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Sometimes we make money. When we did not have the money, we had more love. When we have the money we become distant Why? Because your love for your wealth has become more than your love for others who are your family members and human beings of the same species.

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So what did Allah say? Allah says, The minute you make more than a certain amount,

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Zakat is for

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why reach out to those who don't have what we gave you so that you can be appreciated even by them. That is why the most loved people are the most charitable people. Do you know that?

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And Allah says charity is not only monetary, it is also through the expression on your face. People of Mombasa don't just look at me smile, smile. It's an ibadah engaging the bada the expression on your face boosts you Allah He boosts you Mashallah, you know, my teeth are not straight.

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no one notices because you just smile that's it. They just see the smile. They don't notice these teeth are all not aligned. Even my children tell me that you need railway tracks.

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And I say I don't think I do you people who are young, you've become too conscious, My nose is bent. My eyes are like this. My face is like this. This side is more than that. No one ever notices if you are looking too much in the mirror, crackle of these mirrors and throw them out.