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AI: Summary © The group discusses a deal they are willing to give to win a prize for a painting, including a woman named Yulin who wants to stay in the military and stop their work, and a man named Halal who wants to stop their work. They also discuss the struggles of the Jewish tribe against the United States and the importance of faith in one's actions and circumstances. The group emphasizes the need for connections and access to information to help people live life connected to Islam.
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in Al Hamdulillah he Muhammad who want to stay in and want to study he want to stop fiddle middleby He wanted to work out of it he went out with the villa him and shooting and putting our sejati on Medina the law firm will do Lella who wanna Yulin for their her the Anna Why should you Allah? Allah Allah surely you can watch her do I know Mohamed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? Yeah, you have Latina? I'm an otaku? La haka. toccata. He went to tune in to miss the moon. Yeah, you have NASA tapwater Baku Mala de cada Kaku mean FC Wahida Tijuana come in has over them in Houma Regina and cathedral Manisa What's up Hola. Hola, Lolita, Luna v one or ham in Hola, carnality Kamala diva.

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You in Edina. Amruta hola hola. Kulu Conan said either use the Hella como como el fiddler. comedonal welcome. Juan Manuel de la hora Sula, who forgot the first 1000 are Lima and my bad fitness taka Hadith Kitab Allah Halal Howdy, howdy Muhammad Sallallahu. It will send them were short on the moving data to have a column of data timbira What could it be data and Danada what kind of data is in funnel

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in the fifth year after hijra,

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the Quraysh

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set out with an army towards the Medina, the size of which was never seen before. They enlisted the tribe of lotto fan and 6000 Soldiers from them alone. And to give you a comparison to battle, they came with 3000 total.

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And so now they're coming with the army of 10,000 6000 of which are from the tribe of lotto fan.

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And they come outside of Medina. And we know the famous story where the Muslim has built a trench a massive church

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to keep them out of the city. And they lead seeds to Medina. And it was in that moment that the believers were tested.

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In a very severe difficult test. The hypocrites were even commenting we can't even go out to use the bathroom and security. When the Prophet Saddam had promised when he broke the big stone that was in the trench that they weren't able to break and he came in he broke and he three times he struck in all three times he said I've been given the keys to Sharm and Persia and Yemen

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and the Romans and the Persians and Yemen. And the hypocrites said he's promising us victories over the superpowers of the world and we can't even use the bathroom insecurity. That's how fearful they were. Allah subhana wa Tada he says Elijah

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fell think of Mormon as fat I mean come what is our deal about sorrow Abella? watin gooble Hannah Jiahua tailbone telephone No, no,

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no, no. Allah says when they came at you from above you and from below you. So the tribal gotta find was stationed in one area.

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The Karate station another area and from within Medina itself the tribe of Bukhara, the Jewish tribe in Medina, who the Muslims had a treaty with had secretly agreed with the Quran that they will break the treaty and attack the Muslims from within.

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So surrounded by an army they've never seen before the size of which never seen before and from within their own ranks. This treaty that was had the Muslims found out that will be broken. And so the prophesy Saddam, he sought out to try and, and break this this unification amongst the disbelievers.

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So he met with a hadith, an arena to the leaders of a lot of time.

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And he began negotiating with them and he told them, If I were to offer you a third of all of the produce of Medina,

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in return that you leave, you break your treaty with the Quran and you leave to the majority, the army would be broken.

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Would you take that and after some back and forth, they agreed.

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And so it was written down.

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But it wasn't finalized yet. Because the President said I must confirm with the leaders of the unsought because the dates belong to the unsought it's their farms. And what I found was closest to them as well. President knows that downside know them the best and know there, what negotiation would be best with them. And so he calls the two sides side of in Aruba and Saudi Malhotra low on Houma, two giants from this ummah

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and the process send them he presents to them the deal he says, I have a deal and here's the paper

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we give autofab 1/3 Of all the produce of Medina and they will leave

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this is after days and days of of seeds that has caused the medina the people to suffer and, and being fear.

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To the point that Allah says that what you desire outside of the eyes are like darting back and forth in fear while benefiting colluvial hanergy to the hearts have reached the throats when he every beat of your heart. You can feel it in your whole body because of how terrified you are.

