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Mufti Ismail Menk – Gratitude of Limbs
Speech in Blackburn on Friday 1st March 2013

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi been a woman who sang in Ely Medina about

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beloved brothers, sisters, dearest listeners, we thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for giving us this beautiful day of a Friday, which is the best day of the Islamic week.

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And at the same time in it, there is an hour where if we were to call out to Allah subhanho wa Taala for any of our needs, or anything that we would like for as long as it is something permissible the Hadith says it will be responded to exactly as we want it. What is that moment? I don't know and you don't know perhaps our best bet is to continue to make the dua from the morning to the evening Allah granted to us. We all have our needs. We all have issues we are going through we all may have medical problems. Nobody's life is rosy completely.

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And Allah knows what you are going through you might think you are going through the biggest issues and the person sitting right next to you is going through a far bigger issue but they are handling it well because they have a man

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and because they have conviction. So we need to develop our Eman and conviction. Remember tests come to you and to me in order to make you closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala mostly.

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And in order to develop you as a human being many people do not turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala when their life is rosy, everything is going smooth, so they don't turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala because their bones are not aching, they don't have health matters they look very good Mashallah. their salaries, three, four digital hamdulillah and they are very excited they have a good home lovely place lovely children and they don't mind. So sometimes they don't read salah and sometimes they don't even turn to Allah and they have no purpose or reason sometimes they think to raise their hands to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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min should never feel this no matter what you have, the more you have, the closer you should be to Allah the more humble you should be no matter what. When you are given a lot by Allah subhanho wa Taala you need to turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala and you need to make sure that you have thanked him in every single way that he would like to be thanked, because to thank Allah subhanho wa Taala is not only by mouth, but more than by mouth, it is by words and actions.

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What type of words what type of actions, those words that will please Allah subhanho wa Taala those actions that will please Allah subhanho wa Taala a person who says Alhamdulillah 1000 times every hour, yet he does not get up for Salah is ungrateful.

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A person who says Mashallah, or alive, thank you all I appreciate what you've done for me, and they are not prepared to dress according to the law of Allah. They are ungrateful, they are showing in gratitude. So it's important to know and to realize that gratitude is shown through a certain channel, there is a certain way of showing gratitude.

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Gratitude is primarily shown in the way Allah subhanho wa Taala would like it to be seen from us so your hands, your feet, your eyes, your nose, your faculties, are all in synchronization towards the gratitude of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, Allah has given us eyes, we look at 576 megapixel the strength of my eyes, Allahu Akbar. What a powerful tool What a powerful organ that Allah has given us. It requires no fine tuning. And Al Hamdulillah Allah is the Greatest in order to thank Allah for that I need to make sure I do not look at Haram. Allah He that is the means of thanking Allah for your eyes, the minute you have looked at Haram, whether it is in terms of the opposite sex or in

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terms of something, perhaps pornographic, something that is disallowed, and you have not lowered your gaze or you have not protected yourself from looking at that which would earn the anger of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In that case, we have not shown gratitude to Allah through or for the gift of the eyes we have. The same applies to our ears, my brothers and sisters, if we are busy listening to music, listening to swear words, allowing ourselves to listen to blasphemy and so on. With these ears of ours, we have not shown gratitude that we have ears ask those who cannot hear. I wonder how you will ask them perhaps through science Allahu Akbar, they cannot hear.

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Ask those who's who need machinery in order to hear May Allah

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Grant Shiva to all those who cannot hear

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you we need to show gratitude to Allah through listening to that which is within the obedience of Allah. So to show gratefulness for the gift of your ears, please listen to the Quran. Listen to a good lecture, listen to the Hadith. Listen to something that will draw you closer to Allah that is the gratitude for the ears you have, I have been given ears not in order to sin through so much so that my ears become frustrated with me. When I use them for something Haram. They themselves will bear witness against me on the Day of Judgment. Yeah, Allah. I did not want to listen to this and to that, but this soul forced me to do that law cover.

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The same applies to my mouth. While loving my beloved brothers and sisters. It is a very, very big gift of Allah Do you know taste buds? taste buds are such that no matter how hard we try to understand, we may understand up to a certain extent. Beyond that, we don't know.

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I was reading an article about salt and they say something very strange. I actually was even more confused. They say salt does not add something, but it actually subtract something to change the taste. Now if you think about that, it is so confusing.

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When we add salt perhaps to our hot chips, Mashallah. What happens we taste the salt. Now people are saying you're not tasting something, you're actually subtracting something to make it taste like salt. Now, whether that is right or wrong, I don't know. But the statement itself brings about the qudra of Allah subhanho wa Taala to say your taste buds imagine you add something which is a little white powder and suddenly it tastes a certain way. And this is a gift of Allah How have I thank Allah for the gift of taste buds. Not only that for my tank, whilst I'm speaking now, while llahi My tongue is moving up and down hundreds of 1000s of times. And I am not even thinking of how it is

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controlled what is lifting it up and down. It's just overlooked because we do it so much but a true movement we'll think about it from time to time.

