What Should I Do during Shaban

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Shaban is a month before Ramadan. What should I do? Number one is fasting scholars said in general when there is an act of obligation, he loves, that we preceded this act of obligation with a voluntary act and follow that act of obligation with another voluntary act. And they give an example Sana very nice so Paula by the way, this information is by Imam Ibn Rajab Filatov in math, he said it every sign up every obligatory Salah Allah put a Salah before either before and after or before or an after.

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So, Fajr there is to avoid there is before and after a hassle there is before but he did not do it daily. And then mother of their student there is a chatroom. So they said Allah subhanho wa Taala loves that there is a such an act of worship, an obligatory actor for sure preceded by by the same act and followed by the same act but not as an act of obligation. So let's look at Ramadan. Ramadan is an obligation quotevalet como Surya so yam has been prescribed upon you, you and me. Preceded by Shaban, what are swelling salatu salam fasted, most of it, followed by another fasting, which is so wild, which whomsoever fasted Ramadan, that's another Hadith of rasa risotto. Sara followed it by

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six days off, show one the month after Ramadan, as if he or she fasted the whole year.