbar does a lot of people coordinating

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together to support this noble cause. So do not do not sit on this live stream. What do I mean by that? Share right now stop sharing, click the Share button, share on Facebook, on Twitter, or all the other you know, social media platforms you may be using so that we can get in more people to watch this live stream so that they can also support us. And also don't forget to click that donation link. It is Sapiens Institute for a.org forward slash Donate Life Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate, donate live that's the link running on the screen in front of you right now. You can see it so May Allah bless you all of the all of all of you who are supporting this cause

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even in a minor way. Allah bless you. This is the month of Ramadan. Remember the Prophet said in this month, Allah opened the doors of Jannah Allah locks the door

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jahannam tightly insure your team are chained. So let your generosity come out. Let your support come out, let your love for this Omar come out and start supporting our children. Imagine the plight of those parents who have children were facing doubts and they cannot answer basic questions about Islam Sapiens Institute is helping them helping them do that. Right. So over to our next speaker, but tell us about Christianity and the doctrine of the Trinity. Where is the problem? Where do we disagree?

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Just before we do that, I'm trying to make the donation link on the on the chat. So if you guys carry on while I do that, then I'll join your conversation in a bit.

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Okay, great. So this trying to answer Mr. Amnon received question. Well, I really like your approach that you introduced in the kind of contemporary Western albro, which your person quite fascinating, he didn't necessarily go into the logic of the Trinity, because there are arguments in formal logic that, you know, if you're good in your formal logic, you could do some kind of logical gymnastics in order to try and show that there is some kind of coherence. But your approach was really, really brilliant, which, which I think is fascinating. What you're saying is, is this, the in the first three centuries, there was no articulation in the patristic, church fathers, the early church

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fathers of the doctrine of the Trinity, meaning that the three persons in the Trinity are co equal and co channel. There is not one explicit statement from any of the early church fathers articulating the Trinity in this way that they will all call coeternal are co co equal the three persons in the Trinity. And what's interesting is that in the patristic, fathers were either by Unitarian terriers or Unitarians, and there were subordinates, right? So they believe in the subordination that one of the peers in the Trinity was subordinate to the others. What does this show, this shows that the Trinity is not a natural reading of biblical text, and the Trinity, or the

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Jesus's teachings,

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what they think Jesus teachings are not a natural reading of the early Christian tradition in the biblical text, which is very, very fascinating, which shows that the Trent the doctrine of the Trinity, the three persons being co equal co eternal, is a subsequent, it's a later invention.

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And if you look, even at the early Christians, there was a plethora of different theological views on this concerning this issue. So I find your approach much better. Why? Because it shows this, if the foundation of Christianity which are the early church fathers, the foundation of Christianity, the early church fathers, didn't get it right, or didn't espouse the doctrine of the Trinity, that the three pieces are co equal, co eternal, then what does it mean about that later on invention of the Trinity? Now there is an argument saying, Oh, yeah, there was subordinates, but they weren't ontological subordinates, they were, they were relational subordinates, with due respect with all

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due respect. When you say, one of the persons in the Trinity relate to the other persons in the Trinity in a subordinate way they relate not ontologically, you still think the CO ego co channel, but they relate in a kind of subordinate way, you're diminishing the maximal perfection of God, because you're saying one of the gods in God, if you like, is relating in a way that is not maximally perfect. So you're stuck between a rock and a hard place logically from that perspective. And so I like your approach on this issue. It's historically and theologically incoherent. From a foundational historical perspective, I think that is probably the best way forward with regards to

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$1. Because when you study philosophy and formal logic, you can have conceptions where, you know, a conception of the Trinity may not be, as it may, you may, you may, it may align itself with what you call formal logic. But when we bring it down on a practical, theological and foundational level, it just dissipates from that perspective. And also, when you talk about the nature of God, the Trinity itself actually doesn't make sense but I like your project man. Yeah, maybe you could. An actual fact I'm not he's writing a paper for Sapiens Institute is going to be published before the end of May in sha Allah, and he's got a seminar brothers and sisters, our seminars are free. We trained

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over 6000 people to be able to share defend Islam academically and intellectually. And our non Rashid's seminar is called the doctrine of the Trinity manmade or divinely revealed an in depth seminar and it's on the 22nd of may please register, go to the Sapiens Institute website forward slash learn or forward slash Trinity and you'll be able to

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To access his free in depth seminar, which we'll deliver live to you very shortly, these things are free, so you have to support them. And that's why if you go to Sapiens institute.org, forward slash donate live, you'll be able to support this great work to articulate Islam defend Islam compassionately, intelligently and academically insha Allah salutely. Absolutely. Thank you so much for that. And I agree 100% that one of the best approaches to deal with the Trinity is to ask the question, Where is it? In the first three centuries, especially the concept of three divine crew equal persons, the Koi quality is the problem, okay? The Christian said that, okay, there are church

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fathers in the second, third and the fourth century, who use a triadic formula to describe the doctrine of the Trinity or the three persons, they are discussed in some form of Trinity. But what they don't understand or what they don't tell us is that that Trinity or that triad that was discussed in the second and third century CE II, by the Christian church fathers, was not quite the doctrine of the Trinity. We came to know that was formalized in the late fourth century. I repeat the doctrine of the Trinity that was formalized in the late fourth century, in the Council of Constantinople in the US 381. See, that particular doctrine cannot be found in the writings of the

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early church fathers, especially in the first three centuries. So the question is, for the first 300 years of Christianity, we cannot find a church father, who has clearly categorically explicitly stated that the Father, the sun, and the Spirit are co equal, co equal. In other words, they are ontological equality is clearly declared they are in nature equal. Right? We don't find such a statement what we do find a subordination is

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Trinity whereby people have discussed a trinity or a triad in a subordination show subordination is a way for example, Tertullian, who is very often quoted by Christians, who was a second, second century church father, who is thought to have used the word Trinity for the first time in the Latin language, Trinity toss, he had discovered at Trinity, not the Trinity, a trinity, in which the father was the top most the Supreme Person, the Supreme entity, then the father had made the son from his essence, which which is Jesus Christ. It sounds really bizarre even to talk about this. I don't know how people came to believe this kind of stuff is unbelievable, but we have to discuss it,

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to deal with this. You know, this matter, the father created the son from his essence, this is 2 trillion speaking Bible, right. And the son created the spirit from his essence. So for that reason, there is a hierarchy within the Trinity. The father is the supreme most, the son comes the second and the Spirit, the Holy Spirit comes the third. So this is what we call subordination, ism. None of these Church Fathers as polytheistic, as they may be, in the conception of the Divine reality, but they were still not fully theists in that sense, where they put the sun and the Spirit on par with the Father, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. This is why we insist that the doctrine of the

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Trinity that stipulates the quality of three persons in the divine Godhead, cannot be found in the first three centuries. But this is the approach we try to use in our debates and discussions with the Christians. For them to understand that this particular understanding of divinity was devised in the minds of their early church fathers for 400 years, it took the Christians 400 years to come by this particular understanding of the Divine reality. Jesus never preached a COI, he never preached a trinity full stop. There is nothing from the mouth of Jesus, on Trinity. Even the verses people quite tried to quote are completely misplaced and misunderstood and taken out of context. In fact,

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some of them are thought to be later in sessions within the text of the New Testament. So this is a vast topic. So we have some questions before we go to the question as brothers and sisters. Why are we here? We are here so that you can help us continue with this work Sapiens Institute is doing 6000 people have been trained in the last year to defend the intellectual boundaries of Islam, mainly online.

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Many, many seminars many, many webinars many, many articles, three books have been written by Sapiens Institute members. Also, there are videos media productions for example videos have been produced answering many difficult questions. Imagine those parents and applied who have children with doubts in the parents cannot help them. Sapiens Institute fills that gap, it fills that vacuum we have a platform now, where youngsters youngsters can come and find answers against difficult questions they may be facing difficult for them, by the way because of the lack of knowledge. Alhamdulillah there are many people who are trained professionally in these fields and they can

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answer this question. Sapiens Institute has collected those experts Alhamdulillah support now Sapiens institute.org forward slash Donate Life is building on edetate to click the link and start supporting and share this live stream on your social media platforms that we can have more people in for those of you are watching. Just click the Share button. Go ahead and thumbs up. Now, before we go to the question is we have very special message from Mohammed hijab and from myself insha Allah Bismillah

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people move a lot, but they go nowhere. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the opposite. He was always moving forward, achieving the best results. Yeah, he did not achieve success on his own. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam developed the Sahaba to be able to share Islam with wisdom. In other words, with Sapiens Yes, that's exactly what the word means. This process culminated in Islam rich intellectual and spiritual heritage. This is why we at Sapiens Institute are dedicated in following this prophetic method by not just providing free academic content, but my pro actively developing intellectual activists and academic leaders. Your donations will help develop leaders all

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around the world, create academic activists to intellectually share Islam and educate others to do the same. Remove doubts spread by false ideas for generations to come. In sha Allah, it's critical to continue this important work together. Be a leader, be the first to donate donate now.

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So brothers and sisters, the link for today is saved pins nc.org forward slash donate live, you've heard the message from myself and how many job training people developing them creating the new leaders. We need more people for today, for tomorrow, and for the far future to be able to share Islam academically and intellectually on campus, off campus online and offline. Please donate now. It's the month of Ramadan Sapiens Institute org forward slash Donate Life, be strategic with your sadhaka your sadaqa Be Smart with your sadaqa. Sometimes we like supporting lots of efforts like humanitarian efforts and Shahada efforts, which are beautiful, you have to support them. Absolutely.

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But be strategic. We are like the engine that trains the dog to go out there and get the Shahada is we are the engine that helps people have more European uncertainty in Islam, so they could give sadaqa and they could create their own humanitarian organizations. So if you support the engine, you gain the reward from the beginning and end and it continues, and it accumulates. And it's like exponential rewards. So be strategic with your sadhaka. Donate now Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live. Atlantic over here. Let's speak to some people are absolutely please do make the donations and we will go to the questions before I do I request from the question is to remain be as

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brief as possible in your question, and get your answer and try not to debate or prolong the discussion because the purpose today here is to answer as many questions as possible at the same time to raise awareness about about Sapiens work, and to get some support as well. So we will go to inquiry first inquiry, let's put your inquiry through

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Santa Monica.

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And I hope that everyone is right. Yes. Okay. I'll keep it short, that you suggested as always

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debating with a Christian

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regarding a contention about the embodiment of God in different forms.

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Alright, so I was speaking with him, of course, he did not show me any reference from the Bible. Like any direct one, he was the Quran like it is. This is the iron. So he told me you have the same thing.

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Like you have a loss of pantalla showing himself in different forms other than his forms. I told him that What? What did you get that from? He told me from zaharie 6573. And there is my question today. So sahakari 6573 it says that Allah will gather all people and say, whoever used to worship this, follow this plug in the false deities, and the unwashed, remain the Muslims, and they are hypocrites. So Allah Subhana, Allah will come to them in a shape, other than they know it, and will say, I'm your Lord, they will say We seek refuge with Allah from you, meaning that Muslims are not going to no loss of value. And this is a test for the Muslims and the hypocrites. Then if you go to

00:35:55--> 00:36:05

sahakari, seven for 39, this is explained that Allah subhanaw taala is going to show his shin or leg your milk chiffon sock. So this is the sign that

00:36:07--> 00:36:30

Muslims will know or recognize Allah subhanaw taala with. So my question is, can you just give me your approach on this question, right? Take into consideration that a Christian is using it to show that Allah subhanaw taala is showing himself in a different shape, or in a different form. Yeah, that's my question. Thank you so much for your question. Who wants to take it on?

00:36:32--> 00:36:45

Okay, I'll start. I'll start. To put it in simple terms. To answer this question. I would like to clarify something from the very start. And that is that our view on Allah, God, not anthropomorphic,

00:36:46--> 00:37:34

is not anthropomorphic. We don't believe in a physical form of Allah, we don't necessarily impose that form or a form on Allah subhanaw taala. We have no idea what Allah subhanaw taala looks like. So when Allah describes himself or described some of something about himself, we simply believe in it, we do not try to explain it away. We do not try to put pins on it. We don't try to even understand it beyond our capacities, right? So Allah tells us something about himself. Let's say Allah tells us about his hands. In the Quran, we say Allah has hand without describing them without rejecting them without speculating too much about them. We believe the form of the hand, we say is

00:37:34--> 00:38:16

according to the majesty of Allah subhanaw taala, whatever befits Allah, Allah has a form, okay? And we don't try to say it's a physical form or it's a non physical form, we don't have that knowledge. So we are not anthropomorphic, when it comes to explaining Allah or Allah is reality, right? So we simply believe in what Allah tells us about himself, we do not try to explain it too much. Right. And we do not try to even go beyond our capacities, trying to understand it, because we will never understand why is not shown as shown or something. And if we haven't seen it, how can we even explain it? Yes, you want so yeah, just to add to that, which is implied in what had gone by has

00:38:16--> 00:39:00

said, Allah subhana wa Taala says laser chemistry he Shea and this is why this understanding has come about is because Allah says in the Quran, Lisa care as Mithen his example, people translate this as there is nothing like Allah, that's the wrong translation. There's nothing like his example, which is a hyperbolic rhetorical ploy to show that you can't even compared to all us examples, we get trying to compare it to anything like Allah subhanho wa Taala, which even Islamic tradition we are, we believe in the absolute transcendent nature of the Divine. This is why when Allah says something about himself, we do not even even think of bringing close to anything of the physical

00:39:00--> 00:39:40

world or anything of this world. We affirm what Allah said. And we also affirm that Allah subhanho wa Taala is is transcendent completely. This is the holistic theology of Islam. So with regards to your question, this is how you should approach these issues. The starting point is, is laser chemistry, he shade the transcendence of Allah subhana wa Taala. But I would also turn the tables and say, how does this affect for example, how does this now prove the doctrine of the Trinity? Yeah, it does. Yeah, it's a bit of a red herring. If you are out of it group. How does it prove a man God? It doesn't.

00:39:41--> 00:39:59

There is there's the Christians believe in a man God. They believe that a man was born of a woman. He was God at the time. And he grew up in knowledge in stature and body. And this is God growing. I mean, this is one of the questions I asked recently in Africa from a crowd

00:40:00--> 00:40:18

Can you circumcised God? And while you're circumcising God, I mean, because of Jesus is God, He was God as a baby right when he was born of Mary. So he was God, he was circumcised on the seventh day. So can you imagine circumcised circumcising the baby? Would a child cry when you're circumcised?

00:40:19--> 00:41:01

Or would that child be laughing? The crowd answered, the child would be crying. So obviously, the child is in pain. That's why the child is crying because circumcision causes pain. So can you imagine God crying and being circumcised against his will? Is that possible? These are some simple examples we tried to give to people and the Christians. The Christians come back and they say, Oh, this is the human side of Jesus Christ, you're talking about not the divine side. So the problem is, in the current Orthodox Christian conception, Jesus, keep jumping out of God body into human body, and then just back to God body when it suits the Christian missionaries worldwide. It gets even

00:41:01--> 00:41:43

worse from a theological perspective, because what mainstream biblical Christianity believe that before the incarnation, you had God, the Father, the Son of the Holy Spirit. Now, during incarnation, you had the son going into the womb of Mary, and he came out as a baby. And now he became fully God and fully man, this is the Orthodox position. And when crucified, he goes back to heaven, as fully God and fully man. So you see, there is a change in the essence of the Divine, the talking about two Gods because when you change the essence of something, you've changed it completely. So in the beginning, you had God, the transcendent God, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, son

00:41:43--> 00:42:22

goes into the womb of Mary, and comes out as fully known and fully God, and then goes back to heaven as fully managed fully God. But before the sun was only the sun, it wasn't, it was sun fully God, it wasn't sun fully managed fully God, there is a change in the essence of the denied divine post incarnation, with all due respect. any sane individual would not accept such a proposition concerning the divine reality. You're basically saying, God at one point in eternity is like this, then when something else happens, his essence changes. With all due respect, this is an issue and I think

00:42:24--> 00:42:25


00:42:26--> 00:43:01

of course is the dilemma of God Christians are in because, you know, the, I think and of course, when we're approaching this with a lot of love, a lot of mercy. You know, we will of course one good crowd Christian friends, and this is not about point scoring, this is about Allah send the Quran as a mercy for all of us. And Alana put on says that the Quran is within the livina that Allah says the Quran is a warning for those who say, Allah took a son. And it's interesting that Allah then says, Milan became an island, they have no knowledge a while earlier by him know that know, their fathers, in fact, had knowledge meaning all their forefathers had knowledge about these things. And I think

00:43:01--> 00:43:39

that, as you're describing what's happening is that Christians are forced in these positions, because what else? What else is a text? I mean, it's how they're reading the text. And it's difficult, of course, because that's the dilemma. Because the lack of coherency, you know, produces this problem for them. They sometimes Of course, they're they're seeing in very clear daylight. examples in the Bible, where Jesus is clearly humanized. I mean, it's clearly showing human frailties, weaknesses, vulnerabilities. And all of these, of course, reflect the the humaneness of, of the man that they believe to be God. And then of course, we're forced, I mean, of course, with

00:43:39--> 00:44:16

misguidance, to say, of course, and that's the human, that's the human Jesus speaking and the other than the other one is more in line of what they think is a representation of divinity. Even though that's, of course, very ambiguous and unclear as well. They would say that that's the use of God's speaking. But the point is this it's the element of coherency or lack of coherency in this respect, that's exactly what Allah says, Allah in the Quran says into the owner, a loved one, all they have is conjecture, all they have is doubt is nothing is certainty them. And so therefore, that's that's the interesting thing. So therefore in the Quran, Allah is telling us and it's interesting because

00:44:16--> 00:44:45

that's what we read. on civil in unity of Juma on single calf. That's the one of the first verses in total the calf, Allah is saying the Quran Of course Ramadan is the month of the Quran, all of us are really eager to understand the Quran. And Allah is saying the Quran is is a warning for those who say, Allah took a son, and Allah say they do not have knowledge and know their forefathers except that they're just spouting lies about Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so therefore, I think that's an interesting thing for us to consider and think about. Yeah.

00:44:48--> 00:45:00

And on that note, we will move on to the next question, but before we do, please brothers and sisters, share this live stream on your social media platforms. Don't sit on the stream, please. When I say don't sit on it. I

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Yeah, yes, big boy. Just before we do that, I just wanted to highlight something I was reading. And I wanted everybody to understand the importance of this. So obviously, like, was mentioned before that, you know, when Christians made these claims, it's not the case that they know, and their forefathers knew about these. And it's not just simply the case that Christians are the Christians exist today are Christian because of their parents. In fact, Christianity worldwide is growing. I was looking at some stats in 19 54% of Korea was Christian in 1950. And in 2015 2015, a became 29%. And Korea is not traditional home of Christianity, right? As a non who study the spread of religion

00:47:16--> 00:47:52

will tell you it is nowhere near where the heartland of Christianity is. So it's not just a case that your donations are going to go towards some abstract theological ideas. We're looking to challenge you know, these ideas from obviously a perspective or intellectual perspective, but to challenge them to basically say, look, people need obviously religion people turn towards religion, because it's something they believe to be true and something that gives them comfort. And if a modern country like Korea is turning towards Christianity, the Muslims need to get on a get on that and think, well, shouldn't we be there and Koreans are, of course, very intelligent people and very

00:47:52--> 00:48:31

sophisticated. And we should be able to articulate, you know, these arguments in a very, you know, comprehensive way. So we're talking about real life impact, not just abstract ideas, of course, and just to echo what doctors might've said about the general approach to this, although we all come across as passionate. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said love for humanity we love for yourself. This is different from the Hadith and arbaeen of an ovary. This is a hadith synthetic al Kabir narrated by Buhari and it's a it's a he Bashar Al Bernie. And the person who said love for Linnaeus what you love for yourself. So this Hadees and other Hadees lmsc This means we must be

00:48:31--> 00:48:51

committed to the well being of others, which means we want good for people and guidance for people. We must work good for all people and God is for all people and now we in the 13th Hadeeth of his of his arbaeen of his 40 Hadith. He says that this means loving for humanity. We love yourself because you want goodness for them and guidance for them. The Maliki scholar even tactic and aid

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Alitalia who was first by the way, who was who has been waiting for longer.

00:50:52--> 00:50:53

Okay, guys, you, Brian,

00:50:54--> 00:51:12

please go ahead, please keep your questions short. Keep your questions short. And we will give you as direct answers as possible. Go ahead case. Yes. Yes. Thank you very much for receiving me. And hi to all of you. And I have a question. A couple of questions.

00:51:13--> 00:51:24

Has any of you? I don't I don't ask that with disrespect. I just want to know Has anyone Have you read the whole Bible? So the Old and the New Testament?

00:51:26--> 00:51:28

Okay, that's a good question.

00:51:30--> 00:51:39

When you say the whole Bible from the book of Genesis to Revelation, all of it? Yes. Which I think one of the Protestant one.

00:51:40--> 00:51:51

No, I'm just speaking about the from Genesis, from Genesis to Revelation. For example. Has anyone read these books? These 60 or 60? books? All of them?

00:51:53--> 00:52:07

Okay. I haven't No, I haven't. Okay. Strictly speaking, if you're saying from Genesis to Revelation, every single word of the Bible, in any Bible? No, I haven't. No. No, okay. Because Because

00:52:08--> 00:52:56

I heard some claims. And I think, if you have read the Bible holy, and have just stopped and thought about some sentences, then the I think you will, you will go further, I will give you an example. If you go with me to, for example, john eight, verse 24. There Jesus says, this, I said, therefore unto you, That you shall die in your sins, for if you believe not that I am he, you shall die in your sense. So my question to you is this Jesus saying to the Jews, if you do not believe that I am he, you shall die in your sins? So my question is, what does Jesus mean by this?

00:52:57--> 00:53:21

crisis? Very, very, very interesting question. I'd really applaud you coming on board and being able to, like, I know, somebody takes a lot of bravery to come and speak online. You know, they say, I think there was research that was done that people fear public speaking more than death. So you overcome death, you know, so thank you very much. I really applaud you. I just want you to realize something and to see our perspective trying to intellectually wear our shoes, if you like, yeah.

00:53:22--> 00:53:37

The reason I don't like quoting verse per se, I like quoting concepts and principles, because principles come first, but I give an example. Even if your interpretation, let's say, I don't even know your interpretation. But let's say your interpretation is correct.

00:53:38--> 00:54:19

The The only way we can believe in that if we believe that the current Bible today's actually inspired from God. And that is a big discussion we need to have. Because in order for me to, for example, take not only interpretation seriously, but to take the verse seriously, to the degree that it's from the divine, you would have to show that the book is actually from the divine. Now from an Islamic perspective, not only in Islamic perspective, I would argue humbly, an academic perspective, today's Bible lacks what you call historical integrity. So from that perspective, there is a discussion to be had, and maybe we can't do it. Now. The discussion to be had is this is can we

00:54:19--> 00:54:59

trust the Bible in its current form, as valid and valid a teachings from Jesus? Because his stance is this we believe the Quran is, is the forecast, meaning the differentiator, so anything that we agree in the Bible, he only agreed the with the Bible only because it's through the lenses of the Quran, because we believe that is the final criterion. So I'm not suggesting your interpretation is wrong. I'm not suggesting that you may not have validity in your explanations of setting versus standing that possibility. But what you would need to do though, is you'd have to show that it's a valid source of Jesus's teachings authentic and not

00:55:00--> 00:55:04

For me, I think is a big discussion, which we probably can't have today.

00:55:05--> 00:55:08

But guys, because you've been so nice,

00:55:09--> 00:55:19

we should have that discussion on a conversation. So take our email, and we'll continue. I'm not saying, Yeah, I'm not saying it's

00:55:20--> 00:55:39

okay. Sure, sure. I'm not saying it to brush it off, guys, I'm just saying it because the discussion of saying that these statements are actually authentic statements of Jesus. That's a bigger discussion, which is not the scope of today's live stream. That's why I'm saying that to you. I'm not trying to brush you off. So yeah, I'm going to send you an email address.

00:55:41--> 00:55:47

What Abraham's is trying to say he's trying to say that, to quote the Bible to the Muslims, is,

00:55:48--> 00:56:40

with due respect, is to quote Harry Potter to the Muslims. As far as the Muslims are concerned, the Bible does not have the same authority as the Quran. Of course, out of our honesty, out of our sense of integrity and credibility, we like to acknowledge that there is definitely truth within the Bible 100% do women have the true revelation that was revealed once upon a time to prophets like Moses and Jesus? The reason why I say what I say, is because we have no idea as to what language Moses spoke, because he received His revelation in his respective language. Likewise, Jesus, right, he also received His revelation, the gospel, the Injeel, in his language, right, we have no idea what

00:56:40--> 00:57:03

language Jesus spoke, what we do know today, is that the New Testament is in the Greek language, there is no evidence that Jesus spoke Greek, right? So to say the least, what we do have today, in the Bible, from the book of Genesis to Revelation, when you ask the question, have you read the Bible? is a very good question. That one of the reasons

00:57:04--> 00:57:41

a person like myself wouldn't read the entire length of the Bible is because we're not reading the original writings of the Prophet. The only reason we read the chapters in the books we do is to understand the current Christian mindset, which is based upon the current text of the Bible, right? That's the only reason we don't consider the entire Bible be divine in any shape, or form. Okay, get to some. Yeah. Can I go to your point of our Hamza and your point, brother is very clear. But if I if I may respond to that, you know, or on it says,

00:57:42--> 00:58:32

Let me know in Lum jacobina Allah lava doofy laffan katheer. So if it was not from God, if the Quran was not from God, then you would find much contradictions in it. So um, well, yeah, I'm, I understand that this stream is not for that, but I, friendly challenge you to give me one contradiction in the Bible for if the Bible is corrupted, then for sure, you will find contradictions in it. Why? Because then it is not the word of God, because the Word of God is perfect, and does not have contradictions. So I think that test if I have here, the King James, the test, if this Bible is corrupt, is to bring to me and prove to me that you have found contradictions

00:58:32--> 00:58:46

in it. Why? Because the Bible says itself said that God is not the author of confusion, one of peace. So you don't have to do now. But give me one contradiction within the Bible.

00:58:48--> 00:58:59

Yeah, well, that 1111 contradiction is that it goes against the maximum perfection of God. It's as simple as that, really. So the kind of

00:59:00--> 00:59:36

the Bible, we didn't know the Bible. That's the reason I mentioned this is to show it to him that when it means contradiction, do you mean internal contradiction or external contradiction? Because it should mean both. Because if I could find you a text that's internally consistent, but it goes against reality, like for example, you can have a text that says, there are no females on planet earth, and there are no trees on planet Earth. And within that, it could be consistent. But just because something is internally consistent, it doesn't mean it's from God. It needs to be internally and externally consistent. So this is I think, a misnomer. It's like

00:59:37--> 00:59:48

I can give brother case some time example very quickly, without, you know, taking too much time, looking at the event of crucifixion.

00:59:50--> 00:59:59

The Crossing the event of crucifixion on its own, forget about the rest of the New Testament. Right, forget about the rest of the New Testament. Looking at the crucifixion, the

01:00:00--> 01:00:16

event of crucifixion the alleged crucifixion itself, we have heavy contradictions within the four Gospels. Now the Christians claim that these four gospels have been revealed or inspired by one God. There is only one God who inspired the four authors or be

01:00:17--> 01:00:32

as, as anonymous as they are. I mean, these are anonymous documents. The names were given to them in the second century See, according to Christian scholars like Martin, Martin Lee MacDonald, who is an expert on the canon of the New Testament, right, but I will give you some

01:00:33--> 01:00:39

striking contradictions within the text of the Bible when it comes to the, the that

01:00:41--> 01:01:15

the the question of crucifixion contradictions. Now, did Jesus die before the curtain of the temple was torn? One question. Yes, the Gospel of Matthew in chapter 27, verse 50, to 55 states, so he was 5251. And Mark also says this 37 Mark, okay, also says this. No, says the Gospel of Luke in chapter 2345 to 46. Where was Jesus at the sixth hour on the day of the crucifixion? That's another question.

