Names of Allah #36 Al Qareeb – The Near One

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Behind the scenes and in front of the scenes also.

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So Allah subhanaw taala listen to this area. How close is Allah azza wa jal? Yeah, you Halina man was steady even when he when Eros will either come Lima you're here come we're on

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Hulu be in el mar Eva Calbee

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well know who he told Sharon

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yeah you and Adina Amman respond to Allah and His Messenger, when He calls you to what will revive you. And no look how close is Allah azza wa jal and know that Allah stands between the man and his heart

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yah hoo Do you are Kobe

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Allah has this close

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look at halacha insane I went to West this will be enough so when acquirable acquirable la him in hub lil worried,

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we are closer than the jugular vein.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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his closeness is a general nearness.

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And as he is the own here the old see of the old knower of both believers and non believers, sinners and good doors. He knows what is felt done and thought ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said

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LM thorough and nama Haier and Mr. Murphy center to Earth in

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my Hakuna Amin, Norman Nigel F and F 13. In the room when I'm sitting in this room when I didn't.

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When I XOR in

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my unit Bill whom Bina AMILO your woman,

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in heavy coalition in Haleem, Allah subhanaw taala saying that, no people no private conversation is happening between to Allah is the third between for Allah is the fifth between five five Allah is the sixth, no number less than that no number more than that, except Allah is with them. And he will inform them he will tell them what they were saying what they were doing on the Day of Judgment. Allah be cliche in Aleem This is how close is Allah as well. So

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what should I do

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to be Kareem from the Caribbean?

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What should I do, so I can be close to the Caribbean self. Number one.

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I want to

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close your eyes and think

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of the closest person that you have in your life. The person that you go to when you are upset

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and you will find relief. The person that is always happy for you the person

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that when you have some good news, He's the first person to inform

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the person that no matter

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what happens

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no matter what situation you are in,

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no matter what state you are in, he or she loves you so much.

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Think about that person. Some of us might not even have that person.

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Allah subhanho wa taala.

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if you close your eyes right now

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and close your mouth

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and do not move your tongue

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and ask Allah azza wa jal have whatever you want

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he will know about it, and that you will not only will know about it, he will answer it and he will respond to it. This is how close to this is how close is Allah to us. That person that I told you to think about before. He has no idea what I'm going through inside. He might see what what's going on outside.

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But he doesn't know what what I'm feeling. What is my emotions? What are my ambitions he doesn't know anything.

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But Allah subhanaw taala if I sit down like this and you're looking at me and you have no clue what I'm thinking, and my mouth is closed, and my eyes are closed and my tongue is not even moving

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When I'm saying yeah Allah Allah You know what I'm going through your Allah I don't even know if I die right now when I'm

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in big trouble Yama and you know that Yama Yama helped me Allah. Allah is that close. When when there are so there are some Messiah Salam asked for the Qibla to be changed.

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Did he ask what Allah say, Kadena Allah?

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Allah said we know from your heart that you would love the Qibla to change. He did not say your Allah changed.

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We don't see any of that right now.

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But Allah told him in the Quran

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we know that you want the Qibla to change and he granted it to him.

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Look out clauses Allah azza wa jal, this is how Corrib This is how close is Allah to us? Yeah, one.

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This is how close is Allah to us? Yeah, one. So

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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told us in the Hadith or consider another Hadith Rasulillah Salam told us how to come close to him quickly.

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First, that hadith that I mentioned few days a few weeks ago, when I say Allah Abdi Yetta Karim Rob Ilya benowa Phil Hatao hippo and my slaves keep coming close to me with the Nawab Phil with the optional ADA that until I love him so the first way to come close to Allah of course not discussing the fourth The fourth is for schools it's an obligation

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and my sleeve keep coming close to me with the number three with the optional a Baghdad yeah one optional a Baghdad fasting sadaqa pm every major a bad has enough fill the slot has enough in the CRM has enough and there's a card has enough and the hash has enough fill every by that has enough fill. So Allah Subhana Allah says Allah told us you come close to me with this no effing. And I kept on reminding you and I remind myself the days are very short. Please try to fast yesterday was the 13th Today's the 14th Look at the beautiful moon outside and tomorrow is the 15th 13th 14th 15th of every month 520 Something Subhan Allah Allah yesterday I forgot to be between you know your family.