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the sad woman lateral on who he says Ya rasool Allah,

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I'm willing to help goofiness Na, O Messenger of Allah, this deal you're offering to us? Is it something that you love? That makes you happy? So then we will, we will surely carry it out? Or he says I'm saying I'm gonna color who he left with the lamina laemmli be? Or is it something that Allah has commanded has revealed to you to take this to do this? Then of course, again, we will follow without any question.

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Or he says, I'm saying unto us now who Lana, or on Messenger of Allah, as is something that you out of your concern for us and the difficulty you have seen us fall into? Is it something you are doing on your own accord?

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And so the enemy says that no, this is something I am doing, because I see that the Quran and the Arabs have gathered with one arrow to strike you. And they have surrounded the universe. I've seen what it's become of you. So I'm trying to break this upon you. It's so sad to be Muhammad, he says, one of the famous statements of his life that were that can be written in gold. There is moments in your life when when something happens and you just stand up, you're there for someone, you you give them that word of encouragement or you say something in front of an oppressor, whatever the situation may be, but moments in your life that come and go that some people shrink from the moment

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and some people rise to the occasion.

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And they only are able to rise to the occasion based on the preparation that they've done before meaning their Eman has been cultivated in such a way that when that moment comes to them in their life, they are fully able to by the topic of Allah subhanho wa Taala respond in a way they'll be pleasing to Allah and his messenger to send them so sad of Anwar these days, Jana sort of Allah,

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O Messenger of Allah.

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God could Nanoha Allah Allah, Allah should keep Allah why bedel oath and all Messenger of Allah, we and them. The Quran is the disbelievers in us we were the same.

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We used to worship idols.

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We used to worship idols. And he says, Learn Abdullah when I 94 We didn't worship Allah nor did we even know about Allah subhana wa Tada

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and he says during this stage of our lives, he says, Well whom lay up the mountain and yet Kudo min had temperate and he left Iran obey and he says no messenger of Allah when we were both disbelievers. They the lot of fun, they would never dream of even having one date from our harvest, except if they were to come to us and we would host them or if they were to purchase it from us

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at the Hanaa akademin Allah who will Islam so when Allah has honored us with Islam will have done Allah Who and has guided us to him why

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Santa Monica won't be here and Allah has given us a strength of as an honor through our faith through you and through him through knowing Allah subhanho wa Tada

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knowing him well enough at this moment will we then give our our our crops

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he says Wallahi Mata Nabi had them in Hydra O Messenger but I swear by Allah we have no need for this this deal. We have no need for this. Wala Heelan opening him in let's say Pattaya como la who been in Albania whom I swear by Allah, we will not give them accept, we will meet them in battle, if that's what they want. That's what they will get until Allah decides that this is a decision between us. And then he took the the treaty that was had been written up, and he tore it up into pieces.

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But Subhanallah in this moment of difficulty and trial, when they're besieged, and they're in fear.

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Inside and wide himself, he died a martyr from the wounds he suffered in this battle.

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He wasn't he found strength,

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he found conviction

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in the knowledge in the in the certainty that he is on the right.

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And Allah will eventually decide to affair even if it looks bleak right now, even if it looks like there's no way out. We have no way to meet this army, we have no way to face them, but he found faith and strength in his faith.

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And you and Allah subhanaw taala he said about the believers, who not only can Petunia, look me known at this moments, in the Battle of Allah his app, he says the believers were shaken was ZUN, Xenos, Zan and Shedinja they were shaken a very powerful shaken to their core, the fear had reached

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and someone earthquakes come our way.

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What what keeps us grounded, when these catastrophes in our life hit us.

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Allah uses the words zaal and Shadie, that the believers were shaken to, you know, a mighty shaking. And aminos exam is the same word used for earthquakes. And we know what happened to our brothers and sisters in Turkey and Syria.

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But Subhanallah we see from their example, perhaps you guys have seen the videos, incredibly powerful videos of faith manifests in the most difficult of circumstances. And old man,

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an old man trapped in the rubble. And you know, the temperature there right now at night is dropping into the low 20s. And the day reaches just above about 40 degrees. It's very cold. And they find this old man in the rubble and there's telling him we were gonna give you a blanket. And you know what he says in response, after how many days he's trapped in this rubble, he says, Give me water I need to make will do so I can pray luck.

