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Mufti Menk

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Woman Shani has he didn't either has the Oh Allah I seek your protection from the jealousy of the one who is jealous May Allah protect us. If we are seeking protection of the lord of day by break from jealousy, it means we should not be jealous of others because it's an evil thing. I want protection from jealousy but I'm jealous of everybody else. What's the point? Subhanallah you want protection? Don't be be happy when you see someone achieving something that's a sign of your connection with Allah. Someone has scaled great heights, in wealth, in position, in power, in authority in knowledge in anything.

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The day you are happy for them is the day you are happy with Allah. Do you know why? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala says nothing no person by now whom we are the ones who distributed all this to the people not you. So if you happy with what they got you happy with what we actually gave them so behind Allah, you see, when you are not happy with what Allah gave someone else you're not happy with Allah. When you are happy with what Allah gave someone in actual fact you've only now understood who is Allah, he's the giver. May Allah protect us from jealousy? And may Allah protect us from in both ways from being affected by jealousy and from affecting others with jealousy?