Ramadan 2021 Jummah Boost – Why do Muslims Struggle

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, Al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While early he was happy, he had mine, my brothers and sisters, if you're a good person, a good Muslim, a believer who worships Allah properly correctly to the best of their ability, it does not mean that you will not go through hardship. Remember that perhaps you will go through greater hardship. Let me explain one simple explanation. Those who are not enrolled in the school will not be tested by the school. Remember that simple way of looking at things. You cannot be a person who's a total outsider and expect the school to examine you to test you. You have to

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enroll, you have to be a member, you have to have attended the lessons, you have to say that I am following the rules of the school, and I'm going to attend the school and then the school will test you every so often. So my brothers and sisters, when you have adopted Islam, and worshiped Allah alone, and you've understood the rules and regulations and acknowledged them, and you are saying, I'm going to walk on this path of Allah, Allah says, Well, I never know when

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I come, I will definitely test we will test you definitely without a doubt, with a lot of things. And these things are mentioned in Surah, Baqarah, and various other sources. So it's not like because you're a believer, everything is going to be easy for you. It's not it's going to be difficult, in fact, more difficult than others. Take a look at Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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During approximately this time of Ramadan. The Battle of battle took place the 17th of Ramadan. Now we're slightly after the 17th. But still, the battle took place of Bader and prior to that, the moment the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, declared the prophet who then reminded the people of Quraysh, that I am a warning for you that a punishment will overtake you if you continue in these bad ways and habits. They hated him. They were against him, they persecuted him in his companions. In fact, what are Kirby nofal who was the cousin of her deja minty? Hopefully, there'll be a loved one here. Initially, when Prophethood had come to a revelation came to Muhammad salallahu alayhi

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wasallam. And she took him to him. She took the Prophet peace be upon him to waka waka said, I wish that I would be alive the day that your people basically persecute you remove you from your city from Makkah Tomoko Rama, and he asked a question, will they remove me from my own city? He said, Yes. That's what they've done with all the messengers Subhana Allah Hara bellami Look, persecution starts from the day you declared the right thing. Because shavon and the devilish forces don't want what is right. They will their whole life they will feel threatened by what you're saying. They thrive on corruption, they thrive on bad and evil. And when you too clean for the community, they

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will fight you because you are clean, they will fight you because you are upright, they cannot be corrupt anymore. They will fight you because they cannot take their bribes and they cannot do all the wrong things you are basically, you know, in the wrong place. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us an understanding. According to them, you're in the wrong place, but according to Allah, you're doing the right thing. So Allah says, when you declare faith, we will test you in order to understand in order to see Are you really true in your faith, or are you just being fake? This is why in Surah, two lancar booth, Allah Almighty says, while acorda fatten Levine Emil kabini him

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fella lemon, Allahu la Vina Sadako Allah lemon, Alka dB, we have definitely tested those before you as well, in order to distinguish between those who are truthful and those who are liars in their faith and their belief. You don't believe in Allah, you haven't even enrolled in the school, perhaps your test will be less. So go and look around those who are not Muslims, those who haven't submitted to their maker alone, those who don't have rules and regulations governing their dress code, the way they work, the way they walk, the way they talk, the what they eat, what they do, how they work, what they consume, how they pray, and what they will do and not do. They have an easy life.

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SubhanAllah in most cases, they don't they're not really persecuted in most cases. They are pockets of persecution and we as Muslims will be against that persecution. But for us, we've been persecuted for years on end and were blamed for the loss of others. This is nothing new. This has been happening.

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From the very beginning, the moment the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him or the Prophet Jesus peace be upon your other Prophet Moses peace be upon him declared the truth. They struggled at the face or they struggled in the face of all of this May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us an understanding. When you say I'm a Muslim, you will be, they will be people who will look at you funny, they will give you the looks, they will say dirty things they will be, they might even want to hurt you. There are so many of our brothers and sisters, even in relatively free countries who have actually been stabbed to death, hurt, killed and etc. Just because they say la ilaha illa

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Allah, the Quran speaks about it. A levina ocurrido mean, the him we want you to have been in a pool or a boon Allah. Allah speaks about the people who have been driven out of their homes only because they declared that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah. This was from the beginning. This was right at the beginning and it's happening to this day. So it doesn't mean that because you have declared your faith in Allah, you're praying five times a day you're doing tahajjud you're dressing appropriately, you're reading Quran, you're fasting properly, you're giving charity, you've been for Hajj, you're a good person, you're kind to everyone, you don't hurt the soul that you will not be

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hurt, you will not be tested. There is nothing like that. You will still be tested perhaps more in this world. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says that in so many Surah Surah Allah imraan Allah says it is well near the end when Allah says, well let us mount nominal Medina Oh tokita bombing corbelli Kumar mean alladhina Ashura, ko