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life anyone

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wila juubi wire

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back burnam hola falta

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de la suka Hana Kapha. Tina.

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Amazing verse. Allah says indeed, in the creation of the skies and the earth, and the movement of the night and the day are Signs for those with intellect. So everything Allah has created, there are signs in that for those with intellect, signs of what's the Presence of Allah, the fact that who that we are returning to Allah, Who we are why we've been created. And this is why Allah says those who remember Allah, once they are standing once they are sitting, and on their side, they remember Allah they think of Allah they think of everything Allah has given them, they think of returning to Allah. And when they think of returning to Allah, they say Oh Allah protect us from the fire. pinata

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burner, Allah protect us from the fire, lava Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Why? Because that's where we are heading. How can I be thinking of all the creatures of Allah around me and the gift of Allah, and whatever he's given us, and at the same time operate in my life in a way that when I end or when this life comes to an end, I end up in the fire of jahannam. Is that fair? No, it isn't. I need to use everything I have to make sure that I believe Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So this gratitude, the gratitude of the year we spoke about we were speaking about the gratitude of the tongue. Remember my brothers and sisters utter words which will be pleasing to Allah praise Allah declare it

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with the meaning, being believed in completely there is no point in saying, I still feel lost offer whilst you are sinning. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah protect us. A person who is saying estavela or Allahu Akbar Al Hamdulillah. And yet they are busy, engaged in a sin or they do not want to give up a sin. What are they doing, they have not understood the plan of Allah.

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They have not understood the respect of their own rub to start with. Europe is here you are saying Subhana Allah Alhamdulillah and look at your deeds. They are heading in the wrong direction. My brothers and sisters

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I attended the function and I thought of something

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that came to my mind. I need to share it with you, because we don't know how long we're going to live. non Muslims who have been through all the evil that the world can offer, have seen the light in Islam and turned to it. Why is it that we as Muslim men, who have the gift of Islam and Eman we want to test out and try out all those sins and evil yet we have the best Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Look at shavon This is why we should be crying. When we hear the verse, Allah says, Why

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stablity loco man, ye Raku. If you are going to turn away, we will replace you with others with another nation. Someone will take your place. If you did not come for solitude, the masjid will not be empty, someone else came where you were supposed to have been. So panela if you did not donate to a good cause, it's not going to stop someone else whose money was clean will donate. Like I was saying moments ago.

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For you to be able to listen to hack and the truth you need to be worth it. If you're not worth it, someone else will come and listen to it and you will be kicked out by shavonne through some form of statement or rumor or whatever it is, and Allah kept you away because your deeds are not good enough. You're not serious about turning to Allah because Allah says, When levina jahad oficina Lana de

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una, whoever struggles and strives and makes an effort to come close to us. Those are the ones whose dose of guidance we will open.

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We will open for them, the guidance to us, our paths will open but someone making no effort they have no intention, no plan to turn to Allah. Sometimes through Alice's miracle and mercy he can still turn a person even from their bedside, he can do that. But the general rule as he has said, You want something you work towards it. You want something you struggle towards it. I want paradise. And so do you want law here we want to meet in general, I have love in my heart for everyone I see by the will of Allah, even if we may have a different show too. Even if you like purple and I like green so on you we love each other for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala I want to see you in

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paradise. And I hope you have a similar feeling in your heart to see me in paradise. This is the Brotherhood in Islam. Today, we have a small issue a small difference. Instead of thinking let me teach the brother He is my brother, he is making a mistake, we become enemies, we hate each other. And yet, we are so close. So close just an inch away. If I could work half an inch and you could work half an inch we would come together. But no, today we are taught something strange. And that is when you do not like the way someone blinks, finished, cut them out of your life and start talking bad about them and walk in the other direction is that gratitude for the heart we've been given,

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showing gratitude of the heart that Allah has given us to pump. It's amazing how my brothers and sisters, Allah has kept the heart and he's spoken about two things regarding the heart. The heart is the physical heart. And at the same time, it is an emotional and spiritual heart, you need to know this. So when someone says Your heart is clean, they could be talking of cholesterol, they could be talking of something physical, that could be talking of your blood being good and your heart is pumping. It depends who is saying that. If it is the cardiologist he says Your heart is very clean, pumping properly, you know what he's talking about. But if someone else is talking about do you have

