Mixing Fame with Islam!

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I know that a lot of young people only to when we traveled to the north, you know, I went out in the night and I met a lot of young people. So what I try to do before I don't address people the way I do that night, but after my trip with you, I've seen the way you speak to people directly, and they picked one or four things from that. So when I went to them, I acknowledge them and begin to speak to one person. And before you know it, the entire people, there's an ally, they all came and they were listening, you know, the feeling a gut at that moment will lie, you have never ever felt it like that. What advice do you have to young black and white come in? And what should we focus on?

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What should we really look in so that we will not grow up and make the mistake of those who have made the most terrible mistakes, don't let you get to your head. Number one, do it for the sake and the pleasure of Allah number two, latter half of in la de la muchacha. Don't ever fear in the course of Allah, the, you know, the negatives of those who are negative, or those who are going to be negative, those who are going to say things accuse you, whatever they might say, you're after this, you're after fame, it will grow. It's not you who grew it's the work of Allah that grew, people get upset when they see a large following of a shift. Ask yourself some panela it's not to the shift.

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It's actually the work of a law that is grueling. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy. So you do we do it for the sake of Allah and then remain humble, that, you know, I if you know me, and you've interacted with me, personally,

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long term or semi long term?

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I try to maintain that consistency. Yes, I'm a human. Yes, I falter. Yes, we commit sins. Yes, we are. We are sinful slaves. Yes, there are things that we fall into, we ask Allah to forgive us. And we continue. But we are not evil people. And we don't promote hate and hurt.

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And we want people to come closer to Allah. So that's something I always like to remind those who want me to remind them of something to say, as you grew, I told you many years ago, I met you the first time you had a program Did you know

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and I told you, my brother, this will call. You remember? Because I saw your attitude, I saw things and you know, sometimes people, look, I'll be honest with you, fame gets to the head of people, you have to constantly remind yourself, this is nothing. You know, if Allah wants, he can take it away now. And there are people who will be jealous of you, because they are not where you are. They don't know how kids, kids, young kids, you know, I'm sitting here, I'm way into my 40s. And I have sometimes someone 2025 and they don't know, they look at you, they don't understand what you've done. They know not much about you, and they they become envious, out of the envy they attack they

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want your attention, don't give it to continue doing the work. And be humble. Like I said, look at people, you know, you told me that they were when you went out that night, there were a lot of people who who let me not say the exact terms, but who were into the nightlife. And you went out to st Delaware to talk to them. And I always like to look at a good quality or to have someone start with it and build on that. So remind them of the good that is within them. You know you're you you're a good person, you're kind heart, I'm sure you have compassion, there must be reason why you have this weakness or that weakness. And Allah subhanho wa Taala knows about it, and he is waiting

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for you. And he would be so happy if you turned to him at least one Salah a day, you will have a negative person who will remember social media is street is open for all there are so many minds of people, they will always look at the negative. They'll tell you, there are five Salah day, why did you tell him at least make one but my brother and telling him to start, it's my way of telling him start somewhere. And according to me, he will do one, then two, then three, and he will build and Allah will give him the sweetness of that Salah, they will look at the negative of it, when you do something, they won't look at the positive, they won't try and give us an oven because they don't

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believe truly in the hobby. They might know the Hadith about giving people personally but even the poor and tells you not to have these negative doubts. They don't know that they don't follow it. So if they don't follow it, it's not your fault. You know, you must continue to do the good work. And you must you must have a good

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perception of what people are doing. Don't only concentrate on negatives, you know, whatever you do, they will be some people who will just look at the negatives and they will tell you you shouldn't do it. Why did you go to talk to them? How are these were you know, they were boys and girls, men and women. How did you go there? Why did you go you're supposed to lower your gaze you can't you're supposed to be far away. My brother the professor salon, while the people were doing a walk around the cabin naked, used to look down and say Are you a nurse kulula Allah and Allah to flu. He was a but he didn't participate in it. He only looked down and said oh people say that I Lola you will

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succeed. You will succeed and you know at that time

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So hello, that is something extremely courageous. He was an MP of Allah subhanho wa Taala sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So so we need to continue to do that, even though people who don't know will actually continue to nitpick everything you do, they will. And you know what, they might have momentum, they might have a little bit of a following and a gathering. Don't worry, those people alone guide them. And if that's the way they think, tough luck, but if you're going to come out and start replying, what's who's going to do that street down? You will be depressed within two three days, you know, earlier on some years ago, when I first started off a negative comment used to

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bother me, I stopped I don't even know, to be honest with you, I don't see a lot of the comments I at times I do I have some of my my family members who actually do some of that, I actually have an admin or to actually help. And we have a good solid server, you know, circle of all ama, and scholars that I have within myself, and I know these are my confidence, we work together, we, we have a similarity in our approach. Although each one of us is unique, but Allah loves this. He made us unique. You and I have the same, but you will reach people and reach people there will be an overlapping of certain people and there will be certain people who only like you and certain people

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who only like my method.

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That's okay. It's fine. I'm not in competition with you. No, are you in competition with me? I am doing it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Now, we're competing with each other regarding good deeds, that's assuming of the process Allah, if I see you've done something good, I must also do something even better, when it comes to good deeds. But so Allah Almighty, when it comes to

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that, turning back to Allah and seeking forgiveness of Allah and changing your life for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Look at those above you turn to Allah be better than you were yesterday, that's a Hadith of the process on them as well. You know that the two days should not be the same, you should be better than the you you were yesterday. So there is an overlapping of those two ahaadeeth. And you've got to guide the people to say, listen, you're turning to Allah, you know what you should, you should be better than you were yesterday. And when you're being good deeds, you need to look at the others, al-hayat you you look at the others and try to do more quietly not not to

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brag about I did more than you agree to do more than you, I'm going to show you I'm going to fix you it starts becoming ugly, the sincerity is lost. If the competition is with one another.

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Without a lot in the equation, it could lead to shift.

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And if the competition is with one another for the pleasure of Allah in a very common way, non cutting but encouraging all by me competing with you, why should I discourage you? Why should I be literally that's not for Allah. If it's for Allah empower, I come out and I appreciate I think, and you let the by example, so you are going to get a full reward of what I've done.

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So that's how we should look at that later.