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caffine. Allah says, you will be tested, you will be tested in your wealth and in your selves, you will be tested with lives and with the loss of your property and you will hear from other people of other faiths, a lot of evil and wrong against you. They will accuse they will say the wrong things they will fabricate they will try to create, you know, uncertainty they will do whatever you will hear a lot of harm against you from them. What should you do? Allah says, what

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does he do in a valley come in asmin omo Subhan Allah, if you are patient, and you actually develop the consciousness of Allah, that is the best thing that you could do the best of your affairs. May Allah make it easy for us. The reason I say this today is because many people send me messages and emails and and ask questions to say, but I'm such a good person. I tried to worship Allah, why is everything going wrong? It's not going wrong. It's going as per Allah's plan, take it in your stride. You are on earth to be tested, you've enrolled in the college. And once you've enrolled, you will be tested every week, then you'll be tested every month, then you'll be tested once a year

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major tests every so often every season, that's life until the day you go the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him thereafter. They were persecuted year in year out every time and they went the first lot of companions were sent migration to Abyssinia which is in Ethiopia today. The second time they did a migration to Madina munawwara which was the major migration. And then Subhanallah they came back and they they were was upon wars, so they didn't have a you know, a time of total peace throughout their lives. They had a lot of hardship and difficulty. Many of them lost their lives through these battles. And because they were persecuted. So my brothers and sisters each normal when you go, for

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example, to an airport across the globe, if you're a Muslim, chances are you're going to be questioned, you're going to be stopped. whatever the reason may be sometimes they call you, Mr. Random, you know, maybe you might be and sometimes you know what, it's their right to ask you a few questions. It's not their right to disrespect you or to dishonor you or to actually insult you. But sometimes they will do that. Some people know no better. They haven't been cultured, they don't know. They're not humane enough. You know, they probably treat animals better than they treat us sometimes it can happen, it would happen. It is happening Subhan Allah, you know, you just expected

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you but with a smile, continue and progress. And Allah will open your doors, Allah will open your doors. Don't worry, that beautiful character that you depict in the new showed the beautiful character that you showed at a time when they were being nasty towards you and unreasonable towards you. That is what will make him think if they have an iota of goodness within their hearts. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will definitely bless you in a billion ways you passed your test, they failed. There's look at so many innocent Muslims incarcerated in so many parts of the globe. What was the crime a false accusation? Perhaps? Perhaps some

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thing that wasn't even supposed to be a crime. May Allah subhanho wa Taala, free all those who are innocent, I mean, and so my brothers and sisters, the reason I chose to speak about this today is primarily because this is the season where the Battle of battle took place. This is what happened, you know, the run up to the 17th of Ramadan, the 17th. And just thereafter, so much of this, you know, momentum where the Muslims had won, they won the battle against all odds, they were small in number, they were ill equipped in terms of weaponry, but Subhanallah that they were trying to go and get back what rightfully was there as in terms of property, and wealth and so on the dignity and

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Allah gave it to them. So pan RBL Allah, may Allah bless every one of us, take it in your stride. If you are tested, no problem, you will just ask Allah say, Oh Allah, you promise to test us, please test us with that which is easy for us to succeed in. Don't test us with that which we will fail, or that which will be difficult and hard. And then when you are tested, this is something very noble that I'm about to say. When you are tested by Allah, ask yourself, Am I managing it? If you're managing it, thank Allah for the test and say, oh, Allah, you tested me and hamdulillah This test was easy. Don't test me with other tests.

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When you're a true believer, Subhana Allah, you're thanking Allah for the test. Imagine you go for an examination at the same school we were talking about. And the exam was so easy. You come out with a big smile, but you went for the exam, didn't you? You studied for it. You worked hard for it. You went in, they were questions they grilled you, they questioned you. And when you came out you were smiling because you cracked it. Mashallah. So thank you might go to thank the teachers to say, Oh, thank you so much. It was such a lovely exam. Well, thank Allah for the examinations he puts in your life that are quite easy. He gave you the rules. He told you what to do. You know the book, you

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learned everything, take it in your stride. He spoke about sub, he spoke about taqwa. He spoke about so many other things. And that's how you will pass your test. So those who have reverted to Islam, it's not going to be a party. It's going to be very difficult. People will let you down. People may embarrass you people may betray you it can happen. It's Allah testing your faith. Were you genuine or were you not? Same applies to those who are born Muslims. Are you genuine? Or are you just paying lip service to it? We will struggle and there will be days in the lives of everyone where we struggle more so a believer and I explained to you why believers would have greater tests than those

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who don't believe May Allah subhanho wa Taala. Grant us an understanding that to is a verse of the Quran, where Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about how at times those who don't believe they have everything in life sometimes and everything is moving smooth, like they say smooth sailing, but Subhan Allah, Allah says, Well, we've prepared a whole hereafter for you. May Allah subhanho wa Taala strengthen us upon the goodness upon worshipping our maker alone, and not associating anything or anyone with him in worship, and following the Sunnah and the teachings of Beloved Muhammad Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. I mean, thank you so much for listening. akuto Kalia was Salam

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aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.