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a clean heart, they may be talking about your hatred, your jealousy, your enmity, a different type of cholesterol. And this is why we say develop a link with the Allah and the scholars, you must if you do not have a link with the Lama and the scholars and you are lazy to attend the Guru's and the lessons that are there for you in the massage and in various other places and platforms. If this laziness overtakes you, it develops a cholesterol that is spiritual in your heart. And you may suffer a spiritual heart attack by falling into Xena and pornography and perhaps a relation with the opposite sex that will take you back 40 years in your relation with Allah subhanho wa Taala why

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Brother, you suffered a heart attack, there is paralysis on your right side, not physical. Physically you are in the gym and you are perhaps training but the same gym has resulted in a certain type of cholesterol that blocked your spirituality. May Allah grant us gratitude. This is why we say when we talk of gratitude, it is such a broad topic that we need to think about it so deeply. Allah gave me a heart. I wanted to pump today if I told you brother your cholesterol is sitting at nine you would say what? Nine that is abnormal. What can I do? And you say go on this diet and you better exercise this much. You must walk to work you must do this. People walk for

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nothing. People walk for nothing just for their health, which means they can walk five miles a day two miles a day and they can exercise and sweat sweat on the

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spot, you know what that means. In reality, the only thing you're achieving is to try try to improve your health in one way or another by running on the spots. You didn't even run some way but on the spot and you sweat it so badly, but the same person cannot make it to the masjid. The same person cannot spend the moment to do to allow the same person cannot listen to the lectures, or perhaps cannot change their lives in a small way to please Allah. The same person who is ready to thin their blood through aspirin and disprin is not prepared to fill their spiritual blood to protect themselves from spiritual cholesterol in order to earn the protection against the spiritual heart

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And sometimes we really do deeds that result in a spiritual heart attack. One of them is jealousy, hatred, enmity, envy, selfishness, and so on. We need to be selfless. We need to learn to love one another what I love for myself I love for you, my brother so what they might be two or three things I may disagree with you on. But my brother I love you for the sake of Allah, my sister, I love you for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala I bring something to my mind. You have young people sometimes have the opposite sex when they are a little bit religious and they want to tell someone they love them. They just add a statement at the end say I love you, my sister and they say for the

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pleasure of Allah, you know,

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if we're using that statement just to get to someone in a wrong way a lie we are wrong. We shouldn't be we make dua for one another. But the reality is remove that hatred from your heart for others. Sometimes in our own family members, we have so much hatred, and then we say I'm grateful to Allah Al hamdu wushu kuruvilla Al Hamdulillah cachaca awaji do jela gelato What is it enough to say the statement Do you really mean it? If you really mean it, concentrate on your heart, your hands, like we are speaking about the heart right now and I'm saying how important it is to engage in say, for example, the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala the remembrance of Allah the Quran is often a victory,

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and at the same time to purify the heart from clinging towards worldly material items in a way that you are taken away from Allah subhanho wa Taala Some people love their hair more than they love Allah. Some people love their face more than they love Allah. Some people love their car more than they love Allah, some people their watch, they love it more than Allah subhanho wa Taala some people they love someone who is home for them more than Allah so they will go in that direction. And when he says Hi.

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Come to success. Where are they? Where are they harm relation? Someone some way they turn a deaf ear to the call to success more than 20 times a day.

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More than 20 times a day.

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I think people are working on how did you get to them? Don't worry, you can calculate it. If we are wrong. You can downgrade you can revise but even if it was a call once a day, who is calling you to follow what is success? Don't you want the pounds I want them to? Well, you want them hi Alan fella, the owner of the pounds is telling you come I show you come here I will give you what is right for you. If I gave you more you might use it in the wrong way. If I gave you less you might have this if I give you more you might forget me so I've given you what you deserve. And I've given you such that I keep you where I want you to be Subhan Allah, may Allah grant us happiness may make us convinced

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and content.

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So this is success. You want goodness in the dunya and the earth era. Here it is Salah does not only help you in this dunya but it helps you in the Africa as well. Well let's work it the other way. So Allah does not only help you for the life after death, while law he opens your doors here as well. When you close your eyes and your heart from Haram, Allah opens your eyes and and heart to his new. So Panama it's the rule of Allah. But the minute you have haram going on in your life, it's in gratitude. You are ungrateful for your hands. Allah has given me a bosma you know what is a postman? It is a fingerprint. My fingerprint is different from everyone who existed from the time of Adam

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alayhis salam to today and you know what, if I had to burn my finger totally that I lost my fingerprint. When it grew again or grows again it will grow exactly as it was. Did you ever know that? Subhana Allah subhanaw taala if you were to burn it sometimes and if it were to grow again, it will grow exactly how it was. It is your unique identity from the beginning of creation. Nobody can say that this is someone else that is your unique identity qudra of Allah, can I tell you something else that I've read?