01:01:17--> 01:02:10

Mark 1523 tells us on the cross, Jesus was on the cross at the sixth hour, on the day of the crucifixion. JOHN, in 1914, tells us he was in pilot's court, Pontius Pilate quote, these are two examples. The third example, Did Jesus ascend to paradise the same day of the crucifixion? Yes, says the Gospel of Luke, chapter 23. Verse 43, no, says the gospel of john chapter 2017. When Jesus said to Mary Magdalene Two days later, I have not yet ascended to the Father. These are Claire contradictions within the text of the four gospels on the details of the crucifixion, just the event or the incident of the alleged crucifixion. If the same God is inspiring all of these four gospel

01:02:10--> 01:02:57

authors, why is he inspiring them with different information? What games is he playing? If is one God inspiring all four of them? Why is he giving this different information about the same event? Next question. Was Jesus's body wrapped in spices before burial? In accordance with Jewish burial customs? Yes, says the gospel of john chapter 19, verses 39 to 40. Know the Gospel of Mark chapter 16, verse one, Jesus simply wrapped in a linen shroud, then the woman brought and prepared spices, okay, so that they may go and anoint him. Right, Brown? Woman, I'm finishing very quickly. When did the woman when did the women buy the spices? When did they buy the spices? The Gospel of Mark

01:02:57--> 01:03:42

chapter 16, verse one tells us after the Sabbath was passed, after the tablet was passed, the Gospel of Luke 2355 tells us before the Sabbath, the women prepared spices and alignments on men sorry, then on the Sabbath day, they rested according to the commandment. So one says after the Sabbath was passed another test before the Sabbath, they did this. And then the next question, the final point I want to make, because I have a lot more than a long list, only on the matter of crucifixion in the four gospels, forget about the rest of the Bible, my my brother, Kate, you will burn intellectually, you will be punished. If I pull out the exhaustive list of contradictions within the text of the

01:03:42--> 01:04:22

Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. I think four hours of our appeal will go in just telling you about those contradictions. But the next point, at what time of day, did the women visit the tomb towards the dawn, according to the Gospel of Matthew chapter 21. And Gospel of Mark 16, to tells us when the sun had risen when the sun had risen? Right, so these are clear contradictions. I mean, you can't even spin them, you can't even try to contextualize them. Because it's very difficult to reconcile these differences within the text of the four gospels on the matter of crucifixion alone, let alone the rest of the Bible. This is my answer.

01:04:23--> 01:04:25

I hope Yeah. Yeah, go ahead.

01:04:27--> 01:04:48

I just want to do one thing. I just want to you have you have time to respond, but be very quick so that we can go on to the next question and appeal and all of that lets you go, okay. Okay. I'm gonna respond to you, you said that I would be into intellectually buried is okay. As then is my friendly request to your brother, another sheet?

01:04:50--> 01:04:54

I would, I would ask you for a debate, one versus one.

01:04:55--> 01:04:59

And then you, you come and tell you come and tell your points and I will tell my parents about

01:05:00--> 01:05:44

Islam, Allah, let the hearers judge so I would really love if you would accept my challenge. Thank you so much for the challenge, please do send an email to Sapiens Institute, we will definitely generate we have a criteria of debating as to who we debate, we try to aim for the most recognized scholars and activists, but it's not a problem. If you want to have a friendly dialogue, discussion, debate, no problem, we will try to arrange it for you. Please send an email to sit in the Institute. And he will consider if you go if you I'll give you my personal email address, you know, the there's loads of people who go to go to info at Sapiens institute.org. Send me an email, but on the subject.

01:05:44--> 01:05:55

We're getting a lot of emails recently because Ramadan, just put your name in the subject title as well. And then we'll get back to you the next couple of days. Okay. Yes, thank you very much for Sydney. Thank you.

01:05:56--> 01:06:02

For your cardiology annual annual annual politeness ticker. Yes. Thank you

01:06:03--> 01:06:42

so much. Okay, brothers and sisters back to our appeal. This was a this was an interesting discussion, but the case who is a Christian who came along and he asked a question, we tried our best to answer that question as comprehensively as possible. Of course, we cannot go through all the details. This is not a platform for debating or even dialoguing. This is simply q&a. We're trying to keep it as succinct as possible. Back to the appeal. Remember, the purpose we are here today is to get your support, by the grace of Allah by the will of Allah to get this organization going to continue its work Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link, please click the

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Your case, such a nice guy. And there are so many really, really nice people out there and Christians, from the overwhelming majority from my experience of very, very nice people. And, you know, when they have intellectual positions like that, you know, it's just a bit, you know, we feel like we have a duty of care if you like, to ensure that they have the correct understanding of God of Allah of his maximal perfection of his final revelation and his final prophet. And we have to have that empathy for them, you know, because what a nice guy. And it's important to have very good conversations with with hikma with wisdom and with drama, with regards to that in

01:09:01--> 01:09:09

so yeah, take it over from here, what we're gonna do, because this is about to come breaking fast for the UK, guys, I know you're not in the UK.

01:09:10--> 01:09:25

We'll quickly break our fast You carry on. And then Dr. ceman, will will answer some questions concerning his paper and Christianity in general and how to be human in these discussions, which I think is very much needed in sha Allah.

01:09:27--> 01:09:59

Take it from I just say about, you know, I want to reiterate the same point that I just made about about gays. I think that you know, what's at the heart of all of this is a human beings seeking approval or seeking love seeking mercy. I mean, it's not for any superfluids reason gays like him, were able to come on or come on our stage and make these comments and have that sense of enthusiasm, except of course, he's trying to do something that he thinks is pleasing to God. And that really I think for us, and then in seeing that is a tragedy in this whole thing. I think there's a lot of irony here.

01:10:00--> 01:10:28

so ironic because one of the things that the fact that Dr. coolum, Craig Lin Craig mentioned is that don't speak to the Muslims much about the Trinity. He says, Because Because within Trinity, of course, his confusions and his contradictions and all of these kinds of things, but speak to them about about Jesus and the sacrifice of Jesus. And I felt so ironic there for sure. cananda you mentioned contradictions, about the crucifixion of all things that you could have mentioned, you mentioned that thing. I think that's so ironic and so unique. Why because open.

01:10:31--> 01:11:12

So smart is opening is fast, a lot of lessons from him. I mean, so just to finish your point very quickly, if I can. Now remember that at the heart of all of this is this idea that, you know, when when they speak about crucifixion, with such enthusiasm, they believe and they falsely believe that God in the form of Jesus Christ came and died for everyone sins because we're sinful. And so a case mentioned, of course, a verse in the Bible book of john, about the fact that the we sinned and therefore we have death. And in crucifixion, Jesus, he conquers death through the resurrection. But what's so beautiful in Islam is the way that Allah just deals with this situation right immediately,

01:11:12--> 01:11:55

because Jesus for them is the anti type is called the anti type. And Adam, the Adam, the first human Christian of God is the type. So Adam the type therefore disobeys God since he undergoes a damnation, Dr. Logan bill and his work on hamartomas. You said there's three forms of damnation, physical, spiritual and eternal damnation. Adam faced mean that's it forever. Therefore, all of these people who espouse atonement theories like St. Anselm Anselm of Canterbury, they said it's kind of it's something that besmirches the honor of god it can never ever be repaired until Jesus comes and fixes a problem through the crucifixion. But Allah in the Quran is so beautifully

01:11:55--> 01:12:34

addresses by saying Allah in the beginning, forgave Adam. That was the whole point that Allah gave Adam in Allah had mercy on Adam. Allah was forgiving pardoning towards Adam. There wasn't a need for all of this kind of difficulties that Christians have for 1000s of years by thinking about who Jesus was, what the problem was, what crucifixion is, what the atonement is as still confusion amongst them. Allah was maximally loving maximally forgiving, and maximally unnecessarily forgiving, Allah's forgiveness is not contingent on a second person of the Trinity being there kind of an all of these things upon are, I'm going to come back to you I'm going to put my first inshallah and and pretty

01:12:34--> 01:12:34


01:12:37--> 01:13:15

you can turn off your screen and come back and show as soon as you're done with your fast. So brothers and sisters, that was a beautiful point made by a chef with one of the team there that Allah subhanaw taala simply forgive Adam. So there goes the concept of original sin. The sin that Jesus came to remove by his crucifixion through his crucifixion, right? So the Quran puts it in very simple terms. Firstly, Allah doesn't need a son to kill him to forgive a manatee because Allah says in the Quran, amazingly, there are subtleties in the Quran. Sometimes the point is made and you think on Allah, this is so deep, a sentence is there but the sentence is so deep. For example, Allah

01:13:15--> 01:14:01

says, bokhara, Taka Rama wadada and they say that the Most Merciful One, the Most Merciful One has taken a son. So what is Allah trying to say using the word rough man here that they say that that are rushman the most utterly most Merciful One has taken a son but what is the Lord trying to say by using the term the Most Merciful, because the Most Merciful would not kill his own son. To forgive others? He would simply forgive, he would simply forgive. That's why Allah uses the terms wirkkala bahagia Rahman, Allah that they say the Christian that the Most Merciful One has taken a son to do what to kill him to forgive the sins of humanity. This simply doesn't make sense. If he's the most

01:14:01--> 01:14:44

Merciful One, he would simply forgive like Adam prayed to him robina Gollum, nan husana. While on top of a lot of other Hamlet, an akuna, nominal Kasserine Oh our Lord, we have transgressed we have oppressed ourselves, and if you did not forgive us, and pardon us, we would be or the losers, Allah heard the DA according to the Quran, we are told, and Allah forgave Adam's mistake. And there goes the concept of original sin in simple terms, Adam was forgiven, right? Because he asked for forgiveness. So Allah forgave him. There we have it, right? That's the core point. This is where we differ with the Christian civilization or the Orthodox Christian churches, be it the Protestants or

01:14:44--> 01:15:00

Catholics or the Orthodox, Russian or Greek and Syrian orthodox or Egyptian orthodox, they are all trinitarians and all believe in the concept of the crucifixion that Jesus died for the sins of the cross. So Quran deal with these points in a very

01:15:00--> 01:15:32

Very subtle, very, very succinct way to explain these things to the questions. I think we will go to the next question. Please keep your question very short. And we will try our best to answer your question Alitalia has been waiting for some time. Go ahead and please ask your question and Omar Shea, we are aware that you're waiting we will come to you as well. straight after this. Brother says Don't forget to make the donation, click the donations link and start making donations Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live. The rest of our panel is breaking the past. It is

01:15:33--> 01:15:53

our time in Britain right now. I am not currently in Britain. So that's why I am on the screen. But the rest of the panel is gone too fast and they will be back very, very soon to join me. So can we have Alitalia come in to ask his question? The admin, please let Ali Alitalia pin.

01:15:54--> 01:15:55


01:15:56--> 01:16:04

he's muted auditorium, you're muted. Maybe you're speaking without realizing that we're not hearing you. I literally unmute yourself, please.

01:16:07--> 01:16:16

Okay, maybe auditorium is not there. Can we have Omar shake, ask his question. I'm gonna share. Can you unmute yourself and ask your question, please?

01:16:22--> 01:16:25

Go ahead, please. Your life salon?

01:16:30--> 01:16:34

My question is irrelevant to the topic. Can I still ask?

01:16:35--> 01:16:40

Sorry, what your what your question is not. Go ahead. I didn't get that.

01:16:42--> 01:16:51

Question is not related to today's topic. Can I still ask? asked very quickly, and I'll try to give you a quick option. inshallah, if I can. Go ahead.

01:16:53--> 01:17:05

You know, I live in India, and you're the internationalist, always maligned Sri of Islam and the Mughals. So yes. Is it true, true

01:17:07--> 01:17:18

that the Indian Muslims are being maligned due to the history? Yeah, it is true. Yes. It is true. As far as I know, it is true yet. The mobiles are maligned and through the Indian line Yes.

01:17:20--> 01:17:22

What they really so bad.

01:17:24--> 01:18:06

It depends what you mean by bad using our standard today. For the Mughals, it would be completely unfair. In the study of history, it is called anachronism. anachronism is basically a standard today to judge a personality that live 500 years ago, we lived in a completely different world to ours. So in history, things don't work like that, that you use your standard today to judge a personality that lived in the 15th century. So that's why it depends what you mean by bad bad in our time, but bad in that bad in the time? Absolutely not. They were doing exactly what others were doing. They were doing exactly what was necessary. They were doing exactly what was required them to do as

01:18:06--> 01:18:15

strong kings. So the Mughal kings were not all the same. They did at different times in different places for different reasons. So it's a vast topic I have left.

01:18:17--> 01:18:34

I have a lengthy lecture on my YouTube channel, titled the Mughals, the Mughal the Mughal Empire or something like that. It is not very old. It is like I think less than two months old, please go and watch that lecture you get your answer. Next question please go oh my god, I hope I answered.

01:18:38--> 01:18:55

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and other social media platforms you may be using. That's the least you can do that we can get more audience in. So we'll go to the next question, inshallah, without further ado, Mohammed rayhaan. Please ask your question, keep it short. And I'll try my

01:20:18--> 01:20:18


01:20:21--> 01:20:37

My question is, if a Christian says, like, even the the doctrine of Trinity neither like it, it didn't need to be mentioned in the first three centuries, because it's dead in the Bible. And the council just like reinforced it or explicitly recorded it. How would you respond to that?

01:20:38--> 01:21:25

The response to that, that if it's in the Bible, and if it was in the Bible, why did the Christian Church Fathers struggle to express this particular concept? And you cannot understand that point? Easily, until or unless you read the writings of the early church fathers in the first 300 years? They were so confused about God, it is unbelievable. How can people be confused about the concept of God for 300 years, Christian church fathers had no idea who the Holy Spirit. I mean, in the third century, in the mid third century, one of the most loaded men in the Christian history, his name was origin, origin, O ri, G. And if you google his name, origin will the church father who wrote about

01:21:25--> 01:22:13

the Holy Spirit, He says, We have no idea we don't know what it is, we still have to inquire into the scripture to get to the reality of the Holy Spirit is a generate or in generate, okay? And is it a creative thing or edit the creator in some form? If a church father, one of the most learned men in the third century saying this, what Trinity in the Bible, there is no Trinity in the Bible, so the outcome, the conclusion is that it was manmade, it was humanly speculated it was imposed upon humanity by the Roman Empire, post Council of Constantinople. In fact, one of the Roman emperors called theodosis. He made it law to believe in the doctrine of the Trinity, anyone who did not

01:22:13--> 01:22:57

believe in it was a criminal effectively. So it was forced upon the Christians of the Roman Empire, right? If it was in the Bible clearly stipulated why was the need to force it upon people. Okay, read the theodosian code from the 380s. Three ATC Theodosius fought the doctrine of the Trinity on the massive of the Roman Empire who were living throughout the Roman territory. I hope that answers your question. Okay, we will move on to the next question. Before we do brothers and sisters Don't forget the purpose of the stream today. share the screen with your social media context as quick as possible and donate make donation Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link it is

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some questions waiting. We don't want to keep waiting too long. Right. So we have the next questioner rule which is she I think cheeky Donna chiquito chiquito.

01:24:30--> 01:24:39

Tonight he was about a cat two. Can you hear me? Okay, I think you let in Ruth Louise Murphy right again. So we'll go with Ruth

01:24:41--> 01:24:59

chicky. Shakira, can you wait for us? I don't know if I'm pronouncing your name correctly. So go ahead, Ruth. You are live with us right now. Hi, brothers. I'm absolutely delighted to be able to talk to you. I'm getting a lot of feedback at my end. So I'm hoping you're not getting feedback at your end.

01:25:00--> 01:25:05

I just want to make a very quick point. It's not so much a question. But

01:25:07--> 01:25:17

coming from a background of a family of born again Christians, a bit like brother john Fontaine and for Christian revert to come

01:25:18--> 01:25:43

back to Islam, let's say it's a very big deal and it's a very painful experience to let go of the whole salvation by grace. And it's therefore now for me as a Muslim. I know it's a huge thing that needs to be addressed by Muslim brothers. And I was very interested in

01:25:44--> 01:26:02

brother Adnan's conversation with case and all the things that Dr. Rothman said, all I really want to say My point is, there needs to be so much more of this. for Christians to understand, blood sacrifice is not necessary.

01:26:03--> 01:26:09

Allah subhanho wa Taala said, walk to me, and I will run to

01:26:10--> 01:26:25

ask him for forgiveness. He will give us forgiveness. And that's it's so so simple. You know, it's it's almost like hidden in plain sight. It's such a big thing, though. So that's it. That's all I wanted to say.

01:26:27--> 01:26:27


01:26:28--> 01:26:29

Bless you,

01:26:30--> 01:26:39

brother. You're welcome to comment before you do, I just want to mention very quickly, just a route. Allah bless you. May Allah subhanaw taala guide your family continually.

01:26:41--> 01:27:19

I want to quickly remind you that I had a debate with Dr. James White in Atlanta, Georgia, at a Christian convention. And that debate took place in January 2018. The title was, do we need the cross for salvation? Do we need the cross for salvation? Some of these questions you mentioned are some of the points you mentioned. were addressed. In particular A lot of you are interested on this topic. Please do watch my debate with Dr. James White, some very interesting points came like including the one you mentioned, that Allah is merciful Allah Can you forgive? And I gave biblical references as to where God of the Bible simply forgive. You ask him for the people of Nineveh, the

01:27:19--> 01:27:21

book of Jonah, for example, the people of

01:27:22--> 01:27:30

God and God forgive them without any blood sacrifice. So God is capable of forgiving right so

01:27:32--> 01:28:14

for the 100 please do come in and yeah, I mean, this is this is a point I know from doctors man the teeth, which is what is considered to be the academic conundrum. Look at the maximum perfection of Allah subhanho wa Taala, his maximum forgiving and if you if you want a maximum loving Lord, he has to be maximally forgiving because the language of love is forgiveness as well. So when you look at Adam, and he said he wasn't a fall from grace in the Quranic narrative is described as a slip. Not only that, Allah subhanho wa Taala inspires in Adam and his wife, words of forgiveness. Ravana alumna and fusina Waylon taco fildena water Hamlet and akuna Minal Casa de and Allah forgave them.

01:28:14--> 01:28:22

So you see forgiveness in Islam is contingent on God on who on God's reality, the fact that he's unlovable dude, he is.

01:28:24--> 01:29:00

And he is forgiving. But forgiveness in the Christian tradition is contingent on suffering. There's a fundamental difference between the two narratives that we have to understand. And that and forgiveness in the Islamic tradition is based on your relationship with the divine, of forgiveness with in Christian tradition is not necessarily due to a relation is due to you accepting a historical event that his so called son was sacrificed and punished unjustly. So this is not maximal forgiveness. I want to give you two scenarios Sr. Imagine one a seven of a king's palace goes to King.

01:29:01--> 01:29:41

I broke, I broke one of your plates, right? Your favorite plates and the king says, Okay, I can't forgive you. In order for me to forgive you, I have to basically break the arm of my son. That's one scenario. The second scenario is seven of a king's palace breaks the play. And he goes to the king says King, I'm really sorry, I broke your plate. And the king says, Okay, let me teach you something to say to me, I will forgive you immediately. What is maximum forgiveness scenario? Number one, Scenario number two, we all know number two, and that's the difference and unfortunately the Christians have had a monopoly on love and forgiveness for some reason. which is unfortunate because

01:29:41--> 01:30:00

Allah's Name is Allah will do meaning the loving, he is made. And the way to experience that love is to follow Mohammed Salah because Allah says in the Quran, say he speaking to Mohammed says salam, if you love Allah, follow me, meaning follow Muhammad Sallallahu It was me and Allah

01:30:00--> 01:30:23

We love you, and forgive your sins. So we just need to follow the way so how do you repent, learn how the person taught us how to repent, you repent to Allah and the Hadith you mentioned to us that is phenomenal. This Hadith could see a lie saying to us, I am, as my seven expects me to be thing to be. But this is what's interesting system in the Arabic He also means expects.

01:30:24--> 01:30:45

And in theology, it means except expects, if you, if you expect forgiveness of Allah, He will forgive you. If you expect to be this kind of, you know, we could never forgive you, then that will mirror in your in your reality. So unlike saying, I am, as my seven thinks and expects me to be in one line, you will find a line the greatest of expectations.

01:30:47--> 01:30:50

Do you understand what I meant when I said that?

01:30:52--> 01:31:08

You know, practicing Christians, born again Christians, be they born again Catholic, born again, Protestant, whatever, they really can't see the wood for the trees. Yeah, I understand that. I get that. And,

01:31:09--> 01:31:42

you know, like I said, it's hidden in plain sight. It's right there in front of you a lot is alga four is that correct pronunciation, is the all forgiving you and it's suddenly when I realized that the burden, or the pain of leaving behind everything I had previously believed was hurtful. Otherwise, my reversion to Islam really wouldn't have been sincere. It was a big, big deal for me. I was like a grieving.

01:31:43--> 01:32:07

But then coming into the truth of who Allah subhanho wa Taala really is. It is so mind blowing. It's incredible. And I think if that could be conveyed to Christians, in such a way that, you know, it's very, very simple. And they don't need to be shouted out or kind of, you know, thrown around in

01:32:10--> 01:32:11


01:32:13--> 01:32:15

was I got like a dervish in a whirlwind. They really,

01:32:20--> 01:32:26

sincerely put and done with humility. So what? Sorry, I've gone on too long. I don't know.

01:32:27--> 01:32:58

What Sapiens Institute is doing. For example, in that regard, Dr. Smile, Latif is just finishing a paper on divine love and forgiveness, and talking about it from a Christian and Islamic perspective. And his delivery did just delivered a, I think it was a six week course on the topic. And we're going to also professionally film that course to go on free for online system. And also what's needed system is this, we need to do a dramatic paradigm shift in doubt with our Christians, brothers and sisters, because maybe it's okay to say hallelujah.

01:33:00--> 01:33:38

It's very, it's very debate driven and seireitei mother was Jewish. So this is very debate driven, and scripture driven from the point of view that we want to quote, their verse and their book, by truly believe you follow the Quranic narrative, by just showing them who are Rahman is that he is the Forgiving, talking about some of the things that we just spoke about, also understanding that Christians don't necessarily believe in Christianity because of any intellectual conviction, they dream that they have a loving relationship with the Lord. So we just need to show them that they love and still have that, yes, but with Allah because he is the maximum being he is maximum loving,

01:33:38--> 01:33:52

and maximum forgiving, and empathy. And the way to do that is with truly having that emotional intelligence or totally accept what you're saying. And that's why we like advanced debates. Not long ago, it was in the belly of the beast in America, in Georgia.

01:33:54--> 01:34:32

And he invited and he won, he won a PR campaign. He was a PR campaign in itself. I remember I was CEO at that time, and he told me to support and I wanted to support it, but we've got advice from some Americans and they said no, so I had to take that advice because good leadership is to take sure is to take sure I looking back I told you, I totally regret not facilitating that event because it was like a milestone in our history. So yeah, I totally agree system. Allah bless you. And this is the work that we're trying to do, especially doctors minor teeth, has that has that combination of the humanism, dehumanization, studies, empathy, and also his now studies in, in theology in his

01:34:32--> 01:34:46

in the paper that he's bringing out now in Christian and Islamic theology. This is exactly what we need to do. And this is the jacket. May Allah bless you for affirming that, like, sorry for taking up so much of your time. Thanks so much, before you go,

01:34:48--> 01:34:59

for reiterating this point about grades, the concept of grade is very, very special to Christian psyche. And it is something we we have quoted in the lecture.

01:35:00--> 01:35:18

For a very long time, Muslims are generally speaking, very inclined to using check Emma dot style, aggressive way of quoting the Bible and explaining and explaining it to the Islamic lens, which is which which was an approach in the 70s and the 80s. Maybe

01:35:20--> 01:35:59

it had its place it had his youth. But now I think we need to really think empathetically, and really have some emotional intelligence towards the Christian community because the concept of grace is very, very important. The fact that they believe in a God who died for their sins on the cross and took away the sin from them and save them through that sacrifice is a very attractive idea. Of course, we don't agree with it. Of course, we will not accept this particular notion of God. Here, this is the thing Yeah, they want these people want the hand. Yeah, okay.

01:36:01--> 01:36:26

I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna do all Christian. Like all Muslims, for that matter. Most Christians are sincerely seeking a path to God. And we the Muslims, need some some empathy and pave that way, or make it easy facilitate the the journey to a guidance? I mean, I mean, I mean, I mean, we really have to separate the doctors, man is your area of expertise. Please go ahead.

01:36:27--> 01:37:02

Thank you. Thanks. So I missed a lot of details, because I was away. But I want to thank you, of course, for being online with us. Alhamdulillah here today, I think you really, really you hit the nail on the head. I mean, this is so true and Paramount that the matter is a very simple one. Actually. It's a very simple one. And Allah subhanaw taala, in the Quran addresses and I think for me, it kind of gives me shivers when I think about it. But I think, remember, remember that for Christians and have a sutra and and before that, for Christians, Jesus is an anti type. He's an anti type simply because Adam is the type but it's but isn't

01:37:03--> 01:37:45

as good as he should have done in the Christian narrative. And so therefore, because he's in there, for what it does is it costs all of Adam and his progeny into an eternal damnation. It's a physical virtual domination, and it's no way to repair the damage that they say, was incurred upon God because he's so holy, and therefore that violated his sense of holiness, until Jesus comes in as the beloved Son of God and of course, God incarnate as well and dies, everyone sins and then now God is of course, a piece this Holy epithelia of appeasement before all of these are theoretical, remember, atonement theories are only theories across therefore emerges as a symbol as a theory. Therefore 100

01:37:45--> 01:38:19

years you had the dominant theory was the theory of the Christ victors here are the ransom theory where they believe that the you know that the devil was holding the story you can understand why, yeah, that's a no, no, well, that's it but the premise is that everybody is seeking love. We're all seeking muscle all seeking acceptance. Now look at this. You mentioned that Allah is a man Rahim. Well, dude, she comes I mentioned is true. Allah is also a corrib. Allah is the ever near one. And I think this is so wrong. Because look into the

01:38:20--> 01:38:58

vein that we look at look at and how the narrative is fixed, how Allah This is a paradigmatic. Allah says in the Quran that Okay, so we both believe we believe we all believe we both believe in Adam, we both believe that he was in he made a mistake, he sinned, we bought with the aid from the tree, we both believe that he was in the garden or a garden. We both we both believe that Christians and Muslims, but where the point of differentiation is, is in how Allah dealt with that seven that send in the first place. What did God do with that seven who sinned? So of course, in the Christian narrative, it's really bleak. It's very bleak. It's based upon vengeance and rock fulness and gods

01:38:58--> 01:39:37

and at Adams alienation from God separation from God, whereas in the Quranic narrative is very, very different. So number one, Allah says, As Allah have mercy upon her, Allah says that Adam slipped, slipped, a slip and a stumble is different connotations to a cataclysmic fall. Because a slip you can get yourself back up on your feet if you if you slip up. In fact, one of the prayers that we recite every day when we leave our homes is Allahumma India Oh the big and availa although Oh Zilla was done, I see a lot that I slip or or cause others to slip and stumble. And so that's the first one that the second one I think, for me is the most beautiful one. And this is what Alana Quran says

01:39:37--> 01:39:59

about Adam fertile aka Adam Arabic kalimat and Fatah Valley. In order to have Rahim Allah says that Allah, Allah says Adam was met with some words from his Lord. Right now what this means is that not only that Allah forgive forgive Adam at the end, but Allah inspired Adam with the words to say so Allah so Adam would seek forgiveness.

01:40:00--> 01:40:37

Well, hello, this is Sam I need to learn those I need to learn. I think if our Christian friends knew this, it would completely change me. You see the suit forgiveness for us if you consider October, Allah mentions about the three you are away from the better of toboggan Allah says about them. Look at this paradigm of forgiveness Toba. Allah says that Allah says about them that they thought metabo la familia tubu that Allah May Toba mean Allah Allah inclined to them so that they are a Toba to him and unless to Weber Rahim so Allah does it first. Allah is Ever never ever

01:40:39--> 01:40:54

reach Allah reaches out first Allah reaches out to Adam first, even before Adam did anything, you know, in terms of forgiveness that just shot maximally loving how maximally close our maximum forgiving Allah is. I think if our Christian friends knew this, it will completely change them because there's no need

01:40:55--> 01:41:25

to together with lots of them and tell them all this I come and help. Shall lunch. Much. Thank you. Thank you. Ruth, may Allah bless you for reading this very important point, which is basically sometimes ignored or neglected for some reason, but Alhamdulillah This is a good reminder for all the Muslims watching around the world, that they need to be empathetic and they need to understand the Christian psyche before giving Dawa inshallah so Jackie, thank you so much. Now.

01:41:27--> 01:41:51

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01:47:09--> 01:47:10

oh, you're down?

01:47:26--> 01:47:31

main question is a look at it. So we'll start that non machine for you, my English not so good.

01:47:33--> 01:47:37

The question is, we know that in the Old Testament,

01:47:39--> 01:47:44

God uses the singular personal pronoun I, for example.

01:47:45--> 01:48:09

So I don't understand, from a Christian perspective, how do they interpret? Or how do they understand this singular personal pronoun when God says I, or in the speaker, those passages, God as the Trinity, or is it or is one of the three person who is the speaker and those passages?

