Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2012 – Life of the Last Messenger – Day 29 – Duaa

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © A woman named Yama talks to her supervisor, Jesus, about his actions and promises to help her. Jesus assures her that he will not turn away from her children, her newborns, and her parents. They also discuss addressing the suffering of others and offering help in breaking bad habits, while reminding everyone to avoid giving in to their feelings. They urge forgiveness and forgiveness of oneself, and provide a recap of the message board. The segment also touches on protecting everyone from evil and being a winner of a music tour, and ends with a message board for those who have experienced a negative reaction to a music tour.
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Yala, you are the greatest we rely on you. We cannot blink our eyes without you Yama. Yama, we have you as our ABI Allah you made us You created us We are trying our best to follow you Allah forgive us on this night, y'all I accept every letter that we have read except every fast that we have kept you Allah. Allah protect us and our children, protect our wives and husbands Yala protect our children, our offspring, our brothers, our sisters, Yala. Our parents Allah grant us good health and grant us Baraka and blessings in everything you have given us your Allah.

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Allah we ask you to bless us Allah we promised that we will turn towards you your Allah We will never turn away from you Yama, Yama, let this be a day when you are happy with us Yella we've raised our hands we've completed the Quran Allah we've engaged in acts of worship Allah you have blessed us with a beautiful man to Allah We promise you Allah We will leave our bad ways and habits will give us Yama, Yama we will never return to our bad ways and habits he Allah forgive us y'all on this day. Y'all know we asked you to grant us goodness in on this day Allah, Allah we ask you to cure us from all the sicknesses we have young all those who are sick and Ill in this community Allah knows we

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know about those we don't know about gunton cure through your miracle yeah Allah you are the owner of cure Allah and kill us all of the diseases we may have that we may know we may not know y'all, y'all know we ask you to grant Rama and mercy to all those who have gone away who have passed away Allah, Allah make their graves gardens from the gardens of Paradise Yama, and help us he Allah grant us Shahada on our tongues when you take us away and make it easy for us the day we are buried Allah, the day we will be left in the graveyards Yala with our family members going back yeah Allah you keep our deeds with us yeah Allah and let there be benefit for us on that day Allah you help us Yama

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you make it easy the day the angels ask us questions Yama, Yama in the grave in the darkness of the graveyard. You lighten it up Yeah, Allah.

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Allah we asked you to accept from us every word that we have read Yama. And we asked you on this day to ease the suffering of every person suffering on the globe, Yama, Yama, every one of us has different things we'd like to ask you tonight Yama, you know exactly what we want Yama granted to us Yama, Yama, you know everyone's need without us even uttering it Yala. granted to us Yama, Yama, you know every difficulty that everyone is going through Allah create ease in everyone's situation in a way that is befitting to them yeah, Allah. Those in debt Yeah, Allah help them pay back their debts Yama, Yama, those who are suffering lack of sustenance Allah you provide for them you are the owner

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of sustenance Yama, Yama, those who have no Baraka in their sustenance Allah you bless them yeah Allah strengthen them so that they can obey your commands and we can obey your commands to strengthen us as well. Yeah Allah and grant us all Baraka and blessings in our sustenance, Yella Yella protect the women of this oh my Allah, Allah help them so they can dress appropriately Allah Allah strengthen them so they can put scarves on their heads yeah Allah they can dress with loose clothes Yala. covering their bodies Yama and have mercy on them open their doors Yama strengthened me Allah they are our sisters Yala. They are creatures Yama, Yama, you open their doors Yama, Yama,

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safeguard the menfolk of the sama Allah Allah help them in eradicate their bad habits yeah Allah help them to dress appropriately Allah Allah help all those on drugs to leave that habit yeah Allah Allah We promise you we will not go back to any bad habits we have. Knowingly we will not do that yeah Allah So help us not to do it to Allah strengthen us Allah grant us good company Allah make us from those Allah who fulfill our five Salah day for your sake Allah you've given us such a blessing man to Allah we don't know if we're going to see another month like this. Yeah, Allah open our doors Yeah, Allah help us be regular and steadfast to get up for Salah Allah. Allah we have read so much

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Salah for you accept it from us Yella and make it easy for us. Throughout the year Yama Yama help us to eat halal in this time when we don't even know sometimes what is halal and haram? Allah help us protect us from putting harm into our mouths Allah protect us from interest protect us from gambling Allah. Allah protect us from the nightlife and the clubs Yeah, Allah. Allah protect us from any form of your anger. Yeah, Allah we don't want you angry Allah. Allah never roast us in the fire of Jamia Allah. Allah never roast us in the fire of Jamia Allah Allah We will never be able to even bear even a second in the fire Allah Allah protect us. Allah right our name tonight from amongst those who are

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free from the fire of Yama, Yama. Amongst those who are free from the fire of jahannam Yama Yama Granta Jana without reckoning Yama. If you are to take account of our deeds, we are too embarrassed of what we've done we are

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too embarrassed what we have done

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don't look at our deeds your love forgive us.

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Forgive us

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forgive us without

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your love tonight you forgive so many people your love forgive us yeah Allah grant us Jana without hisab without kita protect us from Jana Mia Allah. Join our family.

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He's with us Allah.

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah his concern was his own my Allah we are part of the oma Allah unite us Yella unite Corona Maria la unite the members of this oh my Allah help us love one another solely because we share the kalama La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul

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Allah we ask you to know it Allah, Allah we ask you tonight to Allah, to make us from those whom you have accepted Yalla Yalla The Magician's of Musa alayhis salam prostrated once and you forgave them we prostrate every day I love you give us

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your love the magician's frustrated once for you yeah Allah you forgave them. Yeah, Allah we prostrate every day Allah forgive us.

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sipto prostration Yama

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Yama, we have never ever, ever made sudo to anyone but you Yama.

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Yama, we have never worshipped anyone but you have forgiven Yama. Yama, you're the most generous we are pleading with you Yama. We know you are generous Yama, you are the most generous and we are asking the most generous Allah we know you will grant us.

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Allah we've raised our hands for you, you Allah amongst us, they are men, they are women. They are the old they are the young.

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Healthy, Yala, we know you will answer with Allah save us from the fire of Jamia Allah, Allah grant us the decision of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he Allah, Allah we ask you to protect the Muslim Ummah Allah, Allah we have had a beautiful blessed month he accepted from us Yala, grant a sincerity no deeds, your law strengthen us so we can change our lives to please Allah.

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Allah strengthen us so we can change our lives to please you. Allah we know that this worldly life is a few years. You Allah we know that no matter how healthy we are today we have to die today or tomorrow. Yellow we know that no matter how wealthy we are, we still have to return to Allah. So help us become conscious of it and prepare for the day Allah. Allah help us be steadfast, Allah help us substitute the music we have with the Quran. Yeah Allah, Allah help us substitute that which is detrimental for our spirituality with that which is beneficial. Yeah, Allah. Allah we ask you all the goodness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has asked you and we seek protection from all

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the evil that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam has sought protection from

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the lobby

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in the semi

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auto body

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Allahumma in

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camisa topic will be more fit camino kubek will be coming.

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Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam Subhana Allah Karabiner is that he

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An in depth lesson within the Noble Qur’an,”Life of the Last Messenger (Muhammad PBUH)” by Mufti Ismail Musa Menk

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