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The way your iris is actually shaped and made the combination of the cones and

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roads and so on, is unique from the time of Adam alayhis salam to this day, unique totally. So now they have an iris identification. You go there you show them your eye and you think you're going to run away from Allah and you think you're going to run away from Allah when you've sinned and you need to answer they will see you they know you even when you are resurrected, who knows your thumbprint may be that which will give you a way Allah Akbar, may Allah protect us I read something very recent. And that is if you were to shave your head completely, the way in which your hairs go through your head is totally unique. nobody else's hairs of the head have grown with that design

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that you have on your head Subhanallah although some of us are bald, the rest of what is remaining.

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So my brothers and sisters, thank Allah for this. He's given us so much How can I use my hands to touch her arm, but I can tell you in gratitude is closely connected to her arm earnings.

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When a person's earning is not halaal

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his entire body is nourished through that which is haraam. So how do you think his eyes are going to be quenched except through Hara?

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He will not be happy when he looks at his wife and his children. He will be agitated he wants to get out why because he needs to look at something haram before he says Wow, Aston Villa.

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He will not be happy when he touches what he is supposed to be touching. Until he touches that which is haram he will not be happy to walk to the masjid because it will be an irritation agitation. Because the energy being used in order to walk to the masjid was derived from a haram source. It will only be satisfied when it walks in the wrong direction.

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This is why sometimes people say I don't know I feel so lazy when it comes to doing that which Allah once and I feel so excited when it comes to doing haram alcl. bhuiyan shabu kabhi he wakamiya no Mohammed Hassan. Yeah enough to why hacky? Mulleavy UDP dounia laughing love,

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the heart becomes, you know, the bad heart becomes so energetic when it comes to commit Haram. And it slows down when it becomes when it comes to engaging in the worship of Allah and that which is good. Oh, so remember, what is going to please you in this life that is coming to an end, what is going to please you prepare for the day that you meet Allah by being grateful show gratitude, your hands, your legs, your brain, your mind, the thoughts you have, let them be clean, that is gratitude of the brain, the mind Subhanallah today, the mind can be used for several things. Some people sit and plan haram if that's the case, my brother, my sister, your brain is not being used towards the

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gratitude of Allah.

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And some people use their brain in order to help the rest of humanity Alhamdulillah so you've come up with technology, you've come up with ideas, you've come up with what to do on the net in order to help people and so on Alhamdulillah if you're doing it with the right intention, we will say you will receive a reward for that it's good because to help one another is part and parcel of your duty as a Muslim.

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Some people's brain is solely and only used towards the pleasure of Allah alone, only. So they will sit and think of the verses of the Koran think of the signs of Allah, engaging the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala do that which really will please Allah subhanho wa Taala good news to them, may we be from amongst them as well.

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Now you have your mind in order, when your mind is in order, your eyes, your ears, everything else, your income, everything becomes an order, bearing in mind the close link between your mind and your heart. This is what Allah says, In the Quran in several places, he connects the heart and the mind. And he says they have a heart which they don't think by. So sometimes the heart is used in order to refer to thinking and sometimes the mind is used in order to be referred to feeling the two are very closely connected, and

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very closely connected. Why? Because the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu. wasallam says that in the body there is a piece of flesh. If that piece of flesh is pure and good and clean, the whole body will be pure and good and clean. And if that piece of flesh is dirty and unclean, the whole body will be dirty and unclean. He says that piece of flesh is the heart.

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If you look at that Hadith it's the hadith of Normal University of the Allahu anhu in Sahih Muslim it's a very powerful Hadith I'm sure a lot of us would know it. But did you ever think there are two meanings to it? And they are both correct.

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Your heart pumps what it pumps blood.

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If your heart is clean and the blood in it is clean, your body is physically also correct. We

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means when you are sick, what do they do? They need a blood test. Why? Because of that haddie Allahu Akbar, did you think of that? They need a blood test. And with a blood test, they can tell you anything. Even if your kidneys are not operating the blood test will tell anything not operating your blood test will tell why there's a Hadith, the Prophet says if the heart is okay, and the blood that is obviously being pumped in, everything else is okay. If it's not, it's not. So we take this spiritual meaning which is definitely the emission and original meaning, but we want to show you the miracle in the words of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, it has a physical meaning to it as well.

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So panela so now when you go for a blood test, you can think to yourself, man, Allah subhanho wa Taala open our doors, grant us goodness and ease. And really, I hope and I pray these few words that I've uttered words of comfort for us, we ask Allah to help us to show gratitude to him. And at the same time, we really would like to be better people for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala wa Salatu was salam o Baraka ala nabina Muhammad