Fiqh of Money and Transactions

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You know the purpose of the law it was no one said in the law heaven.

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Truly Allah is pure and he accepts only that which is pure. And then towards the end of the Hadees, he mentioned the man, you'll do not suffer as

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a man after a long journey, disheveled, full of cover full of dust, yamoto yada, yada yada, yada. He lives his hands towards the sky and he in he acts out my loads of load. Basically a person who you'd have thought in such a fashion making $1 that is definitely going to be answered. And you know, the purpose of life and then said, What am I wrong? What am I shabu harem woman vessantara. Well, who's the I will harem for a knife, the juggler and his foods is unlawful, his drink is unlawful, his clothing is unlawful. In fact, everything that he has been nourished with is unlawful. So how is he going to be responded to folks, if there was a top 10 of the most scariest head, if you ever going

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to read I'd put this right up there. Because it is absolutely terrifying. This is a hadith which basically explains that there are people out there that you'd have thought they're okay. But day and night, they're actually involved in how long we're actually bringing ourselves up on heroin. Now we're going to bring it close to you in 2011, difficult bureau of transactions. And the reason I mentioned this head is is because the number of heroin things that we get involved with in our day to day matters, that we don't know about is really terrifying. Seriously, we involved in debit cards in credit cards in transactions, which we're not even sure what the permissibility is where there's

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interest or not loans that are linked to inflation. Is that an interest bearing loan? What about those which are interest free credit? Is it okay to sign a contract like that? What about pension plans? What about those companies that we are the 401, K's those that are invested? Those that give us dividends? What are the percentages of impermissible items that you're allowed to invest in? Or not? What are all these issues? the many things that we get from both like competitions playing for money? Can you play for money? Can we be involved in competitions? Can we buy something which allows us to have a free buy one get one free or free entry into a competition to win a prize to so and so

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there are so many things that are involved in community and society that we have absolutely no idea about. Now, that's very, very important to me on a personal level, I work with first ethical, who have a pedigree when it comes to a mama not 50 issues to do with money and transactions. And we've been involved in a really detailed research work, which we're going to be making the basis of this muffler course, which is going to be coming to a city near you. I take this very seriously. I think that this is a very difficult area, many, many scholars don't want to touch the area of Europe transactions, because it's actually very difficult. And a lot of the matters are down to Etihad, and

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footwear and not found in a classical bookstore. Because so many of these transactions are new, what was their buying on the internet, where was the fact that you actually pay for something and you don't even receive it at the time of buying. These are the conditions or transactions and the way that we spend money and the way that we receive goods. These are serious issues. And if we're messing these up, we're going to be in big trouble. I want to bring the experience that I've had with us ethical on bring the experience I've had at the World Economic Forum with teachers with the IOC standards that we've studied with this area, which is a difficult area or risky area to be

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involved with. Hopefully, that we can bring some clarity over a couple of weekends. Hope that you're gonna join us in Sharla is a very important cause. We've got to take a lot more seriously than we do. The second one luck and hope to see you soon