01:48:12--> 01:48:23

That's a very good question, bro tubers? I don't know the answer to that question. Usually, when it comes back on, I will mention it to him, we'll try and remember to mention it to him, and we'll get him to answer inshallah.

01:48:24--> 01:48:36

I don't know if anyone else wants to answer that question. If not, we'll do we'll move to the other question. Doctors manual. I mentioned anything about this? Yeah, I mean, obviously, it's going to be the Jews, of course, would argue that this is God speaking in a singular himself.

01:48:37--> 01:49:15

But the Christians Of course, I mean, this is the dilemma that they're in because they have to, of course, you know, reinterpret these verses these phrases to suit a narrative and the narrative of course, one or the theology is one, where the trinity of course, takes center stage. Therefore, everything else in the Bible has to suit that the formula of the Trinity even though it's so it's so clearly not alone. The Quran interesting, he says, you have a funan caliber model that they change the words from their places. And that's exactly what happens is so even if something is clear as that, like you were mentioning, and they were to say, this is a reference to the single actually is,

01:49:15--> 01:49:53

you know, connotes The, the triune trueness of the Trinity, clearly therefore, it's like what Allah is saying that they've just changed the words from their place. They've just changed things around and so that's what that's what i think but of course, your Kanaan would argue will answer better inshallah. Yes, that's very interesting. Yeah. The Christians would say something like, oh, but it's the one God because they believe in one God but with three persons, but the point is who speaks in the Trinity? Oh, this is a point. Yeah. It's either the Holy Ghost the son or the Father. There is nothing else. It's interesting. You mentioned the Holy Ghost actually, because one of the things

01:49:53--> 01:49:59

that my essay covers is in fact, this mother dilemma, in fact about the Holy Ghost has

01:50:00--> 01:50:39

dilemma. Because remember that Holy Ghost doesn't really take center stage in Christian Trinitarian theology. In fact, like chicken I was mentioning, it's a kind of a later formulation, I think in the 380s. It was incorporated as part of the Godhead. But discussions, talk, praying to reverence for Holy Spirit is quite absent in Christian in Christian tradition and Christian worship. When is the last time you ever heard Christians praying to the Holy Spirit? Or Christians in appraising Holy Spirit, or knowing what exactly is the Holy Spirit is quite sensitive or even Dr. Craig makes this point. And he says, Holy Spirit is quite invisible. Like in in our discussions, and this is true.

01:50:40--> 01:50:50

And so this is kind of another thing as well. The Holy Spirit is Phantom. No acid. Yeah, logical Phantom. It's a ghost said that.

01:50:53--> 01:50:58

Okay, Doc, my brother's chiquito. Now let's have a family. So Monica, Mohammed

01:51:00--> 01:51:03

said, I'm all I can do guys do me, a Santa Monica. So

01:51:05--> 01:51:20

first of all, it's a pleasure of being here with you guys. It's been a long time, and the questions have been accumulating, as well. So I'll try to save them as, as, as possible whisker as I can. So first of all, I want to ask about

01:51:22--> 01:51:36

the comparison between logic and science. You've been trying? You've been trying to say that science has the induction, and it's always evolving, and it can change. So we cannot take it as

01:51:37--> 01:51:41

we cannot take things that science confirm for granted. So

01:51:42--> 01:51:46

when I see logic also, and and the deductive method.

01:51:47--> 01:52:24

And I tried to also play the devil's advocate a lot of my head, so I say Okay, so now we have logic, also some paradoxes that have been solved over the time. And they were there was no solution whatsoever. Like, for example, Zeno's paradox. And the trends paradox, there has been paradoxes that couldn't be solved over the time. And over centuries, or, or many years. solution was, was found at the end. So I didn't know how to reconcile this and help. I don't know, it's, it's, of course, a viewpoint of a layman. So I didn't do the the philosophical study.

01:52:25--> 01:52:27

But is there anything like

01:52:28--> 01:52:36

the problem of induction, that can be applied to logic, like a program deduction? For example? That's, that's my question.

01:52:40--> 01:52:40


01:52:44--> 01:52:56

Yeah, I mean, we can also try not to this question, but you know, today's stream, we wanted to sort of focus on Christianity. So like, not what do we do? Do we like, adopt the

01:52:58--> 01:52:59

ignoring your head?

01:53:00--> 01:53:04

Yes. What? What what we are discussing right now? I just came sorry.

01:53:08--> 01:53:27

I missed No. Yeah, the question was said bass, brother. I said, do we have a problem? Like the problem induction when it comes to to logic? That's that's his. That's his question. Yeah. My question was, because we're focusing on Christianity tonight, should we pop that question? It's up to us.

01:53:30--> 01:53:38

This will be your field. And you can give a very quick answer if you want each other. It's not related to the question of today. But go ahead each other. Yeah.

01:53:39--> 01:53:46

Yeah, so the problem of induction, bro is the thinking process, we move from the unknown to the known from the observed and unobserved. And

01:53:47--> 01:54:14

basically, it's a probabilistic type of reasoning, where you, you can always have another observation that contradicts your current conclusions. That's kind of the problem of induction. So I observe 1000 white sheep. And then I conclude that the next sheep is going to be why I conclude all sheep are white. This is inductive reasoning, because we know it's probabilistic. And as we know, we've observed black sheep. So that could be a future or another observation that can contradict my current conclusions that was based on limited data. So that's the problem of induction.

01:54:15--> 01:54:26

Now you're saying that now you haven't finished? So now you're saying, Is there a problem of induction in deductive logic? Well, strictly speaking, no.

01:54:28--> 01:54:59

Because deductive deductive logic is if you have sound premises, and that is a valid argument, then the conclusion necessarily follows. You're never going to have another conclusion in the future. Right? And this is simple as that. We didn't you never use that conclusion necessarily follows from the previous premises. So the premises guarantee the conclusion, the truth of the conclusion. So there is no induction inductive, the problem of induction applied to deductive logic, however, I know what you're saying. You're saying something different.

01:55:00--> 01:55:26

You're conveying a few issues, you're basically saying, because human beings, we may lose logic in a way that we haven't maximized rationality or logic. And in the future, when we improve in our rationality, then we'll be able to get a more better conclusion. that's fundamentally different to saying that there's a problem with deductive logic, there's, there's the problem of induction in deductive logic, you can't say that. But you can say,

01:55:28--> 01:55:29

are human beings,

01:55:30--> 01:55:51

you know, fallible? are human beings? Do they always use the rational faculties in a maximal way? No. And when we try and better use our rational faculties, we come to correct conclusions over time. So yeah, so there's a problem of induction, if you want to call it that, concerning the human endeavor on how to be more reasonable.

01:55:52--> 01:56:07

So it could be that is there a future point in time when we're using our rational faculties much better that could come to better conclusions? That could be the case as a general principle, but that's not the same as saying that logical deductive logic suffers from the problem of induction? Does that make sense bro?

01:56:12--> 01:56:13

Thank you so much for the answer that

01:56:15--> 01:56:18

I think that should be enough on this question. Good luck, Aloha. And

01:56:19--> 01:57:00

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anymore. I have questions no one can answer.

01:59:03--> 01:59:42

Imagine the plight of those parents, brothers, sisters, what they may be going through and there are many out there. Well, I I've dealt with them. This is not because of Islam. This is not because of the Muslim civilization or some weakness in our intellectual defense. It is because we don't have platforms, answering simple questions of these youngsters answering simple questions of Muslims out there who may be facing doubts. So Sapiens Institute is basically in some way defending the intellectual boundaries of Islam. A lot of people are doing now the grassroot the art that is very, very important. A lot of people are working on the amount of the Muslims like Tablighi Jamaat, for

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example, but who is going to defend Islam intellectually? Who is going to follow the tradition of Shere Khan Islamic potamia Africa, or Imam ghazali, for example, cholula almohadas Adela, we, for example, these giants of Islam, these intellectuals of Islam

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02:01:47--> 02:02:07

Allah Milla awesome Java, please. Yeah, my question is related to the comments that was made by brother Hamza, in response of one of the questions earlier about the nature of Allah. So if there is no example like Allah, and we can't explain his nature, then like,

02:02:08--> 02:02:11

divisions are justified to say that

02:02:12--> 02:02:32

Trinity is not comprehendible I mean, its nature is not something is not something like that we can digest. So we have we have simply believed that on so what do you say about this? Very quickly, I want to take a shot at this, and Hamza

02:02:33--> 02:03:15

very quickly, I want to answer this question. There are things Allah has said about himself. Right? There are things he has told us about himself. And there are things he hasn't told about, told us about himself, things he hasn't told them about himself. We cannot speculate too much on those things. Because that knowledge has been kept from us. It hasn't been given to us, things he has told us about him. So we cannot believe in contradictions with those things. If anything, any idea that contradicts with what Allah has told us. We cannot believe in those things. Simply that's the answer. Maya, please go ahead. Yes, so when Allah says Lisa committed he Shay, there is nothing like

02:03:15--> 02:03:28

his example. It doesn't mean that Allah cannot be understood with regards to what he has told us about himself. So the kind of basic beautiful understanding of a license class

02:03:32--> 02:03:38

someone's having someone enjoying the food, and we can hear the the actual, the actual live version of

02:03:40--> 02:04:22

Odoo. So no one has spoken about himself cuz it's a sort of a class, say Allah is uniquely one. He is independent. He is so subsisting, he wasn't born. He doesn't he doesn't begin oversee, but gotten on to him. When Allah talks about himself in that way, it is totally coherent and totally understandable. So there is a subtle difference, because the Trinity is supposed to be the essence of the Divine. Right? It's supposed to be the most basic understanding of God, the most basic understanding of God cannot be understood. But the most basic understanding of God in the Islamic tradition can be understood very clearly, there are volumes and volumes of extra Jesus and Tafseer

02:04:22--> 02:04:57

on sort of class, or what does it mean that Allah is one that he's unique, that he's so self subsisting that he, he wasn't born, nor does he give birth? And there's nothing like unto him. So you need to really understand when Allah talks about himself, in a way to explain himself is understood. It is intuitive, it is spiritually intuitive, and it's in line with our reason. But when, according to the Christians, when the Christian conception is revealed of God is not spiritually intuitive is not rationally intuitive, and it cannot be understood and is incoherent. So, hope that makes sense. Does that make sense brother

02:05:00--> 02:05:32

Yeah, to some extent, but I still have some doubts so maybe I'll ask in some other time because you have many many questions. Let me let me let me just annihilate those doubts inshallah with one sentence when Allah describes himself with the intention for people to understand him it's understood rationally and intuitively when God so called according to the Christian has tries to explain himself in a way that's supposed to make people understand is not understood. That's the difference. Okay brother yeah okay thank you very much.

02:05:34--> 02:05:52

Thank you so much. Thank you. So on that note brothers and sisters here we are Sapiens Institute with shehbaz man doctors Malati for the surah Ahmed and brother Hamza although we cannot make our visible ama appearance he seems to have you know, there are too many hair

02:05:59--> 02:06:03

I'd like to remember who was the sheep that was lost and they found the sheep and he had

02:06:09--> 02:06:11

a good What do you call that thing? Would you call it

02:06:12--> 02:06:16

good when you when you trim a sheep was a cold?

02:06:17--> 02:06:17


02:06:19--> 02:06:20


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02:07:47--> 02:08:30

a Christian. I was a learned Christian. We didn't do that. We didn't take our priests as Lord besides law. Now imagine the Prophet said to him, sorry, I have no one. Sorry, I don't have time. Sorry. There is no way to answer there is no one to go to to answer. Do you think Addy would have an answer for that question that doubt may have lingered in his mind for God knows how long right but the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam dealt with the question there and then he told him, they took the priests and rabbis as Lords because those priests, those priests and rabbis, they took the position of Allah they took a last place by making a lot haram and haram halaal and then people

02:08:30--> 02:09:18

followed them. This is how they made them Lord, besides a lot they gave the priests and rabbis the rights of Allah. Only Allah can make halal and haram Okay, so imagine imagine the provincial authority to answer questions on the Sahaba brothers sisters Sapiens Institute is following that sooner the prophets Allah tala answering questions about Islam, teaching the Muslims how to defend the intellectual boundaries of Islam. This is why sha Allah in the 18th century, wrote his book title for Jolla Hill balega. The decisive argument for God This book is absolutely powerful. It is so powerful that the woman who was researching cholula Her name is Marsha Kay. Marsha Kay Hermanson,

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right she's she's a scholar, she's an American scholar, she accepted she accepted Islam. She's an academic.

02:09:26--> 02:09:29

You love right? You translated this book from

02:09:30--> 02:09:32

me the version?

02:09:33--> 02:09:38

No, it was written in the Arabic language on the Arabic language into

02:09:40--> 02:10:00

into the English language. Actually, I'm not sure whether it was written in the Arabic or in the Persian language, but it was definitely one of these two languages Persian or Arabic Mashallah you like the 18th century decisive argument of God? Marsha Kay Hermanson she translated the work into the English language. Chava EULA wrote this work to defend the interest

02:10:00--> 02:10:44

electoral boundaries of Islam people were having doubts in the 18th century because there was so much turmoil. There was so much chaos, political chaos that gave rise to economic and social chaos in 18th century India. What does a scholar of Islam do? What What does this dervish this wonder of Allah do? He's not sitting idle? He's answering questions. He wrote this book, titled progetto Lyle Barletta, and along awkward, this book rock some boats. This book, put some hearts at rest. This book gave the panel our response to many, many minds without luck, but in fact, one of the latest scholars in the 19th century his name was Nawab Sadiq Hassan Khan, once a ruler of the state of

02:10:44--> 02:11:27

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Absolutely donate right now we wanted to be a leader share with man and brother subu. I want you to now take some questions and start responding. Before we take a question I just wanted to say something on, you know, Allah says on the closest to the believers or those who say that they are Christian. So you know, whenever we looking at our we need to look at where we are going to get the biggest results from and it would be highly illogical for us as Muslims to go out and to focus on the people who are least likely to accept Islam, rather than focusing on the people who are the closest to Islam. Now, of course, the message of Islam needs to reach every single household.

02:14:42--> 02:14:59

However, when it comes to dealing with Christianity, and again, I'm not an expert in terms of dealing with Christianity, but I have observed something. The Christians when it comes to evangelizing against the Muslims have some very sophisticated arguments and put in a lot of effort to try and persuade

02:15:00--> 02:15:42

Muslims to convert to Christianity and Muslims when it comes to our our religion and propagating our religion and addressing the contentions that the Christians put out. And actually understanding how to respond to those things are actually far far behind. And this is a real real shame because, like I mentioned previously, Christianity is spreading, we have a massive rise in Southeast Asia, we have a rise in Indonesia, we have a rise in Africa, we have a rise actually in some Muslim countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh as well. So you know, it is a major religion, it is something we need to tackle. And also we need to understand that, you know, it's not just about putting forward a very

02:15:42--> 02:16:20

simplistic way of just challenging Christianity. Some of the most sophisticated theologians out there in academia are actually Christian, and they're at the forefront. And we even have situations now where some atheists of atheists academics have converted to Christianity, because it seems a lot more palatable than Islam at the moment. So you know, every single thing that the Sapiens Institute is doing in regards to the Christian theology of the Christian challenge is something inshallah this can be timeless that future visitors can build upon. And this is going to be a massive set kajaria for anybody who's going to be donating tonight. So please go to Sapiens institute.org for slash

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donate live.

02:16:23--> 02:17:03

Dr. was one would you like to add anything before we go right, thank you so much for for the information. And they also exist Of course, in in the West in the UK, and also in of course, aside from the the countries that you mentioned, the missionary organizations, I was looking, in fact one of them earlier today. In fact, one of them based in based in London, they have more than 6000 missionary volunteers that the world these are heavily financed people they receive training they have they have retreat where they gather together and they go have arguments, and I was looking at the pictures in fact that they use on the websites and maybe at least 1/3 of them are pictures of

02:17:03--> 02:17:12

Muslims you know of women with a jobs with it with niqab and everything else shooting there for that that's their target audience it's it's it's a Muslim

02:17:13--> 02:17:53

so stupid I mean, 30 is what this gullible ignorant if we're not taking this seriously, this is not a threat against somebody's life. This is a threat against somebody a man right here a person can die we're all gonna die one day coolness in the epidural mode, every soul will taste death. Right? But this is but the death of faith, the death of a man is the most is his greatest tragedy. The death of losing one's a man is a greatest of all tragedies. Allah in the Quran, she says to Panama, look at the bliss of a man or woman can have a turn here now who is one that was dead in the we gave him life. This is not a physical This is a spiritual death, in disbelief and then giving the given

02:17:53--> 02:18:32

the life through Islam. And Allah says we gave him a light yam should be given as he walks amongst the people with that light. That's the light of Islam to carry that light of Islam amongst the people. Allah says is that person like the one who is in darkness, and there's no escaping that darkness you know, we don't want to go into darkness after having found guidance. One of the prayers in fact, in the Quran is or a banner led to Zuko Lubin about it had a tenor. I won't know, let us, you know, go into deviation and misguidance after guidance came on to us, and therefore the light of Islam is so true. But but it's in fact, in our effort, our work, to try and bring that light to the

02:18:32--> 02:19:05

world and to make people feel confident in Islam and Islamic civilization. One of the one of the words that was used in the clip that was showing is about the growth of Islamic civilization, we have a lot to be proud of an Islamic civilization, I mean, so many remarkable achievements, this whole idea they should have done was very well about Khan Valencia, you know, we are not antagonistic towards our Christian friends and brothers. It's not about that. It's not about anti, it's not about hatred, none of these evil things don't exist. It really where we're coming to this discourse with a lot of love with a lot of hope, with a lot of mercy with a lot of understanding and

02:19:05--> 02:19:42

empathy. And that really existed. In fact, in the Islamic world, the whole idea of convivencia the coexistence was when Muslims, Jews and Christians did in fact live together, you know, with harmony with understanding and then they worked with and Sunni remarkable things. So I think therefore, this one of one of the needs is to dispel the myths of you know, of hate seeking and this kind of things. All of us in fact, inshallah our good intention, wanting the best, of course, for ourselves and for humanity. And that's really what the work of Sapiens is about. It's about dispelling, you know, the the discourse of othering and summer phobia and really opening up these spaces of understanding

02:19:42--> 02:19:56

between us and between the rest of the world but of course, it all requires effort requires time requires work. And therefore this is I mean, this is our work this is this is in the service inshallah of the oma. So May Allah grant us terrific, I mean, thank you so much.

02:19:57--> 02:19:59

Thank you so much. We will take some questions now.

02:20:00--> 02:20:03

I think we should go with Abdullah

02:20:04--> 02:20:07

Abdul Salam aleikum. Wa alaykum.

02:20:08--> 02:20:52

So I just wanted to say thank you brothers for letting me in. By the way, first, I just wanted to basically bring a point. With regards to Christianity, I'm not sure if it's already been discussed or not, because I joined, I joined in late. And it's basically, in Christianity, I, at least from what I observed, there is no forgiveness. And what I mean by that, just to clarify the bill, so most Christians believe that Jesus died for their sins on the cross. And so the price of sin was paid, there was not forgiven, for example, in Christiana, or in Islam, we, if we sin, we just repent, we ask God for forgiveness. However, in Christianity, there is no such thing. Or you can repent,

02:20:52--> 02:20:56

obviously, production. But ultimately, the price of sin is blood.

02:20:57--> 02:21:10

And, basically, that God did not forgive people rather, He sent Jesus or he sent himself however, we're gonna interpret it, and basically paid for this in the back.

02:21:12--> 02:21:49

And hopefully, you can comment on that. Thank you. Thank you so much for the question. Dr. Oz man, we have obviously discussed this at length already. But please go ahead, take a shot at this. This is Yeah, this is exactly true. As you know, as I mentioned, and beyond thank you so much for coming in and sharing that with us. It's really, really beautiful. He shared that with us. And this exactly is true. The whole idea is that in Christianity, in a price, a price has to be paid. And the price has to be a price of blood. And therefore just think about the impression that it gives you know the average person but who God actually is remember that the difference here is not even about the

02:21:49--> 02:22:29

discourse about the debate about the Trinity and these kind of things. It's much more formative is much more earlier than that it's more much more fundamental. And that is who is God in the first place? I believe the the first impression that we all of us, as human beings will get of God is what did God do with our father, Adam, in the first place? How did God deal with our father Adam, right? How did you go deal with him? What did God do with him? That's gives us the first most basic fundamental impression of who God actually is because we see what God is doing with his creation. In Christianity, like you mentioned not like that, because God does not accept Adam, even if he's

02:22:29--> 02:23:09

mournful, if he's respectful is not enough, is not enough because the sin that they believe Adam commits, a kind of disturbs up ends the entire cosmic order, right of based upon holiness, God's holiness is infringed upon. Now we have a very beautiful Hadith and it stretches in forever in my essay as well. And that is a beautiful Hadees Hadees goodsir. And in this Hadith, Allah subhanho wa Taala is a long Hadith but towards the end of that Hadith, he says, Yeah, by the Oh, my sevens, low and walakum, wa hakama in Sakuma junocam. If the if the first of you and the last of you and the human of you and the junior view, we're in the part of the most pious one of you, that will not

02:23:09--> 02:23:49

increase my kingdom and anything. And I know my servants, if the first and the last and the humans and in we're in the heart of the most wretched Evil One of you, that will not decrease my kingdom in anything. There is nothing that we could do that could append, append in Allah, the divine, cosmic or the divine plan for his creation, nothing. Allah is supremely alim. Allah is the most mighty, most exalted, right, where does his creation, his servants, but in the Christian narrative, Adam's sin was so cataclysmic, it kind of ruins that that holiness of God, and therefore that could never be repaired, never be restored, until the events of the of the crucifixion and the sacrifice of

02:23:49--> 02:24:25

Jesus take place. But then you hit the nail on the head by saying, where then is the forgiveness? You see, if a person like God is powerful, God is powerful, and God has a good I mean, God can of course punishing God can also forgive. But if God chooses punishment over forgiveness, then then it opens up the whole discourse about is God then maximally loving, you know, the Christians, they pride themselves on this and I want all of our listeners to listen to this very carefully, very carefully, because you'll hear this a lot. You'll hear Christians saying, therefore, the very famous verse in the book of john that God so loved the world that he sent his his only Son, you know, this

02:24:25--> 02:24:50

is so this is the most famous john 316 his most famous verse in the whole Bible. I want every Muslim to be equipped for this word. Think about think about this. Now when they say that we must always ask Okay, so what is love then? What is love? It's easy for me to use love as an abstract as an abstract notion. Love. God so loved the world. Okay. We say God so loved the world that He forgave Adam in the first place.

02:24:52--> 02:24:53


02:24:54--> 02:24:55


02:24:57--> 02:24:58


02:25:03--> 02:25:04

That's it. That's the end

02:25:06--> 02:25:06


02:25:10--> 02:25:20

Well, like I do, I'm laughing as well. But now it's like you'd love a bit more because of this. He did a video for Sapiens thoughts on this and we didn't publish it

02:25:21--> 02:25:23

I think I made you do how many times we can do it

02:25:24--> 02:25:26

to get into giggles as well.

02:25:27--> 02:26:05

And then he made that brilliant point that it was not that God so loved the world that he sacrifices only sighs God loves the world that he gave it to me from the beginning. It was a beautiful point it was a beautiful place but inshallah we're gonna do that video soon inshallah sha Allah I mean, that's no point me Adam is a paradigm and Adam is an archetype is our father. To know therefore how God dealt with Adam by forgiving this love. We can't just use love as an abstract by saying, God just loved but we don't know what that love actually means. How is our love demonstrated to his creation below? Allah so loving Allah forgave loving forgiveness and pardoning is a demonstration of

02:26:05--> 02:26:19

Allah's love in the first place. So therefore always maximally necessarily loving, not contingent on anything but necessarily maximally loving. And the way that is shown is through his forgiveness to his creation. I mean, that's the best the best Subhanallah

02:26:21--> 02:27:02

no point as well. Yes, please go ahead very quickly. Thank you. So unfortunately, I remember I was I watched a YouTube video from Dr. William Lane Craig, where he basically gave the analogy about our God law, that he is like a creditor, and basically the debt analogy, unfortunately, or fortunately for us, we actually can reverse this on him, because it seems that in their concept of God, that God is a creditor, and you have to pay our blood or at least Jesus blood for our sins. Whereas for our concept we just asked for like, I asked my creditor, Hey, can you forgive my dad, and he forgives it without an issue that

02:27:04--> 02:27:41

might say I go through all of his arguments, I go through every single one of Dr. William Lane Craig's arguments against Islam, all of them and hamdulillah. Now they they've have a name for this, they call it the theory of appeasement, they call it a peace, they even they even they even call it as you're describing it, they call it a peace that you can't, God isn't appeased until the blood sacrifice is made, right? That there's nothing that could have pleased God. Unless blood sacrifice is by that means God is like, it's sorry to use a word, but it's almost like blood thirsty, it's almost like the only way to please God is through an innocent person's blood being spilled, and then

02:27:41--> 02:28:21

that appeases the whole, you know, the whole, everything is set in balance, again, because of what was created in the disorder created by Adam Anderson in the first place. Whereas for us, it's different. Now, the other beautiful, beautiful point to make is this, Michelle want us Muslims to think about this, when they were discussing with Christians is that, remember the difference between this narrative and the Christian one is that for human beings to be saved in Christianity, they are bound liable, they have to accept an event, an event that took place some 2000 years ago, where they believe Jesus died on the cross, they have to accept that event took place, they have to accept that

02:28:21--> 02:29:02

Jesus died for their sins, right, they have to accept that event took place. Now they do have of course other things as well baptism and repentance, but that believing in that event taking place is fundamental. Whereas we say that we say that if a person commits a sin, there is a duty of responsibility on that person to seek God's forgiveness. That's a personal thing between that person. And between God is not about accepting an external event that they never saw, they never witnessed that's outside of the frame of their repentance and forgiveness is personal. Whereas in Christianity, it's impersonal because you have to accept something historical event that happened in

02:29:02--> 02:29:41

a much later date in time. Whereas in Islam, it's about a personal going back to God. I mean, tober it means a roju ilala it means returning back to God. And that's something all of us, of course, make mistakes every day. Elena Ferrante says to Panama to Allah, what is the value I need for any corrib when my servants asked you concerning me, indeed, I'm closed, you know, I respond to him or who are called upon me, when he calls upon me that anybody else our Christian friends, that us that anybody who calls upon God with sincerity asking for forgiveness In the name of Allah, meaning in the One God we believe in Allah, Allah, Allah would respond to that person. So therefore that's

02:29:41--> 02:29:44

quite a difference between us and and our Christian friends.

02:29:45--> 02:29:47

Thank you so much brothers. It's allamani.

02:29:51--> 02:29:58

Lion, the lion is here on Ma sha Allah, Allah Mufasa Mufasa has been unleashed.

02:30:00--> 02:30:00


02:30:03--> 02:30:29

So, so brothers and sisters, don't forget why we are here. All of these beautiful discussions are taking place, primarily because we want to educate the masses out there about our beautiful faith and give that confidence to the Muslim youth to believe in Islam with confirmed firm satisfaction, right? They should not have any doubt any misconceptions that are not answered. So it's

02:30:30--> 02:31:11

a working on a number of things right. sapient Institute has been doing a lot of stuff, but I want to quickly talk about what we aim to do in the future, let's say in the next year, a book on dealing with doubts in particular, okay, lighthouse mentoring service to empower needed and the art to deal with those questions. And now, the lighthouse mentoring service will not only answer questions for people, but it will train go out to do so new education platform with three courses and seminars to teach how to defend and share Islam academically and intellectually. This is something we want to pioneer within the next year new essays and researches alone our new book on science and religion

02:31:12--> 02:31:12


02:31:19--> 02:32:00

what is the purpose this organization is out there to ensure good Eman, good faith inshallah, by the grace of Allah for your children, your youngsters, your your kids out there, you know, when I say kids, I don't mean partners, I mean, kids who face questions in universities and colleges at work youngsters, right? Who are on social media, there is a lot of Islamophobia. There's a lot of hate against Islam and Muslims. And it is not normal to believe, Oh, actually, it's open season in Islam, as they say, right, since the last 20 years on, you know, if you go on Western media platforms, you will see that Islam and Muslims are the most attacked,

02:32:01--> 02:32:46

you know, faith and people in the world, unfortunately, unfortunately. And it is in some cases state funded, it is well funded. Islamophobia industry is a well oiled machine with a lot of supporters, unfortunately. And where are the unsolved law? Where are the supporters of the deen of Allah? Okay, so be the answer of Allah be the supporters of Allah. Allah does not need us we need Allah and we need this Deen. And for that brothers and sisters Sapiens Institute org forward slash donate live is the link, do not hesitate to make a difference. albeit a small one, albeit a small one. Don't think your donation is too small. If everyone starts thinking that we end up getting no support. So

02:32:46--> 02:33:19

whatever you can give, given the power of Allah in the month of Ramadan, you may be saving the demands of hundreds of youngsters out there who may become the out of the future, who may become the leaders of the future as the ad, you know, we played earlier demonstrates clearly. So my brothers and sisters, Let's welcome our new guests. The, you know, shall I invite him like, you know, those people in Mike Tyson, Mike Tyson

02:33:22--> 02:33:23

in the house.