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What kind of faith

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then even in the most difficult circumstances, he knows that he has a very good likelihood that he may not survive this and the survivors who are being pulled out. It's not like they're saved. And we're, you know, back to normal. They have compartments syndromes in their extremities in emergency surgery, they go into renal failure, they need dialysis, and what kind of services are there in Syria and Syria and Alexa has been bombarded from for almost 10 years. How many there's a house, the main hospital and live has one dialysis machine or two dialysis machines.

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If they don't get dialysis, they will die.

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But even in this, he said, given they're telling him you don't have to pray right now you're, you're given the other the exception. It's okay. You see the old woman it's Pamela the age is so profound, because it's not a young woman in her 20s or 30s. In the peak of her beauty, she's an in her elderly stages and they find her after days under the rubble and there's telling her to come out and she's refusing until you bring the hijab so I can cover myself Allahu Akbar,

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Allahu Akbar.

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I mean, you see the example of the higher echelon her our mother, the afro Maha was buried in her room.

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Her husband, Pastor Cena was buried in her room. And her father elbow bucket was very next to the prophesy said limb. Both of them are madam to her. The prophets or husband of a bucket as her father are the Allahu Anhu. But when I'm in the hopper was then buried in her room, she would never enter her room and said that she would keep her Jillibean hijab on even though he's buried under the ground because the level of HYAH then you see this old woman who no one knows her name. She's a lady and in the village, and her faith,

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her faith. And so what creeps keeps us grounded.

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At these most moments of difficulty is what we cultivate in the times of ease. And so on the promises I sent him in his most difficult moment of his life

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when he went to five, to give the message to the people there

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And he was ridiculed and, and to eventually drive him out of the city after being there for at least 10 days 10 to 14 days, they set the slaves and the children to stone him out of the city and they stone him for a period of time. It wasn't just like here to the exit of the masjid, just maybe 1020 yards, the narration say he was continuously followed until he entered into into a garden that's two miles outside of the city. Imagine from here to like Walmart, continuously being stoned by a mob of people. So I said to him, and at that moment he makes his powerful dua Allahumma inni in a cache called I forget what to you but can let her hate it? Well,

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oh, Allah is only to you. I complain.

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The weakness of my strength and the scarcity of my resources, and the humiliation I'm facing in front of the people. And so the famous Doha, but as we know but as he say, as it goes on, he says, In Aamir, Khan Vika audible hallelujah for that nobody.

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But oh Allah. Ultimately, what it comes down to is so long as I know you are not angry with me that all of this doesn't matter.

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Whatever trial I may go through whatever personal earthquake I might have in my life,

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so long as I know you're not angry with me. It doesn't matter what I can I feel like a hero Saudi, but your pardon and eases of course is easier for me. And the Doha goes on, but Subhanallah we find that the believers the Companions, the prophets, all of them left for us a beautiful example and we find that example living in the lives of the Ummah Muhammad said until this day

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that you find strength in your faith in the times of most difficulty and that only comes for those who cultivate it in times of ease well code only has a certain level to compensate for right

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so now I know him hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala suit Allahu Allah and he was having his mind when you decided his Salam and prophet Jonah was was swallowed by the whale and taken to the bottom of the ocean. He heard that the Allah allowed them to hear the soil and the the pebbles of the of the bottom of the ocean making me have Allah subhanaw taala

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and when he heard that to speak of the soil, he too said, let me take this place as a place to worship Allah so He went down into sujood in the belly of the will, and he cried out to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah says, well, then only the harbor move all the BEM fell Vaughn and uppity Ronnie Werner, if you don't Almighty Allah

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this will be

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in equal to mean Avadi mean? He cried out to Allah in the belly of the whale going into student saying, Oh Allah, there is no god but you how perfect you are Subhanak and he could have been a volume and I was amongst the wrongdoers.

