Mufti Menk – Kiss your wife and children

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how to say "love you" to your wife and how important it is to say it to children. They also talk about the importance of kissing children in public. The speaker emphasizes that kissing children is an act of worship and that children need to be treated with mercy.
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Don't be the old school who say how can I say I love you to my children? What do they mean? You know, I remember the old man one day I gave a talk about how important it is to say I love you to your wife. He came back to me and he says, I've never ever said I love you to her.

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But I know she loves me.

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And I said, Uncle, your generation is already gone. You are one of those who are fortunate to have remained behind

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a new generation. You need to say 20 times a day minimum. That's why everything is free Subhanallah internet free WhatsApp calling free, because they know you have to send it but the problem is we send it to the wrong number.

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We send it to the wrong number.

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Allah subhanho wa taala. Forgive us really, it's something important, something good to learn. Remember to use your tongue just like dhikr of Allah is a very great act of worship, to say good words to your children is a very great act of worship. One day the Prophet sallallahu Sallam crystal has an evening earlier, Allah on when he was a baby. That was his grandson. So I'll ask Dr. Mahabis was sitting near him and he says You kissed your grandson, I have 10 of them. I haven't kissed him and one. The Prophet says Mullah Humla Johann, whoever doesn't show mercy will not be shown mercy so my children or my grandchildren, I will kiss them. So to kiss your children is the sooner it's an

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act of worship. It is an act of worship. If to kiss your children is an act of worship. Imagine what type of an act of worship it would be to kiss your wife or husband Mashallah.

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May Allah help us please don't do that in public. It needs to be done in private. I always believe those who do it in public in private they don't really get along. This is just showing that we get along. Those who really love each other don't need to show they know

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