02:33:25--> 02:33:39

Okay, job, this is your turn share to go and encourage people as to why they must donate for this platform. And we have questions waiting, and some of them unfortunately leaving because the weight is too long. So go ahead, give some encouragement and we go to the questions in

02:33:42--> 02:33:45

total. JOHN, you're muted. Oh, yes, go ahead.

02:33:46--> 02:33:46

You know,

02:33:47--> 02:34:27

honestly, people don't realize the effect this is having people don't realize that this is having a transformative demographic effect. is having a demographic effect. You know, we are changing the geographies. That's the reality of the situation. And if you look at the West, and how many Muslims are in the West right now, the question is, how many of them will assimilate to the broader culture to the extent where they leave behind their Islamic identity? That's really the question that we're struggling with, it might be a difficult question to look at, or difficult notion to, to think about. But this is really something all of us as adults, Muslims living in the West have to think

02:34:27--> 02:34:48

about. To what extent are we endangering our spiritual and religious identity by being here in the West? When we bring our children or raise our children here, How To what extent are we doing that? is there is there legitimacy in the view that says that by staying in the West, we are putting ourselves in spiritual

02:34:49--> 02:34:59

kind of danger to all of these extraneous variables and external forces and attacking forces of Islam? I think there is some validity to that argument.

02:35:00--> 02:35:13

But the way that this institute tries to combat that, is by giving what would be the proverbial inoculation effect to the broader population. We're giving them

02:35:14--> 02:35:57

the basics of how to answer the main contentions of against Islam. And we're also giving them how to argue and reason for Islam. And this is the utmost importance. I believe this really is the heart and soul of you know, dour, if you want to put it that way is the heart and soul of down. So I don't see anything that is really more important than this in many ways. You know, the Quran even mentions it, the Quran mentions it in Surah tober. When Allah subhanho wa Taala he talks about people saying behind letterfrack, Kofi Deen, while Yun Viru, coma hamidah Raja la him, and that they may

02:35:59--> 02:36:41

learn the religion and that they may warn their own people when they go back to them. And there are two views on this. So hon Allah, the two views among the scholars of Tafseer. Some of them say that is the people that go with the Prophet are the ones that will be learning. And some say no, this is talking about the ones who don't go in war with the Prophet, I'm say, behind the London religion. And in both cases, the idea of a community of people learning, not just a religion, but whatever is required required for warning are people to happen, because also the maximum goes and it goes that

02:36:43--> 02:37:29

that can write or that rulings take the intermediary things that lead to the ruling takes the same ruling as the ruling itself. So in other words, if we're in order to dow, if we need to know what janelia is, and what secularism is, and all that kind of stuff, that says worship for us to know as doing Dawa, and knowing Islam as as well, because otherwise your data will be ineffective. This is what this is what Sapiens Institute specializes in this synthetic approach to interdisciplinary and approach the bringing heads together, you know, grassroots activism, things that we've tried on the ground and has worked, you know, things that we have tried, written in peace in academic pieces, and

02:37:29--> 02:38:09

have been reviewed by professors. This is not just people coming on YouTube and speaking and saying that two cents and hoping that a few fools will listen, this is we're taking ideas through an academic process of peer review. What? Well, you know, we're experimenting at the higher echelons and then taking those arguments, which are the cream, you know, the Zopa in the Arabic terminology, and then taking that, right? And using that, to give Dawa to people to our own communities and to non Muslims are using the best arguments that we can gather from all of the centers of intellection. In the Muslim world.

02:38:10--> 02:38:41

Believe me, this is the most important thing, and I say this with no, the emphasis, this is the most important thing you can give charity to because it is the awesome, absolutely, heart of everything else out there, I'm going to say something, you know, an IRA, is to say something which really, when he said it, the first time I questioned it, and then I thought about it, and then I agreed with it. I questioned it, and then I thought about it, and then I agreed with it. And I'll tell you what he said.

02:38:42--> 02:39:00

He said when he was doing some Ramadan campaigning one time, and I thought maybe this was some IRA propaganda. In the in the first instance, he said, Look, if you can tell me of one thing that is better than this, to give charity to, then I'll be the first one to give charity to it.

02:39:02--> 02:39:23

And then I thought about it. What about feeding the team? What about this, and all of those things are so important. And there are verses in a hadith and so many things about that. And no doubt, we're not trying to trivialize and, you know, everyone in this panel has has has done their fair share in doing those things. But then the argument that I'm that I'm green made was this, that when you

02:39:24--> 02:39:59

empower people with not only Islamic knowledge, but the right kind of arguments that will keep them inoculated, say, then that will produce more people that will give charity for humanitarian causes. More people that will do it on my lawn, more people that will pay that cat, more people that will give something up. And in that sense, it's an economic multiplier effect. And from that perspective, it actually serves the purpose more of those people that we're trying to help in terms of humanitarian crisis. So I don't know how much to stress this to you.

02:40:01--> 02:40:19

If we have the funds, we have shown without funds, okay, and this is very important. Sapiens Institute's has shown without, you know, appealing for funds that much without a major campaign, what it can do, it has shown that to be quite honest with you.

02:40:21--> 02:40:51

And so imagine if this organization had funds, we had teams, people that were working, researching day and night, no matter how clever we think we are, if we had a team of people that were working with us, and combining ideas with us, researchers, and so on and so forth. And people that are putting materials together and presenting stuff, and like working really and truly like a think tank. Do you think that these anybody or anyone in the

02:40:53--> 02:41:09

world right now in the infinite space, so otherwise? Do you think they'll even stand the chance to say anything to us, they will not. The trap was already or not, it will be more, it will be on steroids, it will be something else, it will be like we've invented that incredible hulk of the dollar and

02:41:11--> 02:41:19

everything around and it will be out of control. And no one can stop it. No one can handle it. And it will be like, okay, now everyone has to take a look.

02:41:21--> 02:41:31

And, you know, I'll tell you something, and you know, I've never seen it, he made a video one time. And I showed it to my family members, him and Hamza resources

02:41:33--> 02:41:36

when they were outside the office.

02:41:37--> 02:41:46

Okay, and, you know, I'll tell the people this is a panel everything is, you know, better clearly less a panel. And, you know, outside the office, there is a church.

02:41:48--> 02:42:32

And he's, you know, it's on Abner, machines channel, I believe, right? where he's saying that this church is where the Crusaders, they began their journey from this place. Can you imagine this? The Crusaders, we listen to this, we watch lectures and we read books, the Crusaders, the famous Crusaders slotted right there. That was the physical Crusaders that went into our lands and tried to kill the Muslims. And so Pamela, we are the neighbors of those crusading people now and now there's the intellectual crusade is coming from the Muslim side. Can you imagine now that that was that was the physical Crusaders and right next door, Sapiens office right next door, that neighbors have the

02:42:32--> 02:42:32

only difference?

02:42:34--> 02:43:07

The only difference is we're not doing it for the cross. We're doing it for Allah. And there's a difference because the Crusaders were actually called the warriors of the cross. shirtless man can correct me if I'm wrong. This is this field, the crusade. And we don't like to use term terms like Crusaders for ourselves. But I think everyone gets your point that yeah, this is this is a movement that started there and now we are neighbors doing something similar for different reasons. Yeah. And in a different way.

02:43:08--> 02:43:31

We don't need to wave around the sword and do it that way. Well, I will lie is you know there is it is a controversial idea, but this shows you that jihad is not what they think it is, you know, this orientalist picture of what yet? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said jay he did mushrikeen he says struggle against the polar theists.

02:43:32--> 02:43:36

enforcing what am welcome well, Sina Chico

02:43:37--> 02:43:46

help you How can you if you had is constricted to this, what they call it like holy war and what they're imagining someone blowing themselves up.

02:43:47--> 02:43:50

It says with yourselves, on your money,

02:43:51--> 02:43:52

and with your tongues.

02:43:54--> 02:44:19

Now I want everyone that's listening to this live stream to think of a question how can you do jihad with your tongue? How is that possible to do jihad with your tongue? If jihad is what they think it is? The way to do jihad in with the tongue is by offering arguments. And you know, this is exactly what the Quran says we're hijo como the Abraham's people. They argued with him.

02:44:21--> 02:44:43

color to hide June if in LA he will cut the head and do argue with me about Allah and he's the one who has guided me. And then at the end of it Allah says we're tilka who jetnet at a nine a bottle him Allah call me. And this is our arguments. Listen, these are our arguments that we gave to Abraham against his people.

02:44:44--> 02:44:59

Not Found on our gentlemen, the show, we raise in ranks whoever we once, meaning one, meaning that those who say don't argue don't use philosophy, don't use logic. Just do this. They have not read the Quran with care.

02:45:00--> 02:45:24

Because the Quran explicitly says this, it says were tilka who just want to attain Abraham alchemy, we gave the arguments Abraham, when he has the he then had the upper hand upon his comb. Even though he was just one. He was he was making messing their minds up breaking the statue during this during that they were, you know, they're all over the place and we are few

02:45:25--> 02:45:32

were a few as well. Right? But believe me the Amplified effect because Allah subhanaw taala he sends angels down.

02:45:33--> 02:45:43

Well, I believe he says I don't believe lhakhang suborn Madonna time, you know, he told me before one of his debates, he had the dream.

02:45:44--> 02:46:06

And the guy is right before the dream of the Subhana Allah and this is 146 or probably could confirm, you know, he had right before the debate. He had a dream. And the guy in the dream I don't know who it was but I was saying mentioned this and mentioned homology and mentioned this this is a caballo alum could be alarmed because we know that the dreams are 146 of profit

02:46:07--> 02:46:14

and there's no one's going to sell it he's quiz calling doing sherco tabaco ever thing that they're gonna accuse? No they can't the Buddhists on

02:46:20--> 02:46:41

and believe me believe me you know I believe every single I we've seen a Jeep things in the Dow everybody can testify they have their own stories. Everybody has seen our jeep things in the dollar because I genuinely believe as we do this work. Sometimes I feel like I'm talking I'm not in control of what I'm saying. I genuinely feel like I'm just

02:46:42--> 02:46:45

not I might I might say well I can aloha my like you know

02:46:47--> 02:47:27

I sometimes feel like I'm saying something and doing something and and then I think I look outside it's like an out of body experience. like am I even doing that? It's sometimes Allah He puts us wherever he wants, I'm gonna be honest, he says something so beautiful. He says we are the bow of Allah subhanaw taala. So, the annual sorry, the arrow of Allah subhanaw taala. So put us wherever you like, shoot us wherever you like. Now we are being We are, we are being shot in the direction normally of the islamophobes. But all of the intellectual activists that through whatever facade or pretext they wish to demolish Islam and try and bring Muslims into their sphere. We are being

02:47:27--> 02:47:37

directed in that direction and everybody in this group, they need to realize that, Amir? The importance of that, because while I hold you respect.

02:47:39--> 02:48:19

You don't realize people don't realize the work of people like Dr. Othman Latif, who is qualified in a way so Pamela we are very blessed and lucky and Jani to have someone as qualified as him with I don't know how many doctorate degrees and postgraduate post doctors and so on. And someone like Adnan Rashid, who is battle tested that I mean, no one can say anything anymore. Go to Australia go to South Africa go to I don't know where he is now Zambia, some country anywhere he goes he's people are hamdulillah coming into Islam in droves, their videos, people haven't seen him on the machine. People have told me about it this videos in the storage if he was going to be social media, people

02:48:19--> 02:49:01

will be shocked at his efforts because when he goes to Africa, entire tribes are coming into Islam. Maybe Allah He but he he kept those videos away from the people so that the missionaries don't see the area and going follow it. Allah Allah, Allah knows best, but and sabudana, who is now becoming the world leader in the philosophy of biology from the Islamic paradigm and perspective, and the premier polemicist in this field, and also in moral philosophy and all of these things. And how do we have these minds together? Hamza sources, who's written the number one book, actually, on atheism, from the Muslim perspective, probably in the last 2030 years, which is the divine reality,

02:49:01--> 02:49:28

which I'm sure everyone has purchased. We have, everybody in this group has a function and has had their contribution. And when we put it all together, it becomes a serious machine, like a transformer machine or something like a spaceship, some mad spaceship that's going to go in there out of space and make some go into some galaxy. Hello galaxy. Like we need to.

02:49:29--> 02:49:40

Honestly, we have Star Wars, the Tao of Star Wars, look, everybody needs to understand why this opportunity is will not come always. When we have such a team.

02:49:42--> 02:49:52

And we have to take a look of all due respect, they can easily you can everybody can easily take all of this for granted. say okay, well, there's always going to be people like this. No.

02:49:53--> 02:49:59

You've seen people be pacified in the dour because of the left wingers in America pacified

02:50:00--> 02:50:32

And maybe maybe, if we respect maybe even bright, I don't know, maybe given some incentives that are outside of our scope, we've seen other people that have gone the opposite way. And that have become radicals and find people that are not compromising on the key tenets of Islam that have been in the Dow for years and decades. Together, that I have one laser focus, the laser focus being to promote Islam to spread Islam rationally.

02:50:34--> 02:50:48

Yan Yu, Al Hamdulillah, the end user, I'm sure is in good hands. But this is the time where we cannot diffuse responsibility. And this is a time where it's everybody must put their hands in. And everybody's

02:50:49--> 02:51:12

where their mouth is, because we're all consumers of these things. But then when it when the production value reduces, or when the output decreases when the organization's split up, or when people start going to do a full time jobs because they can't make ends meet. Or when the group starts to weaken, when the performance starts to become less,

02:51:13--> 02:51:29

less potent, then people complain, but then this is your opportunity to give us no opportunity to make an excuse. Thank you so much. Yes, we will inshallah, we would like that. Beautiful thoughts, amazing insights.

02:51:30--> 02:51:38

With single word you have said, is, is like a gem is like, it's like a pearl, especially when I'm thinking about you, isn't it?

02:51:44--> 02:51:50

In particular, because you go too far, many, many times. So I think we have questioners waiting. Yeah.

02:51:52--> 02:52:09

So brothers, sisters, I'm coming one second. So let's take questions. And we're going to take as many as possible quick questions, quick answers, I request please, please try to keep the answers as short as possible and the questions as short as possible, so that we can really make this appeal

02:52:10--> 02:52:10

kind of

02:52:12--> 02:52:58

Bible. So you want to think very quick. I just wanted to invite Smith Joel in he is a Sikh convert to Islam. Mashallah. Now, just before he actually joins us and asked a question, I want to ask him a question. I was actually watching a video I think yesterday or the day before, in which it was actually on a Sikh channel. And it was Sikhs complaining that actually Sikhs are converting to Christianity and Punjab in India. Yeah. So I want to know about this new phenomenon because apparently this is a big thing now. And there's a big problem on the ground according to according to them, of people basically becoming Christians. Now, if this is true, it's a lost opportunity for

02:52:58--> 02:53:08

Muslims because Muslims obviously you know, we would want to seek to convert to Islam rather than convert to Christianity. So sweet child, would you know anything about this? Brother?

02:53:09--> 02:53:16

do to keep your comment as short as possible. Go ahead, please. inshallah. Assalamualaikum brothers, while

02:53:18--> 02:53:26

I, I'll be honest, I don't know about this in India, but over here in Malaysia, I'm, I'm in Malaysia.

02:53:28--> 02:53:40

Nothing like this is happening. In fact, on the contrary, I'm trying to actually get a team of Dawa, to do that work to the six hour here in sha Allah. Allah. Very good, very good.

02:53:43--> 02:54:26

Can I just say something to just sorry to interject that look, this is exactly what we're talking about someone from a Sikh background now. Who is going to have the time to learn the Guru Granth Sahib, and no one has the time for this. We need specialists for this. But for specialists that can dedicate their time we need funds. So someone likes mid child who's see convert which you might have access to his book and language and this universe Sikhs are the six most populous, populous religion in terms of demographics in the world. There is not enough being done by way of Dawa to the Sikhs. Adnan Rashid has done some great Dawa to them. He knows the history of quite well.

02:54:27--> 02:54:42

You know, some people have tried their best but as a specialist thing, as the thing that that's the that's the main thing. We don't have this. So it's me. You know, I think it's really important that you're learning the niche sectors that we need to cover in the Dawa. Yeah, yeah.

02:54:43--> 02:54:43


02:54:45--> 02:54:59

has been totally neglected for a very long time. The Sikh community in particular, has been totally neglected. We need some brothers to come forward and fill that vacuum. Brother Sammy, do you have a question? Go ahead very quickly, inshallah. We'll try our best to answer it in sha Allah.

02:55:00--> 02:55:03

So this question is what happens over here?

02:55:05--> 02:55:22

With Christians or even the sake? Right? Could they? It's very interesting, actually. The six are listening to the argument of the Christians, and then they're coming to me and giving the argument. So one of the arguments that I find a little bit hard to answer is the part where there is a hadith

02:55:23--> 02:55:35

Sahih al Bukhari that says, The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was bewitched, and he wanted to commit suicide. So how do I answer this?

02:55:38--> 02:55:40

Okay Mondrian very quickly

02:55:41--> 02:55:49

shared with man, do you have any response to that? I have some responses. I have had discussions on this in speaker's corner with Christians already.

02:55:50--> 02:55:57

And those Christians who actually bring this question, there are two ways to answer this question.

02:55:59--> 02:56:05

Or like, man to have a comment on this as well. But I will put my

02:56:06--> 02:56:07

10 pens

02:56:08--> 02:56:51

up. One of the ways is to ffensive answer, and one of the ways is to give an offensive answer, the offensive answer is that those Christian missionaries who claim that the Prophet was bewitched, and therefore you know this, he cannot be a true prophet, then we ask them to answer this question that in the New Testament, the devil literally takes Jesus up the mountain. The words are in the Gospel of Matthew, that the devil takes Jesus not asks him not gets his consent, but he takes him up the mountain. So we asked them, How does the devil take Jesus Christ up the mountain? How does that happen? Jesus God, how can the devil take God up the mountain? This is one of the questions we ask

02:56:51--> 02:57:40

them. And of course, they have an answer. So we say to them, just like you have an answer, you have a context to present. Likewise, we have a context to present. So the professor seldom when magic affected him, it wasn't. It wasn't affecting is a teaching routine or wasn't affecting the teachings of Islam or the Quran. Rather, this was a lesson for the Muslim oma, that the Prophet has been affected by magic done by certain people. And then Allah revealed the remedies to teach us the remedies, Allah made the promises to them. An example as the Quran says, cannot be Rasulullah Hassan, you find a perfect model in the life or in the character of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So

02:57:40--> 02:58:00

he was infected, and a lot of veal the cure to him in the form of the last two chapters of the Quran. And then he was cured. What they miss out is the fact that he was cured from that particular the progression of Salaam was afflicted by all human problems, for example, he attained, he bled, his teeth were broken.

02:58:01--> 02:58:41

In the Battle of Aha, he was strangled. He was pushed around, he was spat at, okay. And the promises alone was a human, it showed human learnability. And for that reason, he was afflicted by magic, and Allah cured him by revealing the Quran to him. So this is how we give the answer very quickly. But let's go ahead and thank you. Luckily, I think your point is before about the fact that these reflect the humanity of a sudden, one of the interesting in fact, the Christian mission is pick up on the fact that in the in the prophets first instance of receiving revelation in the modern era, and it's coming down and he's saying to, you know, his wife, Khadija zemi, luneta, Theo Runic, me

02:58:41--> 02:59:15

cloak me. And he, of course, was uncertain about the revolution, which in fact, really is a proof of his sincerity. That's a proof of his sincerity, the fact that he was uncertain about what this event was, if it was a charlatan, he'd say immediately check it out this I've become a profit, and I've received x, y and Zed, but he was unsure, which was in fact proving his provenance. And even after this incident, when we should a keen, they had kind of a field in it saying, what that what about who his Lord has abandoned him, that was a claim of the machine again, they were saying that all the time, until Allah reveal of course it will Doha when Allah says, Manuel dakara bakoma Kala yoga does

02:59:15--> 02:59:57

not abandon Yoda nor does he do scorn you. These, in fact, are a proof in fact of the prophets mission. Remember that if people saying that the Prophet was diluted, what is the delusion? delusion is when someone he speaks lies false, but he believes them to be true. In the Prophet's life, there was more than one instance where you could have used the delusion to support his used evil or lies to support his delusion. That's what you would expect from the psychology of someone who is in fact diluted. Look at one simple example. Look, when the Prophet son Ibrahim died, the prophet Sonny Brahim died in fact, on the day when it was an eclipse, and it was really a big moment in the

02:59:57--> 02:59:59

prophets companions when they saw this because they thought that they

03:00:00--> 03:00:35

clips was kind of a representation of Allah as being sad or grieving, because the Prophet son has died, it was a way for them to think this is maybe Allah consoling the president by showing that because of this, you know, thing happening in the atmospheric conditions and these things it's showing that Allah is Allah is Allah is also sad with with that. Now if it was a charlatan, if it was someone who is deluded, someone would use that opportunity to say, of course, this is approving, of course, I was always telling you that I'm appropriately disapproved by my brother because even even the eclipse is happening and my son is dying. But what did the Prophet say? He says that the

03:00:35--> 03:01:15

sun and the moon do not Eclipse on the birth or the death of anybody. These are simply signs of Allah subhanaw taala Right. I mean, that's that's such a proof, right because it's showing that it's again emphasizing the humaneness of the processor lamb that he was a human being right that he was not a liar he was not diluted, that he was only speaking what Allah revealed had revealed and two more my antico Anil Hawa, Allah says you don't speak except from what has been inspired to him to speak. I want to add quickly to the to the point, you know, the actual point of the process, I'm tried to commit suicide. This is mudcrutch. This Hadith, which even hazard mentions this, I'll

03:01:15--> 03:01:29

explain what these terms mean. Well, basically, if Mahajan explains he was like, one of the premier had this one of probably not the best commentator of sign Bihari in history. 14th century scholar

03:01:31--> 03:01:39

actually 15 so he died in the 15th century. And, and he mentions about this Hades, which has mentioned Bihari, that

03:01:40--> 03:02:26

the power says that Oh, and he tried to commit suicide and so on. This is a it's an insertion of Marmara model for recovery. And, yeah, it's an incision from and this is what you call in the head, the size is moderate. So madrasha this is basically what you have a mix between the words of the prophet and some of the words of the Sahaba, or the Tabligh that the loans want to come after them to harbor. And in this case, it was Mama. So this is what meditation is like an annotation, like an extra comment by one of the translator. Yeah, so that's why it's very important to when you're reading the books of Hadees that you understand these terms. It's called masala, hot masala Hadith.

03:02:28--> 03:02:53

And also to consult the commentary, because this is actually very well known, like practically any commentary that you see on this hadith has this, but I've just mentioned him hotjar as as a reference there. So he mentions that this is an addition of a mom of the tablet I am sorry. And, and to be honest with you, either way, it's quite inconsequential. What does that do, by the way? Oh, yeah, it does. It does.

03:02:54--> 03:02:56

Absolutely. terrible job.

03:02:59--> 03:03:01

Okay, can I just share one thing we do?

03:03:03--> 03:03:36

Very quickly, we all might be well aware of this, there's a very easy app is called sticky to the max. So when you download this app, there is a search you can put in the word Allah Muhammad, anything in English, and all the verses that refers to that will come out. Like for example, one verse where guru Arjun dev makes this clear statement. He says very clearly, the one Lord, the Lord of this world is my God, Allah. So the app is called Ziggy to the max. Okay, thank you.

03:03:39--> 03:03:41

Leave me child, thank you so much.

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03:05:23--> 03:05:45

You know, one of the one of the reasons I believe, why Islam is definitely the hack the truth, among many other reasons, of course, is the fact that if you look at the enemies of Islam to people who are attacking Islam, and if you look at the financial support, the media support, the political support,

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all sorts of support they have, and look at the miskeen Muslims. Look at the miskeen Muslims on the other side, with the limited capacities with a limited budget, like john was saying that without money. Sapiens Institute did all that Imagine if we had a huge office, with admin, with researchers, with publishers with intellectuals with PhD doctors. Like for example, if we are less than 2030 4050, people like that working in a space where we had the funding to do so. Allahu Akbar, I can only imagine, I can only imagine, you see the Huq does not need the material support, what it needs is the people to come forward as weak as they may be. I mean, look at us Sapiens Institute is

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one to one services with people where we can actually ask the doubt, Institute has been doing all that without much support. Tonight is your chance the month of Ramadan, it is Saturday night, Allah Akbar, it is weekend. And the response, I am still waiting for those big donations to come like $2,003 I have done

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this, I want to add some leaders. You know, we hear a lot in the West, we hear parents and school children school, we hear things like you know, our children, we need to pull them out of public school because they're going to be learning about LGBTQ and protests outside of you know, some school in primary school. I'm not saying anything, you know, it's very good. You know, I'm for that. And then we also see, oh, the teaching us Darwinism, the teaching the kids Darwinism and the teaching them all of these things. And then that's it. And then what what is that, you know, would you respect? Or what do you think that is that you think, do you think by taking your child out of a

03:08:17--> 03:09:01

school, that you've, you've actually solved the problem, maybe you've solved half the problem. Maybe you've solved off half the problem, but you have not given them a solution to their intellectual inquiry in their lives, they're gonna come across the Big Bang Theory, Big Bang cosmology, Darwinian evolution, libertarian ethics, they're going to come through the LGBTQ movement, the queer movement, all of the arguments are going to be made against them, the clash of civilizations narrative, and so on. So the atheist arguments, the new atheists, what are you going to do? You're going to just take your child and put them in the house and take away the Internet, and not let them go to school? and

03:09:01--> 03:09:30

not let them see any friends that are from different faiths. And not do this not do that. That's absurd. This kind of isolationism is never going to work. But if you it's like this, it's like we have the COVID situation right now. Right? It's like saying the best way to deal with COVID is to stay at home and definitely no one's gonna make that as an as a proposed no one's gonna say that no one's gonna because they realize that isolationist approach is impossible in a globalized world.

03:09:31--> 03:10:00

And so what we say is, okay, vaccinations, herd immunity, this, that, whatever it may be, but why do we think like that in terms of COVID and pandemic and diseases, but we don't think like that in terms of spirituality. Where is the investment? If this was a hotline for like some kind of vaccination for COVID? How much do you think we'd be able to raise if there had been no vaccination for COVID anywhere in the world and that through the voluntary efforts of people

03:10:00--> 03:10:41

This was the only way that people were going to be inoculated. Think about that. This is the right now is the best chance we have of intellectual and spiritual inoculation. I'm telling this to the Muslim community, you've decided to live in this country, you have decided that you could have got, you've could have gone to Pakistan, sorry to say you could have gone to Bangladesh, you could have gone to Egypt, you could have gone to any of those countries. And yes, even there, you would have found problems, quite frankly, with atheism. There's nowhere to run now and nowhere to hide. The only way forward is to confront these ideas head on, okay, and to deal with it. But if you're not

03:10:41--> 03:11:24

going to invest in the intellectual solutions, then although due respect to don't, you might you might not be, don't complain. If your child comes and says, actually, I agree with this ethic, or I believe in that and or you heard me speak right now. You're hearing me speak right now? What day is it today? Is the 24th of April at 10 o'clock at night in the UK? UK? Are you hearing me speak right now? I'm offering we are offering you solutions, tried and tested solutions expansion of a pre existing operation, okay. And you can do you can decide to just pretend not to hear me or just say someone else will do it diffusion of responsibility.

03:11:25--> 03:11:55

But then you can't complain. Because you are given these opportunities. Your child now becomes a homosexual. And he's giving you moral and ethical arguments to say look, you don't know you're talking about blah, blah, blah, or your child becomes an atheist. And you can't argue with him. And you have given your child No. You have given them no alternative, no intellectual alternative. To what extent are you to blame? I wonder, to what extent should your complaint be met with sympathy? I wonder?

03:11:56--> 03:12:09

To what extent are you even serious about your religion? I wonder? That's my These are my questions I wish fermenting in the minds of the people that are watching this particular stream right now.

