Is It Permissible to Fly Business Class With Charity Money

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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The speaker discusses the use of money for advertising and the potential legal ramifications of spreading it. They stress the importance of being clear and open in order to avoid legal fines and travelers being advised to use it for travel. The speaker also mentions the use of money for travel and the need for guests to be open and show interest in their travel plans.

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See, imagine that person's heart poured out because they saw an orphan

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dying and that money that you gave they gave you you're eating a doughnut kebab in the you know lounge or the balcony of a five star hotel in some country. I mean how is that even justified morally ethically, let alone Islamic key and legally, money people give you cannot be used for adverts cannot be used for advertising cannot be used for journey travel administration cost nothing. Zakat money especially zakat money has to be given exclusively for the poor. Don't generalize visa vie the law because then it becomes very grossly sort of abused. And even as a card collecting this is the mainstream opinion about the Card Collectors. Okay. Other than the card funds

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as well, I personally don't feel that unless we don't tell the donators the donors that look your money could be used in administration cost, clearly tell them okay, be open about it. Tell them if they're still happy that look okay. Yeah, I don't mind you taking up, you know, flight. But then, you know, be careful. You know, some of the earliest calls weren't particularly they will take the minimum, they would never go in a business class. They would never use the charity money to travel on business class, because this is really for the poor, for the needy for the places where the money needs to go. They will do the absolute bare minimum for the Ninth Circuit I'm talking about. So I

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don't think it's justified unless you tell them that look, we use your funds non zakaat for lots of things administration costs, which includes travels and journeys, and sometimes our, you know, members, charity members and workers days to travel on business class, some scholars, we take them on business class, we stay in five star hotels, we do eat a lot, you know, whatever. Just be clear and open and then see if people give a people are still happy to give you hamdulillah