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I forgot to fast I forgot to next hour.

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I woke up in the morning today and I forgot to mix the whole

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and Thursday and it's the bonus this is a bonus Thursday. Those the end the 14

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Wallah he aided me not feel anything, nothing, not not a whole nothing like on purpose because I forgot

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because there's a whole there's a sunnah even if you take a sip of water. Allah did not feel anything Allah I'm just telling you. So to encourage you, it's very very, unbelievably easy. And when Allah sees in your heart that you are doing it to please Him. He will make it easier. You will not see the time. Five o'clock Allahu Akbar done Subhan Allah second. First Jude.

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Walk therapy

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first walkthrough.

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You want to come close to Allah. A lot of social Acrobat, Hadith Acrab doctorate Aya Accra may Hakuna lab Illa Robbie sujood the closest we are to Allah is when we are in Suzhou. So you want to be a crib? A lot of sujood and indecision would make a lot of

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fourth, listen to this hadith, aka Rob may Hakuna Rob Minelab fijo Phil Layli actor, Fenster Fattah and takuna in many other Corolla, if he Tilka sir Farrakhan the closest Allah is to his slave is during the last part of the night. So if you are able to be amongst those who are remembering Allah at that time, so be

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so the closest that Allah is to the person is the last part of the night and the closest to Allah is when he isn't so good. So how about if I am incision in the last part of the night?

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Yeah, 1pm is up to 550 up to 550

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up to 550 I can still perform pm and tahajjud to rock and the middle of the night with a beautiful da and my sujood beautiful tear.

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With a Corolla Holly and father Tyner and he remembered Allah privately and his eyes start tearing Allah here if we if we look at our situation and our state, Allah He that the tears should be flowing by themselves ally. If you look at our our our brothers and sisters that are suffering all over the world, and how ALLAH SubhanA

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Time has failed us. For what? What do we do different Subhan Allah, may Allah forgive us and may Allah help them Allah He May Allah help us to help them. May Allah forgive us because of our neglecting them on why we are so behind. So, these are some of the ways to come close to Allah azza wa jal so in the name of Allah subhana wa Tala al Karim

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is the one that is very close to us closer than our jugular vein, closer than anyone in your family that you think is close to you. Allah subhana wa Tala can the close person to you. Maybe they will know a few things about you. But Allah subhanaw taala knows what's in your heart. What's in your thoughts. Allah subhanho wa Taala not only knows Allah subhanaw taala when he said

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were either as a birdie Neva,

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knee body, og Buddha, die either

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og ajib I respond I answer. Let's make a lot of

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to Allah azza wa jal asking him to keep us on the straight path, asking him and begging him to make our last deeds, our best deeds, asking him and begging him to help our brothers and sisters that are suffering all over the world, asking him and begging him to have mercy and our parents Allama Phil and I don't know when our sloughing off here Fe Emmeline with a budock dam and Alan Cohen will caffeine Allah morphic Nilima to Hibou Atharva Allah ma Faulkner Lima to Hibou

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Robina headland and as well as you know, authority Yeah. Tina Kurata Iam Lily Tokina. Alumna renal haka Hakuna Matata, nativa, where in theory, Tyrion was OpenEdge Tina, Aloha model bene, do you know for dunya Hassan

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Hassan working I've been looking at them and working either Kabul or Benalla to the Kaluga in her data will have been AMOLED on Kurama in Kanto hub or Salalah. And if you know Mohammed died early, he'll be age 19. So her Columbia we handpick Michigan and the stuff Utica Manitoba like some Charlotte data tomorrow. Everybody's off you come early tomorrow and come to measure before that inshallah finishes at 615 I keep a lot of solid make a lot of solid on the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam Subhana, Colombo behenic That should Allah Allah Allah and the stock Fuuka on a two way like