03:12:11--> 03:12:54

Let's be honest, where else are you going to go? And who else? What other organization are you going to? to fund? I mean, I'm not saying you shouldn't. But in regards to what I'm talking about, now, what are you going to do? Absolutely. On that note, I want to quickly remind people to share the stream with as many people as possible you have social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Don't forget to share this stream with all your contacts, get your uncle's Auntie's cousins, colleagues to make donations, this is a very, very important project where the hijab as very rightly put it, this may be the best source to make donation to this may be the best

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03:13:37--> 03:14:17

is being tossed at them online. And we're not asking for that. What we are asking for is enough funds for us to function so that we can defend the intellectual intellectual boundaries of Islam by publishing books, writing articles, producing media productions, like videos, answering questions for your children, for your youth so that they can have confidence. And also establishing one to one sessions that you can apply for, you know, on the website, and things like that brothers and sisters. Do not hesitate to click the link, the link is there, CPA institute.org forward slash donate live. It is Saturday night. I know many people may be watching, and we want some powerful

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lands of Islam, let's say right? This is intellectual robot. We call it intellectual robot brothers sisters, this is what we're trying to explain to you try to understand and start making donations inshallah. Tada, let's go to questions, because questions I've been waiting with a lot of patients will lie brothers sisters.

03:16:15--> 03:16:52

Yes, please. Keep the questions short. And we will give short answers to each other. Go ahead, Sam. Yeah, hi, guys. I just wanted to say, I've been watching philosophy hours. And it's been very interesting. I've sort of had some emails through from you guys regarding the Quran, and that which I've been reading. So thank you very much for all the information. I have got one question, very quick question, just from my Muslim friends who basically speaks to me about all this stuff. And the way that sort of heat speaks to me about it is he says The problem is, is Muslims itself, because he says that the way that they're educating people is

03:16:53--> 03:17:34

I mean, for instance, if you was to have 100, Hodges in one room together, every hydro would be saying something different, which is sending mixed signals out to the Muslim community. I mean, if you look at Muslims, or Muslims all around the world at the moment, every country, they're not united, you know, that, you know, that, you know, they're not together and it is a shame to see it, because it seems like, you know, it's all being split apart. But I feel that more we can say it's the West have stolen it. but on the same token, if you think about it, for instance, my Turkish friends, he says to me that it's not right for you. No, it's not right for us to lock women in their

03:17:34--> 03:17:53

houses and for a Muslim man to have seven wives. But then my other Muslim friend says that it is so regarding the Quran. If the Quran was just read properly, and it has come from others word, then should people not just be sticking by that and sort of not having all these other mixed views that are that are confusing people.

03:17:55--> 03:17:59

Okay, share with mine, please go ahead. And then brothers.

03:18:00--> 03:18:04

Because montado montserrado you're muted. You're muted.

03:18:07--> 03:18:43

Yeah, sorry, thank you so much, Sam, for coming online and sharing their thoughts with us. And of course, you kind of hit on him already a true point about the the problems of division or divisiveness. In fact, as you were speaking, he was reminding me In fact, of, of what happened, you know, with the Muslims of Al Andalus. And, and with the Christians of the North, because, of course, by that time in, in the eighth and ninth centuries, Muslims, of course, were growing in great strength and the kingdom was, is being established. But then soon enough, they fell into disputes and division, and the Christians of the north from the mountains of Galicia have stories. And then

03:18:43--> 03:19:19

of course, the Christians further north of France, when the Crusades were launched, took advantage of that division. And division in any case, in any situation is a negative divisions in families is a negative division between a husband and a wife and siblings and neighbors in society is a negative. The profit in fact said that at the federal the division is, is a punishment, and unity is his or her miser, mercy from Allah subhanaw taala. So good advice you're giving. Now, of course, saying that, of course, there's just doesn't mean that we have to have a sense of, of uniformity amongst Muslims and Muslims have in some different expressions are permissible, they have different

03:19:19--> 03:19:58

outlooks, some of them are permissible, all within the scope. You know, and obviously, some, sometimes we think differently, sometimes we have small differences in our jurisprudential matters which are acceptable as well. So you might see something that you might think to be a division but in fact, you might not be a division. But of course, the danger is of course with any people is divisiveness is having ill intention towards one another. You know, but it but but there is some flexibility in terms of Islamic practice, or Islamic outlooks that are within the domain of Islam. But the danger of course, is going to be when when people's hearts are divided when people's hearts

03:19:59--> 03:19:59

have animosity

03:20:00--> 03:20:37

antagonism towards one another. That's where the danger is, whether it's with Muslims or in fact, any people and we seek refuge with ALLAH, we ask Allah for in a unity in our affairs. I mean, thank you. Thank you, Doctor, thank you very much for the support short and snappy, please go ahead. Yeah. And also some I wanted to say that, you know, even if from an outsider's perspective, sometimes it can look like different Muslims are doing different things, that wouldn't really affect the truth value of Islam. So in regards to that, what's your standing like? What's your own belief? And what do you believe about Islam claim to truth?

03:20:38--> 03:21:08

Well, like regarding the claim to truth, obviously, I just look, I don't mean this in a horrible way. Because honestly, like, I'm not I'm not a nasty person at all. Okay. And I just look at Islam. And I think that it's been like, there's, there's an issue, something's going wrong in Islam. And I'm not saying that it's the Muslim people. I'm not saying, but you know, we can't keep saying that. It's the Christian people. It's either how, you know, if you look at some countries, they're really behind them technology, you know,

03:21:09--> 03:21:22

sorry, sorry, I get that certain Trump. But just to get to the root of the issue. Why mean it what I meant by my question is, what do you believe yourself as in your background, and what do you believe about Islam is claim to truth?

03:21:23--> 03:21:26

Is gloms claim to truth? Well, I believe,

03:21:28--> 03:21:35

I don't believe I mean, I believe in Allah. Okay. I believe that there is one God, I believe that once everyone,

03:21:36--> 03:21:46

I believe that everyone will end up in heaven, okay, everyone will go to heaven because Allah is forgiving. One day, he will accept everyone in heaven, He doesn't want no one to go to hell, from what I've read and what I've heard from different Hodges.

03:21:48--> 03:22:04

He explains that eventually a lot of people won't believe in Islam, okay, Islam will start going downhill, etc, etc. And that's when sort of judgment they will come when you know, the non believer, you know, when there's some sort of like, like a lot of non believers, but where I sort of get confused that is,

03:22:06--> 03:22:28

when I speak to people that don't believe in Islam, they always say things like, it's because, you know, like, for instance, some of my friends, don't think is wrong to have seven, seven wives. But then some of my friends were Muslim thinkers, right. So that's, they're the bits that I don't get, like, they're the sort of using. So you say you believe in Allah, which is very good, that you believe that there's

03:22:30--> 03:22:44

something about seven wives in Islam, by the way, so no, why not? If you look at if you look at countries, though, if you look at women, like certain women, they're suppressed. You know, you know, these guys can't deny that. I mean, I mean, it sounds easy, but

03:22:47--> 03:23:04

these questions are very interesting question. Firstly, we need to understand the criteria we may be using to judge the truth of a particular religion. Let's say you mentioned technology, Islam was over 1000 years, the most technologically advanced territory in the world, Islam.

03:23:05--> 03:23:10

Islam produce some of the best philosophers, authors, intellectual, quiet.

03:23:11--> 03:23:14

leaders, commanders, military, generals, rulers,

03:23:15--> 03:23:30

influences, you know, innovators, people who wrote on all sorts of I mean, if you look at the history of Islamic civilization, it was magnificent. It was one of the best things that happened to humanity. In fact, the West

03:23:31--> 03:24:07

has taken much from Islam, there are books that have been written on this topic. So technology, I don't think is the criteria to judge the truth. It shouldn't be right. When you talk about women and the suffering, it is across the board. It is all over the world. I mean, there are women suffering in Europe, there are women suffering in the US. There are there is human trafficking, taking place of Eastern European countries to to Western Europe, where women are being called into sexual slavery. Women are being brutalized in Mexico, women are being brutalized in India, India is the rape capital of the world, and there is no Islam there. So it's not an Islamic problem as such, if

03:24:07--> 03:24:47

anything, Islam protects women, if you read carefully about women in Islam, so one one needs to really understand the criteria you may be using to judge the truth claim of Islam. So that's where we need to really be focused. I don't think it's technology and the rights of women and things like that is actually, I believe, the belief in God, the conviction in God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth or the universe for that matter. And whether the Prophet Muhammad is a true prophet of God, whether it is claimed to Prophet it was true, whether he was an imposter, whether he was a liar, or whether he was a truthful man. These are the questions we need to address whether the Quran

03:24:47--> 03:24:59

actually is a divine book, whether it's just a hodgepodge of ideas coming from different intellectuals or scholars alive at the time of the prophet or whether it is actually genuinely

03:25:00--> 03:25:07

text that came from God, these are the questions you need to actually really contemplate and look into. bit deeper. inshallah.

03:25:09--> 03:25:11

Yeah, and also I was going to add some that look,

03:25:12--> 03:25:51

you know, you raised some some contemporary points about Muslims being behind in technology and other issues. The thing is the truthfulness of Islam is not impacted by what Muslims are doing. And secondly, some of the information that you mentioned that you know, Allah forgive everybody and everybody who go to Paradise will say is that that is not what the Quran says. what the Quran says is that the people who believe and once you do righteous deeds, that God is going to admit them to paradise, and that people will go to hell as well. So it's not the case where everybody goes to paradise. So what I would say is also have a read of the Quran, because people can say different

03:25:51--> 03:26:09

things, but you have to read what the Quran says itself, and also just focus on the truthfulness of Islam. Why is Islam true? Rather than issues in the contemporary world, like social issues, rather than focusing on social issues? Why in a Muslim country, for example,

03:26:11--> 03:26:50

things are happening, things are happening all over the world, maybe they are happening because of lack of Islam. Okay, when you when Muslims did take Islam seriously. And if you read the history of Islam, you will see that the cities of the Muslims flourished. They were some of the most civilized cities in the world Cordova, for example, aka Damascus, my dad had the largest library in the world, okay. That had the best hospitals, the best doctors. For that time, of course, their science was pretty primitive, looking at what we have done today, the advancement we have made today, but at that time, that was the top science in the world. And for the job, you have quick comment on this

03:26:50--> 03:26:57

very quickly, so that we can move on to the next question. But the Sam has made some excellent points, you want to very quickly have something to say?

03:26:58--> 03:27:37

I think you're absolutely right about I think you've covered most things. The Quran says within a year more there will have been an S. These are the days which we alternate between the people meaning and this was revealed at a time where, you know, some historians say that the Battle of Wofford was was a loss for the Muslims, meaning that it's not always the case that we don't believe, as Muslims that we have to be always succeeding from those kind of worldly perspectives, from the technological perspective, from the military perspective, from the political, or whatever it may be. That in fact, the Quran tells us that there will be times will be behind and there'll be other times

03:27:37--> 03:27:40

it will be in front. And if you look at the kind of

03:27:41--> 03:28:27

the timespan of all the Islamic empires have existed since the qualifier Russia do and the Omu on that assume the Ottomans and stuff you'll see the actualization of this verse, sometimes the Muslims be others, in wars and so on, sometimes they lost and sometimes they divided and sometimes the united and from that angle, from that angle, that's, that's what is expected. And I like what the support said, you know, at the end of the day, we have to look at, we have to look at the basic tenants tell hate monotheism, the prophet heard of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, whether it should be one God or many gods, those questions are the ones which will solidify what we believe is

03:28:27--> 03:28:27

true or not.

03:28:29--> 03:28:30

The beautiful thing about

03:28:31--> 03:28:48

mentioned the beautiful thing about that verse, what typical am that is a day is that we are also between the people I love them says lucky like that. So Allah Fattah como la hobbema attack them. So you do not lose hope and what you missed and or do you exalt in what you've gained, so, so beautiful life life learning there?

03:28:50--> 03:29:09

My email address in the private chat, I would like to give you a copy of the Quran and also continue this conversation offline. Because I think there's a lot of, you know, a lot of things there that you said that we can actually go off and discuss even the other things that you mentioned sociologically, we can have a discussion about that as well. Okay.

03:29:10--> 03:29:47

Thank you so much. Have a nice day, guys. I really appreciate. Can you see my email address in the private chat? Yeah, I've got the email, I'll send you an email because I need to. I've got loads of questions. And I would rather just try and speak to educated people and just try and educated answers basically. Yeah. So if you email me, I'll send you my number and we can speak on WhatsApp. Thank you. Really appreciate it. Take care. Bye bye. All right. Thank you. Thank you very much. Very kind of you very nice of you to come and share some of your thoughts with us. We really appreciate your presence. And we look forward to future communication with you in Charlotte Allah Thank you so

03:29:47--> 03:29:59

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to that topic. Hopefully the questions will be on that topic and see if we can answer them inshallah. Sophia, go ahead very quickly, short and snappy.

03:30:56--> 03:30:57


03:30:59--> 03:31:09

Yeah, first, I just wanted to say mela vescio I'm really enjoying your work and the stuff you publish in is really beneficial. Mashallah.

03:31:10--> 03:31:14

I just wanted a very quick question in regards to the corruption of the Dogra.

03:31:16--> 03:31:18

Basically, a lot of Jews.

03:31:20--> 03:32:04

Basically, when we say that, you know, the Torah is corrupted by the NGO, etc. They come up with some say that, well, that we also have, you know, changing narrations like you do for the ad. And that we can't really make that argument, you know, like we do for the Christians for this the first thing? And the second thing that they say is that, um, well, let's say the Torah was corrupted, not not long after Moses time, which can be logic, logically, that would be the case. Wouldn't there be? I mean, there are many prophets that were sent. I mean, they say that why didn't one of them come and say that? Oh, by the way, you've been changing the law, even changing the text? You know?

03:32:06--> 03:32:07

That's my question.

03:32:08--> 03:32:13

So the question again, is, what the Torah why the text has been changed?

03:32:15--> 03:32:17

Did you basically?

03:32:18--> 03:32:26

Or ethically, would you say, that, basically, when we come at them and say that the Torah has been corrupted,

03:32:27--> 03:32:59

and that they have no, you know, like, proof that their text has been preserved? Or they say that they use the method of the preservation of the Hadith, by way of, you know, change, you know, memorization of transmission, etc. So how would you respond to the apple? And they also say that, if the Torah was corrupted, why didn't any profit, you know, in, you know, in between musasa, Mohammed Salim can basically say that clearly that the Torah was corrupted?

03:33:00--> 03:33:07

No, actually profits bits, that if you read Jeremiah 1830, Dyneema, eight, eight, it is.

03:33:08--> 03:33:50

In the book of Jeremiah, chapter eight, verse eight with prophet Jeremiah states clearly, that the scribes of the law, the scribes of Torah have corrupted the book. It is there, it has been clearly mentioned. So even the Jewish people, I don't think they deny the fact that the Torah is not what was actually given to Moses, we have no idea as to what language Moses spoke, once upon a time, let's say he lived in the 16th century BC, during the new kingdom, and the new kingdom dates from anywhere between 16/16 to the 13th century BC. So Moses might have lived between those three centuries, and we have no idea what language he actually spoke because the revelation came in his

03:33:50--> 03:33:57

language, and the language of the Israelites at the time, it was clearly not Hebrew. It was clearly not Hebrew, because Hebrew language

03:33:59--> 03:34:33

is a later language as we know it today. So for that reason, we have no idea what was the original form of Torah. So what we have today as Torah is a translation of the translation of the translation of the translation, as some of the scholars have put it, so this is a pretty much established point. And there is not much discussion on this point. Even the Jewish people don't try to argue that the Torah is exactly what Moses received. Even the Hebrew text, whether it comes from the Dead Sea Scrolls or the Masoretic text that is quite late actually in history.

03:34:34--> 03:34:43

And that's my answer to that question. If anyone wants to ever ever ever take on this, please go ahead. Otherwise, we'll move on to the next question, inshallah.

03:34:45--> 03:34:59

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03:36:41--> 03:36:44

Okay, go ahead, let brother move please.

03:36:50--> 03:36:53

This is what happens when we have

03:37:04--> 03:37:09

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03:37:13--> 03:37:57

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Be a leader be the first to support a noble endeavor like this, whereby we are defending the intellectual boundaries of sapiens.org forward slash Donate Life is the lake now we're going to mark moodily mahmoodi. Please keep your question short and snappy, and we will keep our answers as brief as

03:38:44--> 03:38:49

Go ahead. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah Burkett. Can you can you guys hear me?

03:38:52--> 03:39:24

Yes, we can. Okay, so I'm just going to go ahead with the with my question. My question is basically about the doctrine of the Trinity. And they say that the Christian say that Jesus is the Begotten Son, but he's also eternal. So I was wondering how can how can you be gotten and eternal at the same time because we got some Intel's that he was brought into existence at some point. And eternally, is Yeah, that's basically my question.

03:39:26--> 03:39:37

Brother Hey, job. Go ahead. You're You are the Theologian of the Klan. inshallah. Go ahead. If Jesus forgotten, how is he eternal? Is the question.

03:39:39--> 03:39:44

That's a great question. And this is one of the arguments we actually you we say that ourselves that

03:39:45--> 03:40:00

they have a way of trying to reel themselves out of that by saying that Jesus has has two natures, okay. He has the human nature and the godly nature. Okay, and but this is problematic in and of itself, because it would suggest that you

03:40:00--> 03:40:09

When the Incarnation happens now that you have this new persona of Jesus, so basically God to con, this human form.

03:40:11--> 03:40:18

So it's all a contradiction, quite frankly, this is a, this is a classical classic case of a contradiction in terms.

03:40:19--> 03:40:29

So I think that the question is well placed, you can't have something which is eternal. And they got in at the same time. These.

03:40:30--> 03:41:05

Yeah. Yeah. What the what the Christians try to do is they put us spiritual spin on this question, although this question caused massive, massive debate, even in the third and the fourth century of Christianity. I mean, not very early Christians tried to claim that this is the early period. No, it's quite late. We're talking about the third and the fourth century Christian century, where debates were taking place of Jesus is forgotten. That means he came into existence. So when he was begotten, he was physically realized, you know,

03:41:07--> 03:41:53

if you like, and because of that, he cannot be God, because only God can be eternal, right? So, because Jesus was because because when he was born of Mary, he cannot be God because of that. So these questions had been addressed. I really invite you to look into a book by Jay Andy Kelly, the history of early Christian doctrines. The book is the history of early Christian doctrines by Jane de Kelly, it does an excellent job on these questions. And I hope we want to thank you so much moodily, thank you. Allah bless you. So brother sister before we before we move on again, another push to remind you we are tonight fundraising for Sapiens Institute to continue this work. This work

03:41:53--> 03:42:08

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donation to Allah and take an active role in facilitating ease and confidence and firm demand for many, many Muslims are, we will go to the next question your way or your way, tested by fire. Okay. That's a good name. intrapreneur. Gosh,

03:43:35--> 03:43:37

thank you, how you doing?

03:43:41--> 03:44:06

This much I could say, but um, this addressed the last comment you made. You said that Jesus was forgotten. Are you aware that the Greek word is mana genus, which means one of a kind, which has nothing to do with creation? In the very passage that you're alluding to? Says he's from the very essence of the Father, the same right turn incense. So therefore, in light of that, in light of that, why are you

03:44:07--> 03:44:09

suggesting that

03:44:10--> 03:44:30

the garden means creation or anything else, but besides the Greek meaning, which say, which suggests that it means one of a kind. And, okay, same thing about his eternal essence, Genesis 118 says he comes from the bosom of the Father. So why would you say he's created?

03:44:31--> 03:44:41

Okay, now you you're jumping from the Greek word for the cotton to Genesis, which Genesis was in Hebrew, the john 118. JOHN one at john one.

03:44:43--> 03:44:54

Yeah, okay. JOHN 118. Okay. Now the question is, what is the word for cotton in Hebrew, the word use for David because the same word is David. same word is used for David. David.

03:44:55--> 03:44:59

The story in the book in Psalms No, no, no, no.

03:45:00--> 03:45:11

No, no, no, no. If you check the Greek Septuagint is not the same word. The word mono genus is never used. It's only used one time and it's used for Jesus. So please, Greek to Why?

03:45:12--> 03:45:43

Why do all the modern translations translate both words? Or is because? No, it doesn't that this is something that you can easily verify. No, sir. The word mana genius is us only about Jesus Christ. This is something that's easily verified my my question is, why do Bibles translate the word begotten for David and the same word? Because all in English in English to the Greek? Original, I'm going to the original language, you know, sometimes the word can

03:45:45--> 03:46:00

remain micro German theologians are translating Bible. Right? Why are they translating both words as they gotten in the English language when they refer to David as well as Jesus? That's a good question. And then

03:46:02--> 03:46:10

on the highway, I want to just say something, you know, Okay, go ahead. Yeah. We have a Greek speaker in the room. He's

03:46:11--> 03:46:15

Yes. handles also, he just told you, can you can you bring in?

03:46:16--> 03:46:20

More More does that mean mana genius means coming from one way, right?

03:46:22--> 03:46:22


03:46:23--> 03:46:25

What do you think it means?

03:46:27--> 03:46:41

All I'm saying is the word mana genius is usable specifically of Jesus. None of the will? Or no, I'm not going I'm just one of a kind. It means one of a kind, according to all Greek interlinear. But here's the thing. I'm trying to establish what we believe, we believe.

03:46:43--> 03:46:43

Yeah, no, no, no.

03:46:44--> 03:46:47

No, my last statement, the last statement you made,

03:46:48--> 03:46:54

is saying that only this means he was created. I'm just giving you the john 118. Your

03:46:56--> 03:47:03

What was your reference for it? Meaning one of a kind. And john 118 was said from the very

03:47:04--> 03:47:06

dictionaries, what what dictionary?

03:47:07--> 03:47:11

You could go to any Greek and interlinear? give me

03:47:12--> 03:47:18

any Strong's Concordance Just give me one of them. Give me one a Strong's Concordance, Strong's

03:47:19--> 03:47:22

Strong's Concordance components. Can you read?

03:47:23--> 03:47:26

Yeah, I haven't checked them out. yet. Okay. Look.

03:47:30--> 03:47:52

That's my point. Okay, the point is, wait, my point was not that I believe Jesus was created or he was not created. My point was that the Christians in the first three centuries in particular, the third and the fourth century, the Christians would debate each other. Before the Council of Nicea. There were a group of Christian who, who argued

03:47:55--> 03:48:37

that mean, that means we were made using the same verses you're using today to put a different meaning to the verses, they were using the same word to argue, because Jesus was big, and he could not be eternal, and therefore he could not be God. And these people were called areas, and they were warriors of areas and Paul have some thoughts. Okay, this is a deep history, I've already given a reference, you can find all of this discussion in j and D. Kennedy's excellent treatment of the early Christian doctrines, the history of asthma, I want to add something, I just just, if I may, a couple of seconds, I just want to make it clear, I really don't care about the

03:48:38--> 03:49:02

first 300 or 400, the history of Christianity. The people you call the Fathers of the Church, I don't consider them the Fathers of the Church, I would refer you to Matthew 16, where Jesus was explaining to his own disciples the confusion about his nature. So why go 304 100x later on in Matthew 16. Module 16 explains the confusion. And he clarifies that so

03:49:06--> 03:49:09

my question is, where did you get the Bible from?

03:49:12--> 03:49:24

What do you mean, when I get the Bible from? Luke codified the 27 books you have in the New Testament? Who decided? Yeah, they got it from a they got it from them? Yeah. But I don't take interpretations from them. So

03:49:25--> 03:49:30

you don't care about them. You don't care about them, and yet you accept the canonization?

03:49:31--> 03:49:35

I don't accept doctrinal issues that come from them categorizing and doctrine.

03:49:38--> 03:49:48

But my brother, my brother, if you don't care about the doctrinal issues or the interpretations, yes, then you shouldn't care about the interpretations of what should have been canonized.

03:49:50--> 03:49:51

With all due respect, the

03:49:53--> 03:49:59

second the logical thing, because there was a debate, because you could smell so quickly, they use maybe inference

03:50:00--> 03:50:36

Some kind of logical deduction to, you know, with an opinion to try and find out, you know what should be in this because the criteria for canonicity according to Bruce Metzger, the primary criterion was that the books had to agree with early church teachings. That was the primary criterion, which is a huge fallacy. It's like a circular argument, because they just basically to justify the teachings. But isn't the book there to actually provide a foundation for the teachings? But it's a different question. So the point is, if you're going to not care about their interpretations, if you protract that, logically, you should not care about the interpretations of

03:50:36--> 03:50:40

what should be canonized. Good point. Good point. But

03:50:42--> 03:51:22

let me tell you about your Greek. I'm Greek right. I went to Greek. Saturday. Yeah. So Mona, you're nice. You're right. I mean, a member of the kind, but what does it mean? Technically, it means the only member of a kin. So from that perspective, you can interpret as what Jesus is very unique. Because just like when Allah says about Adam alayhis, salam, they didn't have a father, right? From that perspective, he doesn't necessarily infer your theological discourse. Yeah, you have to basically pre framing, you have to see relating it, you have a perspective, and you impose it on on the word. So your word doesn't really justify anything you could actually go against you to build

03:51:22--> 03:51:39

from both ways. It could swing from the perspective of the actually, it supports our perspective, but we believe Jesus was unique, right? He didn't have a father, I was like the likeness of Jesus. It's like the likeness of Adam. But the point here is about which is more, I think, problematic with your discourse, my friend.

03:51:40--> 03:51:49

And I say this humbly as possible, is if you reject the early church fathers, philosophically, logically speaking, you have a massive problem in action.

03:51:51--> 03:52:24

Let me respond to that a couple of seconds. I'm gonna go to your last statement, and I'm gonna address your last point. And then I'll I'll leave you guys alone. First of all, this the passage, you just took it out of context, they said, the one and only mano genus, one and only God. So it's not, you can make Adam a one and only God. So that's again, misrepresenting the Scripture and taking it up out of context on 118 says he comes from the bosom of the Father saying he comes from the very same essence something that you cannot say about Adam or any profit. So that's the refute your first

03:52:26--> 03:52:48

what I can cover from the button the phone, that doesn't mean it's come from the essence that's another theoretical presupposition. What is it? What is it based on? What do you have any other passages because I couldn't give you many passages that says the same thing would have been, which refers which refers to his essence. So can you give me a verse, which says, coming, okay, wasn't one that was working? What's the Greek for essence?

03:52:50--> 03:52:56

I don't need to know what the big, you know, because you're making interpretation, the English language, you have to know the original language.

03:52:57--> 03:53:05

Okay, so what's your point? What, you know, the Greek so what's the point you're trying to establish? No, I'm trying to say to you, no, I'm not trying to refute you here, bro.

03:53:07--> 03:53:31

I'm trying to make you stand in the possibility that your inference that boson actually would mean essence could be a false inference. Unless you're willing to look at the original Greek and find out what What does the word actually mean? Because one could argue that he was a unique creation because he didn't have a father. Right, just like what Islam says in the Islamic tradition. But look, my point here is not about debating linguistics, right.

03:53:32--> 03:53:45

And I didn't want to misquote any verse, by the way, if you think the verse refers to God, and so be it, I don't have a problem with that. I just wanted to correct that the uses of the Greek 118. Okay, fair enough. But the point I'm trying to say is this.

03:53:46--> 03:54:26

There's two issues that are more foundational, the issues are rejecting the Church Fathers amount to rejecting the Bible itself. The other address that, yeah, good. They're just that and the other thing I want you to understand in the wider context of this issue, like advanced Rasheed mentioned earlier that, you know, quoting Bible to someone who's learned about the texture, integrity of the Bible is like quoting, for example, I don't know a fictional story. And I say that with respect, what I mean by that is, there is no historical contextual integrity of the Bible, especially if you understand what's happened to the Bible, from the first 200 years into now, in terms of the fact

03:54:26--> 03:54:45

that we cannot show conclusively that the Bible that we have today can be attributed to, for example, the formative period of Christianity because the words in the text cannot be 100%. The words of Jesus that attributed to Jesus in the Bible cannot be shown 100%.

03:54:48--> 03:54:59

Even the Christian scholars are confused about the Greek wording of this verse. How do I know that? JOHN 118 is translated as Paul

03:55:00--> 03:55:51

goes by ni v. net, New International Version. No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son who himself who is himself god, this is the translation in nav, who himself is God, in the closest relationship with the Father has made him known. Okay, now we go to RSV. Look at look at how they translate this very worse. No one has ever God, the only son, who is in the bottom of the Father, he has made him known. Okay, now we go to KJV. No, no man has seen God time, the only begotten Son, which is in the bottom of the Father. He has declared him. So which translation do you prefer? Which understanding? I went, I went to the Greek I don't know why you went to translation and went to the

03:55:51--> 03:55:53

Greek. And you

03:55:55--> 03:55:58

want to wait, what why are you? Why are just making

03:55:59--> 03:56:02

games? Why are you playing these games? Why are they paying

03:56:03--> 03:56:03


03:56:05--> 03:56:11

ask them the question. I'm not done. I went to the Greek Bonanza, you have your penance, your

03:56:12--> 03:56:28

Oh, my goodness, your friend Hamza can help you out with that. All right, because I said what I said, I'm gonna repeat it. No one has seen God, they are the father, except the only forgotten God. They asked his son who is in the bosom of the Father. He has declared them. That's what I said. Now, your friend times I could help you out with that.

