Can’t Love You Like Before…

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Mila you know many people they give up on relationships because they don't feel about that person the way they want us to. When you don't feel about someone the way you want us to men, it should be the end. No, no, not the end of the relationship, the end of your faulty assumption that feelings don't change. You see, this can actually be channeled as the greatest proof for you that things can get better. Because if it was sweet and then went sour, that means feelings can change. So why can't they change from sour to sweet again, just flip your lens. And once you've come to terms with that, until yourself for example, I just need to focus on what made it sweet in the beginning. For

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instance, the prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam said to spouses, but no believing men hate the believing woman, when he hates one of her qualities, let him like another and of course vice versa, the wife with her husband and extend that to all of our relationships.