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The speaker discusses the importance of being grateful to Allah for giving them the opportunity to use their knowledge and technology to solve problems. They also mention a story about a woman named Bernard Oberlin who talks about being accepted by Allah and how he has accepted him. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being grateful to receive a note from Allah and mentions a woman named Luca who talks about being accepted by Allah.

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hamdulillah number one, just just to summarize, we need to be extremely grateful to Allah He gave us this opportunity gave us the knowledge gave us the availab availability of the knowledge gave us the place gave us the time, gave us the health, give us the technology gave us all the hearts and the desire to do this. When we talk about tisski, or we talk about four items that are on there is way more, but the first four I'm gonna start with is the first one is sort of tillbaka the cow when so you've made Rahim Ibrahim alayhis salam and his son so your next mate was building the Kaaba elevating the foundation of the crab with your father Ibrahim will our a dominant bait or I'm

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Bernard Oberlin. This is what I want you all to learn this, anything you are doing. Anything you're doing that's pleasing to Allah, because with the right knee it's a bad so you are coming you're surpassing you're doing your solder you're going to macker or you're helping in the masjid or you're helping your sister anything you're doing that's pleasing to Allah to husband when don't take it to granted. So you know, he said if I know one little

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one, one little kind of Salah, one Luca, one act, Allah has accepted from me, I have no issues. Let me like tomorrow,

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which I say this to myself, only. If Allah Subhana Allah came send us a note through something any one of us and says tonight you're done. Hello, tonight is is it possible? Absolutely. Right. What do you do?