03:56:30--> 03:56:30

Thank you.

03:56:32--> 03:56:38

Last to last point, you made what why don't accept the doctrinal issues.

03:56:39--> 03:56:47

Concerning the early fathers. I don't accept that. But I do accept that the books that they have

03:56:49--> 03:57:13

revealed as being divinely inspired, are consistent. Why? Because every single book, according to my understanding, what I've read, is totally consistent as as it relates to all the doctrinal issues in Christianity. So the fact that there's no contradiction. I could attest to that. But let me finalize now why do I appeal to Scripture as being something that's divinely inspired? Well, let's

03:57:14--> 03:57:20

first answer the first answer is is very incoherent, I'm sorry, is philosophically incoherent.

03:57:21--> 03:57:36

What I mean by that is my postulation. Was this. If you accept the the early church fathers in deciding what would be canonized? Yeah. And you reject the interpretation of

03:57:38--> 03:57:55

doctrinal issues. The reason I said there was the philosophical problem, a deepest philosophical problem is because if you understand how the Bible was canonized, it was canonized on kind of teachings and doctrinal issues. So if you understand Bruce Metzger, Bruce Metzger,

03:57:57--> 03:57:59

well, Bruce Metzger, abro. The prayer

03:58:04--> 03:58:46

said that, and this is well known in Christian scholarship, that the main criteria for canonicity was the books were in line with church doctrine and teachings. So it's, it's a massive contradiction to say, I accept what they thought would be canonized into the Bible. But I reject the teachings that the doctrinal teachings, because the very canonicity was based on teachings. So my argument is, is a fundamental contradiction that you need to try and you need to try and square the circle my friend and just doing it by saying, oh, there's no contradiction. No, you actually get by a little more deeply, because it's not as simple as saying, I could just accept it. So you need to do a

03:58:46--> 03:58:51

little bit more thinking in my view on that issue. Okay, that's the point.

03:58:54--> 03:58:58

Yes. Gonna finalize for real, I'm gonna finalize. Yeah.

03:59:00--> 03:59:40

That's, that's a good point. But again, to me, it's irrelevant point. Because if I go, if I depend on the Old Testament, this as the Old Testament as my point of reference, I can see every book that was added to it is consistent. So whatever explanation you want to give to it, and why it was why they felt it was divinely inspired, is because you said is because it was consistent with our teachings. Well, by that I could say, if so facto, then therefore I would be in agreement with our teachings, but I have not studied the issue. And I don't depend on the early fathers at depend on scripture alone. And they think if the early fathers is consistent with my understanding of

03:59:40--> 03:59:51

Scripture, then we're all part of the same team. But if it's not, then I will never depend on them. I depend on scripture and finalize and finalize You sound like you're one of the early church fathers yourself right now.

03:59:54--> 04:00:00

Just 118 says do not depend on men for your salvation. Do not trust in men. You

04:00:00--> 04:00:18

Salvation. So I trust in the Holy Spirit, the holy spirit guides me into all truth. So if they had the same Holy Spirit as me, then I could attest, I could verify which I haven't done. I haven't studied the early fathers. But if they say the same thing as me, then what I'm saying to you, if they don't, then I know something is wrong with them. But I'm not here to

04:00:19--> 04:00:31

confirm or test the validity validity of the early church fathers. I don't know them. So I cannot make the point. We got the point. Okay, we got a last last point. I have

04:00:32--> 04:00:40

no problem. No problem. No problem. No problem. Thank you. Thank you guys. Thank you guys. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you, God bless you. Thank you for

04:00:42--> 04:00:43

you know, I.

04:00:45--> 04:00:58

Yeah. You know, may Allah guide him there is a fundamental property that he got, he changed his position slightly. So first, he accepted him as authority for scripture. And then after he changed it as a result of the kind of discourse, but at the end of the day,

04:00:59--> 04:01:36

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Yeah, yes, unmute yourself. And please ask your question system and I'll

04:01:55--> 04:01:59

summon a comb. You have muted yourself. Go ahead.

04:02:05--> 04:02:09

Yes, you can speak now. Sister. Please unmute yourself and speak.

04:02:11--> 04:02:12

Okay, there's a problem. No problem.

04:02:14--> 04:02:15

Yeah, go ahead.

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04:04:03--> 04:04:06

Ask your question, please. Ask your question briefly.

04:04:07--> 04:04:08

What it is, go ahead.

04:04:10--> 04:04:17

Um, could you please explain Isaiah 2912? It was because I'm having some troubles with it.

04:04:18--> 04:04:59

Okay, Isaiah 2912 is a prophecy about a future prophet. Okay. If you read from Isaiah 2910 onwards, there are authors. There are commentators who have comment or written commentaries on the Bible, for example, is a German scholar, whose name was auto Kaiser, auto Kaiser wrote a commentary on the book of Isaiah. And he stated that this is a prophecy about a future event, right? And the only time this happened in history is when the professor was in the cave of Hara, and he received a revelation. So what is Isaiah 29 he said, he said

04:05:00--> 04:05:38

When the book is given to the one who has not learned and it is said to him read, he will say I am not learned, I have not learned and this is exactly what happened to the prophet of Islam Prophet Muhammad in the cave of Hira, when he was there alone contemplating praying, meditating. Angel Gabriel appeared to him and said to him read Accra and the prophet and Ma. RT in I have not learned I cannot read and the first five verses of the Quran were revealed upon him. Chapter 96 of the Quran, first by verse by verses, Prophet Muhammad wa sallam wasn't quite ready for this experience. He was in a state of shock, he ran back to Makkah to his wife, and asked her to cover him because he

04:05:38--> 04:06:07

was in a state of shock. His wife took him to a man who used to read Scripture, Christians and Christian and Jewish scriptures in the city of Makkah, his name was Baraka nofal the Prophet told him what happened. Baraka told him as a numbers, Allah venusaur Allahu Allah Musa, this is the angel or this is the spirit that came upon Moses, the same Spirit has come upon you, your lighting your lightning, and akula hired a joker, Joker calm aka, I wish I will be alive on the day when your people drive you out. The Prophet was in a state of shock.

04:06:09--> 04:06:48

That why will people drive me out and Baraka told and anyone who came with this message was driven out by his people, these people became his enemy, because he was a prophet of God. So what God told him that you are you are a prophet of God, because this prophecy is there. And where is it? It is in the book of Isaiah chapter 2912. So there is no confusion in it, of course, Christian missionaries, they tried to claim that this is a negative prophecy, or this is a negative statement about the Israelites. It has nothing to do with the Prophet Muhammad, Allah. But if we argue like that, then all the 6000 prophecies they claim about Jesus are all big, all spawn, all taken out of context, for

04:06:48--> 04:07:29

that matter. If this prophecy was about Jesus Christ, and he had an experience like this, they would run marathon, they would go around the world trying to prove that this is about Jesus Christ like they do with all other prophecies like Isaiah nine, six, and Elia 53. And the list goes on, like, so we say, they must be, they should be consistent and accept that this prophecy is about the prophet of Islam. And you have to start from verse 10, maybe possibly beyond verse 10. And start reading from there, you will understand that it is talking of the future as Kaiser, auto Kaiser. That's the answer. I hope that answered your question. And we will move on to the next question in my head, so

04:07:31--> 04:07:31

thank you,

04:07:33--> 04:07:33


04:07:34--> 04:07:38

Abdel Aziz law monochromator law.

04:07:43--> 04:07:44

Center Salam Alaikum I

04:07:51--> 04:07:52

can't really hear you sister.

04:07:54--> 04:07:57

Okay, we move on, we move on we limited

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04:08:57--> 04:08:58

brother okay

04:09:01--> 04:09:04

Robert, one exam brother Okay.

04:09:08--> 04:09:08

Question about

04:09:10--> 04:09:10


04:09:13--> 04:09:14

our mother

04:09:15--> 04:09:16

all the

04:09:17--> 04:09:17


04:09:20--> 04:09:21


04:09:26--> 04:09:27

the property brother.

04:09:30--> 04:09:31

I mean

04:09:33--> 04:09:33

okay, you

04:09:34--> 04:09:35

move on.

04:09:38--> 04:09:39


04:09:43--> 04:09:45

love our balls will go

04:09:48--> 04:09:49

to hell. But

04:09:52--> 04:09:59

sorry, we cannot hear you so we have to we have to move on. Sorry about that brother. Okay, we have to move on. We're not trying to be nasty, but time is

04:10:00--> 04:10:09

Very short. So next question, please use some of the use of slavery. Can you hear me? Yes.

04:10:12--> 04:10:54

Okay, so my question is maybe a little off topic. But my question is when we add something to Allah, so we are praying for something. Now, there is no guarantee that we will receive it in this room. Right? So maybe my life is going downhill. Maybe I'm crazy all the time, very tense. I'm asking very much that Allah solves it. But I don't know whether Allah will give it to me in this world. Now, when I tell people this day, tell me that keep your trust on Allah. Now, what should I trust? Okay, so we know that Allah may decide not to give it to me in this. So the question is, why is there no guarantee that Allah will answer at least some part of my prayer in this, right? Now, again, when I

04:10:54--> 04:11:08

do this to people, unless I paid for something, it didn't happen, I tell that they tell me that maybe this is bad for you. That's where we're at. Now, my question is, this is not a limitation for all. So if Allah wishes he can remove what's bad in there, and he can make it good for you. Right?

04:11:10--> 04:11:11

So what do you have to say about this?

04:11:14--> 04:11:20

That's a very good question. Well, maybe there are some barriers to your dog being answered brother.

04:11:25--> 04:11:29

Oh, spa, yes. We'll go for it, man. I bet she's, Oh, my God. It's not gonna happen.

04:11:36--> 04:11:37

important points? continuous.

04:11:42--> 04:11:44

Okay, so. So your question is,

04:11:45--> 04:12:22

yeah, so there's a few answers to that question. The first thing they may be setting barriers to your door are being answered my brother, because Okay, something is that you have to fill out all the criteria for your answer to be for you to ask to be answered. For example, the one who doesn't have halal food, or have, you know, one who's doesn't have a righteous life, and so on and so forth. There may be certain preventative things that prevent you from actually having your dog being answered in the first place. So maybe you wouldn't need to explore. you internalize it and do some self introspection, thinking, you know, what's what's what's happening to me? What am I doing?

04:12:22--> 04:12:33

What's in my heart? What's in my life? That may be preventing my dogs being answered? That's very significant. very significant. Yeah. So you to explore that because somebody will make you do either even pray five times a day.

04:12:35--> 04:13:09

Yeah, some people make two and they engaged in kind of Riba in interest based transactions. And they think, you know, Allah is going to answer my two eyes. You know, some people make dogs, but they treat them other like, second class citizen, you know, how is your dog going to be answered that you know, so you have to reflect thinking, I might deserve it as my dog has to be answered. That's the first thing you need to ask. And I'll tell you why that's important. Because what is da da is the essence of worship, but significantly, it's a manifestation of your utter dependence on Allah subhanho wa Taala.

04:13:10--> 04:13:24

And you have to have that in your heart. You have to be very humble and beg Allah subhana wa Taala. Understand that metaphysically ontologically. The reality is that everything depends on Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Abdullah, should be made in that way.

04:13:25--> 04:13:48

But, you know, sometimes we think, you know, Allah owes us a favor, that Allah shouldn't do it. Like, you know, because you think you deserve it. That itself is a sign of adorno to be accepted, maybe because you're not humble enough. You have to be humble, you have to show your utter dependency to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is very significant that people forget, you know, what do we think this is some kind of, you know,

04:13:50--> 04:14:08

equal pay a business transaction? No, we're not equals to Allah. You know, yes. If we give Allah something and he gives us something back in return, it doesn't work that way. Yes, you know, there is a kind of transaction going on for sure. But we're not equal. So we have to realize that our dependency to Allah subhanho wa Taala is very important. The other thing is,

04:14:10--> 04:14:29

Allah no knows what's ahead for you. He actually knows what's good for you, as a believer, whatever happens to us, we believe that whatever Allah chooses for us, we can choose any better. This is like a very, very specific, strong belief of a believer, you argue, well, why did Allah make the thing that I want to actually be good for me?

04:14:31--> 04:14:32

Well, this is neither here or that.

04:14:34--> 04:14:35

Because you're assuming

04:14:36--> 04:14:59

you're assuming that there are some wisdoms. You're assuming that, you know, the divine wisdom behind Allah allowing you for you to actually be accepted or not, is a wisdom that can change very easily. No, I was one inch is based on who he is, and he's a necessary being. So I don't know if that helps. So number one, find out if there are any buyers or preventers in humans.

04:15:00--> 04:15:00


04:15:01--> 04:15:11

find out what's happening in your life was in your heart, so on and so forth. Number to truly understand that really the reality of do i is for you to beg Allah and for you to realize that you are

04:15:12--> 04:15:19

utterly dependent on lots of panel to Allah. And if you make the iron, you don't have that inside your heart, then that's already a problem.

04:15:20--> 04:15:45

And the other point is, whatever Allah choose for you is always going to be best for you. And it doesn't mean it doesn't mean just because the laws will pass all powerful, he could always make make it that whatever you ask for is actually good for you. Because you're assuming now that you know that your wisdom in Allah's wisdom is the same. No, Allah has the picture, you just got the pixel. So from all of these three points, I think I answered your question.

04:15:47--> 04:16:17

So yeah, yeah, just two very different things. So the first thing that you said is to see if I'm engaging anything which may act as a barrier, right? So I need this now this thing is myself so I'm thinking that okay, I'm not taking part in I did in the past, but now I'm not taking part in any interest disclosure, I take mine income as well. So I think I'm doing prayers correctly, so everything comes with it. So I think I'm doing everything fine. I think there is no barrier now how do I go beyond this? How they make sure that I'm actually not doing anything bad?

04:16:18--> 04:16:21

Or anything that maybe is the fault

04:16:22--> 04:16:29

Okay, do you Lord maybe maybe it's too far is missing in your life, like do 100 is different every day at least? You know,

04:16:30--> 04:16:41

because it's difficult being British therefore brings the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, myself I do mean just reading a circle a circle all the time, or should I be trying

04:16:43--> 04:17:02

to say that 100 times a day and there are other ways of doing is different as well, but you need to be consistent and committed. And you also have to realize but you have to believe that whatever Allah chooses for you, is the best thing know what you want? And this is very significant, my brother because if you ask for

04:17:04--> 04:17:10

some kind of you just want to get your way all the time. That could be a sign of the spiritual disease.

04:17:11--> 04:17:34

It could be a sign that you're not happy with the cover of almost Yes, of course Allah loves you to ask for him. And he and he wants to give you but at the end of the day, Allah will choose was always best for the believer. And you have to believe that now if you if you end up believing that what Allah has chosen for me is not good enough, then that is already assigned a very bad science fiction. Okay, brother.

04:17:36--> 04:17:38

Yeah, I think it's come on actually.

04:17:40--> 04:17:41

Thank you.

04:17:45--> 04:17:45


04:17:49--> 04:17:51

Okay, so we have with us.

04:17:53--> 04:17:53

We have

04:17:57--> 04:17:58

we have a fun

04:18:01--> 04:18:14

fun Bye. Long later, Samuel. Fine. How are you? I'm fine. London. How are you red? Where are you speaking from? I'm from Kashmir, India. Mashallah Tabata cola. Talk to me.

04:18:15--> 04:18:42

So, brother, I, my question is a little off topic. I just want to know that is it important for us to get our two Christians or is it very important for us to see what is going around in the Muslim world? Like I live in Kashmir and there is a lot of things which I think are Muslims are doing an Islamic like they are going to graves, they are a

04:18:43--> 04:18:54

lot of shaken beta is going on. So do we need to focus on that? The quick, easy answer is do both and whatever is in your capacity, because at the end of the day,

04:18:55--> 04:19:15

the Christianity should as well. So the light and you need to command the good forbid the evil. And the greatest command of good is the command of Tao heat. And the greatest forbidding view is the forbidding of shirk. So that's the quick answer, okay, because we need to wrap up now. So May Allah bless you, brother. Let's take now

04:19:16--> 04:19:18

send you Salam aleikum.

04:19:19--> 04:19:25

wa rahmatullah wa barakato. So, I have a doubt about a lady.

04:19:28--> 04:19:29

There's a hadith saying,

04:19:30--> 04:19:34

Allah descends down to the lowest heaven

04:19:35--> 04:19:36

every night.

04:19:38--> 04:19:45

And if Allah is outside time and space, then how can en la descend down as,

04:19:48--> 04:19:52

as the lowest Heaven is created in time like

04:19:55--> 04:19:59

Allah does not change and and is always timeless.

04:20:00--> 04:20:04

So, yeah, it brings more questions.

04:20:07--> 04:20:09

Yes. Yeah.

04:20:11--> 04:20:19

Okay, so what would you say the Hadith says that Allah subhana wa Taala descends to the lowest heaven? Yeah, every night yeah.

04:20:20--> 04:20:33

Okay for my understanding of how many jobs correct me is the understanding we don't basically anthropomorphize Allah subhanho wa Taala Lisa chemistry he shader is authentic Allah subhanho wa Taala. So what we say here is

04:20:34--> 04:20:41

from my understanding could be totally wrong. He just correct me is that essentially Allah's mercy is closer.

04:20:43--> 04:20:57

Allah's mercy is closer. We don't anthropomorphize Allah subhanho wa Taala. We don't make him of the universe or of the world, Lacy chemistry he Shea and the easiest and quickest answer this question is that Allah's mercy comes closer.

04:20:58--> 04:21:03

Is this heavy, like metaphorical or literal? Which one?

04:21:06--> 04:21:17

Well, it depends what you mean by metaphorical literal in the sense because the best way to see what is the apparent meaning here, the parent, what is the apparent meaning because sending this Hadeeth the apparent meaning is that Allah's mercy is closer.

04:21:18--> 04:21:23

Yeah, but Salafis say it's literal. And as I say it's meant for

04:21:25--> 04:21:31

Well, this is beyond my beyond my paygrade I'd have to bring Mohammed hijab into this one, to be honest, as the job

04:21:34--> 04:21:37

now, please, can you answer the question?

04:21:40--> 04:21:40

I'm looking for.

04:21:44--> 04:22:15

Yes. So yeah, from the authority perspective, this is something we say be like cave, right? So the highlight below will say, like, you know, be like cave in a way that we don't know how, and so on. So no one knows how this actually actualizes But definitely, this was the opinion of the only people The only people definitely took this opinion lighter body here is helpful if I lie, but definitely he takes that opinion. He takes opinion Allah is above the Throne that he doesn't assume

04:22:16--> 04:22:17

very much.

04:22:20--> 04:23:00

Very much established in the early Creed's. So can you see that it's Allah's mercy Kamikaze even the Hydra last colony and some shadow will take the view those angels coming down or they'll do that we'll have some source. So this is this is this is the Chinese school of thought, you know, the majority of them and those who do that, we'll like it off. And on. Who is we've mentioned him already, he would say something like that as the angels come down. But this Yeah. And if you look at the opinions of Bihari, and others in early time, they will say something which we don't know how but we affirm it. We don't know how it happens. Just like many things of ologists. We don't know how

04:23:00--> 04:23:08

is the opinion of the early people, so feel authority, and this guy, and he mentioned as I need all of his contemporaries and people who believe in that stuff.

04:23:10--> 04:23:14

Yeah, so that would be more in line with that shot. Yeah, I think

04:23:15--> 04:23:25

so. So I'm not it's not descent down. Literally. Right? No, no, that would be when you say literally, we have to be careful, right? Because what do we mean by but

04:23:29--> 04:23:33

the only problem? The only people would say we don't know how.

04:23:34--> 04:23:57

We don't know how this this the hollowness is unknown. Okay. So for example, when someone came to this, I think you should memorize this blueprints Actually, yeah, someone came to him. And Maliki asked him, Where is cafestol? lilash? How did a lie those two other laughs? He said, let's see. Well, maloom Okay, fear too much rule was swell. One who bidda? Well, imen will be here.

04:23:58--> 04:24:19

That's basically it's a we don't know how you draw things about a loss of how we were talking about cotton. But last week, there are things where anything to do with a fear of the house of Allah subhanaw taala. We, we don't know that this is simple as that. We don't know what that is. Someone could argue well, if you take this view,

04:24:21--> 04:24:41

the apparent view, then would that suggest that every part of the globe because the earth is a globe that Allah is descending somewhere? You know, it's like, I would say maybe a lot of them. Yeah, possibly this why would that be from a minute? It's a contradiction. I mean, it's timeless. Last time.

04:24:42--> 04:24:59

This is only a contradiction, rather, if you believe if you pursue an anthropomorphic understanding, yeah, that's right. We've we've got understand that it's without mortality. Yeah, you have to appreciate that. That also is included laser chemistry. He Shea Yeah, we're in an even understanding the whole reality. You have to

04:25:00--> 04:25:22

The transcendence of Allah subhana wa is it would only be a contradiction if you if you think just Oh Allah for him to do that would be like how I do it. But then yeah, like you said, you'd have to assume that light is just them in the beginning. We're not assuming that assumption is never there. Law is not a body. Allah is not a Joe Hart, Allah, Allah. Allah is not any of that stuff. Okay. The second is the shadows.

04:25:23--> 04:25:32

But if you're asking me, I said, you look at the early people. The early people believe that they did believe that way. I mean,

04:25:33--> 04:26:18

just look once again, if you want good evidence of sdwa and, and mazoon those things are definitely affirmed, like the herradura the early anabela 1,000,000% of like heartbroken Manny. Now Sabo Nieto and Nick have sensory the two Rosie's like all of that is definitely just look at any of the primers the early primers they definitely all believed in that with SLS and a good good book for this will be how far elaborate from Buhari so how that the modality we don't okay if we don't know how these these are sorry that go back to Malik even as for example maloom will give you too much rule we don't know how that's how he understood that was was swell one who did actually like you know asking

04:26:18--> 04:26:27

about these things you know, it's a bit and and what do you call it even if not best? He mentioned the something like

04:26:28--> 04:26:46

don't think about the death of Allah but think about the hunk of Allah kind of right and we don't think about the essence of God because this is an accessible to us. You cannot it's inconceivable how this works. We don't know how that works. The essence of Allah that Allah is something we don't know how

04:26:48--> 04:27:13

to answer any questions about that to learn. We'd have to know what it isn't like how it functions. We don't know anything. So we can't answer anything about that. Can I contact you and talk about this like more but this is something which has been discussed by the early people okay. For various Johnny there's so much discussion like if you want to see if you want to see a discussion about it, I'm not trying to force you to think one way or the other.

04:27:14--> 04:27:51

For me personally, I am more convinced with just sticking to this is my this is what I say without hate it right? Just go to the Quran. Okay, you're reading the Quran, right? Yeah, you're I think you're an Arab so you have some access to the Arabic language. So what do you do what you do is you read the Quran, you Bismillahirrahmanirrahim hamdulillah I mean, whatever. And then you see Oh, this is a verse I'd like to know what it means or there's a hadith I'd like to know English with the Quran. You go for example, to see the debris right or to see because Yes, right. Yeah, that's us here. So okay, what did the people think of the time of the Prophet Muhammad? What did if not best

04:27:51--> 04:28:40

thing What did even miss out think? Because the Prophet Allah subhanaw taala says the Quran in Amman will be mislead men to behave according Teto were interval law for in NEMA home fishing dock for sexy Kahala. If they believe in what you guys do believe in and it's not just a prophet mentor. He says men Tom be what you guys in general like the prophets friends, then they're on the right path. You know, so this is the safest thing. You don't require any philosophical lens or you know, I want to know the best linguistic expert will be the primary recipient, which is a Sahaba the Prophet Mohammed salah and that's why Allah subhanaw taala says was Samuel Coronel Oh Luna mineral mahadji

04:28:40--> 04:29:22

Rina, well answer well Athena tibone BSN and love your loved one one on one well Abdullah whom Jeanette integrity data and how Holly Tina fear Abba, all your love and whom was one you know, is talking about the Serbian horn and the Walloon middle mohajir answer and this is this harbor. Right. So once again, they have the stamp from Allah subhanaw taala. You know, hydrocodone carny, this stuff is true when it comes off either. So for me my personal opinion on it is I look at Okay, what does if not best have to say on this issue? Okay. Well, someone will say you know, it's not always sometimes they do tell when sometimes it's harbormaster will okay no problem if you want to call it

04:29:22--> 04:29:59

tech will for the sake of argument go for example, for some module of the modular, we're in sort of Baccarat and he turned to the face of the countenance of a lower and it Number says about that is talking about the peddler helaas I'm not gonna say that means the face and the countenance so I'm not gonna go further than that. If we say salad salad, even our best said that I go with that. When Allah says, For example, color Shane Haleakala what it means Isla, who is my best at the outset outside this hava database. So I'm gonna go with because that's what you know, that's, for example, or summer when i when i when i have a dinner in the limousine

04:30:00--> 04:30:03

This summer we have created it from eight

04:30:04--> 04:30:08

Mr coming yet maybe Allah Allah me this discussion discussion among the scholars

04:30:10--> 04:30:21

about what if there was no shock coming yet or not? Probably not anyway but does it What does How is it translated? How should we translate it? Let's look at what happened and best as he says power, okay, in this case was the power no problem

04:30:22--> 04:31:05

but in other verses now it's still larger than this and I'm gonna also go with the Sahaba like all I'm doing is my my personal take on the IP that is a mess Allah is I'm just going through, I don't get to be honest, even even Tamia and even like, if not saying mean and even bad. This is out of the equation all of that to me there's not Laos mineral that evening enjoy that this is not what Allah was referring to actually, you know, I'm playing. Let's see, what does the hub actually said if they did that wheel if you want to call it that, for the sake of argument, I sell him to Javelin No problem, I don't give a whatever you want to call it, is this a syntactical issue and you if you

04:31:05--> 04:31:22

want to call it it's bad if you want to these are all labels, that later people kind of developed and so on. All I care about is how did the companions like who would not like think about this logically right? The Prophet said about it. Number six, is Allah

04:31:23--> 04:31:25

unlimited will

04:31:26--> 04:32:11

I love my *ing alma mater? Will you know Allah? May Allah give him knowledge in the religion and, and let him know how to do that we like the Prophet made God. He made God for His for four numbers. And he was done raising Hades. And he knows the Arabic language is no we're not talking about Egyptian Arabic or Lebanese Arabic or Syrian Arabic como Moroccan, I'm not going to call that Arabic for the sake of argument called us. I don't know what that is, you know, but you know, whatever it is, I'm only joking for the people watching, you know, whatever it may be, I'm not talking Yanni. The truth of the matter is, you know, the truth of the matter is, he knows more. So I'm going to say

04:32:11--> 04:32:22

instead of going into this is a matter where I don't even I don't need to the best What I mean is following the self actually, in this case, so whatever if that boss has to say about it.

04:32:23--> 04:32:27

Now the argument will be Oh, is it tough for you those if bet

04:32:28--> 04:32:29

these are all labels?

04:32:31--> 04:32:31

In here,

04:32:33--> 04:32:33

you know,

04:32:35--> 04:32:36

I don't know.

04:32:37--> 04:32:38

What I'm saying is,

04:32:39--> 04:33:28

you will have doubts on issues that this is folk, it's hard, is completely above and beyond the logical thing, you No one can give you a satisfactory answer. There are some things in Islam that cannot be answered. And one of them is the hollowness or the the whole category of how does God do things or how is what those two things how Allah says sorry to say anyone who tries to give you an answer with how is doing you an injustice now is les led to the recall of sorrow, who are you to recall absorb the Quran says that, like, the visions don't capture him and he captures all divisions. So how can we talk about Allah subhanho wa Taala in a way you know, we don't know like we

04:33:28--> 04:33:32

don't know how to speak about his act. Unbelievable.

04:33:35--> 04:33:37

How to address it.

04:33:38--> 04:33:40

I am addressing the Hadees I'm saying that

04:33:41--> 04:34:02

I said to you look the best way the template because it's not just the Hadith my brother it's all of these things and there is a template Okay, the template is the template of Imam Malik when he says lsttl Omar loom okay fear to match who else l case a to L k fear med school? The how onus is on known

04:34:04--> 04:34:14

everybody is actually the shall we say that the majority say that the Salafi say that everyone says that lk fee to med school. It's unknown. If you want to be

04:34:16--> 04:34:32

anybody who is anybody who tells you how Allah is or how he does something is a charlatan? That is my answer to you, my brother. There you have to be happy knowing that there are some things about reality which you can never grasp.

