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5,000 PEOPLE TEAM MENK RAISED $1,800,000 LAST RAMADAN – Join ‘s Challenge

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Salam aleikum, I need to give you some feedback. Last year during Ramadan, we had a campaign to join my team to be able to donate in an automated fashion through LaunchCode, approximately 5000 people joined my team, and we raised approximately $1.8 million. Now just to tell you what was happening, each one of those 5000 could choose where they wanted the amount they would like to donate on a daily basis, they could choose where they wanted it to go. And they would then set it accordingly. And you can donate to so many to literally 1000s of different causes. On launch code, you can choose which one you want to give. And every day it would click in, you donate it to a specific cause you

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don't even need to donate to the same cause every day, it could be a different cause every day or you can choose the same. And it was amazing. We raised $1.8 million. And we had approximately 5000 people who joined my team. I'm inviting you this year again, to join my team and we will do the same with Launch Code. Launch good is the biggest crowdfunding platform owned by Muslims and predominantly deals with Muslim matters and causes. They're all verified and legitimate. So join my team launch mink, you will then be able to choose from any of those in need or the organization's the people whatever it may be, you'll be able to choose any one of them and donate on

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a daily basis and inshallah you will earn a reward every single day of Ramadan. And at the same time you will be helping different people who have been vetted by LaunchCode themselves and inshallah you earn a beautiful reward