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He prayed to Allah and his time of need. And subhanAllah the angels, you know, the different commentators have to see that they mentioned that when they heard the voice of Yunus it, he said, they said,

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Oh Allah Abdullah Yunus. This is your slave Yunus. We recognize his voice, we know His voice, but it's coming from a strange place. We've never heard his voice coming from the depths of the ocean and worshipping you, but we recognize his voice. So then Allah subhanaw taala told them this is the USRA cinema so they asked Allah, Oh Allah, this is your slave units out of his salaam who the one who used to continue to have good deeds assent to you and is used to be answered and they said yes, so they said, Oh Allah, Oh Allah Teramo Makana yes now who federal heart fund for two g Meenal. Bala, oh Allah will do that. Will you not then reward him for what he used to do in times of ease by

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saving him in his time of difficulty now in Allah said yes, of course and he was saved. Allah says Fitzgibbon Allah, so we answered his dua. And so we know the famous statement that the Prophet said I'm told him in our bass as a young man, a young boy, when he put him on his ride behind him, he says, I will teach you some words. He says to how to defeat Allah in federal Ha, yeah, I think we can we should

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open our bass. Get to know Allah in times of ease, and Allah who will be there for you in times of difficulty. So brothers and sisters, we have to cultivate our iman.

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If we live a life, you know, subhanAllah when tests come our way, you know, after 911 There was this whole fear of like, Muslims being put in internment camps and what's gonna happen in all sorts of vendors, there's still some sort of fear there. If God forbid something were to happen again, then we're all in trouble. And imagine that I remember thinking as a young man in high school, or at that time when it happened, like what would be the state of of URI if we were in this position? If we were trapped under the rubble in Turkey or if you're in a prison unjustly prison in prison, awaiting relief? What would be our level of a Baghdad worship of Allah subhana wa Tada and the sincerity of

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her DUA and the teat island of cotton the lake

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but perhaps Allah

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sentences reminders because he doesn't hear our voices in times of ease. So and in times of difficulty because Allah loves to hear you, he will put you through a difficulty so that he can hear your beautiful voice.

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And then you realize and well why don't I just live a life like that all the time? Why don't I live a life connected to Allah subhana wa Tada all the time. live my life as if I'm in that state. So then when you are ever tested when I was a biller, but if you are ever tested, Allah who will be there for you by your side and give you tofield to have a standing moment in your life, perhaps a word you say or an action you do that will earn the pleasure of Allah that you will never ever have to worry about anything after that until you meet Allah subhanho wa Taala

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to help refer you to Allah He federal ah ha yeah difficult fish should get to know Allah develop your connection in your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala in times of ease, and Allah who will be there for you in times of difficulty. There's different Hadith but for sake of time, I can't go through them but just to share with you when the President was advising the Companions what to say in times of difficulty, all of the Hadith focus on belief in Allah and Eman and Allah subhanho wa Taala right. So La Ilaha illa Allah and Allah even honey La la la la la, la la la la, la la la la, la la but what about our student ketene representative he told the companions to say Allahu Allahu

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Allah below she could be che Allahumma Rama Tikka Oh to do further to clean as he thought of attaining was the Alicia Nicola in Ireland, all these dua you could refer to them Michelle on the recording afterwards if you'd like but do have that we say all of them, bring us back to our belief in Allah subhanaw taala you strengthen that you cultivate that now? You will face the reward inshallah afterwards in Allahumma Soluna Nebby. Yeah, it will Adina Amador Sundiata, who studied with this name Allah Masha Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed the camera Seletar Ebrahim ah, daddy Brahim indica. Hamidah Majeed Allama Baddeck I'm gonna do you want to add in Mohammed and come out on top

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Ebrahim wydad Ibrahim, that island Amina indica heavy de Majeed Allama filament, semana one Muslim out on what we need no one want me nuts and I hear iminium while I'm watching the carabiner, Semyon karimunjawa We asked you to ease the affairs of our brothers and sisters in Syria and Turkey, and all across the world. Oh Allah, we asked you to give them warmth from their cold and give them food from their hunger and give them drink from their thirst and give them hell from their sickness. Oh Allah we ask you to give them security and peace and tranquility, to shower your mercy upon them to shower your mercy upon those who are those lives were lost and those who are ill and those who who

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were affected Oh Allah we asked you to affect to bless all those who are afflicted with trial and calamity in this world and given the highest award in the hereafter. Allahumma Amin Baraka Feeco Malcolm and Sunnah