04:34:33--> 04:34:47

That's the reality. The how this when it relates to Allah in any capacity relating to his essence, that is unknowable. So these are these would you say okay, well, I would say you know, I listened to something recently some brothers sent to me Mashallah very good.

04:34:48--> 04:34:57

Shift, Lord God, he was talking about this Hadees actually, and it was election Arabic. I can't remember civil law some things I caught my voice, the entire lecture is called.

04:34:58--> 04:34:59

And he said, You know, this hadith is you know, what the

04:35:00--> 04:35:38

tragedy about these kinds of Ibiza that Allah He never Yani, when the Prophet Mohammed Al salam, he narrates Hadees like that. It's not that he wants us to think about these myself, to be honest, he doesn't. And that's very clear, because like Mr. Malik said, these are MSA, they actually are better when you start thinking about how Allah is. And this is altavilla. You should, whenever you think about the house of Allah, is s times Billa. This my advice? What he said is that, what you should be really thinking about, oh, this is a very good time for praying who shoe when you have this, or inspiring that, you know, you you're worshiping Allah, you're making gazzola that should be the

04:35:38--> 04:35:47

extraction from the Hadeeth not how Allah do that, and was in this and that this is to be honest, not something Allah is going to judge us on.

04:35:48--> 04:35:52

By the way, let me say is also named my friend. And my name is Adam.

04:35:53--> 04:36:10

Adam, this and it's never a contradiction when we talk about we don't know how something is, because we don't how can you be a contradiction unless you know, the whole thing? like for you to claim a contradiction here, right? Because you said this, whether it stays dissent in the Arabic court, it

04:36:12--> 04:36:17

doesn't say anyone to say says a light n 01 saying is that descent?

04:36:18--> 04:36:49

If you don't know the house of Allah, how can it be a contradiction? But I'm not cannot stand he he doesn't have the attribute of humans to descend. You looked at what that means, what dissent dissent means in the context, yes, whatever the scent means just like is to wherever those two terms mean. Okay. And, yeah, really, relative to Allah is not what it means relative to human beings.

04:36:51--> 04:37:09

I would the premise I reject the premise in all counts, that we're talking about the same thing when we're saying the sending of Allah. We don't know even what that word means in context of Allah Subhana. We don't know even that when we say Allah yesterday, our live show a lie NZ Lula, Sara, all of those things. We don't know what that means.

04:37:11--> 04:37:18

We don't know what those words means in relation to. And that's a contradiction to us. Why what if you don't know what a contradiction?

04:37:19--> 04:37:29

Because in the way we understand this and is not like a loss? We understand the scent. Okay. Let me put this with you, my friend. Yeah.

04:37:30--> 04:38:18

We understand the scent only in relation to that, if you want to put it in the language of the motor kilometer, our joy her and edge, sir. Yeah, bodies, accidents and atoms. Right, we only understand the scent and muzzle. And so we're in the in that context. That's the only that is what we know. Yeah, we noticed sent in a spatial especial temporal environment. We don't notice that in any other environment. Now, with Allah, that's irrelevant, actually. Because change sees times, exactly. Because Allah is timeless. And Allah is spaceless. He's not meant to be visa man in omega, this is not my duty is not a confined in place or time. So for that reason, it because that particular

04:38:18--> 04:38:22

notion becomes irrelevant. So what notion is relevant?

04:38:23--> 04:38:36

If we don't know, motion is irrelevant. We don't know what notion is relevant, because for us to know what notion is relevant, a prerequisite to knowing what notion is relevant. We have to know the vet of Allah. We don't know that. Does that make sense?

04:38:37--> 04:38:53

This is, I still have, you know, I don't know. Okay, well, you have doubts, but because you're thinking about, you're doing the opposite of what the companions told you to do. The Prophet and the companions told us not to think about the vet of Allah.

04:38:54--> 04:39:09

You can think about the effect of Allah, which are the attributes, but that the essence is I don't know what that is. We don't know how that operates. We don't know what is. And because we don't know how that is, we can't do B net on anything. Does that make sense?

04:39:13--> 04:39:25

We know we know what it doesn't mean, but we know what it doesn't mean. We're okay. Let me put it this way. Let's do it in a Selby way. Right. We know what it doesn't mean. We know it doesn't mean it's like anything in the Hulk.

04:39:26--> 04:39:28

Like anything in the creation.

04:39:29--> 04:39:37

Okay, that's we anything you can imagine. Yes. Anything that you are thinking about? is not what it means.

04:39:39--> 04:39:39

Does that help?

04:39:43--> 04:39:44

You understand one thing?

04:39:45--> 04:39:51

Yeah, I understand. Okay, anything with anything you can imagine descending or?

04:39:53--> 04:39:57

Yeah, or was 260 we're

04:39:58--> 04:39:59

doing a Stuart

04:40:00--> 04:40:11

Either either anything you can imagine that's not what is intended. That is you have that cancel that wherever you're thinking now we refute that we know Muslim belief.

04:40:12--> 04:40:45

But the words we understand in human language understand the words but we don't understand how they operationalize with lust and how they relate to Allah. We understand the words yes, we do get that Oh, of course we understand the word otherwise it's meaningless. Allah speaking is meaningless language. No, he's speaking a language which you understand but we don't know how it works with Allah after all, do you know what you can The only thing you can take from this Hadees other than the words that you can not understand in the harness term is that you should be getting up in the last third of the night and doing that that's the only thing you can actually practically understand

04:40:45--> 04:40:48

fully. Oh, this means that it's a good time to make God

04:40:50--> 04:40:52

never get an answer to

04:40:53--> 04:41:05

this question. I will never get and you'll never get an answer that you want. is different to the donor get onside? There was no you know you don't get an answer you don't like I don't

04:41:06--> 04:41:12

know. Give me give him three more minutes with me please. Yeah. Listen, my brother. What's your name again? Sorry, Adam. Adam, mother.

04:41:13--> 04:41:57

me carefully. Yes, anything that comes to mind when it comes to Allah subhanaw taala is more heart is completely canceled. Because Allah subhanaw taala says less I can miss lee shake her smells by the way you know the difference between late Miss Lucia and and laser chemistry he Shea is less than Miss Lucia and would mean that is nothing like him. That Jani that there's nothing equivalent to him. What Allah subhanho wa Taala he says laser laser can miss lee Shea This means that there's nothing even close to him in stature. Nothing is comparable so the calf makes a huge difference. That calf means there's nothing that can even be compared led to the Ricoh who ever saw oh you

04:41:57--> 04:42:09

recall that yeah visions don't Yanni in capture him and he in captures all visions. Well, Amir Kula Khufu and these are co author and the religion of Islam. Yeah, these are very clear and

04:42:11--> 04:42:39

unambiguous, foundational verses in the religion of Islam. Are you with me? Yeah, you understand what these verses mean? That means that anything you think about when Allah anything you think about what Allah subhanaw taala anything if you wake up if you're asleep, if you're drunk, if you're if you're intoxicated, if you take wine if you take hashish if you take this if anything is thinking something, maybe anything you take anything you think is not is not Allah subhanaw taala Does this make sense?

04:42:40--> 04:43:20

I agree. Yeah. Obviously you want to call this one hashish I'm just saying Yanni if turabian D hypothetically believe you believe that a lot exists without without a place or we as yes this is a big summer the HANA Villa or the people of the earth or whatever they do agree with this point even send me a makes that very clear as well by the way that we don't believe that Allah is confined into space and time we agree with that online exists without a play. Allah is not confined in La salomaa kennels a man meaning is not my dude absolutely is not. Okay, like some, like supima can exist without

04:43:21--> 04:43:29

no token so he's not in the law is not in like prison or something other Beloved, kind of God. Do you think believe like Christian?

04:43:31--> 04:43:38

Like a Jew? Like what? Like a Hindu? like a monkey got? No, we don't believe in this. pantheism No, we don't we we believe you're very limited.

04:43:40--> 04:43:44

We don't believe that a lot is imaginable in the human mind.

04:43:45--> 04:43:56

Yeah, only imaginable. Now the authorities and the authorities believe that we will see a loss of power dial on the Day of Judgment.

04:43:59--> 04:44:01

Would you have in your margin? Now zero.

04:44:02--> 04:44:16

Now that it'll be handle zero, yeah. That they will see only then what was he they said, We don't believe in the number of a loss of power died on the Day of Judgment. But we all believe how will we encapture a learner in a way that we don't know even that?

04:44:17--> 04:44:27

So the Arcadia of Anderson or Gemma on this issue is very clear. The early people, they looked at these words, and they said okay, is what we believe. You said,

04:44:28--> 04:44:59

we don't know what the K fear is. So we're just going to, we're just going to accept the words. We're going to accept it we're going to realize that we don't understand we understand what the words mean. But we don't know how to contextualize that with Allah because then we'll be doing that seem or something anthropomorphism or something. We don't believe in anthropomorphism. Any kind of anthropomorphism attach sim is co for UC barrio. cusabo. Middle Mila is the kind of cover that takes somebody outside of the scope of this lab. It's the worst kind of shook and coffee

04:45:00--> 04:45:14

If someone can do that anthropomorphize the last pantalla and make them into a body or something like altavilla whoever said Allah will do just in that way and ultimately this is so why are you Why are you on a 30? Then a shark?

04:45:16--> 04:45:21

I think you have you have you have a misconception? Okay. The

04:45:22--> 04:45:57

the people in the beginning of Islam okay when we're talking about mojari when we're talking about look we have to divide ourselves the different groups that different scholars that elaborated in different way even if it's me I can say something which is wrong either wise, you think he's everything he said is right. And if not, we don't believe in that. He's not Muslim. He can be make mistakes him even higher. This one that one, I am saying to forget about all of these names. Yes. Forget about those people. Yeah. I we respect and love. Obviously Everyone knows that we love and respective and same as likes. But

04:45:58--> 04:46:10

with this mess Allah it's as simple as this. You agree with me? Yes or no? Adam? That the Quran it says phenomenal women are meant to be is referring to this hub?

04:46:11--> 04:46:51

Yeah, I agree. Our Lunas referring to Sahaba I agree. Yeah. And they certainly are there for us. Yes. Like, if not best, we know what he says on issues. Yes. Some Chinese will say oh, well look, he made that weed here he made that we'll hear some attorneys will say no, he made his bed here. Anyway, these are all semantical points. I say I don't care what you call it. I am just going to follow what if my boss says on this masala? Anyone who said like, if you want to know my opinion on any verse of the Quran, when it comes to our pita, my of my opinion, is the opinion of Lapis. And in fact, let me tell you, if we have the center, there is no if not best is going to be given this

04:46:51--> 04:47:31

other web. If we have if we don't have the Senate, then we look at other opinions of others to harbor etc. Now, if I say something which is out of line with what these sahabas Brits have to say, I will say I will change my opinion based on what they do say because that is my ethic. That is my epistemology, when it comes to our current, the pure alpha of the Sahaba which understood this, they understood the effect of Allah, they understood the lohardaga and sort of that this is what I follow, like nobody can tell them. Okay, but but for Dina Razi, he got it right. He made big mistakes. And he was even refuted, you know, I was he was refuted by a Chinese.

04:47:33--> 04:47:33


04:47:34--> 04:47:38

you know, he says an incident, which was, it was tough.

04:47:39--> 04:48:07

We did pretty well. Yeah, I can bring you why even taymiyah. He made mistakes as well. And at least at one point in his life, he didn't even find out on that he believed in the end of hellfire. And so the time he believed in that, at one point, you can say well, he changed his opinion or whatever, but he made mistakes and these are mistakes of our data. I can bring you anybody you bring me from the hell if I can show you that some issues have been held against them from members of their own creedal schools of thought.

04:48:08--> 04:48:09


04:48:11--> 04:48:27

Like I said, I was he was refuted by a Chinese and he is the leading actually, even Tamia was refuted by Hamleys and he's a leading humbly shows you every club and Adam hapa. Ohio SATA Intel Boone and Ross, he says there's you know, there's something called rule Howard This

04:48:29--> 04:48:35

is every school of thought has something of Henry Howard is including eyeshadows, including watercolors and including much realism.

04:48:36--> 04:48:42

There's some issues actually that you know, to be honest, the materials and the attorneys are closer to each other than the

04:48:43--> 04:48:52

like the Ashley's in the Missouri this you know this, for example, there are two reasons and the other is both believe that our to sort of have that fear.

04:48:53--> 04:49:36

But the Saudis disagree with that. They don't believe after several fat attacks here. So this is an issue actually even Tamia agrees with the maturities more on an issue than the ash. I agree with the metodi. This same thing with tech Queen, the queen, actually the authorities and the maturities are united on this issue, at least to some extent more so than the actual reason number two visa, brother, this whole thing about you know, Chinese and as soon as this is a game, what I'm saying is that this is a semantic most of its semantical issue. Most of it is Callum can hear a lot of philosophizing. A lot of it is it's helpful suffer in the arcade of Islam. A lot of it is this love

04:49:36--> 04:49:59

is that, but what I'm saying is so simple. Nobody can go wrong. I'm not saying go to have that we'll have a book also first, and catch what those books are not required for anyone's guidance. And I'll tell you that, with all due respect when those books are in fact, not anybody's guidance, or sort of selesa Yeah, there are sort of five

04:50:00--> 04:50:25

I knew that I bring one Hadith of the Rasul Salaam, one Hadith which is what the angels were asking men Rob buco Medina. However, if I put that in a pamphlet, it will be better than 1000 who sort of thrust the books of Abbey will happen? Because it's the color of the Prophet. If I author a book today and I just put that Hadith in it with with some notes in the bottom it will be better than 1000

04:50:26--> 04:50:27


04:50:28--> 04:50:35

because it is a result it has the comprehensive how the Prophet dealt with the three questions

04:50:36--> 04:50:40

whose better understanding this question Abdul Wahab or the Prophet Muhammad

04:50:42--> 04:51:08

Tell me now I want any Salafi to come and tell them you know Abdul Wahab was better so I can make that fit of them and they tell them to leave the chat. No more happy or this one. Yeah, leave this stuff aside. I am saying the arcade of Islam is made very simple for the people. Allah subhanaw taala he sent prophets and messengers and the prophets and messengers that came with bayonet and more marches that

04:51:09--> 04:51:13

something was harder claddagh something which is unbelievable they are on this that

04:51:15--> 04:51:35

we I swept up at the Sahaba you know there's all these books and all this column between the people do you think they'll see like I say look we're sorry so to say and this has gone too far. I believe they will say that you're talking about tethered to that event 10 minutes just stuff like that. Yeah, I know what you think even 10 years halaman cool.

04:51:37--> 04:51:45

He didn't make mistake and Aki oh you of course he made the mistake and after that at least at one point of his life because there was a time when he spoke about for no no

04:51:46--> 04:51:48

and no doubt if you're going to get

04:51:49--> 04:52:03

her her it was times talking about find out on night he spends a whole chapter speaking about it don't don't pretend it doesn't sell a few pretending and then actually pretending that somebody is not talking about a whole dinner was a job read practically there's a sandwich board

04:52:05--> 04:52:19

which means doesn't have any free will that sorry to say it was this well yeah anyone I can get you anybody get me the America of whatever massive you love. And everybody make mistake in nakida

04:52:20--> 04:52:26

in arcada bro you can get some sorry the humble is made mistake. Even Huygens

04:52:30--> 04:52:32

ah some attributes of the Holocaust

04:52:34--> 04:52:35

movement twins that

04:52:37--> 04:52:41

will be people from being held accountable for

04:52:42--> 04:52:43

Will you be out

04:52:46--> 04:52:54

don't don't bro would you respect don't confine yourself to a shot he meant to read yesterday I'm saying okay forget these names.

04:52:58--> 04:53:05

All I'm saying is the Quran says O Manasa Arsenal Coleman died Allah He well i mean i saw i

04:53:06--> 04:53:08

mean there's no way in the Quran that says

04:53:10--> 04:53:33

there's no way in the Quran which says the quizzes are shoddy and there's no way in so just to call yourself moto Ed Yani requires I need to think logically my my friend did the almost a simple answer yes or no like is it I'm speaking Brother, please just learn to okay listen, I'm sorry. We can talk about your questions we let me speak

04:53:34--> 04:53:42

did the oma require appelman pseudo mature eg in order for the people to be guided it? Oh, oh, Abolhassan ashari

04:53:44--> 04:53:49

Oh, even Tamia. Yanni if these people didn't exist, the oma would be misguided.

04:53:50--> 04:53:54

Jani sorry to even say the DOMA require ashmit.

04:53:55--> 04:53:57

No, the deed of a stomach muscle

04:53:58--> 04:54:18

doesn't require any of those. The Deen of Islam would have been protected. Allah He just shows some people to protect the deen and that is from his own his defense before I started your stuff, you mean I bet he may have shed you know, but don't put a any confine yourself or shaddy which is so much with EG ah

04:54:20--> 04:54:29

rather than some things in a sharpie that I'm sorry, no one can defend nephele s Bab which is a cast. No one understands it.

04:54:30--> 04:55:00

And so as some things as well, I can bring you from the authorities. Like I said that no one said except for them. And some some attorneys, not all of them hierarchal to Allah. Some of them went in the direction of touching yesterday. I can bring you if you like, some of them went in the direction of anthropomorphism. I'm saying put all of this no one has the time brother. You don't have the time. Adam, you don't have the time. And I don't have the time to look at all of that. All I'm saying is simple thing. Yeah. That's the last of the essence of

04:55:00--> 04:55:22

Allah subhanaw taala This is untouchable. Nobody know what that is. I don't know how to understand that. And no matter how many diplomas or certificates or books or this, how many people you bring, I will never give you an answer to this. And whoever gives you an answer to that is a charlatan because this is something that current loads recall, led to the recall, absorb overuse recall.

04:55:23--> 04:55:46

And all I'm saying is when it comes to this effective Allah subhanaw taala let's agree to put all of those names aside. I will huson who I mean as you know, Gemma, and he is a man he is a great man, no one can say anything about me. Oh, even taymiyah Oh my god. I mean, no one can say anything about this great, great huge scholars that Lord chose. However,

04:55:47--> 04:55:55

what I will say is you don't need them. Would you respect the simple thing Annie? I read the Quran. I read the Quran like that.

04:55:56--> 04:55:57

And then I see an A

04:56:01--> 04:56:02

Why do what do I do?

04:56:05--> 04:56:18

Hola Hola. Hola, como la de Jamia to muster in a summary. So well, who knows about Sumo What does he mean for Mr. Wallace? I want to check so I got this Mila to see even the case here.

04:56:20--> 04:56:42

See what's he says in Nicosia says which is a over Google's if not best have to say about that. This is my opinion hulless symbolism I don't understand fully how how are you never get enough understand the how whether you are shy or mentally you sad whatever you are, you will never understand what Bismillah I agree with that but we move on so I have adult and child for a doubt.

04:56:43--> 04:57:05

Now you're playing good because now it's your turn you sitting there it's your turn is blocked but you're still having the effect. So you say Look, I don't know how that works. Now I can get you something quantum mechanics quantum physics double slit experiment Till now I don't know what the observable the observer effect is. I don't know how that looks. Do you know how about WhatsApp

04:57:06--> 04:57:14

Do you know how that works? When is when is when is observed that acts like a particle and when it's not observed acts like a wave Do you know how that works?

04:57:16--> 04:57:32

Because if you do I'd like you to write something and make a peer review journal can make maybe big money together near you you can send me some email we can we need it for the Sapiens brother we got 2000 pound donation because some ridiculous people not donating brother I'm sure you haven't even donated Have you donated

04:57:34--> 04:57:35

that's why I thought

04:57:36--> 04:57:41

I'm only joking brother that people don't donating what I'm saying to you brother is this he's still dead.

04:57:48--> 04:57:48

Oh no.

04:57:51--> 04:57:51


04:57:56--> 04:57:57

anyway, listen Yeah.

04:57:59--> 04:58:17

Please, please you listen, I am saying if we knew what the observer effect was, you send me that much information and we can make money we can make some money for this Sapiens brother you know some people working for free and this and that and this some people got 2000 pound donation I don't know how many days

04:58:19--> 04:58:56

by but if we don't even know how the Yanni the particles in the waves work, Yanni what the cup bull, what arrogance of the human being to think, oh, now he's happy not knowing that infant? I'm actually happy. I'm, you know, a little bit. Yeah, I wish I didn't know a little bit. But I don't really use any sleep over that I don't need I don't lose any sleep over that, to be honest with you. There's other things in the dunya which makes me lose sleep. I don't know that one. I have to be honest, I haven't thought about that for a long time. We don't know how the wave and the particle and this and that. We don't know how this ad. We don't know how that thing works.

04:58:58--> 04:59:02

So if we don't know that, we're gonna start talking about that. How does Allah send them? How does Allah

04:59:03--> 04:59:05

Allah, Allah, the way

04:59:07--> 04:59:36

of the people, the predecessors, the pious predecessors is to say, love Allah. Okay, fear to mature. We don't know how that happens. We don't we don't go into lakhiani it means like this. And to be honest, I'll be I'm gonna put no I'm not just have a go at somebody. I haven't got everybody. Some selfies, they make the wrong things. Allah hi Gohan and he has fingers and he has the product and the speaking 12345 and all the things he's saying, Okay.

04:59:37--> 04:59:59

He's getting it from the self in a sense, by the way, he's putting it together and he's adding it all together. And he has a shin and he has a foot house. He's putting the whole picture of the man in his in the in the head of the person. You go and tell your kids that go and tell the five year old Allah has a shin Yama in that sentence. I this is the most dumb pedagogy I've ever seen in my life. You sit with a five year old

05:00:00--> 05:00:26

Yeah, I appreciate I come from a humble background. I come from that. But you if you sit with the kids, yeah, a five year old. You say, if he asked you, does Allah have a hand? And you say yes. Do you know what he's gonna think Allah has that? Sorry, I don't care what you think he thinks he thinks that he thinks. And then you say Allah has a hand. And Allah has fingers. And Allah has a face, and Allah has foot and you're putting your own lining up.

05:00:28--> 05:00:29

And then you say Allah is not a man.

05:00:31--> 05:00:50

This kid is confused, bro. This kid is confused. And sorry, some of the examples of poor examples of the dumb some sorry to say, Yeah, not thinking straight selfies. And I have to say, from coming from the f3 background, say, Oh, what is the foot of Allah? So you know, the foot of the elephant?

05:00:52--> 05:01:08

They say, look, the foot of the look, the foot of the elephant is different to the foot of the ant. And they think that all this will is this guy's very clever. They say the door handle is a the door handle is better than the clock hand. You think that's a clever idea, bro.

05:01:09--> 05:01:29

That's what lies hold is going way further than what the setup one for sorry to say, who said that from the self. What you're saying is hope. You're telling me that don't do philosophy, this philosophy is bad philosophy. Because they say that literally What to say? They say Oh, the elephant has a foot and they have ant has a foot? And

05:01:30--> 05:01:36

I don't know what else has a foot? Yeah, you're establishing a continuity. Because in all those cases, it's

05:01:37--> 05:02:12

it's on the bottom. So what you're doing is you're you think you're establishing because you're dumb. You think you're establishing a discontinuity, which in one sense you are, but you're actually establishing as failure that they're describing the hammers and everything yeah, you actually the screen now Your house is a crib man. And you're gonna break the guy's thinking you have the audacity? I don't care who said that? I know some elements said that. They're wrong to us at that because the setup did not say this stuff. Yeah, down a lot. And the messenger did not see this column, the out of the antenna out of a and the elephant. You think you're a philosopher, bro.

05:02:12--> 05:02:52

That's why if you did study a bit of philosophy, your kid wouldn't think Allah is a man until the age of 10. And I have to be honest, Bro, I used to work in certain communities been Gula communities, Somali communities, and of course the parents, a lot of them are sorry, and Salafi, and we all know problem of this Mullah. Of course, I come from that background as well. But then you ask the kid Well, I ask a lot of hand fingers and they think that is a lot of them actually do believe in touch. See me six. Oh cymbala they do? A lot of you asked your own youth. What do you think that because you emphasize too much is that and you de emphasize, you de emphasize what let's say

05:02:52--> 05:03:10

conditioning shakey de emphasize it. So the guy thinks or your kid thinks at the age of 567 that Allah is a human being brother. That's what they think just like Jesus, and you go and attack the Jews and the Christian we have to sometimes clean up the own home Yani we always attacked the Christian shot of Jews and Hindu

05:03:11--> 05:03:46

will offer the Monkey God and we love for Jesus and we believe that Jesus is God and whatever. But we have to clean up the house as well bro, you can come from a funny background by not having pedagogical maturity. So when a kid is seven years old, eight years old, I tell him that sorry six years old Allah has a hand and a face because there's only one way that these kids understand that sorry to say they only understand that touch semen they only I can tell you that the PJ experiment Have you ever have you ever heard of the PJ experiment? PJ PJ you know everybody knows psychology of education bro you know it's big experiment I'm doing this as not just to drink the water to show you

05:03:46--> 05:04:08

they got like a cup like that. Yeah, this is for this message because you think your cover I should teach them the sun number eight and your kit comes out thinking I was gonna find a hand and a face and there's a human yeah don't don't tell me about suddenly you if you teach a kid that way they will come out believe in Allah man. I'm not saying that Allah I'm doing nephew of the fella he look he's doing nephew of the face. And he's learning

05:04:10--> 05:04:26

a lot. I'm not doing nephew of that. In fact, I know that our pizza and I believe in the update of the way the self exactly that way. But I'm doing nephew of the way you teach it in your massagin because you're teaching it in a way which no undoubtedly is going to cause touching.

05:04:27--> 05:04:57

Because you know why? Look at the pioggia experiment. You get like a cup like that. Yeah, you sit you bring a five year old or a six year old kid, I think PhD level five and six year olds. And you tell them look at this cup. How much water is in it. I say this is a lot a little bit of water. Then it gets you a cup which is like longer. Yeah, basically a longer cup. And he puts the thing in there. And then the longer cup. He's got the same amount of water and you asked the kids so he thinks the longer cup. The kid thinks the longer cup has got more water because it's taller, and they associate high with

05:04:58--> 05:04:59

kufra with more things. So

05:05:00--> 05:05:43

Let me tell you, when you tell your kid, you think your five year old My question is, do you think your five year old knows how to do second order? logic to the extent where they can now do is bad and nafion is bad at the same time? No, they cannot. I don't care if your kid is very clever. He cannot do that. You should not teach them that this is second oldest stuff. You can teach them that later. If you believe in no problem. You have to teach Oh, no problem. You teach that later when they get to the age of 13 1213 years 78 Let me teach you about how to teach because this is a problem. You ignoramuses? Yes, I will teach them the sun. I will teach you you have to cut bore a

05:05:43--> 05:06:21

big bit. Teach them the sun now What you mean is you teach them arrogance in touch. See? That's what you mean actually. Is that what you mean used to teach them the sadhana is ah, I teach them the sun and then bring your five year old teach them bad like the metallics so many of them that they couldn't even recite Fatiha probably like that their head in this country, Mo Khadija and then what? And then you recite the Quran shot if you can't recite it. Let's come and talk to the five year olds, after you've taught them for too long. You're, you know, you're building a lot of custom shops and you teach them and then you tell them, Allah has a face. And Allah has eyes, and you cost you

05:06:21--> 05:06:29

imagery, imagery, and the five year old only understands it that way. But you've teach them Hindu brother. You've taught

05:06:30--> 05:06:35

them Hinduism. You have not taught them Islam. You Oh yeah. You agree with the other?

05:06:37--> 05:06:51

I'm not done yet. But it's funny what you're saying. Now it's true, bro. I'm saying that it is fun. But the five year old bro, you have to ask the five year old you have to test them with our br bro. Come on, man. Now, look at this

05:06:53--> 05:06:55

nice video of SP fast tomorrow coming. But

05:06:57--> 05:07:21

you've got to make sure you watch that the brother. But what I'm saying brother, the way of the self is not what these people have made it. Many of them all have made it wrong because they have not studied color. One of them I'm not going to mention big Satterfield Island, big one. I'm not gonna mention his name. I'm very tempted to do so. But he's one of the bigger heads now. He says I was reading 100 pages from that autonomy, luckily would not have even told me and I didn't understand the word.

05:07:23--> 05:07:55

It's the caddies, this is the musubi you have my friend that you read 100 pages and you don't understand a word. Because you have you say philosophy is haram and Kalam is haram. But then when it comes to a you reading the books or even Tamia is gonna take you out the mcqs up that you're in, you can't even understand that if the man is you might as well be in Hebrew brother might as well be in Sanskrit or something like that. You might as well be reading the the New Testament in Greek and you get the other guy that was speaking to Hamza sources to tell us about the Greek word that he knew what he knew in the Greek language. And he thought he was some kind of an expert

05:07:56--> 05:08:03

and this is the situation with with dealing with my brother, you know, we're dealing with this level of ignorance, teach them

05:08:05--> 05:08:19

a and then bring them in tell them all the exam and then you know what brought before early this elicit limitless shake, and they don't even go through in detail and the kid is already believe Allah man, and he only comes out of that belief when he's 12.

05:08:21--> 05:09:00

comes out the kufri believe that because you don't have an Andrew theological or pedagogical system in place because you are you hell. You are to hell, and you need the tutelage and the education. And you need the help. Okay, and this is what we provide here at decipiens. We give you the traditions. We're not here to Eonni sectarianism, Allah we're not we're not for that, and or lionizing anyone who tells you sectarianism is good. Is a is somebody who is either getting money from it, or power from it themselves, while they are shaped on. Again, they have satanic. The Quran is crystal clear about unity of the Muslims.

05:09:03--> 05:09:39

crystal clear about that. Okay, does that mean uniformity of the Muslims? No, we don't believe in uniformity of the Muslims. We don't believe in that. The ashati will believe his things. When he asks what is the Kalam according to the ashari view? He's gonna have some sorry to say and he can't. He's not gonna give a definite he's gonna give a negation. Kalam is not harmful there's not salt in it. And to me that's not the correct answer me humble. I believe the Kalam of Allah is harmful or salt. Simple as that is letters and words. Sounds in verses sorry, sounds and letters under how we don't know how to say something else. But we can. We can coexist. We can coexist. I disagree with

05:09:39--> 05:10:00

the martial debate with him. I don't I don't agree with what he has to say. But we can coexist. And this is what we need to be walking in direction. Why? Because when it comes without an all Muslims, the masala Cobra what our while Berea, taqwa well that I don't know if me what the Quran says that, that this is this is correct.

05:10:00--> 05:10:08

On is generic is generic column it says come together in and build real toccoa come together

05:10:11--> 05:10:27

How can you take that we believe that will be that Hello believe as there will be no problem but how can you take them out of that verse? You have to have no horses you have to have a specify you have to have something which which takes them out of that how what what are you going to use to take the horses were in the Quran

05:10:28--> 05:10:29

they'll say

05:10:30--> 05:10:33

some of them will say something silly like you know the Quran says

05:10:34--> 05:10:45

a you know the ins and outs that way says you know, they mock you for Rubio he says that we had for that attack I'll do my own had to hold off you had this in a way

05:10:47--> 05:10:48


05:10:49--> 05:10:55

if you see the words of Allah being mocked etc Then don't sit with them until they speak about something else.

05:10:56--> 05:11:05

Say this is talking about who's better? And to say okay, where'd you get that from? Say a quarter we swim in a quarter is doesn't have wheel and all this kind of things these are shiny

05:11:07--> 05:11:12

and okay look at tabari and probably has two or three opinions and one of them is

05:11:13--> 05:11:22

a and okay forcing that you make that mock him. He's got three different opinions and you make it all you making that musca Yanni it has to be a bit I like the way you like it.

05:11:24--> 05:11:36

And that the success of tower video taco how, how does that even have any relation with Donald do? You have no argument for your sectarianism, my friend, and if the Prophet I believe all cymbala if

05:11:37--> 05:11:39

he said Come here, smack.

05:11:41--> 05:11:41


05:11:43--> 05:11:43

say come here.

05:11:45--> 05:11:51

Hold him by the long beard that he's got snapping his face with with, you know, the stick, snap.

05:11:52--> 05:12:33

Maybe not on his face, but on his body. His people they need to be snapped, because they're causing tougher rock. And they're causing sectarianism. They are causing sectarianism, and they're causing problems in the oma and I know people, and I'm sure you do as well. Yeah. In their own house. You have these problems going on. You have the mother. He doesn't do serious around with his mom because he says, I don't have the other and then the father McDuck feet of him. I don't know what this one and you're different sects and your Hanafi annamma Salafi? I'm gonna pray like that. No, you're gonna pray raise your hand Shut your mouth. You follow your manners that says, yeah. Oh, but I have

05:12:33--> 05:12:35

to raise my hand. I have to follow the Sunnah.

05:12:36--> 05:12:38

lasagna, Danish alifair or something?

05:12:40--> 05:12:43

So not a it's a word. You have to follow your parents.

05:12:44--> 05:12:53

Well, Kannada buka Allah taboo. Illa Yeah, we'll be ready. Then he Asana which is a worship without that Coloma off when I tell her mama,

05:12:55--> 05:13:06

what it lahoma Jenna Halima Rama, all of these about the areas of the parents and they forget about that one. No, I'm gonna do that. And then the guys are hanafy in the house. Fathers

05:13:07--> 05:13:29

and the son. He's now understood the way of the sell off. So he must put the hands really high. Yeah, and even he doesn't do like modest. He puts a high so Hi. So his father, his old 65 year old or 75 year old father. He looks up and he's got he has upset my my son has strayed from the way of Abu hanifa

05:13:30--> 05:13:31

make him upset.

05:13:33--> 05:13:36

And it causes fitna in the household and this person and that person ever was causing

05:13:38--> 05:13:41

and it's just the way of the sell off and you don't know the sell off and you attacking them.

05:13:43--> 05:13:58

And he doesn't even know that all them or they have ruff ruff Alia Dane is not even a wedge IP. It's not a wedge of according to any book that you like. It's a Sunnah maximum, my friend. And actually the word job was to follow your parents and to be good to them and to be nice to them. Show them your son.

05:13:59--> 05:14:04

But you just want an opinion. You just want an excuse to be arrogant.

05:14:05--> 05:14:10

So you're using Sophia as a pretext to be arrogant to your parents.

05:14:13--> 05:14:21

to bully your parents to bully your mum to bully your dad. Who's 75 year old to be hanafy you bullying him? You're abusing him.

05:14:22--> 05:14:28

May Allah abuse you. Because you're abusing your parents. You're an animal. You are an animal.

05:14:29--> 05:14:37

Yeah, you you think there's a self is a man Really? Yeah, I want to help Bob You see? Yeah, go against your dog. Like go against him more.

05:14:38--> 05:14:41

You think I'm about to go against?

05:14:42--> 05:14:55

Crazy well are you are people of cult? You are a cult? Yeah. You're sectarian. Not just about Harley's. I'm like them. They basically act like that. No, howdy, Howdy, howdy. According to him.

05:14:56--> 05:14:59

According to you, okay. Book of I got the book of

05:15:00--> 05:15:03

Bernie siffert salata Nabi

05:15:05--> 05:15:10

and now if my dad goes against this book, I'm going to attack my dad.

05:15:11--> 05:15:21

He's making tuck legal that Bernie Tucker lead on blind and he thinks that because as Bernie is writing some of his head he said he believes in

05:15:23--> 05:15:32

that this is the this is the why, you know, I've been in Seaford slough nabee book. This is not by the book. But yeah, he believes the joaquina

05:15:34--> 05:15:42

and the hanafy, who's been has a school of thought established for, I don't know, 1200 years, who also is following a book

05:15:43--> 05:15:48

called all the other words No, they're the Hanafi method. They follow, sorry to say

05:15:49--> 05:16:09

Yanni they follow that book, and they don't want to put the handle on say, I mean, they put their feet to a certain way, whatever, leave them alone. Now put your feet head against your mouth, man. Shut your mouth you mo Khaled jail. Maura Kip, animal sectarian freak. You're such a mouth.

05:16:11--> 05:16:12

You shut your mouth.

05:16:16--> 05:16:17

This honestly is

05:16:18--> 05:16:20

offered. Yeah. Okay. So let me just

05:16:22--> 05:16:31

wrap it up. Let me just wrap it up for the people because this What I'm saying is we need to understand physical ology yet the physical prioritization

05:16:33--> 05:16:54

the sectarian freaks of the oma that are using the dean as a way to try and boost their own ego and to attack their families. And mothers and fathers and all those people need to be sidelined and they need to stop being attacked. not physically, of course, but they do need to be confronted. say look, with all due respect you following civil selection of

05:16:55--> 05:16:57

Bernie. Oh, okay. Very good.

05:16:59--> 05:17:01

Yes, he's got Hadeeth next to everything okay.

05:17:03--> 05:17:15

No, podemos got a huge book called The morning and it has way more than that. And if you want to find these five candidates go to that I can go to another book. Why do I Why are you forcing me to believe in that

05:17:16--> 05:17:19

separate column out of you?

05:17:20--> 05:17:37

You want to force your opinion on me? No, no, I'm not gonna force people are free now. Man. leave people alone. leave people alone. Yeah. And that's the situation this is a we need to clean up our own house. The way you're teaching your kids the way we're dealing with situations is wrong.

05:17:38--> 05:18:07

we humble ourselves and we need to bring bringing people together. And I know that burns and and boils the blood of the sectarians Yes, bring them together a like you do in hajj or do you want to have some you wanna you want to go to Hajj you and your friend, this person and that person, the Buddha police and you want to come and say no, sorry brother. What's your aqeedah Oh yes, you are shy so you go to this place we need to separate ourselves and go to that

05:18:09--> 05:18:16

said we don't believe in unity. We only believe in unity on on principles on the true principle. What are you talking about you Jael

05:18:17--> 05:18:25

unite and hatch. It's a physical uniting. The word unity means nothing when it's not macaroon be context will be SIOP

05:18:26--> 05:18:32

where it has no meaning. If you say we believe in unity in the context of Hajj

05:18:34--> 05:18:53

if you don't believe in unity, you believe in the fabric you believe in this unity. You believe in Division you meet you. If you don't believe in unity and have context that means you believe that people should be separated based on their Creed's we don't even separate the shaft from the sun, not that and you want to separate interest in the distinctions and so on.

05:18:54--> 05:19:11

So no, they will say no, we don't believe in that. Okay, so you believe in a kind of unity, then you do believe in a kind of unity because everyone's coming. Everyone's doing pull off. Everyone's participating together. And I bet that everyone is in the same place. And you're not vetting it according to Qaeda.

05:19:12--> 05:19:21

No, when you say yeah, but we're not uniting on the same belief. No one advocated that anyone should be uniting on the same belief. You ignoramuses.

05:19:22--> 05:19:24

You are ignorant.

05:19:25--> 05:19:39

No one said we should be unite. You're going to say beliefs. Okay, go to a mi*, you're going to kick somebody out. Well, some of them do that. Unfortunately. Now, they've gone that far. But if you're not going to kick somebody out, unites behind the Imam, the Imam now is Hanafi I'm not gonna you know, shut your mouth.

05:19:41--> 05:19:59

You unite in Jamaat ngema in hajj in Jihad? in Jaffa, if not Kodama, he was what he bought who actually wrote a keytab called kiss Alou, but the highness of thunder song, and he was fighting with Sarah Dina up. Who was an ashari. Well, he didn't say well, actually you have to be the leader. Hey,

05:20:00--> 05:20:05

So sorry, you didn't say that. So this is a kind of unity. So what what is left?

05:20:06--> 05:20:43

You might say, Well, I don't want my my daughter to marry someone that will actually, according to the Hanafi school, you might not even have a say in the matter. Sorry to say, but even let's say you do have a say, let's say you do have a say and let's say maybe, I don't know. I'm not an expert. Ask him if the but know how to say no matter. She might go and do it and because of your hardheadedness, you might don't do it because quite frankly, and there's a hypocrisy there as well. You know, is is is okay shocked self command for the way not such a hassle you can have a well you can you can have an agreement you can have a marriage without the welly being there. Don't try and be selfies all of

05:20:43--> 05:20:47

a sudden sorry to say Annie also, what now your selfie.

05:20:49--> 05:20:51

selfie? I'll say no, I had the rally and we shot if

05:20:53--> 05:20:54

it goes both ways.

05:20:55--> 05:20:57

It goes both ways.

05:20:58--> 05:21:12

he divorced a woman three times as a part of tonic tonic. hanafy does that. And he goes, he says, and all of the Hanafi musharaf in the law in the whole of the world will say to him it's three divorces. I'm sorry. She has to go about another man.

05:21:14--> 05:21:16

So he says you know what? I think I'll follow the way of Ibn taymiyyah

05:21:18--> 05:21:24

what happened brother? What happened? Even Timmy I want against even the Hannibal and business Allah you go to the EVA and Samia now.

05:21:25--> 05:21:33

You go out to him and say Mia, type Lee and why you thought you were a hanafy staunch and against even Tamia.

05:21:34--> 05:21:55

Oh, you realize now or maybe he was Ireland, he becomes more staid all of a sudden, even send me a now he was he was from zero now become hero. He's almost stayed. Let's follow his opinion. Okay, even more than you should have given them respect before. This is hypocrisy on all sides. Because sectarianism is too pervasive. Okay, give everyone their hot

05:21:56--> 05:22:07

bucks NASA share a home you are diminishing from the rights of people. When you don't consider people like Abu hanifa. Even taking out their giant slack as giant,

05:22:08--> 05:22:47

huge mistake. You should celebrate these people and respect them just because they had a few differences. Don't try and do a scout of them and cancel them. How dare you? How dare you do that? How dare you do that? So no, this whole sectarianism thing, I'm sorry to say is gone on for too long. Fair enough. Those Shia, they need separate institutions and the authority to say it within Sunni, so called Yanni, Sunni Islam loosely use the term like the generic term, that sometimes the differences are too much. So we need space in certain contexts. I'm not going to tell you we don't. I'm not going to tell you let's put the bread whites and the metabolites together because someone's

05:22:47--> 05:22:57

gonna die in that scenario, someone's gonna get killed. Someone's gonna get killed brother. Okay, I'm not going to tell you today. And maybe we should No, no, no.

05:23:00--> 05:23:25

The the breath. I'm not saying let's put everybody No, I'm saying let's have maturity when we speak of the issue of unity of the Muslims, and realize that there are contexts everybody agrees there has to be unity. Let's not try and pretend that that that's that's not there. You live your life, okay. You don't want your certain family members to be married to somebody from maybe a far away method that makes sense, whether it's 15 minutes of walking, I

05:23:26--> 05:23:51

understand this. But don't don't drag that out and make it into something else. Because what we're trying to achieve will lie and only I'll finish with this because I need to eat something to eat something before I fast tomorrow, because I am a big man and I need big colors. You understand that? I think everybody understands this. I think everybody especially Adam, who ran away when he was trying to argue with me in a very mature manner.

05:23:55--> 05:24:07

4000 calories a day? Simply, you know, this fast. It's very difficult for me see, what I'm gonna say is this. This is what the aim and objective is. Yes, we have our own SAP as we have our objectives of

05:24:08--> 05:24:21

the doubts we try and get rid of the doubts of the people. We're trying to explain Islam and yeah, but there's another thing which I want to say to the people listen very carefully everybody that's listening to this live stream 140 people

05:24:23--> 05:24:37

Yes, because you know, when I put this kind of show in there, like yeah, 147 149 Let's bring it to 900 Come on, get your friends involved. Because this this, this, call your friends 851 846 This is ridiculous.

05:24:38--> 05:24:40

Let me say why I need to say

05:24:42--> 05:24:50

By the way, I said I want a call. Well done, my brother. Come on. This is not the right time. My fault. I just want to say shout out to you. Oh, are you going?

05:24:52--> 05:24:54

No, no. Okay. Listen,

05:24:56--> 05:25:00

one of the objectives that we have as the Muslim Ummah is to it.

05:25:00--> 05:25:01

Identify the fringe elements,

05:25:03--> 05:25:13

the sectarians, the ones who have a personal and group agenda, and then to alienate them to so so that if somebody says,

05:25:14--> 05:25:20

If you meet a sophist who says, Oh, I'm not going to pray behind the surface, because he's a Catholic, I've met these people.

05:25:21--> 05:25:24

You say, actually, you are an extremist.

05:25:25--> 05:25:27

And your belief is unsustainable.

05:25:28--> 05:25:54

It's unsustainable, and probably You're the one who's falling into shift actually, Allah probably is the one who's doing the believes that the Prophet is everywhere or something or, I don't know, but the Prophet has all the knowledge or something, which is a shortcut and kufri belief How can the Prophet have all the knowledge? And Allah says in the Quran, called Malcolm to be the and mineralium icon to add, now you follow me Will I become I don't know. I wasn't innovation from the prophets on I don't know.

05:25:55--> 05:26:01

He doesn't know. He, the prophet doesn't know what's going to happen to him or to the other people.

05:26:02--> 05:26:26

You know what I'm trying to say so he doesn't know certain things. It's a little canister it again, Mr. Saffy Manton, they cry, they ask you about this hour? When will it be packed? You don't know? When will it be? So you want to make you want to you want to try to delete those verses? No, bro, the prophet doesn't know everything. My friend. So those people that are making techfit of the Salafist, send it extreme.

05:26:27--> 05:26:31

And then you have the other extremes from the Salafist, make fun of everybody else.

05:26:32--> 05:26:38

Like one of them said, Actually famous Island. He said, Nobody knew what les Lola was, except for me.

05:26:39--> 05:26:54

All of my teachers, I'm not gonna mention who he is. If you know who it is. You can research this in Arabic. Yeah, you'll see in their tracks. Nobody knew what Layla is. Except for me. None of my teachers kind of sorry what kind of cameras up?

05:26:56--> 05:27:26

That's from the selfie site. So we alienate those opinions. We say this is the opinion of the fringe opinions we a we alienate we see someone with that opinion. We identify them as a threat to unity to security. Sorry, yes. This can be a threat to security because now that you've made a clear of me what's next move to make was shut out and other no Zimbabwe you know, killed Oh, sorry, shot, they wanted to kill him. Some of those extremists from that, sorry, the suicide and then some extremists from the selfish side.

05:27:28--> 05:27:32

And by the way, the surfers actually do that, like any they're not known for this, let's be honest.

05:27:33--> 05:27:40

So we don't even need to speak about the ones who are the extremists from the other side, because the whole world knows who they are know.

05:27:41--> 05:28:06

I will buckle back daddy and Musharraf me in a weird shooting and killing and no one's a Muslim to them. I one time when I was younger, I can never forget this. There was a guy from Jeb Hatton nostra which is like another tech theorist group. Yeah. Which is quite similar to ISIS. And the guy's name was Joe lanie. And he was making an adversary interview he was doing an interview with

05:28:07--> 05:28:42

with Al Jazeera, and it's still online, you can find it for the Arabic listeners. And they were asking him Why are you like, divided with ISIS? Is that like at the heart of the whole size, Syrian war? And he said that they're making fear of us and they're taking our women as slaves. I was thinking Whoa, man, you guys believe in 99.9% of the same stuff. That somehow you found 0.001% to not only make tech fear, to hate the other person to kill them and to enslave their wife.

05:28:43--> 05:28:50

Now well, I don't know how on earth you how many how you manage that. hermeneutically How on earth did you do that?

05:28:51--> 05:28:52

That's gonna need some

05:28:53--> 05:28:59

backflips. acrobatics, somehow made use of acrobatics and backflips and this How'd you do that?

05:29:01--> 05:29:02

these extremists

05:29:03--> 05:29:23

were like we can do all that. Let me tell you something. We can do work for 10 years at Sapiens and 10 years I euro and 10 years and this place one path these people good people everyone's good. Not everyone but all of you could do and they do great work. And then and then we find some sorry to say some prick.

05:29:25--> 05:29:32

This is the way I'm going to work. I'm going to use some prat some prick. Some practice Muslim, some prick.

05:29:33--> 05:29:48

And this prick he wants to destroy everybody's work. Everybody's work. blow himself up. Go on. Do tap do go and do tech fears go on shadows go and worship somebody I'm human being going

05:29:49--> 05:29:59

you'll you're destroying our religion brother. We need to work on this ourselves. We need to sorry this is very important is as important as us doing our to know Muslims and the summer, folks, this is it.

05:30:00--> 05:30:38

More important so we have to deal with so an issue is to to identify when you hear and see certain things to clear tech Dr. Jaffe Are you one of those helaas we warn the people against you because you're you're the kind of guy that would probably kill somebody, you're going to cut you're the kind of got us going to harm somebody, you're a sectarian guy, you're making money out your set, or your little burn damage that you've got, you charlatan or your little cult that you have, once we've identified who you are, the Muslims are going to stay united in the middle, the broad Yani stroke Muslims and the normal Muslims.

05:30:40--> 05:30:55

And we we have identified who you are now we're going to deal with you Just like we deal with the enemies of Islam. Just like them, we have to we have to because if we don't do it, then they're going to think we are the same. The disbelievers are going to think, you freak, and we are the same. We're not.

05:30:56--> 05:31:10

And if I have a record of 10 years of going against shoe freaks, yes. If I have a record of that, then I will say to the people, we've been working on this for 10 years we've been we've been dealing with the freaks, the pricks we have been dealing with and the practice.

05:31:13--> 05:31:15

And that's what I have to say to the people, man.

05:31:16--> 05:31:19

Yeah, I'm gonna eat my Kareena Sana

05:31:23--> 05:31:26

Salaam Alaikum. Guys so that's how you answered that question.

05:31:27--> 05:31:51

I was obviously slightly mistaken on how to answer it. Maybe you can blame it on tightness but yeah, zacco here, Mohammed hijab for the onset, long as it was. So brothers and sisters we've done about nearly five and a half hours in this life. Allah Subhana Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless every single one of you. And yeah, so inshallah what we'll do is we're going to

05:31:52--> 05:31:53

we're going to

05:31:56--> 05:31:58

speak to what's his name?

05:32:02--> 05:32:04

One second to apologize

05:32:05--> 05:32:07

to say to sort something out.

05:32:10--> 05:32:14

Okay, brilliant. So, who was speaking it was brother

05:32:15--> 05:32:24

is smart. Speak rather than we end on you inshallah. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Well, heiligenstadt armas, Lobo. Cata Hey, brother,

05:32:25--> 05:32:33

girl, hamdulillah. Mother, I appreciate both of your guys's worth. I've been watching you guys since I was like in middle school. Now I'm in high school.

05:32:35--> 05:32:44

Um, I have a question. So like, a Christian, he came, we were just discussing. And then he asked me, oh,

05:32:45--> 05:33:11

you believe it has to do with the smls effects that Mohammed hijab was talking about. But he was saying, You believe Allah subhanaw. taala is the creator. And all of his attributes are like, eternal and uncreated. So like, he was saying, basically, when you're a creator, that's when you not, you know, you create something at first, right? You need to create something in order to be creator. So he was saying,

05:33:12--> 05:33:37

it's a contradiction for Allah to have, like, you know, what I'm saying eternally be a creator, if he wasn't creating turned on or something like that. So how would you like respond to that? The simple answer is and upgraded to who we are, which is very simple, that Allah has the attributes of being a creator. Without him necessarily creating. That's, that's, that's what the hell he says. I don't know. See what the problem is.

05:33:39--> 05:33:40


05:33:42--> 05:33:43

if you watch them yesterday,

05:33:47--> 05:33:47

they should be

05:33:49--> 05:33:58

can game a spin as well? Because the spins days? So I do apologize. So yeah, so I don't see how that's a problem that you're only created when you create

05:34:00--> 05:34:02

that I don't see what the problem is here.

05:34:04--> 05:34:06

Yeah, like,

05:34:08--> 05:34:13

boy, like, Can I really call my son like, I was trying to think of it but like, Can I call myself like,

05:34:14--> 05:34:26

I don't know, creator of like something. Right? If I did anything. Okay. So someone's an artist in the weekends. They don't work. I just didn't artists.

05:34:27--> 05:34:39

Yeah. Look, I lost my greater reason. There's no analogy, but it's by greater reason. Yeah. It's an A fortiori argument. So by greater reason, what's the problem here? I don't I don't see what the issue here is.

05:34:40--> 05:35:00

I see what you're saying. All right, thank you. There's some problem with even taymiyah concerning the attribute of alcoholic and a HELOC. And the lamb is when Allah and it's nothing to do with with this issue, but it's to do with the fact that Allah subhana wa Allah says, is the one who creates like the one who does not. So this indicates something to do can be perfect.

05:35:00--> 05:35:43

of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So even to me interpret this IR to mean that creating is more perfect than not creating as this Allah is maximally perfect, then he must have always been creating. And that's why he argued that Allah is perpetually creating. But so he said, the genius of creation is eternal. But every instance of creation is finite. So there's nothing co eternal with Allah subhanho wa Taala. But some of the the early ama, they gunned him on this, but I think they misunderstood him. So we have to be fair to you being to me, I'm not saying I followed this particular opinion, but I'm just saying, there is some Kalam on this topic, because saying even kimia and the attributes

05:35:43--> 05:35:44

of a Holic

05:35:46--> 05:36:08

but Allah subhanho wa Taala had to be creating for eternally, because being creative acts being a creator, the one who creates is better than one who does not meaning it's actually a manifestation of perfection. And since Allah is maximally perfect, according to all the schools of creed, then even Timmy is we was therefore Allah must have always been creating perpetually.

05:36:09--> 05:36:44

And this doesn't make creation eternal, because every instance of creation is finite, but that those instantiations of creations have been going on forever. But that doesn't make a particular creation eternal. So the accusations that some of the LMR had against him on this issue, maybe co founder, because he was they thought that he was saying that there are things co attorney with a law. That's that's a false accusation. We understand his works, but never the case. I thought I'd bring that in there. Because it sounds similar to what you said, but it's not. It's not related. But nevertheless,

05:36:46--> 05:37:00

what was the point here? Yeah, so I hope that answers your question in terms of you know, you know, you're a CEO from Monday to Friday, and you go, you go on a weekend break, and you're on the beach, and you're sipping some orange juice, you didn't seal, you know.

05:37:01--> 05:37:05

Right. Right. So it has to do with the ability. I understand that.

05:37:07--> 05:37:09

Pretty appreciate any other questions?

05:37:10--> 05:37:11


05:37:12--> 05:37:22

let me think you wait a long time and a lot of sub Sharla. Well, yeah, one more. Yeah. I have one more question. And that's,

05:37:23--> 05:38:13

I was also I don't know, I was talking to also someone else. So it was a shear. And I'm pretty sure use like, asking me because there's a hadith are also a lot of lies. And that's like, there is Allah has like, two right hands, right. And basically, he basically was saying, this, doesn't this imply, like, a direction and stuff like this? So I was, I didn't really know how to respond to that. Yeah, I mean, I'm not entirely aware of this. But the general principle is Mohammed he just said was, we affirm the primary conclusive on ambiguous principle in the deen coming straight from the Quran, Lisa chemistry he she? Yes, matter of fact, shekou Mohammed draws makes a really good point on what

05:38:13--> 05:38:49

he just says about why the chi is there, which is, you know, you can't compare Allah to anything, nothing close to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so we affirm that, so you understand these type of narrations in light of that, which therefore would make you move, take a move? What would that be? That would be the move of the early spiritual masters, which is we don't, we don't talk about the key fear. We don't talk about the wholeness of the modality. So you could affirm something we're not without knowing the how this even exists in science, in the philosophy of science is so many different things. Yeah.

05:38:51--> 05:39:31

So we affirm what Allah has told us, but we don't know the how. And one thing that he just brought up, which I think was very powerful, which needs to be expanded on now, but by you, and, you know, a lot of these Hadees we forget the main message, like especially about when you know, Allah descends, and the last night allowances you don't we focus on that we don't focus on the main practical point of a vida and worshipping Allah subhana wa Tada, we should be connecting to him. Right, we should be connecting to him and worshiping Him and and glorifying him and, you know, being showing our utter dependence on Allah subhanho wa Taala, we dismiss it, we just forget the whole thing.

05:39:34--> 05:40:00

So yeah, that's why I would say the those that, that kind of schema, that kind of template that hijab spoke about is is is probably the best way forward. We affirm what Allah said, Allah is absolutely transcendent. And we don't talk about the key fear the the hollowness, and we just focus on the main essence of the deen which is to worship Allah which is to know him to

05:40:00--> 05:40:04

Love him to obey Him and to direct all acts of worship team anon excuse me

05:40:06--> 05:40:09

yeah makes sense. Vertical of equal

05:40:11--> 05:40:16

you glitter the right when I'm about to like break fast to like very close by like

05:40:18--> 05:40:18


05:40:22--> 05:40:32

so brothers and sisters sorry for the long live stream I hope you enjoyed yourself any mistakes that we made Please forgive us like I made a bit of a mistake as well previously concerning the Hadeeth

05:40:34--> 05:40:44

forgive us on these issues everything has been clarified hopefully. And you know, everything that we said that's good has come from Allah subhanho wa Taala anything that is wrong

05:40:45--> 05:40:49

has come from our knifes and shaytaan as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh